How To Stop Diaper Rash

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					?Diaper rash is preventable, although taking preventive action is no guarantee that
your baby will never suffer through it. By following a simple plan, we can reduce the
chance of your baby ever getting diaper rash. The focus of these simple steps is
keeping your baby clean and dry in the area covered by its diaper.

You won't need any fancy gadgets that will act as an early warning system. You won't
need to follow your baby around everywhere sniffing to see if a diaper change is
needed. Don't worry, your baby will let you know when it is that time. But, just
getting to your baby in time will not keep diaper rash from happening altogether.

While a simple plan to prevent diaper rash won't take over your life, it will take a bit
of perseverance and alertness on your part. You first need to be alert to when your
baby needs a diaper change. By waiting, your baby runs the risk of getting an
infection. You also want to clean the area completely, and most important, wait until
the area is dry before putting on a new diaper.

Putting a diaper rash ointment could prevent diaper rash anyways, so use it before you
put on a new diaper, especially if you feel a rash could be developing. And put the
new diaper on loosely, so the skin can breathe.

A final thought regarding your baby's diet. When you move your baby from the
mushy baby food in a jar to the solid foods that you enjoy, it is suggested that you
spread out the time between introducing new fods to your baby, because there may be
a food allergy that causes a rash to erupt. This will help you to identify if any food
allergies exist.

With a little luck and a lot of alertness, you will keep your baby from getting a diaper
rash more often than not.

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