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September's Birthflower - The Aster by gjjur4356


									?September's birth flower, the Aster, is a delicate flower that enhances any bouquets
or garden. Used as a frilly filler in florists' unique flower designs, the Aster is known
for its daisy-like petals and fringed texture.

The exact origin of the name Aster is debated. Some say the name for these beautiful
flowers is direct from Greek mythology: Asters were said to have grown from the
tears of the Goddess Asterea. Others say they were named for their abundant growing
patterns (like the night sky) and their star-like shape.

Asters have long been given to symbolize love, daintiness and afterthought.
Gentlemen and ladies in the past used to present them to people they hoped to draw
affection from. Placed on the graves of French soldiers, Asters were used as a symbol
of a better life to come. They can also be used to symbolize a 20th Wedding
Anniversary and are a wonderful gift in a bouquet for any occasion.

The petals of the Aster used to be smoked to ward off evil serpents, but could also be
used to help with headaches, colds, back pain and muscle spasms.

Asters are most often used now as filler in bouquets and as a delicate accents in
gardens. They grow best in rich, wet soil in direct sun - partial shade, and should be
thinned and replanted every two years. Because Asters grow in thick bunches, they
can be separated and replanted in gardens in the spring. Asters bloom from mid
summer - early fall and are a perfect choice for a fall wedding bouquet.

The Aster grows in over 600 species and can also be found in a variety of colors:
white, pink, lavender, red, purple. They are a popular choice for gardens due to their
ability to attract butterflies, bees and birds. They grow to be less than a foot tall and
are a good choice for filler or accent flowers in gardens.

Perhaps the Greeks had it right, Asters may have grown from a goddess' tears… or
perhaps September's birth flower is just are simply a lovely, delicate choice for any
unique flower design or a gardener's delight.

 Lilly Gordon is a freelance web writer and publisher. She is an avid gardener and is
fascinated with floriculture and is a floral design enthusiast.

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