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How To Start Your Own Nursing Agency


									?t's no secret that the United States has a nursing shortage, one that promises to grow
to alarming proportions. Too many nurses are retiring, and too few are entering the
profession. To compound the problem, within the next 5 to 10 years, over 76 million
Baby Boomers are scheduled to retire from the workforce, with only about 44 million
Generation X'ers available to pick up the slack. This will soon place unprecedented
demands for services on a health system that is already stretched thin.

This shortage of allied healthcare professionals, especially nurses have a created a
new boom to the nursing agency, nurse registry business, supplemental staffing
agency for medical professionals, permanent placement medical recruiter, or starting a
business in homecare and staffing pool. The medical staffing industry will continue to
grow because of the upcoming baby boomers, and the current supply of nurses are
dwindling. The average age for nurses are in the forties, and they are not being
replaced by the new generations. Entrepreneurs have made lucrative business in
nursing agency, nursing registry, homecare business, medical recruiter recruiting, or
as independent nurse contractor in their own field.

The time is now for entrepreneurs to start a nursing agency,nursing registry business,
operate a homecare business, or as a medical recruiter or just become an independent
healthcare contractor. By being an independent healthcare contractor, you are
bypassing the agency and are self employed. Healthcare facilities are the clients.
Homecare are regulated by all levels of goverment from local to fedeal level.
Homecare levels of regulations depends on the category of service provided to clients.
Homecare services ranges from providing just companions or the more medically
needed clients such as terminally ill clients. Homecare services can be in the form of
social service, non-medical, and medical services.

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