How to unlock PDF password to open_ print and edit password protected PDF file by gyvwpsjkko


									?To ensure the documents safety users very often decrypt their PDF files using
password protection for this purpose. They can set a user password, which restricts
opening the PDF file itself. Or they can set an owner password which is required
when somebody tries to print, edit or copy protected PDF file.

But there always can be situations in which you will need to find the way to remove
restrictions from PDF file.

Just imagine that you have lost a password on your PDF file which you need urgently.
Of course you can try to create it once again. But if it's a large and unique database
and you don't have neither time nor infromation to restore it?

In such a case Recover PDF Password by Eltima Software will be much in use.

Using this PDF password recovery tool you can easily restore both owner and user
passwords on your PDF created in all versions of Adobe Acrobat.

You can unlock your PDF password using 3 different methods:

1 By template. If you remember only a part of the password you can set any symbols
or characters you remember and thus decrease the number of passwords to be verified

2 By password length. You can set the minimum and the maximum password length
and it will limit the time needed for recovery. It's the best way to find the short
passwords, because the shortest combinations will be checked first.

3 Finally, if you don't have any adea of what characters were used in the password or
how long it is, you can choose Brute Force attack method. In such a case Recover
PDF Password will try every possible combination until it find the right one. This
method can require much time, but be sure that the password will be found with 100%

Recover PDF Password is available both for Windows and for Mac OS.
All the information about Eltima PDF password recovery tool you will find here:

 You are welcome to download it here:

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