How to Start Your Own Magazine

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					?Magazines continue to be a popular source of entertainment, education and
advertising. If you don't mind hard work or long hours, you can have a very rewarding
and interesting career in magazine publishing when working in a niche that excites

Not only can you publish a magazine in print, you can distribute your magazine on the
internet. Magazine publishers also have the option to charge a subscription fee for
their publication or make it available free of charge, with income provided exclusively
by advertisers.

The first step to starting a magazine publishing business is developing a plan, which
includes choosing a market niche, laying out a revenue strategy, method of
distribution, deciding on a format and of course, content. Some entrepreneurs hire a
business plan writer, but there is business plan software available online that is
developed by professionals, enabling business owners to cut costs and create
professional business themselves without wasting lots of time.

Magazines also need an ISSN number, BIPAD number and bar code. Publishers can
obtain an International Standard Serial Number from the Library of Congress. The
ISSN number distinguishes publications from each other.

The BIPAD number is the middle 5 digits of the magazine barcode. It is the
permanent identification of the the magazine throughout its retail life. A list of bar
code suppliers can be found through the US ISBN Agency.

Costs of Launching a Magazine

Start-up and operating costs vary, especially between print and online publications. If
you have limited funds, you can start small and grow your magazine over time. Costs
generally include printing and production costs, business equipment, software and
supplies, building overhead and utilities, legal costs, hiring costs, advertising and
marketing plus distribution expenses.

Finding a Printer for Your Magazine

Choose a printing company that specializes in printing magazines. Generally, you can
obtain a job estimate via the internet, enabling you to get bids from a variety of
different printers for quick price comparison, etc.

Magazine Layout

If you want to create the layout yourself, Quark Press and Adobe Creative Suite are
commonly used design and layout software. offers online courses that
show publishers how to design an effective layout with text, images and other design
elements. There are also freelancers to whom you can outsource your layout design

Finding Magazine Advertisers

Put together a media kit for advertisers who want to place ads in your magazine. Do a
little research to find out what other media kits in your industry look like and the
materials they contain. In general, you want to include your magazine's mission
statement, reader demographics, circulation breakdown and ad rates.

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