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									?These days lots of people use Twitter to exchange quick messages. For all the
advantages, twittering has one drawback - there is no easy way to twitter a picture.
For the people who want to overcome this problem, I decided to write this twitter tip
where I'm going to talk about one easy method to do it. I hope you will find it useful.

Recently I googled the Web in an attempt to find out twitter apps that could let users
twitter an image. In this process, I came across an interesting twitter tool called Jet
Screenshot (). Basically Jet Screenshot is a screen-capture utility for quick image
sharing on the Web. It lets the user capture the screen of any type, edit the capture and
get it uploaded to the Web server. Figuratively speaking, the program converts the
image to a Twitter-friendly link, and the user can give out this link to Twitter
followers, so that they can see what has been uploaded. I tried this Twitter app on my
pictures and think it's a great complementary tool for any Twitter user who wants to
twitter a picture with ease.

Picture 1. You can twitter an image to your Twitter followers with Jet Screenshot

Let's say, for example, you found a cool photo on the Web and want to twitter the
picture to friends using Twitter. To begin, you click on the Jet Screenshot icon in the
system tray and select the region on the photo to capture. If necessary, you can edit
the picture: crop the image, add shapes, annotations in different colors. When you
have finished, just click on the "Share in Web" button and other things happen on the
autopilot. Jet Screenshot automatically uploads the captured image to the
image-hosting server and generates a Twitter-friendly link to the picture. The link is
placed into clipboard. You can post the link to Twitter and add some comments to
describe the Twitter image. That's all you have to do. Clicking on the link makes the
photo display. Your Twitter followers will see the image instantly and make comments
using Twitter.

Jet Screenshot has other interesting options for that you can read about on the official
website at but the main features for Twitter use have been described. Besides Twitter,
you can post pictures to Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, blogs, forums and other
social media.

I find Jet Screenshot to be a must-have tool for twittering. Your Twitter followers will
see everything instantly without any hassles, and you won't have to waste your
bandwidth on emailing a large attachment of photos only to receive a little bit later the
error notice that the message is too large for the recipient and delivery failed.

About the Author:
Nick Johnson is an internet entrepreneur and designer who communicates ideas and
designs to his clients using Twitter picture messaging provided by

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