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									?Serviced office space offers a multitude of advantages over unserviced space,
particularly for small businesses looking to relocate into an environment that will
enable the company to be up and running as quickly as possible after a move.

A serviced space comes ready-made with such things as Internet connection points,
wiring, utilities and even a kitchen area for staff to relax in during coffee breaks.
Serviced office spaces also include other facilities such as on-site security and
cleaning, in-house IT and communications departments and general management
facilities. Instead of having to organise all of these separately, choosing a serviced
office space means that all of the features offered by the building management
company are included in the monthly rent.

This can be of particular benefit to start-up companies by giving them a set amount
each month to budget to. Rather than trying to add up a series of random costs
(including the rent and any business rates), a single figure covers all the eventualities
and utility charges, allowing a business to ‘live within their means' without any loss of
provisional services. This makes bookkeeping and accounting much easier. In a
standard, unserviced office costs can quickly mount, taking the company over budget.
It may be something as simple as the cost of installing additional telephone sockets or
lighting - items that in a serviced office are often included in the single monthly fee.

Security issues are also a consideration. In unserviced buildings, each individual
business usually pays towards the security costs of the building, and if the building
management decides to upgrade the security system, the additional costs can cripple
small businesses. In a serviced office arrangement, the fees are included into the final
monthly total, which stays at a set amount for an agreed period of time. This gives
businesses the reassurance that their security is being maintained without having to
add additional costs into their budget.

Serviced offices also come fully furnished, allowing you to reduce your costs further,
particularly if you are just starting your business. Desks and chairs can take an
unhealthy chunk out of your initial start-up budget, so moving into an office where
these essential basics are already in situ means a big saving when it matters most.

One of the most important benefits of a serviced office space is the flexibility it
provides, enabling businesses to upgrade or expand quickly without having to eat into
company funds to cover the additional costs of expansion. Many serviced offices also
offer short-term leases and flexible break options, meaning that if your business is
forced to relocate for whatever reason, then a temporary base can be set up in a
serviced office space whilst you look at a more leisurely pace for your final business
address. This means that the business can continue to operate without interruption,
ensuring that you do not lose your place in the market.

Serviced office space offers a comprehensive solution to most business location
situations, particularly for start-ups, small businesses looking to expand without too
much additional cost and for businesses in transit between locations. With the current
economic climate, there are plenty of serviced offices available at bargain prices, and
management companies are often open to negotiation.
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