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					?Storing data in the form of PDF documents is a widely used way of data storage by
many computer users who use these documents to easily transferring of information.
You can store and transport information in the form of text, images, sound and even
video. It is very easy to share these PDF files as they are cross platform, which means
they can be used on any computer and any Operating System. The onset of Adobe
Acrobat PDF documents really changed the way we handled documents on our

Password Protection - An Impressive Feature of PDF Documents

One of the most remarkable features that make PDF files so impressive is the fact that
they can be easily protected by passwords. This protection helps to prevent unwanted
users from altering the information, and also, in some cases, even restricts the access
to any unwanted user. To unlock a password protected PDF file, you need to know the
password. This means only some intended recipients can view and alter the
information of the password protected PDF documents.

Why Protect PDF Files?

Passwords on PDF files are used for many reasons. One major reason is that some
information is private and intended only for some particular users. Another reason can
be the copyrighted information. By locking these files, you can prevent unintended
users from accessing/changing the contents of the files. You can also protect
copyrighted information within the file. Thus, PDF protection is helpful when user
does not want to shared any particular information with everyone.

You Yourself Forget the Password of Your Protected Files

Password protection of PDF files is a great advantage. This advantage can sometimes
turn into a punishment if you yourself forget the password of your PDF files and lose
access to them. In that case, a viable solution is to unlock password protected PDF
files using a third-party PDF unlock tool.

How to Unlock PDF to Print/Edit/Copy/Extract?

 With the help of an outside PDF unlock software to disable PDF security is a
practical way out to deal with the problem situation. There are software tools
available that can help you break PDF password and regain access to your PDF files
and to perform functions like edit, copy, extract and print. SysTools PDF Unlocker is
one of the most efficient tools to Break PDF Password Security and to remove
password from protected files.

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