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					                A Night at the Parthenon

W   elcome everyone on this wonderful evening, to the Greek Parthenon. Grate-
fully, none of us had to scale Mt. Olympus, have hand to hand combat with Achilles
on the battlefield or make the arduous journey to the underworld to visit with

For the people of ancient Greece, it was a time of hope and belief, yet it was not
without it’s everyday struggles. The Parthenon’s main function was to shelter the
monumental statue of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. The statue itself was made of
gold and ivory. The temple was dedicated in 438 BCE. They looked to the “Olympians”
for guidance and wisdom.......much how our children look to us as parents.

Although the journey over these last several months, has had it’s minor “bumps in
the road”, it pales in comparison to the everyday challenges of the Greek people.
The people who do the real “behind the scenes” work for this auction, have one
common motto-sacrifice, honor and duty. The sub committee chairs and their
volunteers have been “god like”, working, adapting and offering their thoughts/
opinions and expertise, to get us where we are tonight. They have invested count-
less evenings and weekends for one goal in benefit the children of The

So, as we gather here tonight along with family, friends and our parish community,
to enjoy a glorious meal and great conversation, we ask that you keep one thing in
mind. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the love for our children! As we
look into their faces, we can honestly tell ourselves that we did our best to give
them hope for a better and brighter tomorrow, as well as the needs of our inspir-
ing and devoted teachers and school staff.

We cordially invite you to raise your paddles early and often with a single goal
in mind........helping the Madeleine school to fulfill it’s promise and mission to the
children of our parish as well as our community. We ask that you help write an-
other chapter in The Madeleine’s illustrious history. One of sacrifice, love and

We would like to thank you, in advance, for your generous support this evening.
With your help, The Madeleine legacy will continue.

Thank you to Our Sponsors

We appreciate all those who support our auction, either
through cash, merchandise or in-kind donations.

Your generosity helps us assure that the maximum
amount of the proceeds from our auction is put to
work for our children

              Zeus Sponsors
      Gregg and Chris Miller
EWCO Services, David & Natalie Rogers

             DionysUs Sponsor
      Miller, Nash, LLP Attorneys at Law

               Apollo Sponsors
              Peter and Mary Corrado


         SALES OFFICE:
    18055 NE SAN RAFAEL ST.
      PORTLAND, OR 97230
        1 866 964 EWCO


                         Auction Schedule
Registration: 5:00 - 6:00 P.M.
When you arrive at The Madeleine enter through the Parish Hall and register. You’ll be
asked to place your credit card on file and you’ll receive your drink tickets and your
auction paddle. Once you find your table head upstairs to the gymnasium where the Silent
Auction takes place. While registering, don’t forget to purchase your “Best of the Best”

Silent Auction: 5:00 - 7:15 P.M.
The Silent Auction is where the social hour begins. Held in the school gymnasium, it is
here that you’ll be able to visit with friends while enjoying an adult beverage at the
same time snack on tasty hors d’oeuvres. More importantly, you’ll be able to bid on some
wonderful items on the Silent Auction tables.

You’re also encouraged to sign up for pre-sale events. Referred to as “Easel Items”
these are parties and events throughout the year that fill up your social calendar.
Finally, be sure to make a point to buy balloons and keys to the Treasure Chest. The
Silent Auction tables close at 6:30, 6:55 and 7:15 p.m.

Dinner: 7:45 pm
        Mini Tyropita (cheese pillows) and Spinach Artichoke Bites, Hummus, Feta Dip,
        Tsatsiki, Pita Bread

        Greek Salad
        Leg of Lamb, Chicken Florentine, orzo, green vegetables (green beans)
        Dessert Platter (medley baklava, lemon bars, Oreo cookie bars, Greek tea cookie)
        Coffee, hot tea, lemonade, iced tea

Oral Auction: 8:00 P.M.
The highlight of the evening, the Oral Auction will be held in the Parish Hall and will
be hosted by master of ceremonies and Madeleine alumni Daniel Mitchell.

The auctioneers, our friends at Stokes, will help us to make this a successful auction.
Prior to the Oral Auction, the winner of the “Best of the Best” will be announced. And
throughout the auction the Treasure Chest and Raffle winners will be announced. The Oral
Auction descriptions are found on the following pages.

Dance: From the end of the auction until midnight
The Sounds of Music will be playing hits from the past and the present.

                                                Easel Items
1. Christmas Card Stamp Camp (all holiday cards)                       Bundle up your children for a festive night of Christmas carol-
         Aimee Holzschuh                                               ing with Madeleine teachers and staff. Simply drop off your
         Saturday, November 21st, 2009 1-5pm                           children at the Madeleine School for two hours and let the
         15 guests, $20.00                                             faculty and staff take it from there. Use the time to have a quiet
                                                                       dinner out, or even do some of your own Christmas shopping!
Stamp camp is a fun afternoon of rubber stamping/card making.          Your children will enjoy hot cocoa and tasty treats in addition to
Make some awesome cards and learn a new technique or two!!             neighborhood caroling.
You will be provided all materials needed for you to make 8-10
unique cards/projects. All you need to do is show up and have a        4. Mad for the Shamrock
great time. There will be door prize drawings and light refresh-               Dena Dooney, Jenn Langhus, Char Riley,
ments (hors d’oeuvres and wine).                                               Alison Anderson
                                                                               Friday mornings, starting January 8th through March
2. Wreath Workshop                                                             12th, 2010, 6-7am
        Susie Andersen                                                         20 runners, $125 each
        Wednesday, December 9, 2009 7-9p.m. The Parish Hall
        15 Guest $50 each                                              No more excuses! Starting January 8th, your running mentors
                                                                       extraordinaire will get you up and running every Friday morn-
Have you always admired beautiful wreaths and wondered how             ing, for 10 weeks! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a
to make one of your own? Now you can learn from a real pro             seasoned runner, your trainers will be ready with surprises and
how it’s done! Come join us for a fun night of Christmas music,        morning coffee to keep everyone moving. By the time you’re
wine and girl talk. And go home with a beautiful wreath to             finished, you’ll be ready to cruise through the finish line at
enjoy for the holidays.                                                Portland’s Shamrock Run and of course, celebrate with all your
                                                                       new running buddies at the post-run party. 2010 Shamrock Run,
3. Christmas Caroling with Teachers                                    Sunday March 14th.
         The Madeleine Teachers and Staff
         Wednesday, December 16th, 2009 6-8pm
         50 Students, K – 4th Grade, $20.00 each

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               Great gift and home items
              Beautiful flowers and plants
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                  4130 NE Fremont St.
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                      (503) 284-3032

                                                  Easel Items
5.       Movie Night at the Madeleine                                    7.      Middle School Dance
         Families of the Madeleine School                                        Eighth Grade Parents
         Friday, January 8th, 2010 6-9pm, The Parish Hall                        Friday, February 26th, 2010 7-10pm
         75 guests, grades 1- 5, invite friends, $20.00 first 2                   The Madeleine Gym
         kids, $10.00 for each additional child)                                 150 guests, $15 each

Parents, need a rest after the hectic holidays? Put your kids in         Yo! Middle schoolers! Yeah, we’re talking to you! Text and
their pajamas and bring a blanket/sleeping bag and pillow to the         invite your friends to come to the Madeleine for our infamous
Madeleine parish hall. We’ll take care of dinner, snacks, refresh-       dance! We’ll have food and refreshments to get you into the
ments, games and a movie...while you can have a nice quiet               groove, all you have to do is show us your moves. Leave baby-
evening at home, or go catch a movie of your own.                        sitting and homework behind and come have fun with your
6.       Grand Central Bowling Parents Night Out
         Lisa Mork, Lisa Luna, Kayde Lemley, Kari Skedsvold              8.      The Sidebar at 5Q is Waiting for U
         Saturday, February 20th, 2010 6-10pm                                    Tracy Dana, Jerry Fechter, Tim and Angela
         Grand Central Bowl                                                      Kennedy
         20 guests, $50 each                                                     Saturday, March 6th, 2010 4-7pm Sidebar
                                                                                 40 people, $25 per person
Hey all you “keglers” “zero in” on the “scenic route” to a perfect
300 and join us for a fun evening of bowling, food and drink at          Slide on over to the 5Q for a tasting in Lompoc style. This laid
this historic sight. Grand Central Bowl is a one of a kind bowl-         back brewers tasting will feature select barrels of Lompoc brews
ing alley! Pick your “house ball” and bowling shoes and get              and fabulous appetizers. Meet and chat it up with the brew mas-
ready to throw a few “strikes” down the “alley”. There will be           ters and staff. Mingle with friends and if you must…yes there
fabulous food and drink to enjoy in your “spare” time. Who will          will be wine available for you “Hop”aphobics. You won’t want
wear the “Kingpin” crown this year? Lessons not included.                to miss this!

                                                Easel Items
9.      A Fancy Nancy Style Tea Party                                  11.        The MAD/AS Golf and Dinner Social
        “Extraordinaire”                                                          Allred, Anderson, Doherty, Dooney, Langhus, Lindsay,
        (That’s French for Fancy)                                                 Markantonatos, Pinomesa, Puetz, Santos,
        Linda Hush-Loomis, Susan O’Leary, Lynn Robinson                           and Thornburg
        Saturday, April 24th, 2010, 2pm-4pm, The Parish Hall                      Sunday, July 18, 2010 4-9pm
        40 Children, K – 4th grade, $15.00 each                                   Riverside Golf and Country Club
                                                                                  34 guests, $75.00 per person
Drop your daughter off at the Madeleine “Paris” Center for a di-
vine event. Dress “Fancy” and don’t forget your parasol, feather       The stakes are high. The honor of our fair school is on the line
boa, and diamond tiara. Join us for the finest tea, scrumptious         as you compete with parents from All Saints in an early evening
treats and fabulous fun in the afternoon. Ooh la la la…!!!             of golf and fun. Handicap not required. This country club in our
                                                                       back yard has generously opened its door for a special evening
10.     Get Your Game On                                               for the Madeleine and All Saints families to participate in this
        Chartz/Tooley, Hoglund, and Rodarte Families                   special tournament.
        Sunday, May 23, 2010, 11am-2pm
        on the Field of Dreams                                         12.        Margarita Madness in a Garden Oasis
        40 guests, $40.00 for parents and child                                   Susan Steele, Anne Palmer, Angela Rosebrook
        $10 each additional child, $60 max./family                                Janeen Allred, Lynn Robinson
                                                                                  September 10th 2010, 7-10pm
Are you looking for an activity you can do as a family? This is                   40 people, $40.00
it! Join us on the Field of Dreams and get ready to play some
seriously fun Dodge Ball! Once you have had enough dodging             ¡Hola senoritas de la Madeleine! Venga disfrutar de su puesta del
the ball, enjoy a light lunch and refreshments. Lycra suits not        sol del verano pasado con los Margaritas en el jardín encantador
required…                                                              de la familia de Steele. ¡Vista del la de Hasta! That’s Spanish
                                                                       for: Hello ladies of the Madeleine! Come and enjoy your last
                                                                       summer sunset with Margaritas in the lovely garden of the Steele
                                                                       family. See you there!

                                                                                     Bid high tonight.

                                                                                       We ’ l l s a v e y o u
                                                                                      money tomorrow.

                                                                             Value             We understand the importance of the annual auction
                                                                                               to the future of excellence in education at the
                                                                             Madeleine School. Be generous in your bidding. Like most things in
                                                                             life, you’ll get what you pay for! And if you overspend a little tonight,
                                                                             let us show you how to save money on auto, home, life and business
                                                                             insurance with an agency serving parishioners since 1970.

                                                                              JOHN TIMM | GREG BAIR | SUSAN AMES | BRIAN TIMM
                                                                                            MAIN BRANCH: 1615 NE Broadway
                                                                                             T: (503)288-8818 | F: (503)288-8764
                                                                                            ST. JOHNS BRANCH: 7330 N Leavitt
                                                                                             T: (503)247-8111 | F: (503)247-2950
                                                 Easel Items
13.      Men’s Smoker
         Steven Sciborski, Michael Thornburg, Todd Gaber
         Jim Doherty, Jim Puetz
         Saturday, September 11, 2010 6-11pm
         The Sciborski Home
         40 guests, $90.00 each

The Smoker lives on! The torch has been passed. Put your
big boy pants on for this one! Join your brethren for a night of
fun…MAN style. You’ll drink beer from a keg, chow on a big
hunk of red meat with all the fixin’s. Follow it all up with a fine
cigar and scotch. No dessert! No chicks! No exceptions!

14.      Kids Kreations
         Special thanks to Kristina Gianotti, Angela Kennedy,
         Lisa Gambee, Mia Howell
         $25.00 for a pack of 20 cards

Our talented Madeleine students have been busy crafting unique
and imaginative underwater themed paintings, which have been
transferred to individual note cards. Each box of note cards
contains mini-master-pieces from Madeleine’s talented students.
What could be better than writing a hand-written note on a beau-
tiful card featuring your own child’s artwork? A special thank
you to Kristina Gianotti, Angela Kennedy, Lisa Gambee and Mia
Howell for their extra efforts with this huge project.

        Who benefits most?
        Our entire community benefits by the important
        work of The Madeleine School. DDI Benefits is
        proud to support your mission. Congratulations on a
        job well done!

        Dena Dooney

        customized employee benefits solutions

      Special Items:                              Teacher Items & Classroom Projects
Wise Up with Mrs. Richards
Be the winning bidder on this special outing, and your
child and 2 friends can join The Madeleine School’s own
                                                                   Classroom Projects:
                                                                   These special items are being sold
resident goddess of wisdom – Mrs, Richards – on a trip to
the Central Library in downtown Portland. Mrs. Rich-               separately:
ards will do her best to expand your child’s horizons and
                                                                   3rd grade Class Project
maybe make them just a little smarter, if not wiser. After
                                                                   Take a good look at this one of a kind blanket and see if
spending time perusing the stacks, the group will lunch at
                                                                   you can find your little Greek in the group!
Kenny and Zukes while discussing all of their newfound
                                                                   The cover of the invitation has been printed and little
knowledge. Date to be mutually agreed upon; transporta-
                                                                   Chiton dressed students have been placed inside a Greek
tion and lunch for up to 3 students Amy Richards
                                                                   scene on a fleece blanket. 5 will be available for immediate
                                                                   purchase, the rest will be ordered upon purchase.
Ms Yuhas quilt, picnic basket, and wine
This beautiful picnic quilt, basket, wine, wine glasses and
                                                                   6th grade Class Project
Foster & Dobbs gift card will make any picnic that much
                                                                   These one of a kind pictures of your child are keepsakes
more fun!
                                                                   forever. They are not only beautiful in the little darling
                                                                   featured in the center, but the poem they’ve written around
Mr. Watson tennis clinic
                                                                   the edges will touch anyone who reads it.
It’s back again, find out for yourself why your children
love PE! Mr. Watson will help you find your inner tennis

Shopping with Ms Bourke
Go along on a shopping spree with Ms Bourke!

                                              Auction Rules
ORAL AUCTION RULES                                                            showing the PAID receipt from the cashier to the security officer
Auctioneer will seek verbal bids on oral auction items listed in              when leaving the building.
the Oral Auction section. Upon purchase of an item your bid
number will be recorded by a cashier. This number will serve as               COURTESY REMINDER
the bidder’s account number. Certificates for goods and services               As a courtesy to our donors please call by January 15, 2010 to
will be available at the cashier’s table.                                     discuss reservations for your group events. Please examine your
                                                                              certificate for the name of the contact person to call. Please note
SILENT AUCTION RULES                                                          all conditions, restrictions, and expiration dates on your purchas-
All Silent Auction items have bid sheets nearby. If you desire to             es. Unless otherwise noted, services, tickets, certificates, etc.,
bid on an item, write your bid number and amount legibly on the               must be used within one year of the auction at a time mutually
bid sheet. You may bid on each item as often as you please.                   agreeable to the donor and purchaser. Items cannot be converted
                                                                              to cash. Gratuities are not included in certificates unless speci-
Raises must be in the minimum amount specified on the bid                      fied. Friends have been generous in donating their condominium
sheet. If not observed, your bid will be void. Silent Auction                 and homes at the beach or mountains. It is the responsibility of
tables have various closing times starting at 6:30 p.m., then                 the successful bidder to leave these accommodations
6:55p.m. and the last set of tables closing at 7:15 p.m. The Bar-             in good condition. After the auction, any questions should be
gain Table items will close at 9:30 p.m. When the top (white) bid             directed to the Post-Auction Coordinators Jill McGinnis (503-
sheets are removed bidding on those items has ended. You may                  287-4159) or Angela Rosebrook (503-287-4510).
check with the cashier at any time to see if you were a successful
bidder.                                                                       FOR YOUR SAFETY
                                                                              Prior to the festivities you’re encouraged to select a designated
LIABILITY                                                                     driver from your group. The Madeleine has also made arrange-
The written or verbal bid at this auction constitutes a legal contract        ments with Radio Cab to ensure that you arrive home safely. If
to purchase the item. All sales are final and there will be no ex-             you think you might like a taxi ride home, please see one of the
changes unless specified by the donor. In all cases of dispute, the            auction workers. You will be taken home by cab at no cost to
decision by the auction officials is final. The Madeleine Parents               you.
Club has attempted to clearly catalog and describe all the items
presented at the auction. However, all items are sold in “as is”              PAYMENT
condition. The school neither warrants or represents, and in no               When you check in you will be asked for the method of pay-
way, will be responsible for accuracy of description, authenticity,           ment you wish to use for the items you bid on. If you choose to
authorship, or condition of the items presented. No statement con-            provide your credit card at the beginning of the event you will
tained in the catalog or made orally at the sale or elsewhere will be         eliminate the need to see the cashier at the end of the night. Con-
deemed such a warranty, representation, or assumption of liability.           sider that it is much like express checkout at a hotel. Your VISA
Your receipt for your auction purchases will show the total amount            or MasterCard will be swiped in to the Tofino system during
you paid for your items. This amount, minus the approximate                   registration. At the end of the night you can review an itemized
value for the items as established by our valuation committee,                receipt. Your credit card will only be charged if you are success-
equals your net charitable donation. The purpose of establishing              ful at bidding. Cash and checks are also welcome.
this value is to comply with federal law. The Madeleine Parents
Club reserves the right to withdraw any items from sale prior to
the call for bids.
                                                                              CHECK OUT : Please be sure to check out prior to
SCRIP                                                                         attending the dance.
In an effort to reduce cash transactions at the auction, The
Madeleine encourages the use of bid number or scrip when
paying for items at the auction such as beverages, raffle tickets,
and balloons. Scrip will be sold at convenient stations and may
be used at face value to pay for auction purchases. Scrip will be
used for all drinks. It has no further value following the conclu-
sion of the auction. Guests may freely exchange scrip with each
other for whatever is mutually agreeable. No cash refunds are
made for unused scrip.

All auction items must be removed from the premises by 2 p.m.
Sunday, November 8, 2009. Items may be removed only by

                                                   Oral Items
1. Best of the Best                                                        Fournier home, and includes cocktails, dinner and dessert.
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pick the best item from the             Mutually agreed upon date; expires December 21, 2010
list of Oral Auction items before the bidding begins? We think             Efrain Lopez and Dirk Fournier
so too, which is why we brought back the popular Best of the
Best. Fifty (50) tickets are sold tonight and only one person will         4. Salishan Getaway
win. Kicking off the auction, the ‘Best of the Best’ winner will           Two-night stay at Salishan
be able to select one oral item of their choice. Tickets cost $100,        A show of hands, please: who doesn’t love to get away to the
which is a bargain when you consider the potential payoff!                 coast? How about enjoying a beautiful view of the ocean, taking
Cannot be used on Item #17 (LASIK) or #20 (Cabo San Lucas                  long walks on the beach or spending time in the Salishan Spa?
condo)                                                                     Then this item is not for you, put your hand down right now! For
                                                                           the rest of us, an idyllic 2-night stay in the Dooney’s beautiful 3
2. The Ambrosia of Northeast Portland                                      bedroom, 3-bathroom house (sleeps 8) awaits the winning bid-
Kathy Laskowski’s dessert-a-month for a year                               der. Bring your family or friends and get ready to getaway!
Ambrosia - the food of the gods to the ancient Greeks - was                Mutually agreed upon date
believed to confer immortality upon whoever consumes it. Once              Tim and Dena Dooney,
you try the one of Kathy Laskowski’s incredible desserts, you’ll
only wish you could live, and eat, them forever. Think we’re ex-           5. Go Ahead, Make Your Day
aggerating? Be the winning bidder on this item and find out for             Portland Police ride-along with Officer Mike Stradley
yourself. You’ll thank yourself every month when your dessert              It will make your day, week, month and year as you accompany
arrives at your doorstep!                                                  Portland Police Officer Mike Stradley to the firearms range,
Expires November 2010                                                      where you will learn basic gun safety and shooting. Then get
Pat and Kathy Laskowski                                                    ready for some real action and see Portland as you never have,
                                                                           while you accompany Officer Stradley on a ride-along in his
3. Iron Chef Dinner Party                                                  patrol car. Join him as he responds to call, handles emergencies
Dinner for 10                                                              and works hard to keep Portland safe and sound. Expect the
This is an incredible opportunity to see a true master chef in             unexpected during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
action, as award-winning celebrity chef Kenny Giambalvo of                 Mutually agreed upon date, 2pm-midnight shift. Expires spring
Bluehour prepares a special dinner for you and 9 friends. This             2011
convivial gathering will take place in the beautiful Lopez-                Mike Stradley

           is a proud supporter of the
        2009 Madeleine Auction
      “A Night at the ParthenΩn.”
      Ω La Salle Prep invites Madeleine School and
        Parish families to our campus for a tour.
     Ω Eighth graders are encouraged to schedule a
     visit to learn more about becoming a Falcon.
            Ω For more information, please visit
   or call admissions at

                                                  Oral Items
6. Gourmet Indian Feast                                                   bedrooms, 3+ baths, hot tub, loft and 2 rock fireplaces. Take
Indian dinner for 8                                                       advantage of the hiking, biking, skiing, golfing and outdoor fun
You don’t need to travel to an exotic destination to experience           in beautiful Black Butte.
a sumptuous feast fit for a Rajah (that’s ‘king’ to you and me.)           Mutually agreed upon date; not available June 15 – September
See, it’s exotic already, and you’re not even the winning bidder          30, 2010.
yet! But once you are, you and 7 lucky friends will dine in regal         Brian Pienovi
splendor at a beautiful Irvington home. This dinner is guaranteed
to awaken the senses; bindis and saris optional.                          9. Name the Gym
Mutually agreed upon date; expires August 31, 2010                        Here is your chance at 15 minutes of fame and you do not have
Criswell, Jackson and Langhus families                                    to sing, dance, or survive on an island to get it! A banner will be
                                                                          proudly hung with your or your Madeleine student’s name. For
7. O (Cute and Adorable) Christmas Tree!                                  the next consecutive year, the gym will officially be referred to
First grade class project                                                 by the name you choose. Winning bidder must choose new gym
Win this treasured Christmas tree and forever remember your               name by 12/01/09
child’s 1st grade year! This beautiful holiday decoration will be         Stephen Hickox and Tammy McAllister
something you and your child will treasure for years to come.
The tree measures 7ft. and is pre-lighted. The tree skirt, ribbon,
icicle ornaments, tree topper, and storage bag all come with the
tree. Each student has decorated an ornament with their self

8. Bringing Back Black Butte
One-week stay at Black Butte
Back again this year, thanks to a generous donation from Brian
Pienovi, get ready to enjoy a week at this lovely Central Or-
egon home designed by architect Richard Potestio. This stun-
ning, lodge-style home is located on the 14th hole of the Glaze
Meadow Golf Course within Black Butte Ranch. It features 4

                                                                                   If Zeus can raise his
                                                                                    Paddle, so can you!
                                                                                      I hope I win                             546
                                                                                      that cruise!

                                                                                                  Mark McGinnis

                                                                                     Best wishes for another great
                                                                                         Madeleine Auction!!
                                                                                  Purchase           Refinance         Mortgage Planning

                                                  Oral Items
10. Stained Glass Art Table                                               12. Wine of the Month
Fourth grade class project                                                Once-a-month wine and food basket
Each child from the 4th grade individually designed and hand              It is no secret that the Greeks know how to enjoy themselves,
colored a piece of stained glass art. This was then connected             particularly when it comes to food and wine. In fact, Dionysus
and made to create a glass top to a beautiful wrought iron base           (the Greek god of wine) got himself into some compromising sit-
to create a unique and lovely table. This table can go anywhere           uations with his, ahem, excesses. Being responsible adults, you
and will remind you of the great artists in your child’s 4th grade        can expect no such trouble, just a treat of excellent wine and a
class.                                                                    complimentary food pairing delivered to your home each month.
                                                                          All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.
11. Over the River and through the Woods---A Progressive                  November 2009 through October 2010
Dinner for 4 Couples                                                      Mike and Lisa Rowan
Progressive dinner with Father Mike and Susan Steele
Feel the love as you experience a pre-Valentine’s Day progres-            13. Escape to Manzanita
sive dinner hosted by Father Mike, Susan Steele and Mar Mar               Three-night stay in Manzanita
Clark. Meet at the Madeleine School as you prepare to travel              Manzanita is a charming and serene village on one of Oregon
over the (Willamette) river and through the (west hills) woods.           Coast’s finest beaches. Soak in the sights of the Pacific Ocean as
Your chauffeur will first bring you to Father Mike’s swanky (you           you walk the beach, fly a kite or just settle in with a good book.
know, swanky according to priest’s standards) Pearl District con-         In other words, it’s the perfect place to get away from it all.
do for some irresistible appetizers and cocktails. Next up, you’ll        The Allred’s lovely 3-bedroom, 2-bath home is large enough to
be transported to Susan’s beautiful west side home for a fabulous         accommodate a group or cozy enough for a romantic getaway.
feast, tenderly prepared under the direction of chef extraordi-           It is only one block from the beach so it offers easy access for
naire Mar Mar Clark. Finally, you will make your way across               families. Relax, play some games,
the street to Mar Mar’s home to feed your passion for decadent            lounge by the fireplace or take a lazy stroll. Don’t miss out!
desserts and after-dinner drinks. As the evening winds down and           3-night stay; no smoking or pets, please.
dawn/sleep approaches, your chauffeur will safely return you to           Mutually agreed upon date; holidays and Spring Break excluded.
the Madeleine (in time for 7:30 mass, lucky you!)                         Mark and Janeen Allred
February 6, 2010
Father Mike, Susan Steele, Mar Mar Clark

                  Bob Brown

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                                                                                                                                      503.228.3939                                                         BEIJING    NEW YORK   PORTLAND   SEATTLE   WASHINGTON D.C.

                                                        Oral Items
14. All Aboard the Polar Express                                         16. Sunriver condo
Mt. Hood Railroad excursion for 6                                        Four-night stay in Bend, Oregon
Bring your family (and maybe some friends) on a magical                  Okay sports enthusiasts, get ready to spend four nights in beauti-
trip aboard the Polar Express. Board the Mt. Hood Railroad’s             ful downtown Bend! This 1 bedroom/2 bath condo (sleeps up to
special Polar Express train in Hood River on the Saturday before         6) is just waiting for you to come make some plans. How about
Christmas for the beautiful journey up the Hood River valley.            skiing at Mt. Bachelor? Mountain biking? Rafting? Golf? Shop-
Upon returning to Hood River, enjoy dinner at Double Mountain            ping - what? This can be an extreme sport under certain circum-
Brewery and Taproom before retiring to your room at the Best             stances. However you choose to spend your time, you’ll be able
Western Hood River Inn, where you can snuggle into bed and               to soothe your aching muscles in the hot tub or sauna at the end
dream of sugar plums (or hot toddies, whatever your preference           of a long day. And to make sure that you can have all the fun you
may be!)                                                                 want to have, we are including a $200 Visa gift card – spend it
December 19, 2009                                                        wisely! Mutually agreed upon date
Hanley and Thompson families                                             Marianne Wells

15. Bones and Brew                                                       17. Can You See Me Now?
Barbecue dinner for 8                                                    LASIK vision correction
Get ready to ring in the summer with this fabulous, home-                True visionaries, the Greeks began studying the anatomy of the
cooked barbecue dinner for 8. Enjoy Southern-style hospitality           eye in the 5th century BC. Pretty amazing, huh? Fortunately for
in the beautiful Puetz backyard while you get warmed up with             us, the research didn’t stop with them, leading us all the way to
some delicious starters and drinks. Then move on to the main             the present where lasers are used to correct vision. That’s some-
event of slow-cooked ribs, grits, beans, biscuits and cobbler for        thing we bet even the Greeks couldn’t have imagined. Be the
dessert! This dinner offers all of the fun of a barbecue without         winning bidder on this custom, bilateral, Vue Intralase LASIK
any of the work. What more could you ask for?                            procedure and get ready to see the world in a whole new way.
June 4, 2010                                                             Includes pre- and post-op exams; $2,000 minimum bid; expires
Tooley-Chartz, Hoglund, Puetz, Marksthaler, and Laskowski                November 30, 2010
families                                                                 Will Vision and Laser Centers

                                                                              Thank you Madeleine Families
                                                                              and Parishioners for your
                                                                              continued support. Here’s to
                                                                              a successful auction.

                                                                                   Home Mortgages
                                                                                   Get the best mortgage loan for you.
                            unique all occasion jewelry                            When you decide to buy a home or refi
                                or shop online at                                  nance a mortgage, it's a big step. You can
                                         trust Andy Perry at Premier Mortgage
                                                                                   Resources to find and secure the loan
                            Colleen Perry                                          program that best fits your needs today
                                                                                   and for the future.
                             Independent Sales Consultant
                              for Michele Baratta atHOME                                            Purchase ~ Refinance
                                                                                            Primary Residence ~ Vacation Home
                                503.702.4116                                                       Investment Property
                                                                FREE Loan Pre approval

                                                                             Andy Perry
         Thank you, Madeleine Families, for all your                         Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer
    continued support. Best of luck at this year's auction.                  503.702.6679 Direct
                                                                             “I look forward to hearing from you.”

                                                 Oral Items
18. Get Gardening Potter’s Bench                                         everyone can enjoy a week in this 1-bedroom (sleeps 4) condo
Seventh grade class project                                              at the Pueblo Bonito Blanco Resort in Cabo San Lucas. No, only
This classic gardening potter’s bench will grace any patio,              the winning bidder will be soaking up the sand, sun and surf,
garden, or outdoor area. It is wooden with classic drawers for           while the rest of us are languishing in the Portland gloom. Will
garden tools, cabinet for storage, and side bench for pots. The          that winning bidder be you?
table’s top is decorated with hand painted ceramic tiles by our          Airfare not included; November 15-22, 2010
own 7th grade artists. This item includes a $100.00 gift certifi-         David and Natalie Rogers
cate to Garden Fever, a $50.00 Pottery Barn gift certificate, and
two hand painted mosaic tile pots. You’re ready to look like a           21. Winter Wonderland Place Settings
professional gardener with this great class project!                     Second grade class project
                                                                         Just in time for the holidays! With this incredible class project
19. Bon Appetit Dinner                                                   you will receive 8 winter wonderland place settings hand painted
Catered 5-course dinner for 10                                           by 2nd grade artists. In addition, you will receive a hard-bound
Thanks to Jason McDonald for the opportunity to have an unfor-           cookbook featuring family heirloom recipes with illustrations
gettable dinner party without all the work. Enjoy a catered meal         provided by the children. Special surprise bonus cookbook
for ten friends in your home prepared by Bon Appetit General             recipes include celebrated Portland area chefs; Cory Schreiber,
Manager, Kirk Mustain. He will work with you to write a custom           founder of Wildwood Restaurant, Gabriel Rucker, chef at Le
menu featuring local seasonal ingredients from local farmers             Pigeon, and Lisa Schroeder, chef and owner of Mother’s Bistro
and artisans. Dinner will include service items including china          & Bar and Mama Mia Trattoria. A real holiday treasure you will
and glassware. Wine will be provided, so be prepared to sit back,        be sure to enjoy year after year! This just in: Good News! There
partake and enjoy.                                                       are two sets available, for two lucky bidders!
Mutually agreed upon date; expires June 1, 2010
Jason McDonald                                                           22. Up, Up and Away! Hot air balloon ride for 2
                                                                         Are you feeling like you have been stuck on the ground for too
20. Unwind in Cabo San Lucas                                             long? You and a pal will be swept off your feet with this sunrise
One-week stay in Mexico for 4                                            hot air balloon ride, courtesy of Portland Rose Hot Air Balloon
Ah…Mexico. The beaches! The sun! The siestas! The margari-               Company. Thrills like this give you an appetite, but no worries.
tas! Definitely, there is something for everyone. But sadly, not          You’ll be sated by a champagne brunch upon landing. Nice feat.
                                                                         Mutually agreed upon date; expires October 2010
                                                                         John and Lynn Robinson

                                                  Oral Items
23. Easter Pew                                                            your happy place: Imagine sinking your toes into a white sand
Second-Row Pew at the 9:15 Easter Mass                                    beach, while leaning back on your beach chair and gazing at
As Catholics, Easter is our most important celebration of the             the Caribbean Sea. The sound of the waves is gently lulling you
year and one that no one wants to miss. Wouldn’t be nice to               off to sleep…Hey, wake up! Raise your paddle! Or someone
know that you have secured seating for Easter Mass, rather                else might beat you to your happy place, which in this case
than worrying if you will be there early enough to get seats for          is luxurious The Grand Mayan Riviera resort on the Mexican
yourself and your family? Be the winning bidder on this reserved          Riviera. Don’t let someone else be the winning bidder on this 2
seating for the 9:15 Easter Mass, and come Easter morning                 bedroom/2 bath Grand Master Suite (sleeps 8). And in case you
you’ll have plenty of time to don your best Easter finery and still        can only take so much rest and relaxation, the action in Cancun
make it to Mass on time.                                                  is only 30 minutes away.
9:15 a.m. Mass, April 4, 2010                                             Airfare not included; check-in June 20, 2010
Father Mike and The Madeleine Parish Staff                                Stephen & McKendra Fitton

24. Distinctively Delightful Weekend at the Beach                         27. The Portland Odyssey
Gift certificate for a stay at the Oregon Coast                            Scavenger hunt for 10
A heck of a lot closer than the Aegean, this package gets you             It took Odysseus ten years to travel home to Ithaca following
accommodations in a Distinctive Beach Lodgings property at                the Trojan War and, boy, did he get into some trouble along the
the beautiful Oregon coast. The $300 gift certificate is valid at          way. We don’t know what will be in store for you if you are the
any one of four lovingly restored properties, owned by Mad-               winning bidder on this scavenger hunt around Portland, but we
eleine School alumni parents and loyal parishioners Henry                 are pretty sure that – unlike Odysseus - you won’t have to fight
and Tracy Hooper. Choose from New England style attached                  off a Cyclops, fall under the spell of the Sirens or navigate any
cottages in Gearhart, a retreat-style inn at Arch Cape, and much          rough waters (okay, maybe not that last one.) Enjoy a delicious
more. Also includes is a $200 Visa gift card so you have every-           BBQ dinner afterwards while you unwind and discuss the fun of
thing you need for your getaway.                                          the hunt! May 15, 2010
Couch/Hammons, Sax families                                               Allred, Gianotti, Kennedy, Markantanatos, McGinnis and Puetz
25. The ABCs of Art
Kindergarten class project                                                28. The Madeleine School Wasn’t Built in a Day
In the style of Ed Emberly, the kindergarten class has taken              Paddle raise to benefit The Madeleine School
their thumbs to task! This beautiful creation takes each child’s          Do you think the Parthenon could have lasted over 2,000 years
thumbprint to create alphabet art in the form of their favorite           without some serious TLC? The fact is, all great buildings
animal; Alligator, Beaver, Cat, etc., all the way through the al-
phabet. This work of art is finished with a gold leafed border and
complemented with a bow to hang upon the wall this keepsake.

26. Mamma Mia!
Italian dinner for 8
Did you know that following a Mediterranean diet, like the
Greeks and Italians do, has proven health benefits? And you
want to be healthy, don’t you? So really, if you are the winning
bidder on this authentic, 6-course northern Italian dinner for 8
people, it is only because you are considering your health. It is
not in any way because you love good, traditional Italian food
(prepared, btw, by Rob Parker and Jeanette Grimaldi.) Or that
you would like to wash down said food with some perfect wine
pairings from Tom McChesney’s wine cellar. And the fact that
you will enjoy all of these health benefits while relaxing in Kris-
tin DeMars’ beautiful Irvington home is just the sacrifice you are
willing to make to be healthy.
Mutually agreed upon date in January or February 2010
Rob Parker, Jeanette Grimaldi, Kristin DeMars, Tom & Bethe

27. By the Beautiful Sea
One-week stay at The Grand Mayan Riviera, Playa del Carmen,
Close your eyes. Are they closed? Okay, you are about to go to       18
                                                   Oral Items
require love and attention, and The Madeleine School is no                 32. I Will Remember You…and You…and You
exception. Maintenance is needed to preserve our school so all             Eighth Grade Class Project
can enjoy it, now and in the future. Our community has come                For their very last class project together – ever! – the 8th grade
together and raised our paddle for many exciting additions in              has taken the talents of two artistic parents and added a class full
the past few years. Now, the time has come to provide some                 of good looking young adults. The result? A one-of-kind item
behind the scenes items that will enhance our school’s beauty              you’re all going to want to bid on! A large, sepia toned framed
and longevity. The wish list includes: paint and lighting upgrades         print of the entire 8th grad class is featured with each student
for the gym, a faculty room update, flooring replacement for the            adding their own personal touch. This is a treasure you’ll keep
upstairs, flower boxes/planters to spruce up the entrance and               hanging on your wall for years to come to always remember
honor the St. Mary Magdalene wall mosaic. Let’s make these                 your child’s years at The Madeleine School.
improvements a reality!
                                                                           33. Everybody in the Pool!
29. Get Cooking with The Lunch Ladies                                      Birthday pool party and barbecue
Baking party for 6                                                         Celebrate your child’s birthday in style without doing any of the
Most places, cooking with the lunch ladies would not be some-              work yourself! Yup, that’s right, the winning bidder will enjoy a
thing one would voluntarily sign on for. But these aren’t just             fun day in the sun (or, partial sun – this IS Portland, after all) at
any lunch ladies, they’re our very own Hot Dog Lunch Ladies!               the Lopez-Fournier home with a pool party and barbecue for up
And this isn’t just any cooking class, it is a baking party with -         to 30 kids (age 12 years or younger) and their parents. Includes
we’re just gonna say it – legendary baker Kathy Laskowski. Don             hot dogs, hamburgers, cake, ice cream, beverages (including
your apron (don’t worry, we’ll give you one to keep) as Mrs.               beer and wine for the grown-ups).
Laskowski guides six lucky people through her top-secret pro-              Mutually agreed upon date; expires September 30, 2010, not
cess of apple dumpling or pie making, just in time for Thanks-             available the first weekend in July
giving. While the goodies are baking, you’ll have a chance to              Efrain Lopez and Dirk Fournier
enjoy some light snacks and wine, and at the end of it all you’ll
get to go home with a delicious dessert that you made (almost)             34. Sunriver Retreat
all by yourself.                                                           Five nights in Sunriver
November 24, 2009; 6:00 p.m. in the Parish Kitchen                         Thanks to first grade mom Debbie Kielty, you can take in beauti-
The Hot Dog Lunch Ladies: Alison Anderson, Sarah Chartz,                   ful Sunriver, Oregon for five nights in October 2010 with this in-
Louise Hallman, Mary Hoglund, Kathy Laskowski, Suzie Puetz,                credible package. You’ll be minutes away from some of the best
Colleen Perry and Char Riley                                               recreation opportunities Central Oregon has to offer. This four
                                                                           bedroom, three bath home sleeps 12(!) and is close to Sunriver
30. A Little Slice of Paradise                                             Village. Hot tub, bikes, BBQ and all amenities included. You
One-week stay in Hawaii                                                    could golf and swim or ski if there’s snow. Bid big or sit down!
While Greece is a pretty terrific travel destination, getting to the        Mutually agreed upon date in October 2010
Greek islands requires a passport and 15 hours of flying. Ugh.              Debbie Kielty
Lucky for us, we have an idyllic island paradise just a direct
flight away with no passport required. Bid on this one-week stay            35. American Idol Singing Package
for 2 people at the Makaha Resort and Golf Club on Oahu and                Professional studio recording
relax into the sights and sounds of your own Hawaiian paradise.            Is someone in your family (no confessions necessary as to who
Includes a day of golf - because even in paradise you need to              that might be) glued to American Idol every week? Did they, or
stretch your legs sometimes - and $300 spending money.                     you, ever think, ‘’I could do that’’? Thanks to Michelle and Eric
Includes airfare; mutually agreed upon date; expires December              Stolberg here’s that chance for up to five children, or adults, to
2010 Grace Hush, Brandon and Alison Anderson                               showcase their talents like the big recording stars. This package
                                                                           includes three hours in a professional studio recording the vocals
31. Breakfast in Bed                                                       to their favorite songs. A catered lunch will be provided at the
Breakfast-a-month for a year                                               studio. Afterwards, you will receive your own DVD or CD and
As parents, how often do we have the opportunity to lie in bed             photos so that you can always remember the day that you were
on a lazy weekend morning while enjoying a relaxing breakfast              an American Idol! Mutually agreed upon date; expires Novem-
that we didn’t make? What? They never happens to you? Us too.              ber 30, 2010
But that can all change, courtesy of Margie and Jeff Marksthaler,          Michelle and Eric Stolberg
who will give you the chance to enjoy breakfast delivered to
your door once a month through next October. Includes coffee               36. Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!
cake, coffee, tea, and fruit. Mark your calendars and wake up              New Orleans-style dinner for 8
happy and well-fueled. Breakfast rap from Jeff not included, but           Let the Good Times Roll! Dreaming of jambalaya, gumbo,
maybe he would do one if you ask nicely. Expires October 2010              crawfish, oysters, creole shrimp? Dream no more, it’s a reality
Margie and Jeff Marksthaler                                                with this dinner for eight. All the fixin’s to celebrate an evening
                    Oral & Silent Auction Items
New Orleans style. Prepared, delivered, served at the home of              New Mexico. Spend a long weekend enjoying the beauty that
Richard and Lisa Manthey or yours.                                         inspired such luminaries as Georgia O’Keefe, Ansel Adams, and
Mutually agreed upon date                                                  D. H. Lawrence. Or if action sports are more your thing, get in
Richard and Lisa Manthey                                                   some skiing or snowshoeing at Taos Ski Valley. Accommoda-
                                                                           tions for 4 nights, 1 bedroom/2 bath condo (sleeps 4.) January
37. Shadowbox of Love                                                      14-18, 2010 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Weekend) Mark
Fifth grade class project                                                  and Nora Gravengaard
Each child has sculpted a small clay heart and added their favor-
ite beatitudes as the theme to this one of a kind wall hanging.            42. Christmas Pew
Along with this treasure is a photo book with a hand written               Second-Row Pew at the Madeleine Christmas Eve Pageant Mass
message of what each child loves about the 5th grade at the                Christmas Eve is such a holy and special night, but it can also
Madeleine.                                                                 be one of the most hectic of the year. You can buy yourself some
                                                                           serenity this year by securing reserved seating for your family.
38. It Never Rains in California (or at least Palm Springs)                Your reservations will be locked in for the second pew at Mad-
One-week stay in Palm Springs                                              eleine’s Family Pageant Mass on Christmas Eve. Once your bid
Warm, sunny Greece is far, far away from our drizzly Portland.             is accepted, you can sit back, relax and remember the reason for
Come February, it can be hard to recall what warm and sunny                the season.
even feels like. Win this item, and a week in the Millers’ 3-bed-          5:00 p.m. Mass, December 24th, 2009
room, 3-bathroom home in beautiful Palm Springs is all yours.              Father Mike and The Madeleine Parish Staff
It has everything you need to forget all about the cold rain: great
weather, access to world-class golf courses and shopping, a pool
and spa, bicycles and even a golf cart!                                    CHECK OUT : Please be sure to check out prior to
Date to be mutually agreed upon                                            attending the dance.
Gregg Miller and Chris Howell-Miller

39. Voodoo, Vodka and a Van Ride Home
Cocktail party and transportation for 12                                   SILENT AUCTION ITEMS
This is a veritable and verily unbeatable combo for six valor-
ous and lucky couples. Come Saturday, May 15th, 2010 we’ll                 Doggie Pamper Package
arrive at your home and get the party started before driving you           A two night kennel stay at Stay, a boutique hotel for dogs located
in our party van to the Dugan’s for an evening of infused vodka            just minutes from the airport. A gift basket for your pooch with
tastings, cocktails, plus hearty appetizers that would make even           treats and toys. A gift certificate for the Freemont Veterinary
a Vladivostokian’s mouth water. (We’ll even add a little Voodoo            Clinic good for one exam and one vaccine and a certificate for a
to the mix to sweeten things up.) Oh, and the return trip home?            free exam at Hollywood Pet Hospital.
That’s on us too. Na zdorovia!                                             Stay Pet Hotel, Freemont Veterinary Clinic, Hollywood Pet Hos-
May 15, 2010                                                               pital, The Fiedler family
Dugan, Anctil, Nordean, Wilson and Pillsbury/Roloff families
                                                                           Shop the Pearl Package
40. Authentic Indian Dinner, Part 2                                        Enjoy a day of shopping with your new handbag from Nord-
Catered Indian dinner for 8                                                strom’s Brass Plum holding gift certificates for $25 to Peet’s
Did you miss out on the Indian Dinner that was auctioned off               Coffee, $50 to French Quarter Linens, $10 to Powell’s, $40 to
earlier in the evening? Don’t worry, because here is another               Sur La Table, $100 to Anthropology, and $50 to Andina Restau-
chance to enjoy delicious and authentic Indian food, delivered             rant. The Sheridan Family
straight to your door. Chef Leena Ezekiel, locally known for
her cooking classes at In Good Taste and Whole Foods Market                Astoria At Its Best
will help you design a customized menu of your favorite Indian             A night in Astoria at the brand new Commodore Hotel-Astoria,
dishes (any maybe even some new ones) and deliver it to your               including $75 to T. Paul’s Supper Club and two passes for the
home. Be the winning bidder and the curry…or biryani…or                    Columbia River Maritime Museum. Brian and Jill Faherty, Tim
paneer…is yours for the taking!                                            and Susan O’Leary
Mutually agreed upon date; expires June 2010
Dooris and Hawkinson families                                              Downtown Package
                                                                           A Weekend Stay for 2 at the Hilton, downtown Portland along
41. An Enchanted Weekend                                                   with dinner at two classic Portland dining institutions: Wilf’s and
Four-night stay in Taos, New Mexico                                        Huber’s.
Are you looking to add a little magic to your life? If so, why not         Hilton, Huber’s and Judy Johnson Bari
kick off 2010 with a trip to ‘’The Land of Enchantment,” Taos,
                                            Silent Auction
Keen Gift Basket                                                            the Madeleine school each month for a year! Begins December,
Gift card for 2 pairs of Keen Shoes- good to purchase and Keen              2009.
shoes off of, a Keen bag and two pairs of                  Clif Cannon and Amy Kirn
Keen socks.
The Winston Family                                                          Wine Tasting at Medici Vineyards at Park Horse Tasting
“Athlete for a Day” at the Nike World Headquarters                          Wine tasting for up to 10 people. Taste several wines produced
Day includes campus tour, lunch on campus and a chance to                   by Medici Winery. Visit with wine maker Dick Ferraro
design your very own pair of Nike shoes at the NikeiD studio on             Ferraro Cellar
campus (delivered with in 3-4 weeks).
Joe and Nancy Widmer                                                        Pedicure Party
                                                                            Get together 4 ladies and enjoy a pedicure and a glass of cham-
Rock and Roll Guitar lessons                                                pagne!
5 one hour lessons to learn everything from basic hand posi-                Spa La La
tions, the fundamentals of electric guitars to classic rock and roll
songs.                                                                      Interior Design Consultation
Josh and Gina Faulk, Porter Gordon                                          3 hours of professional design
                                                                            Services can be used for staging, color consultation, furniture
Two Family Yurt Weekend                                                     arranging, floor plan assessment, window treatments, residential
Two Yurts for two nights at Beverly Beach State Park- June 25 &             or commercial. Consultation only
26, 2010. Also includes a gourmet camp basket including wine,               Patrice Westphal Interiors @ Forest Heights Design Studio
wine glasses, marshmallow roasting sticks, gourmet marshmal-
lows, chocolates and graham crackers, gift certificate to Gart-              Pine Cone Hill Bathrobe and PJ’s
ner’s Meat Market, kite, firewood, 2 tablecloths---everything you            The Arrangement
could possibly need! (basket delivered one week before camp
weekend).                                                                   Lewis and Clark Wool blanket
Brad and Carole Hermanson, Sam and Shannon Swartley                         Beautiful historic Corps of Discovery blanket honoring the expe-
                                                                            dition of Lewis & Clark. Made by the Faribault Woolen Mill
American Girl Size Doll Bed                                                 Garth and Louise Hallman
Custom made bed with hand made bedding included.
Grace and Ray Hush                                                          Golf Lessons
                                                                            Gift Certificate to Columbia Edgewater
Blazer Tickets and the chance to High-5 the players                         Jared and Lisa Bassett
4 tickets to the 3/31 Blazer/Knicks game along with passes to go
onto the floor before the game and form the tunnel the Blazers               Wine Package
run through as the enter the court.                                         Decorative wine rack, Eola Hills Pinot Noir, set of 4 Lenox wine
Brian Tooley                                                                glasses, $50. gift certificate to 15th & Broadway wine store.
                                                                            Paul and Kathy Gowen
Nothing to “Wine” About
8 bottles of Pacific Northwest wines, assorted cheeses, fruits,              Digital Camera
breads, olives, nuts- the works! Delivered to your house on a               Sony 7 megapixel pink digital camera with pink camera case.
mutually agreed upon date (perfect for a Holiday treat—instant              Don and Kelley Jackson
Gabe and Christie Kmetz and Jessica Gowdy                                   $500 Jesuit High School Partial Tuition
                                                                            Jesuit High School
iPod Nano, Memorex iPod Boombox & $30 iTunes gift card
The Deppa Family                                                            Dinner for 4
                                                                            Aztec Willie and Jose Rose Taqueria Dinner for 4
A Cozy Night in a Fireplace/ Jacuzzi Suite                                  Aztec Willie and Joey Rose Taqueria
A one night stay at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, WA.                    Tory Burch handbag/tote
Eric and Cindy Schaffer                                                     Shauna Mohr

Desserts for A Year                                                         Grand Central Bowl
Pies, tarts, cakes and more! A year of homemade seasonal des-               $75 gift certificate to Grand Central Bowling party for 6.
serts prepared by a classically trained chef and innkeeper. A               Grand Central Bowl & Restaurant
fresh, seasonal dessert will be prepared for you and delivered to
                                          Silent Auction
Vibrant Healthy Center Massage Therapy                                  Handmade hardwood cutting board
One hour massage therapy certificate                                     Rustic Bread Once a Month for a Year
Man Ninh and Thanh-Hien Huynh                                           Grand Central Bakery & Cafe and The Joinery
                                                                        Golf & Beer at McMenamin’s Edgefield
St. Mary’s Academy                                                      20 holes of golf for 2 at McMenamin’s Pub course at Edgefield
$500 partial scholarship                                                plus a $25 gift certificate to use at restaurant or bar
St. Mary’s Academy                                                      The McMenamins

Bella Notte Linens                                                      Smashcut Studio
Beautiful whisper linen ruffled pillowcases in ruby. Great accent        Gift certificate for a color, cut, style, and make up application
for any princess bed.                                                   Jose and Josie PinoMesa
Mike and Trina Sheridan
                                                                        Home Remodel Design Package
Photo Session                                                           Interior design services for your home remodeling project. Floor
1-hour photo session with Jennifer Murdock                              plan and construction level documents for your kitchen, 2nd
Jennifer Murdock Photography                                            floor addition, bathroom, or basement remodel project
                                                                        Elliot Walter
Perry’s on Fremont                                                      Cat in an Apron Gift Basket
                                                                        O’Henry stroller blanket, Babe onsies, O’Henry swaddle blan-
“French Riviera” Placemats                                              ket, O’Henry burp cloth, and flipside hat
Set of 12 cotton placemats that will transform every meal to            Marc Nordean and Marne Maykowskyj
French country beauty
Stephen and Allyson Brooks                                              One Night stay for 2 at Sheraton Portland Airport.
                                                                        Parking for 8 days
Tour de Pain                                                            Sheraton Hotel
Assortment of artisan breads. Gift certificate redeemable for an
assortment of breads                                                    Weekend Stay for 2 at the Hilton - Portland
Pearl Bakery                                                            Hilton Hotels

Gift Certificate MusicWerks                                              Private Excel Tutorial
Gift certificate to be used toward the cost of an 8-week session         Two hours of private excel instruction customized to your needs.
of lessons. New students only                                           Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, we can design
Pfeifer MusicWerks Studio                                               a lesson plan to help you embrace your inner nerd with formulas,
                                                                        filters, or pivot tables.
$150 Central Catholic Tuition Credit                                    Lee and Caryn Fiedler
Paul and Kim O’Malley
                                                                        LaNature Monte: Les Tournesois
Pizza Dinner for 4                                                      Oil painting of Sunflowers by Justine Westhead, acclaimed
Pizza-A-Go-Go                                                           painter living in Normandy, France.
                                                                        Bob and Colby Westhead
Gold Cross-Stitched Shoulder Bag
Imelda’s and Louie’s Shoes                                               Basketball Youth Camp & Spirit Pack
                                                                        1-Week Basketball Youth Summer Camp at La Salle Prep
Visual F/X Salon Goody Basket with Hair Cut Certificate                  (grades 5-8). Also includes a LaSalle Spirit Pack with a Falcon
Visual F/X Salon                                                        water bottle, LS stadium seat, T-shirt, Window decals, Foam
                                                                        finger, LSHS messenger bag, and a LS stocking cap.
Laserport Party for 5                                                   LaSalle Prep

Portrait Gift Certificate for a studio sitting and one 8 x 10
color portrait
Yuen Lui Studio, Inc.

Newbury 4 light fixture in polished nickel, Schoolhouse style
Schoolhouse Electric Co.

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