How to Unblock Websites (DOC) by gyvwpsjkko


									?When searching the web in at school and in the office, it is frustrating that some of
the popular websites that one wants to visit are blocked. Social networking and dating
sites such as, video websites such as and offensive
websites such as those promoting pornography are often blocked. There are steps on
how to unblock websites in order to make one’s browsing experience more
enjoyable and productive.

How Websites Are Blocked

The main culprit in getting websites blocked is software already installed in
one’s computer that helps the internet web browser such as Mozilla Firefox
and Microsoft Internet Explorer to adjust its settings so it can choose the websites it
would allow to be accessed or to be blocked all the time.

In bigger computer networks such as those found in big offices and schools, the
network administrator setups a firewall which one of the functions is to filter websites
being accessed and block those websites chosen by the organization.

Getting a website blocked is a simple and easy task to be accomplished. Unblocking a
website is another matter. It can be a hard task and sometimes impossible especially if
one lacks the privileges in modifying the computer’s setup.

How to Unblock Websites

Despite the level of difficulty in unblocking a website, there are few tricks on how to
unblock a website. A blocked website in an office or in a school can be accessed.
There are ways on how to unblock a website such as disabling or changing the
settings of the software that block websites and the settings of the firewall or internet
web browser.

How to Unblock Websites using Proxy Servers

A proxy server is also known as website "anonymizer" because of its ability to let the
computer user browse the web anonymously. A proxy server outwits computer filters
and sometimes even the network’s firewall because of the way this site
functions. A proxy server is actually a computer that does not belong to the network
and is accessible through internet. It has a unique IP and can be directed via another
computer. It is one way on how to unblock a website

A computer user visits a proxy server site that makes it connected to it. The proxy
server now is the one that accesses the blocked website. It is the proxy server that
provides the computer user the blocked website’s content. The computer user
now is capable of interacting with the blocked website even though the firewall or
computer had blocked it. The proxy server acts as a third party where it is the one that
connects to the computer and to the blocked website.

Changing Computer Settings Unblock Websites

If it is the computer that has installed software for blocking websites or the web
browser is set to block particular web sites, the user may have the rights to change or
disable the software or the blocking options of the web browser. This is one fairly
easy task on how to unblock a website. If it is the web browser that’s blocking
the website, look for the tools tab in the web browser and reconfigure the security tabs
or options of the web browser.

Also, another option is to download and install another web browser (If Microsoft
Internet Explorer blocks the website, consider using Mozilla Firefox)

If the computer has installed software that blocks the website, just disable the
software or uninstall it from the computer.

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