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The use of Hyperbaric Oxygen in Necrotising Soft Tissue Infections: A Historical Perspective with an Update
anno 2008
D. J. Bakker, MD, PhD.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Necrotizing soft tissue infections caused by aerobic, anaerobic and mixed bacterial floras are a still increasing problem in
surgical and medical practice. They occur with increasing frequency and seriousness, especially in immune-compromised
The clinical picture can vary considerably from patient to patient. Treatment is difficult, often irrational and very often "one
step behind the facts," because early recognition is difficult and etiology, bacteriology, and the clinical course are
                                                                                                                                   Odstraněno: aetiology
sometimes not well understood or expected to evolve in a different and more favourable way. Hyperbaric Oxygen
treatment (HBOT) is a highly controversial issue in the literature.
Considerable morbidity occurs in these diseases and the mortality can be very high, from 20% up to 70 or 80%.

For a proper understanding it is necessary to give a short review of the history of these infections including the
bacteriology and the various forms of treatment that have been advocated and practised.
In this review we will pay attention to the works of Hippocrates from the 5 century BC, Baurienne (1764), Hebler (1848)
and Jean Alfred Fournier (1883), a French venereologist,
Also the work by the Confederate Army Surgeon Joseph Jones will be mentioned who described a variant of this disease
                                                                                                                                   Odstraněno: sthese
in 1869 and 1870 during the Civil War in the United States.
Very relevant are also the works of Meleney and Cullen (1924) en Brewer and Meleney (1926). Meleney reported about
his work in the Imperial Hospital In Peking (now Beijing) in China.

Extensive reviews on necrotizing soft tissue infections including Fournier’s gangrene have been published and can be
found in the literature (Bakker 2002, Bakker 2008).
The immense confusion in the nomenclature and the classification of these diseases will be explained.

The role of Hyperbaric Oxygen in the treatment of these disease started in 1959 when Boerema and Brummelkamp
treated a patient with Gas Gangrene in the Hyperbaric Chamber (HBOT). The first Congress on HBOT was held in
Amsterdam in 1963, now 45 years ago.

Material and Methods:
We will restrict ourselves in this presentation to Clostridial Myonecrosis or Gas Gangrene and Necrotising Fasciitis or
Fourniers Gangrene.

a. Necrotising Fasciitis (NF) is a progressive, generally rapid spreading, inflammatory process located in the deep fascia
with secondary necrosis of subcutaneous tissues and skin. The infection tends to spread very rapidly along the deep
fascial planes. There is confusion in the literature about the microorganisms that cause NF. Haemolytic Streptococci play
a major role in the onset of the disease. Later on in the disease one can find many more microorganisms, from which their
role in the disease is not clear. A rapid diagnosis is essential for treatment and prognosis. Treatment is a combination of
proper, early and extensive surgery, antibiotics and adjunctive HBOT. The grade of evidence for using HBOT in the
treatment will be shown from the literature data and our own experiences.

b. Clostridial Myonecrosis or Gas Gangrene is an acute, rapidly progressive, non-pyogenic, gasforming and necrotising
infection of muscles, subcutaneous tissues and skin. The infection is caused by anaerobic spore-forming bacteria of the
genus Clostridium. Although the prognosis of the disease is improved by modern antibiotics and intensive care treatment,
the mortality and morbidity is still high, especially without HBOT. A rapid diagnosis has to be made, immediately followed
by HBOT, not losing any time by performing initial surgery. The patients are too ill for surgery. Treatment consists of
immediate HBOT and antibiotics, followed by, if necessary, surgical measures secondarily. This treatment has proven its
use in several thousands of patients treated in this way, with constant good results over the years.
Here also an update will be give about the best treatment modality anno 2008 and the evidence based reasons for that
from the literature and from our own results.

c. Evidence based medicine in HBOT (EBHM) is the combination of old and trusted clinical skills completed by and if
necessary also corrected by the critically appraised best available scientific research results and the evaluation of care.
The idea is to move beyond clinical experience and physiological principles to rigorous evaluations of the consequences
of clinical actions. These evaluations are in too many indications in hyperbaric medicine, non-existent. When looking for
the evidence of HBOT in infectious diseases several steps have to be taken. First of all the clinical problem has to be
appropriately formulated and the correct diagnosis has to be made. Therefore clinical expertise is required. Nothing can
substitute for clinical expertise in determining the specific considerations relevant to the individual patient. Clinical skills
are necessary for EBHM plus an understanding of how the patients values affect the balance between advantages and
disadvantages of the available treatment options, and the ability to appropriately involve the patient in the decision. Every
decision taken on the basis of education and experience should, however, also be based on results of trials and
evaluations. In this way we can define HBOT as a primary mode of treatment or as an adjunctive mode. We must be
careful not to move the focus of clinical practice away from the care of individuals to the care of populations, lacking than
the ability to apply this knowledge back to our individual patient. The Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial (RCT) is
nowadays the gold standard in EBHM, but we must not forget that there is more evidence than that, that has to be taken
into account when judging HBOT.

After a short description of soft tissue infections in the history of medicine, the state of the art in diagnosis and treatment of
some special forms of soft tissue infections, eg. necrotising fasciitis and clostridial myonecrosis is shown.

Especially the evidence based character of treatment with Hyperbaric oxygen based on own experiences and reports from
the literature is described.
Role of Tissue Oximetry in Assessment of Problem Wounds
Paul J. Sheffield, PhD;
International ATMO, Inc, Nix Wound Healing Center, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Transcutaneous oximetry (PtcO2) is commonly used to determine treatment options for problem wounds: surgical remedy,
adjunctive hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2), or standard wound care. HBO2 wound healing candidates are selected by
assessing whether the wound area is hypoxic and if it will respond to respired oxygen. There are five PtcO2 tests
commonly used to evaluate wound patients.

1. Evaluate whether wound healing is complicated by severe hypoxia. Test 1: Measure a PtcO2 baseline air value at 1 atm
abs. Hypoxia exists if PtcO2 is less than 40 mmHg. The lower the PtcO2 value, the more severe is the hypoxia.

2. Evaluate whether wound healing is complicated by peripheral arterial occlusive disease. Test 2: Elevate the leg (30˚).
Disease is present if PtcO2 remains diminished more than 10 mmHg while leg is elevated.

3. Evaluate whether the wound area responds to respired O2. Test 3: Conduct an oxygen challenge at 1 atm abs. Values
on respired oxygen should reach at least 35 mmHg and should rise at least 50% above air PtcO2 values.

4. Evaluate whether the wound area responds to respired HBO2. Test 4 (Alternate to Test 3): Conduct an oxygen
challenge at 2-2.5 atm abs. Values on HBO2 should be at least 100 mmHg (preferably 200 mmHg).

5. Evaluate whether the wound is to the point where it will heal without further HBO2 treatment. Test 5: Repeat PtcO2
baseline air value at 1 atm abs in 3-4 wk intervals. Normalized baseline values indicate that healing process is in place.
PL 1
The Indication of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and for Orthopaedics in Japan
Mahito Kawashima, Takashi Yamaguchi
Kawashima Orthopaedic Hospital, Japan

In Japan, two types of standards of indication of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) are set. One is established by
Japanese Society of Hyperbaric and Undersea Medicine (JSHUM) and another is by the Ministry of Health, Labor and
Welfare for public medical insurance. Most cases are treated with the standard of the Ministry of Health, Labor and
Welfare, because of the medical serv. system for the whole nation in Japan. This standard, the disease is classified into
two types, emergency/non-emergency. The fee for treatment is different between emergency and non-emergency,
multiplace chamber and monoplace chambers. In the case of multiplace chamber, the fee for emergency is \60,000
( US$545) per usage time of HBO. In the case of monoplace chamber, the fee for emergency is \50,000 ( US$454) per
usage of HBO. The fee for non-emergency is \2,000 ( US$18) par usage of HBO, in the case of non-emergency the fee is
no different, multiplace or monoplace chambers.

The standard of indication of HBO by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is as following.

Emergency: Acute carbon monoxide poisoning, Gas poisoning, Air gas embolism, Decompression illness, Acute
peripheral vessel trouble, Thermal burns, Frostbite, Crush injury, Peripheral vessel trouble by trauma, Shock, Acute
myocardial infarction, Cerebral embolism, Severe head injury, Disturbance of consciousness or brain edema after
craniotomy, Hypoxic brain dysfunction, Intestinal atresia, occlusion of retinal artery, Sudden deafness, Acute spinal cord

Non emergency: Malignant tumor with carcinostatic or radiation therapy, Refractory ulcer, Skin graft, SMON,
Cerebrovascular disorder, Severe head injury, Motor paralysis after craniotomy, sequelae of carbon monoxide poisoning,
Spinal nerve disorder, Osteomyelitis, Radiation necrosis.

According to the research on March 2008, 51 multiplace chambers and 805 monoplace chambers have been working in
644 facilities in Japan.

Kawashima Orthopaedic Hospital specializes in orthopaedic surgery, has 93 beds for admission and two multiplace
hyperbaric chambers. The one has worked since 1984 and the other has worked since 1989. Kawashima Clinic is
juxtaposition clinic of Kawashima Orthopaedic Hospital. A multiplace hyperbaric chamber has been there since April

The main indications of HBO in orthopaedic surgery are Gas gangrene, Acute spinal cord injury, Crush injury,
Osteomyelitis and Refractory ulcer. HBO is expected for these disorders as inhibition and prevention for infection,
promotion of recover of damaged cells, promotion of angiogenesis and improvement of edema. The total number of cases
is 7,324 cases from 1981 to 2007 in Kawashima Orthopaedic Hospital. In these, Main orthopaedic disorders are 630
osteomyelitis, 183 crush injury, 76 spiral cord injury, 41 gas gangrene and 375 ulcer/necrosis.
The Use of “Deep Stops” In Preventing Precordial Detectable Doppler Bubbles in Recreational Scuba Divers
                           1                        2                         3
Frans J. Cronjé, MBChB, MSc , Alessandro Marroni, MD , Peter Bennett, DSc, PhD
1. DAN Southern Africa;
2. DAN Europe;
3. International DAN

Decompression illness (DCI) affects some 1500 divers every year. Although DCI is relatively rare, two thirds of these
divers develop neurological manifestations.

The empirical use of additional deep safety stops by recreational divers has become popular in recent years. However,
these arbitrary procedures have not been evaluated for safety and effectiveness.

In order to establish appropriate and practical recommendations relevant to typical recreational divers, a series of studies
were designed to evaluate the effect of adding deep stops of varying durations (1 to 10 minutes) at half-the-depth of the
dive – Half Depth Deep Stops (HDDS) – with or without shallow stops at 5 meters (1 to 10 minutes), in the typical
recreational diving range of 18 to 40 MSW.

The introduction of a HDDS generally reduced post-dive precordial Doppler detectable venous gas emboli (PPDDVGE),
with an overall decrease of High Bubble Grades compared to the same dives without HDDS.

The data suggest that the inclusion of a HDDS on dives between 25 and 30 MSW, with Bottom Times of 25 minutes or
less (i.e., the typical dive profiles performed by recreational divers) reduces decompression stress as measured by

The value of HDDS in reducing PPDDVGE was not as evident for shallower (18 – 21 MSW) and deeper dives (40 MSW),
when brought to the limit of the respective No-D bottom time according to USN Dive Tables, and showed conflicting

Further investigation is now being planned to unravel the apparent ambiguity of HDDS at these depths.
PL 3
An Overview of Diving and Diving Medicine in China
Tao Hengyi, Sun Xuejun, Liu Wenwu, Sun Qiang, Mao Ding
Department of Diving Medicine, Faculty of Naval Medicine, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China

This article presents a brief history of diving and diving medicine in China, especially the developmental track of diving
and diving medicine, as well as symbolic achievements in this field since the founding of New China. It also provides an
overview of research on submarine escape or rescue in the Chinese Navy.

1. A brief history of diving and diving medicine in China
Diving is an important means of human fighting against and adapting to Nature. But there is no textual research about
when and where diving was started and who pioneered it. According to Shang Shu (the Book of History) published in the
21 century BC in China, there were already people who used pearls and beads from seabed as tributes to Yu Empire in
ancient China, indicating that the Chinese people started their diving activities as early as in the 21 century BC.
Nevertheless, the primitive purpose of human diving was for survival rather than for material contributions. During nearly
50 years from 1900 when China began using modern diving apparatus (Hookah diving apparatus and manual pumps) to
the eve the founding of new China, there were only a few diving units with fewer than 100 divers and shabby equipment,
much less diving safety operation regulations, and there were few people who had professional knowledge of diving
medicine, let alone diving medical supervision systems. The maximum diving depth was about 20 meters. Diving
accidents happened frequently, and the incidence of diving disease was high. Once divers were diseased, nobody helped
them. Therefore, many divers were handicapped by lifetime diving illnesses, and the case-fatality rate remained at a high

After the founding of new China, under the attendance and care of the Chinese Communist Party and the people’s
government the diving cause in New China has a new lease of life and develops flourishingly. Diving facilities are being
built up in succession. Right after the founding of the Chinese Navy, arescue-salvation force was set up, which has been
expanded and reinforced increasingly. The Ministry of Communications established marine rescue & salvage bureaus in
Shanghai, Guangzhou and Yantai. The Ministry of Petroleum and the Ministry of Railways also established specific diving
units. The number of professional divers is on the increase and their diving skills are becoming more sophisticated. Diving
technology has now been widely used in economic constructions (such as tapping and exploitation of seabed resources),
military activities (such as submarine rescue and underwater reconnaissance), scientific research and sports. Diving
medicine has been developing out of nothing and expanding increasingly. In 1954 the Institute of Naval Medicine was
inaugurated in China, which includes a research department specialized in diving medicine. In 1960, the Faculty of Naval
Medicine was extended in Shanghai Second Military Medical University, which is the only institution of higher learning that
can train diving physicians in China. Today diving medicine in China is essentially appropriate to the development of
diving technology and the demand of divers’ safety and health. To facilitate academic exchange in diving and diving
medicine, in 1980 Shanghai took the lead and established the first Hyperbaric Medicine Society in China. In 1982 the
Chinese Navigation Society also established the Diving Rescue & Salvage Committee. As you know, Chinese Society on
Hyperbaric Medicine was established in 1992.

Before the Cultural Revolution, China carried on a close-door policy and did not know about the world, and the world knew
even less about China. Before 1987 when Professor LI Wen-ren and NI Guo-tang, two senior masters in diving
and hyperbaric medicine in China, first attended the 9 International Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine, not a few
international scholars in this field even had no idea about whether China had diving operation deeper than 30 meters. So,
when Professor Ni presented his MSc thesis at the meeting, a delegate even raised such a question, “Is there diving
operation deeper than 30 meters in China?” It is DENG Xiao-ping’s open-to-the-outside-world policy that enables the
world to know about China and enables China to know about the world. Today, I’d like to take this opportunity to let the
world know more about China, especially about China’s diving and diving medicine.

2. The developmental track of diving and diving medicine in New China
The first article about diving decompression sickness (DCS) was officially published in 1955. In 1960 China began using
hyperbaric equipment for clinical hyperbaric oxygen treatment. The research and development of the surface
decompression table and the underwater stage decompression table of air diving were started in 1961 and ended with
success in 1965. They were put to practical use by the Chinese Navy in 1977. Civil diving operations in China also follow
these tables. The use of the Navy decompression tables plays an extremely important role in reducing the incidence of
DCS and in guaranteeing divers’ safety and health.160-msw deep heliox diving training was first started in 1962 in China.
During the construction of Nanjing Changjiang Bridge in 1964, a total of 544 time-person air diving operations were
undertaken to a depth of 66 meters, where the technique of surface decompression using oxygen was used without
causing a single case of DCS, reaching the world advanced level. The first practical use of deep heliox diving was in 1965
in inspecting the quality of bridge piers, reaching the depth of 83 meters. In 1969, the scuba diving equipment was
developed successfully in China. The first experiment of 200-msw heliox simulated diving was undertaken in 1970. In
1973 two divers used air diving into a mud cave equivalent to 92 msw to salvage a lost large drill. Although the attempt
failed because of nitrogen narcosis, this was the greatest depth that air diving has been reached in the world. In 1975
deep heliox diving reached 156 mfw in China. In 1976 the first experiment of human simulated air saturation diving was
undertaken, the saturation depth being 20 msw. In 1977 the first experiment of human simulated nitrox saturation diving
was undertaken, reaching the saturation depth of 20-36.5 msw. During the experiment, air excursion diving successfully
reached 50-70 msw in all 181 time-persons. In 1977 a diver, Mr Long, air dived to 64 meters and worked at the bottom for
25 min. But unfortunately, he was out of control and blew up to surface suddenly. As soon as he reached surface, he was
paralyzed and comatose. To save this severe DCS diver, Mr. MU Ze-ling, a military diving physician accompanied the
patient to the hyperbaric chamber, where the pressure was raised to 11 ATA using compressed air to meet the need of
the patient’s condition. They stayed at the maximum pressure for 60 min, and the total duration of decompression was 85
h and 55 min. The patient was saved successfully. This is the maximum air pressure to which humans have been exposed.
This practice reverses the previous inference that “human exposed to compressed air ≧ 11 ATA is bound to cause
unconsciousness and narcotic coma”. Generally speaking, when the chamber pressure is ≧6-7 ATA, the mixture of heliox
should be inhaled to prevent nitrogen narcosis. But as most hyperbaric chambers in China did not have the condition of
inhaling heliox at that time, inhalation of 11 ATA compressed air was the last straw to save the patient’s life. This is also a
full reflection of how dedicated the Chinese medical workers are in rescuing the wounded and saving the dying. Mr. MU is
not only a military diving physician but also a teacher of diving medicine in the Department of Diving Medicne, Faculty of
Naval Medicne, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai China. Owing to his selflessness and dedication, Mr. MU
was honored as “Model Teacher” in 1978 by the Central Military Committee. In 1979 two experiments of simulated nitrox
saturation diving were undertaken in China: the saturation depth of the first experiment was 36.5 msw for 26 days, during
which air excursion reached 60-75 msw in 76 time-persons, and the saturation depth of the second experiment was 50
msw for 12 days. Both experiments were successful, taking the lead in the world both in nitrox saturation depth and
duration of nitrox saturation exposure. Up to now, no nitrox saturation diving experiment has been reported to exceed the
record of 50 msw and 12-day stay. In the same year, an on-the-spot nitrox saturation diving operation was performed,
reaching 36.5 msw and staying at saturation depth for 6 days, during which air excursion reached 64 msw in 14
time-persons. Marine in situ practices in China have demonstrated that the results of these simulated nitrox saturation
diving experiments are convincing, reliable and practicable. Still, in 1979 the first experiment of simulated helioxsaturation
diving was undertaken, reaching the saturation depth of 120 msw and 2-day stay at saturation depth, during which the
excursion depth reached 165 msw in 3 time-persons. During 1977-1980, a famous salvage project was completed
successfully in salvaging a Japanese sunken ship called “AWAMARU”in a depth of 48-69 msw. The operation used air
diving throughout, involving 13604 time-persons. This has been the largest and longest salvage project in China, in which
only 80 cases of DCS occurred with an overall incidence of 0.59%. In 1980 three Chinese Navy divers succeeded in
locking out from a submarine at a depth of 205 msw during their study in France Navy. In 1980 the first treatment table for
air diving DCS was developed in China and has been proved to be therapeutically good. In 1981 an experiment of
simulated heliox saturation diving was undertaken, during which three divers stayed at a depth of 302 meters for 43 h, and
returned to surface safely and successfully after 12-day decompression. In 1982 the first deep submergence rescue
vehicle (DSRV) designed and manufactured by China with self-dominated intellectual property rights cruised its first
voyage. In 1989 an experiment of simulated heliox saturation diving was undertaken by the Chinese Navy, in which four
divers stayed at the depth of 350 msw for 3 days (72 h and 10 min), and excursion diving reached 370-374 msw in 8
time-persons. After 14-day decompression all four divers returned to surface safely. That was the deepest record of
saturation diving in Asia at that time. In 1997 the Chinese Navy conducted a heliox saturation diving training on the sea,
the storage depth of which was 120 mswn for 48 h, during which the excursion dive reached 149 msw in 8 time-persons.
In 2001 the Chinese Navy conducted two heliox saturation diving trainings. The saturation depth of the first training was
140 msw for 48 h, during which the excursion dive reached 166 msw in 8 time-persons, and that of the second training
was 160 msw for 48 h, during which the excursion dive reached 182 msw in 4 time-persons. It was in 2006 that saturation
diving was first used for commercial purposes. During October to December 2006, Shanghai Salvage Bureau undertook a
commercial heliox saturation diving operation for replacing oil pipes at a depth of 96 msw in South China Sea; the
maximum depth of excursion diving was 105 msw. During August to November 2007, Shanghai Salvage Bureau
undertook a 115-msw commercial heliox saturation diving operation in the South China Sea Oil Field for clearing,
measuring and installing oil pipes; the maximum depth of excursion diving was 124 msw. In April 2008, the same
company undertook a 135-msw commercial heliox saturation diving operation for the same tasks as the previous ones;
the maximum depth of excursion diving was 153 msw. In these commercial operations, PPO2 at the saturation depth was
maintained at 0.4-0.5 ATA; PPCO2 was maintained at <0.0055 ATA; chamber temperature was 28.1-30.5℃; and relative
humidity was 56.6-81.1%. During the process of decompression, PPO2 in the chamber was raised to 0.6 ATA. The whole
compression was divided into two phases: at first, the pressure was raised to 5 msw using 20/80 He-O2, and the second,
the pressure was continued to compress to saturation depth using 2/98 He-O2 at a rate of 1-2 m/min.The saturation
decompression rate was controlled at 40-60 min/m. During these commercial saturation diving operations, except two
cases of skin infection, no other medical problems occurred because of excellent diving medical supervision.

3. Submarine Escape in China
Submarines are among the most important combat weapons for the navy and specially favored by the navy because of
their good stealth and strong assaulting ability. But like aeroplanes that may be threatened by air crashes and automobiles
that are likely to be involved in road accidents, submarines have their own problems. In exercises or combat operations,
submarines may run on collisions and rocks, or have mechanical problems, or lose the floating ability when they are
attacked by the enemy. It is roughly estimated that from 1900 to 2001 a total of 434 submarine accidents happened during
the peace-time training exercises in American, Russian, British and French armed forces, excluding those that are not
reported because of confidential reasons. These accidents involved 176 sunken submarines at least killing 2900 crew
members. The most astonishing accident was Russian Kursk submarine due to torpedo explosion on August 12, 2000.
The submarine sank to the 108 msw sea floor killing 118 soldiers and officers on the ship. To preserve living strength,
timely and effective rescue measures must be taken to help the survivors escape from the wrecks. Therefore, how to help
crews escape from the wrecks has long been the focus of attention for navies of all countries. The earliest study on
submarine escape techniques and methods in the world was in 1851. As the submarine force in China was established at
a relatively late time, the study on submarine escape techniques and methods was started in 1960, but has been
progressing quickly. In 1970, type 2-8 submarine escape equipment and the decompression table for submarine escape
were developed successfully, by which individual escape in the depth of 120 msw can be effected. Individual escape
follewed by mass escape would provide escape from a 200 msw depth. Subsequently, studies on fast ascent and its
medical supervision were started. During 1976-1979, simulated 10-310 msw animal experiments were conducted, and in
1980 experiments were performed on humans. In 1983, the human simulated 100 msw fast ascent experiment was
accomplished successfully. In 1987, the submarine escape training from the depth of 52 msw through the torpedo tube
was accomplished. This is an important creation of the Chinese Navy, because fast ascent from submarine in other
countries is implemented through a specific one man escape chamber (OMEC) on the submarine. It has been confirmed
by practice that submarine escape from torpedo tube is feasible. In 2002, the study of simulated 153 msw fast ascent was
successfully accomplished and created the deepest record of fast ascent for submariners in Asia, thus upgrading China’s
research in this field to the world advanced level.
DCS Incidence of Commercial Dive Works In Japan and Evaluation of the Profile on Multi-Level Diving By
Integration of Nitrogen Accumulation in Each Body Tissue
                1                         1                     1                      1                   1
Yoshihiro Mano , Masaharu Shibayama , Masahisa Komiya , Shin-ichiro Togawa , Nobuo Yamami , Kazuyoshi
         1                       2
Yagishita , and Mahito Kawashima
1. Hyperbaric Center, Tokyo Medical & Dental University Hospital, Japan
2. Kawashima Orthopedics Hospital, Japan

Commercial dive work has been strictly controled in Japan, so there were few accident cases recently. According to our
data which we have consulted since 1995, the DCS incidence was 0.095 % ( 31 bends per 32,639 dive ) in air dive within
60 m depth and 0.099 % ( 3 bends per 3,038 dive ) in heliox dive works from 30 to 90 m depth. In saturation diving work
by heliox within 200 m depth, it has been 0.38 % ( 2 bends in 529 dive ) since 1983. We have used different dive
methods like as scuba, air line, bell and saturation. And also deffernt decompression tables like as the Japanese or U.S.
Navy standard, surface, and/or our original tables included saturation, however it depends on the dive conditions. This
result has been evaluated as considerably better than other commercial dive companies in Japan.

However in recrational or fishermen divers, there have been recognized near 40 to 50 diving accidences and 20 to 30
divers have died in each year. And some of them have died by the cause of DCS or AGE. Their diving profiles and the
continued decompression methods are obviously risky or self-seeking. So we have developed a new analyzer system to
evaluate dive profile through integration of the nitrogen gas accumulation in each body tissue from 5 to 240 min half
saturation time. We can calculate the accumulated tisue gas tension during diving activity in each 5 second and can
judge whether the diving profile has the risk of DCS or not at the surface by means of compareing it with Workman’s M

Japanese standard regulation has now been looking again and it will bocome to better and safer working field in near
Traumatic Spinal Cord Injuries – is There a Role for HBO?
              1                       2
Jochen Freier , MD; Armin Kemmer , MD
1. Consultant für Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (EDTC), Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Vice President of the
German Society für Hyperbaric Medicine (GTUEM), Tagesklinik Hofheim, Germany
2. Consultant für Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (EDTC), Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Habach, Germany

Spinal cord injuries are still among the conditions, which are extremely difficult to treat.

Damage of the nerve strands embedded in the lumen of the spinal cord often results in permanent paraplegia. In addition
to direct damage to the spinal cord through ruptures and crushes, the injured tissue suffers from a lack of oxygen in the
aftermath of an accident. This causes the cascading release of various tissue hormones like cytokines and prostaglandins,
which lead to the swelling of tissue, local inflammation and, ultimately, cell death. These processes cause additional
damage to the site of the injury and often result in irreversible damage. The basic principle of surgical therapy for thoracic
and lumbar spinal cord injuries relies on decompression, reposition and the subsequent stabilization of the unstable
segment. In addition, early administration of methylprednisolone, ideally already at the site of the accident, is

These treatments ultimately aim at improving the tissue’s blood supply and restoring aerobic cell metabolism as quickly as
possible. This is the rationale for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Analogous to the treatment of crush trauma, HBO results in a
rapid reoxygenation of tissue, which helps to maintain viability and can thus reduce the loss of function.

CNS injuries will cause local changes within a few minutes. These changes not only occur in neurons but also in glia cells.
In contrast to CNS neurons, peripheral neurons are able to cover a greater distance downstream of the site of the injury,
and there, to form synapses to transfer excitation signals to their target cells. By contrast, CNS neurons stop the process
of regeneration immediately once they have reached the site of the injury. The rapidly forming gliatic scar prevents
continuing axonal growth (Müller et al. 2005, Stichel et al. 1998). The inhibition of cellular collagen synthesis leads to the
permeability of the lesion scar for regrowing axons (Müller et al. 2005).

In a study by Murakami (2001), the neurological functions of rabbits with spinal cord ischemia improved when HBO
therapy was initiated after 30 minutes. However, no improvement was seen when therapy was started after 6 h. Huang
(2003) also observed an improved neurological recovery from spinal trauma in rats when HBO therapy was given.

Likewise, Gamache (1980) could demonstrate a more rapid recovery of motor scores in spinal cord trauma after early
HBO therapy. In the Trauma Center Murnau, 35 out of 40 patients with acute traumatic paraplegia showed a significant
improvement under hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Asamoto et al (2000) could also achieve a significant improvement under
hyperbaric conditions. Likewise, Ishihara et al. (1997) observed a positive effect for the application of hyperbaric oxygen

In the Trauma Center Murnau a randomised study design was developed, which is presented herein.

The positive effect could be confirmed in several trials. If this effect is solely due to the swell-reducing effect and the
improved oxygenation has not been adequately studied. The application of hyperbaric oxygenation after ordinary injuries
has shown that its application results in reduced scar formation, i.e. collagen production, which could be another reason
for the positive effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in spinal cord injuries.

Further studies on the possible changes in collagen production under hyperbaric conditions would be desirable.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Acute Traumatic Peripheral Ischemic Diseases
Wang Gang M.D. Ph.D. Emergency Dept & Hyperbaric Oxygen Dept.
First Affiliated Hospital, China Medical University, Shenyang, China

HBO can be used as adjunctive therapy for trauma patients with crush injury, compartment syndrome, and other acute
traumatic peripheral ischemia (ATPI). The rationale for HBOT is the need to counter the effects of tissue hypoxia arising
as a direct consequence of vascular injury and as a secondary consequence of trauma and infection.

Physiological and Pharmacological Basis of HBO Therapy for ATPI
1.Hyperoxygenation. 2.Increasing in oxygen diffusion distances. 3.Promoting cellular proliferation, accelerating collagen
deposition. 4.Stimulating capillary budding and arborization. 5. Modulating nitric oxide production. 6.Possibly preventing
iNOS up-regulation. 7.Enhancing oxygen radical scavengers, reducing neutrophil endothelial adherence, thereby
decreasing I/R injury. 8.Vasoconstriction and reduction of edema. 9.Maintenance of cellular function. 10. Accelerating
microbial oxidative killing. 11.Improving select antibiotic exchange across menbrances. 12. Interfering with bacterial

 Crush injury/ Skeletal muscle-compartment syndromes
Crush injury and skeletal muscle-compartment syndrome (SMCS) are two related conditions that arise as a consequence
of trauma. Common features include ischemia and hypoxia at the injury site, a gradient of injury, and the potential for self
perpetuation of the injury.
1. Etiology
2. Pathophysiology
3. Ischemia
4. Edema
5. Gradient of injury
The principles of treatment for crush injury
Surgical and orthopedic interventions for crush injury are based on the type of injury and should be independent of the
decision whether or not to use HBO. That is, HBO should not be used as an excuse to delay surgery or not do surgery.
However, when the decision to use HBO is made, it should be started as soon after the injury as possible. If there are
delays in starting surgery, And HBO is available, it should be given while awaiting the availability of the operating room.

Scheme of Adjunctive HBO Therapy
There is no single ideal protocol for using HBO in crush injury. Treatment schedules are largely a function of clinical
judgment and experience. The maintenance of tissue oxygenation is critical in the immediate post injury period.

The management of Skeletal-Muscle Compartment Syndrome
The diagnosis of compartment syndrome is based on the mnemonic of “five Ps. The monitoring of the pressure in
compartment is important for evaluation of the condition and progression of injured tissue.

The principle of therapy for SMCS
Management of the established SMCS is fasciotomy. This decompresses the muscle and immediately lowers the
compartment pressure, thereby restoring perfusion to the contents of the compartment.

Convincing laboratory studies and clinical researches show statistically significant reduction, in loss of muscle function,
metabolites associated with muscle injury, edema and muscle necrosis with HBO.

Scheme of Adjunctive HBO Therapy

HBOT in Flap Reconstruction and Skin Grafts
Normal skin grafts and flaps with adequate blood supply do not requir HBO. HBO therapy is extremely useful where the
skin grafts or flaps suffer from compromised microcirculation or hypoxia. The benefits of HBO on flaps arise from a
systemic elevation in oxygen tension rather than a local effect. In addition, HBO therapy prevents neutrophil adherence
and subsequent vasoconstriction following ischemia.

Compromised Flaps
Too frequently, a compromised flap is allowed to progress over the days following surgery until visible signs of necrosis
obviate the use of HBO; delayed treatment with HBO cannot revive dead tissue. The resulting disappointment, as well as
the associated patient dissatisfaction, can be avoided by rapid diagnosis of the flap problem and early involvement of the
hyperbaric physician.

Diagnosis of Flap Compromise
Compromised tissues are usually hypoxic with oxygen tension of less than 30mmHg. With flaps, the etiology of the flap
ischemia and compromise may result from technical causes including improper flap design, closure with tension, pedicle
or tissue damage, hematoma, or prolonged operative ischemia. Non-technical causes include arterial vasospasm, flap
edema, post-operative infection, and patient deterioration. Special flap problems include low arterial inflow, total arterial
occlusion, partial venous congestion, and total venous occlusion.

HBO Treatment for Compromised flaps
The use of HBO therapy is appropriate only when:
1. The flap problem has been defined
2. There is documented perfusion of flap
3. Appropriate surgical salvage measures have been considered first
4. HBO therapy can be performed in an expedient manner

Scheme of HBO therapy for compromised flaps
HBO therapy for compromised flaps should be based on the type of flap, classification of ischemia, and effects of
treatment of HBO, which decided HBO therapy regimen.

HBO Therapy for I/R injury
Initially, the focus in acute ischemia caused by trauma should be restoration of blood supply. Replantation should be
completed as soon as possible with repair of disrupted arteries and fasciotomies if necessary. Both clinical experience
and the previously summarized research experience advocate for HBO treatment in I/R injury and results are positive and
often dramatic in our experience. If muscle ischemia time is greater than four to six hours there is a significant risk of
severe I/R injury, muscle necrosis, and loss of the affected extremity. Skin is more resistant to I/R injury but it is likely to
occur after eight hours of ischemia as in the case of a digital amputation. We, therefore, recommend HBO therapy for all
patients with muscle ischemia time greater than four hours and skin ischemia time greater than eight hours.

A retrospective controlled review of compromised free flaps and replanted extremities with greater than six hours of
primary and any secondary ischemia showed 100% salvage rate when HBO therapy was initiated within 24 hours of injury
and 0% salvage rate when HBO therapy was initiated greater than 72 hours after the injury. The major effects of I/R injury
are felt to occur within the first 4-7 hours of reperfusion. Since some irreversible tissue damage occurs after this time it is
important to take patients to receive HBO therapy immediately postoperatively, even if they are still intubated.

Are there evidenced-based criteria to justify the use of HBO in crush injuries and SMCS? When the American Heart
Association criteria are used, HBO meets the criteria for a Category 1 indication. With the ten-point evidenced-based
evaluation systemⅠdevised, crush injuries receive seven points and compartment syndromes five points. A score of five
points or more qualifies the intervention as evidenced-base.
The Application of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Critical Disorders
Niu Ko-Chi
Department of Medical Research and Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Chi Mei Medical Center, Tainan, Taiwan, China

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been widely applied in severe clinical disorders. However, HBOT is suggested to
be hold when body temperature of the patients is higher than 38.5°C and whether HBO may exaggerate oxi dative stress
as results of tissue destruction and subsequent ischemia-induced inflammatory response in critical disorders remained to
be investigated.

MATERIAL AND METHOD: In order to study the effect of HBO on oxidative stress in critical condition, we used the
animal model of Heat stroke (HS) in Sprague-Dawley (DS) rats to mimic multiple organ failure and high body temperature.
Adult male SD anesthetized rats were exposed to an ambient temperature of 43 ° to induce HS. The mome nt in which
mean arterial pressure began to decrease from peak levels was arbitrarily taken as the onset of HS. rats were randomized
to several groups and given a) no resuscitation (NBA, normobaric air) after onset of heatstroke; b) HBO (100% O2 at 2.5
ATA for 1 h, 2 h, or cyclic administration); c) hyperbaric air (HBA; air at 2.5 ATA for 1 h); d) normobaric hyperoxia (NBHO;
100% O2 at 1.0 ATA for 1 h); or e) hyperbaric oxygen 8% (HBO 8%; hyperbaric 8% O2 at 2.5 ATA for 1 h).

RESULTS: Survival time was 19 ±1, 131 ± 18, 72 ± 14, 68 ± 12, or 45 ± 11 min, (n = 10) respectively for NBA, HBO 1h,
HBA, NBHO, or HBO 8% group. The HS-induced arterial hypotension, bradycardia, decreased arterial levels of pH, PaO2,
and SO2%, increased arterial levels of TNF-alpha, and increased values of cellular ischemia and damage markers, and
neuronal damage scores in the cortex were significantly reduced by HBO resuscitation. The cerebrovascular
dysfunctions (evidenced by hypotension, intracranial hypertension, and cerebral hypo-perfusion), hypercoagulable state
(evidenced by increased values of activated partial thromboplastin time, prothrombin time and D-dimer in plasma), and
tissue ischemia/injury (evidenced by increased levels of creatinine, serum urea nitrogen, aspartate aminotransferase,
alanine aminotransferase, and alkaline phosphatase in plasma, and dihydrobenzoic acid, lipid peroxidation, and oxidized
form glutathione/reduced-form glutathione ratio in hypothalamus) that occurred during HS were all suppressed by HBO
therapy immediately after the onset of HS.

CONCLUSION: We successfully demonstrated that HBO and to some extent, HBA was found beneficial in resuscitating
experimental HS. HBO effectively reduced HS-induced arterial hypotension, plasma TNF-alpha overproduction, and
cerebral ischemia and damage and improved survival. The current reuaults indicate that HBO may resuscitate rats that
had a HS by decreasing multiple organ dysfunction and brain oxidative stress. We report the case of a patient who
displayed a classic HS with multiple organ dysfunction and hypercoagulable state resistant to conventional whole body
cooling and antipyretic therapy, necessitating the use of HBOT to rescue from death.
Hyperbaric Medicine: an European Perspective
Daniel Mathieu
Centre Hyperbare, Hôpital Calmette, Centre hospitalier Régional et Universitaire, Lille, France

Hyperbaric Medicine has a long history in Europe since the first mention of potential therapeutic application of high
ambient pressure for therapeutic purpose goes back to the seventeenth century. Modern application of Hyperbaric
Oxygen (HBO) started in the late 1950's in the Netherlands for anaerobic soft tissues infections and in the United Kingdom
for carbon monoxide poisoning. Since then, a large number of hyperbaric centers have been implemented throughout
Europe, an intense experimental research has been performed and a large clinical work has been done. However, since
the mid 1980's and the appearance of the Evidence Based Medicine, European hyperbaric physicians felt the need to
improve their organisation and the quality of care delivered by HBO centers. This lead to the development of the
"European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine" (ECHM), which goads are to define commonly accepted indications for
HBO, to issue standards for clinical practice, personnel education, technical procedures and safety. There goals were
achieved through the organisation of Consensus Conferences, Workshops, reports from ad hoc sub-committees. As a
representative body near the European Union, ECHM was successful in promoting an important research program (COST
B14) and the issue of a European Norm for therapeutic hyperbaric chambers (EN 14931).

Nowadays, even if not similar everywhere, a typical European Hyperbaric Centers is hospital based and implanted in or
near an Intensive Care or an Emergency department and is composed by an air-compressed multiplace hyperbaric
system, an hospitalization ward and an out patient clinic. Intensive care patients are commonly treated by HBO and
considerable efforts are done to closely monitor treatment effects through, for example, oxygen pressure measurements
or blood flow at the targeted spot.
The pretective effect of Hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning on ischemic/hyoxia injury
Xuejun Sun, Hengyi Tao, Weigang Xu, Runping Li
Department of diving medicine, Second Military Medical University. Shanghai, China

Hyperbaric oxygen has been widely used as a primary therapy in patients with carbon monoxide poisoning,
decompression sickness, and arterial gas embolism, and as an adjunctive therapy for the treatment of various diseases
accompanied by impaired oxygen delivery Interestingly, Hyperbaric oxygen has also been tested to produce ischemic
tolerance in stroke models and in organs such as spinal cord, heart and liver, suggesting that Hyperbaric oxygen
produces a wide scale protective effect, and may be a safer preconditioning stimulus as compared with other stimuli such
as hypoxia. Yet the mechanisms underlying its neuroprotective effects remained poorly defined. This paper review the
hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning references and our own some experiment results recently. And try give some
suggestion for further research in this field.
PL 10
Disruption of Viral Pathogenesis Following Patient Exposure to Hyperbaric Environments with Altered Inspired
Gas Mixtures
Stephen D. Guthrie, MD, PhD and Barbara R. Guthrie, MD
Designed Altobaric® Research Institute, Livonia, Michigan, USA

There is a broad spectrum of susceptibility to, and virulence of, viral infections. Some of this variance is controlled by the
                  8,13,25,29,46,50                                                                    43,44,50
host’s genetics                    while some is the consequence of the host’s prior life experiences         . This inconsistency
in severity of clinical response to the same infecting agent has prompted many inquires into the innate capacities of the
mammalian cell to resist such infections                     . Harnessing the power of these inherent anti-viral mechanisms is a
compelling therapeutic stratagem. Further, non-pharmacologic interventions avoid the untoward consequences of all
drug-based regimens, these being, direct toxicity, drug interactions, and the universal aftereffect of inducing resistant viral
The relative intolerance of the infecting pathogen, compared to the infected host, to marked environmental changes
suggests an attractive tactic. Saturation divers, residents of undersea habitats and orbiting space stations, and the
participants in conventional hyperbaric therapy routinely experience such changes in their ambient milieu.
Environmental manipulations producing direct inhibition of viral pathogenesis, or secondary augmentation of
immuno-competence, would be effective clinical instruments. The Food and Drug Administration’s first approval of a
controlled clinical trial studying HIV/AIDS patients undergoing hyperbaric chamber treatments is a step towards this goal.

Literature Review
Relevant publications are categorized either as clinical descriptions of viral infections purposely treated under hyperbaric
conditions, or as mechanistic postulations as to how such therapeutic benefits could have occurred.

1. Experimental and Clinical Reports:
Using either tissue cultures or experimental animal models, the effects of hyperbaric oxygen exposures on viral
pathogenesis appeared in the literature more than 40 years ago             . A wide variety of viral pathogens have been
examined including DNA viruses, RNA viruses, and ones with or without envelopes                . Not all types of hyperbaric
exposures evoked a positive effect , but consistently the encounter produced some effect on viral penetration, replication,
or expression. As early as 1974 experiments were designed to delineate those anti-viral effects caused by the chamber
pressure versus those induced by the gas composition        .

In 1997 a 3-year compilation of individual HIV/AIDS patients treated with hyperbaric oxygen exposures for symptomatic
indications documented clinical improvements beyond that which could be expected from their concurrent anti-retroviral
            41                                                                                                         23
treatments . The current FDA trial on HIV/AIDS patients treated with daily hyperbaric exposures is conducted using air
before refinement of the inhaled gas mixtures is introduced.

Several individual cases have also been published chronicling improvements in patients with non-retroviral infections such
                       17                      20
as viral encephalitis and viral hepatitis . Treating the latter clinical condition evolved into a limited prospective study
with positive results . The completion of a prospective, randomized trial in viral hepatitis will further our knowledge of
whether these particular viruses are inhibited by the marked redox imbalance induced by oxygen under high pressures.
2. Mechanistic Proposals:
*    Direct virocidal effects: With the possible exception of the tantalizing prospect that nitrous oxide (NO) might have a
direct virocidal effect           , most of the gases with proven virus-killing capacity would be too toxic for patient
administration . It is possible that gases with virostatic potential could trigger the host’s intrinsic mechanisms for defusing
the lethal viral effects       but that is a speculation without any supportive observations.

*     The “membrane” phenomenon: The observed “membrane” effect of gases under pressure is a general biological
phenomenon long embraced by hyperbaric medicine                  . Such effects can be at the cell’s surface or within any
membrane-encased intracellular compartment. The ion channel effects of gases, particularly inert gases, have been
extensively studied in excitable membranes but those same perturbations would occur at all membranes . Particularly
intriguing is the finding that xenon, a very inert noble gas at 1 ATA, actually becomes a general anesthetic agent under
hyperbaric conditions . Membrane modeling based on the stereoscopic delineation of anesthetic gas-receptor
interaction may help select which gases should be studied under pressure. The latest generation of highly active
antiretroviral therapy (HAART) drugs specifically inhibits membrane penetration by the virus . This clearly is another
battleground wherein environmental composition could be a valuable addition to the therapeutic armamentarium.

*   Enhanced immuno-competence: The effects on the immune system of marked alterations in ambient pressure and
inhaled gas composition have been known for many years . These particularly have been studied with regard to the
reduced immuno-competence observed in long-term occupants of space environments . There are also laboratory
observations of increased pathogenicity of certain viruses under hyperbaric conditions      . Conversely, given the proper
pressure/gas combination, viral pathogenicity can be diminished and immuno-competence can be strengthened                   .
Again, the summary statement here, as with the potential for membrane phenomenon manipulation, is that changes in the
host’s ability to address viral infections can be augmented by the ambient conditions. The search must be for that ideal
environment, with the supposition that the environment with the greatest viral lethality will likely be determined by the
inherent biology of the specific offending virus.
*    Redox balance manipulation:
Another general organism response to hyperbaric environments is imbalance of the redox equilibrium provoked by the
reactive oxygen species generated in profusion under such conditions. There are clinical anecdotes documenting viral
hepatitis patients’ improvement following hyperbaric oxygen therapy             . Several laboratory models directly implicate
the reactive oxygen species as the anti-viral instrument          . These two synchronous lines of investigation have come
together as a definitive postulate on disease intervention in the class of enveloped viruses . Further investigation will
reveal if the reactive oxygen strategy can be employed in all viruses, or only certain classes, or at only certain vulnerable
watershed moments in the course of viral infections. As clinicians, the patient trial processes should be started even as
laboratory investigators pursue the intricate mechanisms whereby these beneficial effects occur.

*    iRNA mechanism(s) The mechanism, or more properly the family of mechanisms, that act to derail, mute, or
inactivate the pathologic genetic material introduced by a virus have been formally denominated the “silencing
interference RNA” system. Several acronyms exist (siRNA, iRNA, RNAi) all alluding to this same process. The most
compelling scientific information from a clinical standpoint derives not from bench-top laboratory experiments or patient
treatment examples but from descriptions of genetic variances which have resulted in individuals                     , or whole
populations             , having the inherent capacity to “ignore” the fatal viral infusion. In a word, those fortunate cells or
individuals are capable of “silencing” the fatal genetic instructions. Many of these fortunate adaptations have likely
                            50                                                              29
evolved over millennia but they may appear spontaneously, and quite suddenly . There are vigorous attempts to
harness the siRNA mechanism(s) for immediate clinical utility, and there are sophisticated laboratory tools for quantifying
changes in these processes. It should at least be born in mind that accessing changes in the siRNA system(s) could be
done contemporaneously with the other clinical trials suggested here.

Research Protocol
In April of 2005 the Food and Drug Administration approved the submitted protocol for, and issued permission to proceed
with, a Phase-II Clinical Trial on the effects of hyperbaric exposures in patients with HIV/AIDS . That regulatory body
thus accepted the results of the Phase-I study on healthy volunteers . Further, that approval signaled the FDA’s
recognition of the scientific premise that such altered environments would positively influence the progress of this disease
based on published laboratory experiments and clinical case reports. The FDA’s assessment of the proposal and protocol
allowed them to assign a “Non-Significant-Risk” (NSR) categorization to this trial. This NSR designation obviates
inclusion in the study of components assessing sensitivities and allergies, drug interactions, and risks associated with
concurrent medical conditions or treatments. The results of this Phase-II study will determine the design and sample size
of the Phase-III trials to determine final efficacy.

Any definitive discourse must await the results of the Phase-II Clinical Trial. In the absence of those results any
discussion here ought simply to declare, and reinforce, the reasons why this study is proceeding. Vigorous and colorful
discussions will undoubtedly follow completion of this trial, discussions regarding the meanings, the mechanisms, and the
direction(s) of the next investigational steps. For the moment, the following assertions should be added to the working
body of conversation in this discipline:

1 – Ambient pressure changes and altered inspired gas mixtures have a demonstrable effect on the clinical course of
patients with viral infections, both through effects on the invading pathogen and on the host’s ability to resist that insult.

2 – Both redox imbalances and inert gas membrane effects can produce such effects. The design of the prescribed
gas/pressure blend may depend on the biological characteristics of each individual pathogen.

3 – Such environmental manipulations are spared many of the untoward consequences of drug-based therapeutic
regimens. Further, the potential synergy between hyperbaric treatments and administered medicaments could lessen
the emergence of resistant strains of the virus that follows use of each drug.

It is fortunate that studies on environmental manipulations are not encumbered by the unwelcome physical liabilities linked
to pharmacological interventions. Further, it is fortunate that Hyperbaric Medicine has the talent, the intent, and the clear
mandate to extend the borders of this therapeutic modality.
PL 11
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Clinical Findings, Common Errors, And Early diagnose                   A prospective analysis of
2900 cases
Jordi Desola, MD, PhD, Joan Sala, MD.
Hyperbaric Therapy Unit of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (CMP) is one of the best documented indications for HBO, where many research has been
done, and important experience has been cumulated from all the world. In spite of that, the general opinion of the medical
community is not unanimous and it remains confused. Results are really encouraging, but some sceptical attitude about
the role of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) still remains among some hospitals in the area. Many of these attitudes can be
explained by a lack of knowledge of the toxicology, pathophysiology and clinical pattern of this frequent inhaled
intoxication. The majority of the cases in Catalonia happened within the domestic environment, so the role of primary
assistance teams can be essential. However we have observed a large series of common errors, both in the primary
assistance medical centres as well in the most important general hospitals, which being so repetitive can not be
considered as casual. We have analyzed our series of near to 3000 cases of CMP received in our unit, and we are
pointing out the most frequent and relevant errors.

1.DELAYED DIAGNOSIS. Its condition of tasteless, colourless, and odourless, can maintain Carbon Monoxide (CO)
hidden once the source is extinguished or simply the windows of the room are open. In such condition, erroneous
diagnoses are frequently established in urgency departments and primary assistance cabinets, like Encephalitis, Stroke,
Epilepsy, Dysbaric disorder, Tensional Cephalalgia, Occupational conflict, Collective Hysteria, Food poisoning, or
Peripheral Vertigo.

2.CONFUSION ASPHYXIA/ POISSONING. CMP is very often a hidden disaster. Only in catastrophic situations, or in
cases where coal gas is obviously present, the existence of CO in the environment is presumed. Liquated gases from
petroleum (propane, butane, and so on) do not contain CO so they are not toxic. However in case of free escape the
inhalation of propane or butane can produce serious asphyxia, but not a poisoning. If the combustion of these gases is
incomplete, CO can be formed. In such cases signs and symptoms of asphyxia and CMP will combine and careful
attention is needed to associated disorders like smoke inhalation, or Adult Distress Respiratory Syndrome.

doctors only accept this diagnosis if the carboxyhaemoglobin (HbCO) percentage is elevated. And even in these cases,
they only consider intoxication as severe if the HbCO elevation is very high. This attitude implies a true ignorance about
both the pathophysiology of this intoxication, as well as the physiology of the haemoglobin oxygen transport and the
carbon monoxide left deviation of the curve. HbCO only indicates the haemoglobin linked to CO, but nothing is known
about the plasmatic CO levels. However, it is well known that in mild cases, patients often have important HbCO
elevations, while other patients in deep coma can have low levels. An HbCO elevation only informs that the patient has
been exposed to CO at some point during the preceding hours, but neither a correlation with severity nor with prognosis
can be established. It is frequently forgotten that the worst toxic role of CO depends on the direct toxic effect over
kytochrome-oxydase mitochondrial breathing.

nearly normal gasometrical values. A mild hypoxemia may be sometimes observed even in seriously ill patients. Gas
blood analytical machines only detect pH, haemoglobin, and arterial pressure of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. The other
parameters like Bicarbonates, Base Excess, or Oxygen Saturation are calculated -not measured- so when an important
quantity of haemoglobin is blocked by CO, the results shown by conventional machines are erroneous. Only Cooxymeters
can determine the real oxygen content measuring the actual Oxygen Saturation, but these apparatus are not always
available in small hospitals, and almost never in primary assistance medical centres. Pulse-oximetres are really a kind of
photocolourimetres and they give erroneous results in case of CMP as well. The recently appeared Pulse-cooximetres
can be the most valuable aid in the early diagnose of CMP especially on site for rescuers, first responders, or primary
assistance specialists.

5. IMPROPE ESTIMATION OF SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS. Signs and symptoms of CMP are very unspecific. Cephalalgia,
Nausea without vomiting, Bradipsyquia, Asthenia, and transitory Consciousness Disturbance are the most common in the
not extremely serious cases, which are the most frequent. Some books of internal medicine and on toxicology, explain
that one of the most typical symptoms of CMP is the Sherry skin rush, while in our series it has been found in only the
20.3% of the cases. On the contrary, some recent papers consider the Sherry skin rush as a very rare finding. It is obvious
that the majority of the patients are not aware of this sign thus they do not report it, and it can remain hidden if it is not
actively searched in the emergency department.

6. INNECESSARY CORRECTION OF METABOLIC ACIDOSIS. These patients are usually in real acidotic condition,
which may be more related to the severity of the intoxication than the HbCO level. First responders, and urgency
physicians in hospitals sometimes try to "correct" this acidosis, and their patients become alkalotic after having received
unnecessary doses of bicarbonates. Metabolic acidosis is mainly related to the left deviation of the haemoglobin curve,
and it can become a kind of defence against hypoxia trying to achieve a more stable oxygen transference. A moderate
acidosis is a positive event and need not to be a concern. Only extreme acidosis in the most severe cases, which can be
by itself a cause of major damage, need to be corrected.

7.NON JUSTIFIED ADMINISTRATION OF HYDROXICOBALAMIN. Cyanide (CNH) can be formed in cases of fire in
closed environment, very high temperature, and combustion of synthetic and plastic materials. Following the so called
“Baud’s criteria” a combined CO plus CNH poisoning can be assumed in some cases of patients rescued from fires. Some
experimental laboratory data, not clinically controlled, suggest that very high doses (between 2-5 grams endovenously) of
Hydroxicobalamin (HC) can be the antidote of CNH. This overestimated measure has become very popular in some areas
and first responders have incorporated HC among their emergency procedures. However HC has no action over the
mitochondrial breathing disturbance since only blocks the inhaled CNH, but the patient will persist hypoxic if high quantity
of oxygen is not given. Furthermore, HC has no action over CO, so there is no reason to apply in pure cases of CMP in
which no criteria of CNH poisoning are estimated, and on the other hand HC is very expensive and it can delay the
application of the only etiological treatment with HBO.

8.OVERESTIMATION OF THE UTILITY OF NORMOBARIC OXYGEN. Many patients start to improve from the moment
of the rescue from the intoxication site. In fact, they frequently arrive at the hospital in nearly normal status. Applying
normobaric oxygen may result in an apparent improvement in the less serious cases, but this amelioration does not
correspond to a real healing. High quantities of normobaric oxygen can moderately increase the oxygen concentration in
the blood, but the oxygen deliver to the cell will be always done under atmospheric diffusion pressure. Theoretically, the
half life of HbCO breathing normobaric oxygen is 80 minutes. But in practice some patients have received normobaric
oxygen for several hours in primary hospitals previously to be sent to our unit, and the mean value of HbCO in the moment
of the arrival to the emergency room of our hospital is still high.

9.DELAY OR NEGLIGENCE IN APPLYING HYPERBARIC OXYGENATION. The majority of the guidelines or protocols
in Emergency department of general hospitals are still conditioning the indication of HBO for CMP patients to HbCO
values over 20% or even over 40% what implies a lack of knowledge of the real pathophysiology of CMP and even of the
toxicology of CO. Thus physicians from emergency rooms wait for the result of determination of HbCO before deciding
whether or not the patient must be sent to the Centre of Hyperbaric Medicine. The delay in our area since the moment that
patients arrive to the hospital until they arrive to our unit is near to 7 hours. And many seriously poisoned patients are not
sent to Hyperbaric medical centres simply because that at this time the HbCO is already low, in spite of the fact that the
patient has suffered a serious poisoning.

10. IGNORANCE OF THE LATE NEUROLOGICAL SYNDROME. Many general practitioners and hospital doctors are
unaware of the simple existence of this serious neurological demyelinization syndrome that appears after some days of
fully symptomatic remission. Not only practitioners but some hospital neurologists are equally uninformed. Several well
known and internationally accepted textbooks on internal medicine, and even some books on toxicology do not mention
the risk of late neurological symptom in case of CMP or it is described as a neurological sequella of the acute intoxication..

This was not an exhaustive list of common errors committed by both practitioners from primary assistance as well as
doctors from emergency departments in General hospitals. Many of them are based in a lack of information of some
aspects that are well described in basic textbooks of respiratory physiology. Some other errors depend on a sceptic
attitude proning to accept any drug treatment but at the same time very reluctant against not pharmacologically supported
treatments. Data is nowadays relevant. Research is deep and wide. But there are no more serious blinds than those not
wishing to see.
Free Paper Abstract
HBO and cytostatic chenotherapy                                   OR03
Christtian Heiden                                                 Hyperbaric Oxygen for Complications of Oncological
German Professional Soc. Hyperb. Chambers                         Treatment of Paediatric Patients
                                                                               1                 2               2
                                                                  Michal Hajek , Pavlina Cahova , Jaroslav Sterba , Jiri
                                                                         3             4
Objective: There is a certain amount of reservation for           Ruzicka , Pavel Zonca
applying HBO to patients who have a history of malignant
tumor treated with cytostatic drugs. As hypoxic tumor cells       1. Centre of Hyperbaric Medicine, Municipal Hospital of
do not react well to treatment wether it is radiotherapy or       Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2. Clinic of Paediatric Oncology,
cytostatic drug there is a ratio for applying HBO as an           Faculty Hospital of Brno, Czech Republic, 3. Faculty
adjuvant for cytostatics. Method: A survey of the literature      Hospital, Charles University of Pilsen, Czech Republic, 4.
on this topic is given in detail, also concerning the different   Centre for Visceral and Mini-invasive Surgery,
classes of cytostatics. Own experience of the last 5 years        Krankenhaus Wesseling, Köln am Rhein, Germany
is presented. Results: Few publications deal with HBO
and cytostatics. There are encouraging papers published.          Introduction: Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment
The number of cases treated with HBO after cytostatic             (HBO) for children requires special knowledges for
tumor therapy and even so as an adjuvant to cytostatics is        indication and treatment. Especially nursing of critically ill
very limited and far beyond evidence based medicine. In           patients demands specific equipment inside of hyperbaric
all our own cases the HBO treatment did not cause any             chamber. There is a strong need for close cooperation
problems. Conclusion: The application of HBO after                between paediatric and hyperbaric specialists for
cytostatic treatment is feasable in general. Precautions          ensurance of adequate care of sick paediatric patients.
have to be made concerning special substances. As the             HBO for sick oncological patients is very exhausting for
experience published is very small the adjunctive                 nursing staff from psychological, organizing as well as
application of HBO should be limited to very special cases        treatment point of view. There is a long tradition of
after all treatment options have failed and the patient           treatment of children within our treatment centre with
would be lost otherwise. Informed consent of the patient          multiplace hyperbaric chamber equipped with perfect
for the treatment is indispensable.                               monitoring, ventilation and technical devices, as our
                                                                  hyperbaric center started to work in 1965 and from that
                                                                  time more than 16.000 patients were treated here.
                                                                  Methods and Results:                This is retrospective
OR02                                                              observational study. From 1994-2008 total of 33 children
Hyperbaric Oxygen: Does it Promote Cancer                         (19 of male sex, 14 of female sex) have been treated for
Recurrence or Metastasis? An Update                               complications of oncological treatment in our hyperbaric
John Feldmeier                                                    unit. In the early period the hepatotoxic influence of
University of Toledo Medical Center; Radiation Oncology           cytostatic drugs has been the main reason for HBO
Department; Toledo Radiation Oncology, USA                        treatment (17 patients). Recently hyperbaric oxygen is
                                                                  used due to severe posthypoxic encephalopathy(3
Objective: To review and update the literature related to         patients), after extensive intracranial surgery for malignant
cancer growth, recurrence and metastases after                    diseases(9 patients) with different grade of brain damage
hyperbaric oxygen. Methods A comprehensive review of              and neurological deficit, complications due to treatment
this topic was published by Feldmeier et al in 2003. Since        of immunity suppressive drugs (sepsis, critical illness
that time several new publications have been added to the         polyneuromyopathy- 3 patients). One children has been
body of literature on this topic. The prior review as well        treated for radiation injury of urine bladder. Mean age of
and the more recently published literature, found by              children were 8 years (1-17 years), 22 patients were
computer based literature search (Medline), are reviewed.         treated for blood malignancy, 11 patients for solid tumour.
Results: The literature on this topic can be divided into 1)      Mean number of HBO sessions were 7,5 (1-20),
Case reports and case series; 2) Randomized trials                treatment pressure of 1.9 to 2.5 ATA. Among of them,
designed to investigate hyperbaric oxygen as a                    positive effect has been achieved in 89 to 100 % of cases
radiosensitizer; and 3) Pre-clinical studies designed to          due to clinical situation, total positive treatment effect was
address the issue in question and encompassing a broad            described in 31 from 33 patients(94 %).One patient out of
range of malignancies. Only a rare anecdotal case or              33 (3%) could not finish his treatment due to ear
small case series reports cancer recurrence or                    equillibration problems, in two patients bleeding from
progression after hyperbaric oxygen. Much larger case             tracheostomy as well as nose occured, but without need
reports fail to confirm a higher rate of cancer recurrence.       of interruption of HBO sessions, one patient (3%) failed to
The randomized trials from the era of hyperbaric oxygen           achieve positive tendency from treatment. Discussion:
radiosensitization do not suggest an increased risk for           This is a pilot study for creating of basal imagine of HBO
metastases or death due to cancer after hyperbaric                effects in those clinical situations. It is very important to
oxygen. The vast majority of pre-clinical studies show            emphasize that it is a small group of patients, evaluation is
either a neutral effect or a slight suppression of malignant      provided retrospectively and without use of any standard
growth. Conclusions: The preponderance of available               measurement method and parameters. Most of patients
evidence fails to demonstrate an enhanced rate of cancer          can be evaluated as criticallly ill patients and the complex
growth, recurrence or metastasis. Hyperbaric oxygen can           treatment has been supplied. HBO treatment for those
be given to cancer patients without fear that the treatment       patients is high risk due to infectious diseases, immune
will promote cancer recurrence or progression.                    suppression therapy, need for isolation of patients inside
of hyperbaric facility. We agree with the presence of        2. Department of Cardiac Surgery, Collegium Medicum,
parents during HBO treatment. ENT examination with           Nicolaus Copernicus University, Bydgoszcz, Poland             Odstraněno: ¶
paracenthesis, or bilateral tympanostomy with ventilation
tubes insertion within general anesthesia are provided       Objective: Postsurgical complications after sternotomy        Odstraněno: HBO in Tokyo
before of HBO treatment. For assessment of HBO               include mediastinal dehiscence and mediastinal wound          Medical and Dental
treatment there have been used standard neurological         infection, either superficial or deep. Mediastinitis, as a    University in 2007 and The
examination, electromyography(EMG), or creatin kinase        deep wound infection, is a rare complication after the        Effects of HBO on Soft
levels in blood. Conclusion: Objective evaluation of         surgical sternotomy, but it can have high mortality.          Tissue Injury in Sports
mechanisms of HBO effects and confirmation of its            Several publications show the positive effect of usage of     Activity¶
positive acting will demand next studies, moreover with      the hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) in mediastinitis with        Kazuyoshi Yagishita, Nobuo
randomised prospective design. Present results show that     shorter hospital stay, less morbidity, and cost saving.       Yamami, Seiichiro Togawa,
HBO can be useful method in treatment of paediatric          Methods: In the National Center of Hyperbaric Medicine        Yoshihiro Mano¶
oncological patients with neurological deficit and other     in Gdynia, Poland, between 2005 and 2008 we treated           Hyperbaric Medical Center,
oncological treatment complications.                         with HBO thirteen patients (7 males and 6 females) aged       Tokyo Medical and Dental
                                                             between 53 to 74 years (mean 60.5±6.9 [SD] years) with        University, Tokyo, Japan¶
                                                             an open mediastinum due to mediastinitis in                   ¶
                                                             post-operative period after medial sternotomy for cardiac     Objective: In our university
OR04                                                         surgery. In one case there were clinical and                  hospital, multiplace
Hyperbaric Oxygen may accelerate tumour-bearing              microbiological evidences of clostridial mediastinitis.       chamber including 3 rooms
mice to death                                                Patients were admitted into the hyperbaric center after       and the capacity of 16
Qingle LIU, Chenggang Zheng, Xiaohua Hang                    initial surgical debridement of wounds and removal of         patients was set up in 2001.
Changhai Hospital, the Second Military Medical University,   sternal wires. Standard care included: daily change of        In 2007, 7970 times
Shanghai, China                                              dressing with wound irrigation and debridement, when          hyperbaric oxygen therapy
                                                             necessary; narrow spectrum antibiotics; HBO sessions          (HBO) in 958 patients were
Objective: To explore the influence of hyperbaric            every 12 hours until resolution of infection; adjunctive      performed, which is the
oxygenation (HBO) on life-span in tumour-bearing             treatment as indicated by the clinical status of patients.    most patients number in one
mice. Method: Male Balb/c mice were randomly divided         Results: Median length of stay in the hyperbaric center       institute in a year in Japan.
into celiac-tumour group: inoculating tumour cell into       was 12 days (range 9-38), median number of HBO                The purposes of this study
abdominal cavity of the animal, celiac-tumour-HBO group:     sessions was 20 (range: 16-54). Median value of               were to report the diseases
inoculating tumour cell into abdominal cavity and then       C-reactive protein (CRP) titer at admission was 79.8 mg/dl    and the patients performed
exposing to hyperbaric oxygen, back-tumour group:            (range: 12.8-260.8) and significantly decreased down to       with HBO in our hospital last
inoculating tumour cell under skin of the back of the        12.8 mg/dl (range: 7.8-103.1) in all patients (p=0.005;       year. The effects of HBO on
animal, back-tumour-HBO group: inoculating tumour cell       Wilcoxon test). Median value of WBC count at admission        crush injury and
under skin of the back of the animal and then exposing to    was 7470/ml (range: 5100-18670) and it did not change         compartment syndrome
hyperbaric oxygen. There are 7 mice in each group. After     significantly at discharge (7420/ml; range: 2870-10890;       were well documented by
s-180 tumour cell was translated to mice HBO was given       p=0.12; Wilcoxon test). In all cases there was                many authors, and
once a day in concerned group. The life-span and skin        improvement in the local and general clinical status and in   randomized controlled
ulcer were observed. Results: The life-span is 27.57 士       microbiological results, even if not always there was a       studies revealed the effects
                                                             bacterial eradication. No major complication occurred         of HBO on reduction of
4.4693 days in celiac-tumour-group, 24 士 2.9439 days in      during the HBO sessions. Conclusion: Usage of HBO             necrosis and edema. We
celiac-tumour-HBO group, 63.43 士 21.844 days in              should be considered in mediastinitis as a complication of    now perform HBO
                                                             the cardiac surgery.                                          aggressively to soft tissue
back-tumour group, and 35.14 士 8.934 days in
                                                                                                                           injury including
back-tumour-HBO group. The life-spans in celiac-tumour                                                                     compartment syndrome,
group and in celiac-tumour-HBO group are different, but P                                                                  ankle sprain, knee ligament
value is 0.133204; the life-spans in back-tumour group       OR06                                                          injury, and muscle strain.
and in back-tumour-HBO group are significant and P           Normobaric and hyperbaric oxygen therapy for                  The purposes of this study
value, 0.009002. Conclusion: The life-span of mice in        migraine and cluster headache                                 were also to investigate the
                                                                                 1                        2
back-tumour-HBO group was shorten by exposing HBO,           Michael      Bennett , Christopher   French , Alexander       effect of HBO on soft tissue
                                                                       3               4            3
and life-span in celiac-tumour-HBO group is tendency to      Schnabel , Jason Wasiak , Peter Kranke                        injury in sports activity.
be shorten by HBO exposure. The ulcer formation is           1. Dept. Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine, Prince of Wales      Patients and Methods:
postponed by HBO in back-tumour-HBO group.                   Hospital, Australia                                           7970 times HBO in 958
                                                             2. Dept. Neurology, Prince of Wales Hospital, Australia       patients were performed in
                                                             3. Dept. Anaesthesiology, University of Wuerzburg,            our hospital in 2007. The
                                                             Wuerzburg, Germany                                            number of the patients and
                                                             4. Victorian Adult Burns Service, The Alfred Hospital,        HBO times were evaluated.
                                                             Melbourne, Australia                                          In 180 patients with soft
OR05                                                                                                                       tissue injury in sports activity,
Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) in mediastinitis treated        Background: Migraine and cluster headaches are severe         visual analog scale (VAS)
with an open mediastinum after cardiac surgery               and disabling. Migraine affects up to 18% of women            scores and recovery time to
                     1                         1
Jacek             Kot , Zdzislaw         Sicko , Lech        and cluster headaches 0.2% of the population. A number        previous sports activity were
             2                   2
Anisimowicz , Wojciech Pawliszak                             of therapies are available, including both hyperbaric         evaluated. Results: The [27]
1. National Center for Hyperbaric Medicine, Medical          oxygen (HBOT) and normobaric oxygen (NBOT). We
University, Gdansk, Poland                                   assessed the safety and effectiveness of both for treating    Odstraněno: ¶
and preventing migraine and cluster headaches. Methods:         manufacturer’s      instruction.   Results:     Intravenous
We searched the following in May 2008: CENTRAL,                 administration of lipopolysaccharide (2 µg/kg) caused
MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL, DORCTIHM and                           increased levels of both core temperature and
reference lists. Relevant journals were hand searched           hypothalamic glutamate, hydroxyl radicals, and
and researchers contacted. We accepted any randomised           prostaglandin-E2 accompanied by increased plasma
trials    comparing     HBOT       or    NBOT       with any    levels of tumor necrosis factor-α, interleukin-1β, and
alternative. Three reviewers independently evaluated            interleukin-6. Treatment with hyperbaric oxygen (100% at
study quality and extracted data. Results: Nine trials          253 kPa) once a day for consecutive 7 days prior to or 1
involving 201 participants were included. Pooling of data       hour after injecting lipopolysaccharide significantly
from three trials suggested HBOT was effective in               reduced the lipopolysaccharide-induced elevation of core
relieving migraine headaches compared to sham                   temperature, circulating tumor necrosis factor-α,
therapy (RR 5.97, 95% CI 1.46 to 24.38, P = 0.01). There        interleukin-1β, and interleukin-6, and hypothalamic
was no evidence that HBOT could prevent migraine, or            glutamate, hydroxyl radicals and prostaglandin E2. Direct
reduce the incidence of nausea/vomiting or the                  injection of tumor necrosis factor-α (20 ng), interleukin-1β
requirement for rescue medication. There was a trend to         (20 ng), or interleukin-6 (10 ng) into the lateral cerebral
better outcome in a single trial evaluating HBOT for            ventricle also caused a rise in both core temperature and
cluster (RR 11.38, 95% CI 0.77 to 167.85, P = 0.08).            hypothalamic glutamate and hydroxyl radicals, which
NBOT was effective in terminating cluster headache              could be attenuated by treatment with hyperbaric oxygen.
compared to sham in a single small study (RR 7.88, 95%          Conclusion: Hyperbaric oxygen can be used as a
CI 1.13 to 54.66, P = 0.04), but not superior to ergotamine     prophylactic as well as a therapeutic agent for prevention
administration in another small trial (RR 1.17, 95% CI 0.94     or     suppression      of    endotoxin-related     systemic
to 1.46, P = 0.16). Seventy-six per cent of patients            inflammation and fever in rabbits.
responded to NBOT. No serious adverse effects of HBOT
or NBOT were reported. Conclusion: There was
evidence that HBOT was effective for the termination of
migraine in an unselected population, and weak evidence
that NBOT was effective in cluster. Given the cost and          OR08
poor availability of HBOT, more research should be done         Measurement of plasma nitrotyrosine and nitrite after
on patients unresponsive to standard therapy. NBOT is           a single treatment with hyperbaric oxygen in healthy
cheap, safe and easy to apply, so will probably continue to     human subjects
be used.                                                        Renu Agnihotri, Amy Welch, James Stewart, Dheeraj
                                                                Saba University School of Medicine, Netherland Antilles

OR07                                                            Recent data suggest nitrite as a product of the complex
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy induces antiinflammation              interplay between nitric oxide (NO), molecular oxygen and
and antipyresis in experimental studies                         superoxide that takes place during hyperbaric oxygen
                1              2             1
Lin Mao-Tsun , Gao Chunjin , Niu Ko-Chi                         therapy (HBOT). A rapid reversible decrease in
1. Department of Medical Research and Department of             endothelial NO bioavailability during hyperbaric oxygen
Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, Chi-Mei Medical Center,              exposure may possibly be due to this auto-oxidation of
Taiwan, China                                                   NO. Inorganic anions such as nitrite that were previously
2. Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Chaoyang            thought to be inert end products of endogenous nitric
Hospital Affiliate of Capital University of Medical Sciences,   oxide metabolism are now being viewed as possible
Beijing, China                                                  storage pools of NO-like activity. With the reduction of
                                                                nitrite back to NO in the circulation indicated as a possible
Objective: To ascertain whether hyperbaric oxygen               mechanism for hypoxic vasodilatation, nitrite is being
therapy inhibits the increase of glutamate, hydroxyl            investigated as an endogenous signaling molecule and
radicals, and prostaglandin E2 in the hypothalamus and          regulator of gene expression. Given its role in blood flow
reduces fever during lipopolysaccharide-induced systemic        regulation and hypoxic nitric oxide homeostasis, nitrite
inflammation in rabbits. Methods: Adult male New                may not only serve as a diagnostic marker but also find a
Zealand white rabbits, weighing between 2.2 and 3.2 kg at       role as a potential therapeutic agent. Protein nitrotyrosine
the start of the study, were used. The pyrogen assay was        has been identified as a marker of formation of another
carried out with unanesthetized animals restrained in           potent oxidant, peroxynitrite from nitric oxide. Objective:
rabbit stocks. The microdialysis probes were                    To examine changes in the nitrite and peroxynitrite
stereotaxically and chronically implanted into the preoptic     metabolites of NO in the blood of healthy subjects after a
anterior hypothalamus of rabbit brain (the essential            single HBOT session. Method: Fifty six healthy adults
thermoregulatory center) for assessment of glutamate,           were included in the study. Plasma nitrite was measured
hydroxyl radicals, and prostaglandin E2 in situ. For            in 22 test subjects and 12 controls before and one hour
measurement of serum cytokines, 5 ml of blood was               after HBOT with either 100% oxygen or compressed air at
withdrawn from the marginal ear vein of each rabbit. The        2.5 ATA for sixty minutes. Determination of plasma
amounts of the cytokines tumor necrosis factor-α,               nitrotyrosine was done separately with 15 test subjects
interleukin-1β, and interlueimin-6 in the serum were            and 7 controls using the same protocol. Results: Plasma
determined by using double-antibody sandwich ELISA              nitrite and nitrotyrosine levels were not found to be
(R&D systems, Minneapolis, MN, USA) according to the            significantly altered after the single HBOT in subjects who
received 100% oxygen therapy as compared to                     OR10
compressed air. There was a non-significant elevation of        Adjunctive use of hyperbaric oxigenacion (hbo2) in              Odstraněno: OR09 ¶
plasma nitrites and nitrotyrosine in both groups of HBOT        the managment of cerebral hemorrhage in a pregnant              Hyperbaric Oxygen may
subjects as compared to controls that received no HBOT.         patient: a case report.                                         accelerate tumour-bearing
Conclusion: Increased oxygenation of tissues due to             Chávez A., Uribe R., Sánchez EC.                                mice to death¶
hyperbaric therapy may therefore be more significantly          Hospital Angeles Metropolitano, Mexico                          Qingle LIU, Chenggang Zhe
related to the production of reactive metabolites of nitric                                                                     ng, Xiaohua Hang
oxide than the oxygen content of the inhaled air, in short                                                                      Changhai Hospital, the
term HBOT.                                                      Introduction: The purpose of a craniotomy is                    Second Military Medical
                                                                decompress through a cranial bone resection. It does not        University, Shanghai, China
                                                                reverse the primary injury, but reduces secondary               ¶
                                                                damage caused by cerebral edema after a hemorrhagic             Objective: To explore the
OR09                                                            vascular event. The association of HBO is beneficial if it is   influence of hyperbaric
HBO in Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 2007              performed in the early stage. Material and Methods: We          oxygenation (HBO) on
and The Effects of HBO on Soft Tissue Injury in                 reported a 33-year-old female patient who has a cerebral        life-span in tumour-bearing
Sports Activity                                                 hemorrhage secondary to an arteriovenous malformation.          mice. Method: Male Balb/c
Kazuyoshi Yagishita, Nobuo Yamami, Seiichiro Togawa,            The case is complicated because the patient has a 25            mice were randomly divided
Yoshihiro Mano                                                  weeks pregnancy. HBO (1.8 atm abs / 90 min / QD / 20            into celiac-tumour group:
Hyperbaric Medical Center, Tokyo Medical and Dental             treatments) was used a adjunctive treatment as an early         inoculating tumour cell into
University, Tokyo, Japan                                        neuroprotector to inhibit ischemia reperfusion injury. MRI      abdominal cavity of the
                                                                was done before and after HBO. Results: The patient             animal, celiac-tumour-HBO
                                                                improved clinically and by MRI. There was a marked              group: inoculating tumour
Objective: In our university hospital, multiplace chamber       improvement of the motor and cognitive function. The            cell into abdominal cavity
including 3 rooms and the capacity of 16 patients was set       patient was able to maintain the pregnancy that was             and then exposing to
up in 2001. In 2007, 7970 times hyperbaric oxygen               resolved by Caesarean section. There was no secondary           hyperbaric oxygen,
therapy (HBO) in 958 patients were performed, which is          effect of HBO to the neonate. Conclusion: This case was         back-tumour group:
the most patients number in one institute in a year in          complicated not only by the cerebral hemorrhage of the          inoculating tumour cell
Japan. The purposes of this study were to report the            mother but also by a 25 week pregnancy. HBO was used            under skin of the back of the
diseases and the patients performed with HBO in our             as an early neuroptotector. It inhibits ischemia reperfusion    animal, back-tumour-HBO
hospital last year. The effects of HBO on crush injury and      injury (I / R) when used at an early stage. There was a         group: inoculating tumour
compartment syndrome were well documented by many               marked clinical and MRI improvement of the mother and           cell under skin of the back of
authors, and randomized controlled studies revealed the         there were no secondary effects to the product, specially       the animal and then
effects of HBO on reduction of necrosis and edema. We           retinopathy of the premature. This is the first case of the     exposing to hyperbaric
now perform HBO aggressively to soft tissue injury              used of HBO for cerebral hemorrhage in a pregnant               oxygen. There are 7 mice in
including compartment syndrome, ankle sprain,                   woman.                                                          each group. After s-180
kneeligament injury, and muscle strain. The purposes of                                                                         tumour cell was translated
this study were also to investigate the effect of HBO on                                                                        to mice HBO was given
soft tissue injury in sports activity. Patients and Methods:                                                                    once a day in concerned
7970 times HBO in 958 patients were performed in our            OR11                                                            group. The life-span and
hospital in 2007. The number of the patients and HBO            Necropsic findings of syndrome of intratoracic                  skin ulcer were
times were evaluated. In 180 patients with soft tissue          hyperpressure in a young diver and a decompression              observed. Results: The
injury in sports activity, visual analog scale (VAS) scores     accident after a deep scuba diving in veteran diver             life-span is 27.57 士 4.4693
and recovery time to previous sports activity were              (two particular cases)
evaluated. Results: The number of the patients and HBO
                                                                          1              2
                                                                Batle J.M. , Poncela J.L. , Jimenez M.A.
                                                                                                         2                      days in celiac-tumour-group,
times in decompression illness were respectively 374            1. MEDISUB Hyperbaric Research Institute, Palma de              24 士 2.9439 days in
patients and 764 times, 87 patients and 934 times               Mallorca, Spain                                                 celiac-tumour-HBO group,
insudden deafness, 34 patients and 740 times in                 2. Legal Medicine Institute, Palma de Mallorca, Spain           63.43 士 21.844 days in
peripheral vascular disorder including diabetes and
arteriosclerosis obliterans, 47 patients and 1046 times in      Introduction: On the coasts of our islands, (the Balearic       back-tumour group, and
osteomyelitis, 180 patients and 865 times in soft tissue        Islands), the cleanliness and the almost constant               35.14 士 8.934 days in
injury related sports activity, 90 patients and 1644 times in   temperature of the waters all year round , creates a great      back-tumour-HBO group.
myelopathy and radicuropathy, 19 patients and 220 times         interest and a great number of followers to sub-aquatic         The life-spans in
in carbon monoxide poisoning, and 18 patients and 259           activities either of a professional or recreative character.    celiac-tumour group and in
times in radiation-induced cystitis. In patients with soft      The depths of the Mediterranean sea ranges from 50 to           celiac-tumour-HBO group
tissue injury in sports activity, VAS scores improved           120 metres with the existence of red coral colonies             are different, but P value is
compared between pre and post 2-hour HBO. In patients           highly valued in Jewellery shops. The Government                0.133204; the life-spans in
with 2 grade medial collateral ligament injury of the knee      controls the above mentioned professionals limiting the         back-tumour group and in
in HBO group, recovery acceleration to previous sport           number of permits or authorizations to only a few and           back-tumour-HBO group are
activity was observed. Conclusion: In HBO procedure in          these boats are usually worked by a Captain and a sailor.       significant and P value,
our university in 2007, no major patient troubles and no        Materials and Methods: 12 year old patient while diving         0.009002. Conclusion: The
chamber problems were recorded. The effects of HBO on           and making an uncontrolled ascent suffered a                    life-span of mice in
soft tissue injury were strongly suggested in this study.       Intrathoracic Overpressure Syndrome and an Arterial             back-tumour-HBO group
                                                                Gas Embolism. The professional divers are in the habit of       was shorten by exposing
                                                                diving depths from 80 to ll0 metres using scuba breathing       HBO, and life-span in ... [28]
equipment with three bottles of 3 x l8 litres and lighting     received lidocaine, and required between 0 and 12
equipment of l50w. besides a bag for the gathering of          sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO). Of the
the coral . They are in the habit of hanging this from the     patients that did not receive lidocaine, three did not
neck and the pickaxe is hung from the right hand. The          require more sessions and the rest required between five
divers make decompression stops from 51 metres and are         and ten sessions. The only patient who had a complete
ascending gradually, when they are at l2 metres they go        spinal disease required 25 sessions of HBO. From the
to surface where they have a decompression chamber             cases that had a cerebral disease, two presented with
installed in their boat, to continue their period of           alterations in consciousness. One of them died in spite of
decompression returning to pressure again of 12                hyperbaric treatment and ICU treatment. The other had an
metres and to make the corresponding stops. To make            alteration in consciousness and myoclonus and survived
the step of humid decompression to decompression in            without sequels. The other two cerebral cases had
hyperbaric chamber, the surface maximum time is very           lacunar syndromes that recovered completely with
limited to a maximum of 5 minutes. The 74 year old             hyperbaric treatment. Of the 7 cases of peripheral disease,
patient who after making his dive to 84 meters of depth        6 of them had hypoestesia in the territory of the circumflex
was 20 – 25 minutes on the bottom and his                      nerve, associated with articular and muscular compromise.
decompression stops lost conscience inside the                 Conclusion: A high percentage of the treated cases of
decompression chamber installed on board.               The    decompression illness are NDCI. Possibly these cases
materials used are the usual ones of the Medical Legal         are overrepresented. The presence of a “dissociation” or
Institute and two cameras. The methodology was the             existence of different patterns of injury in the spinal cord
system used in all cases of death, not natural with            could be explained because of different physiopathologic
technologies and specific enquiries for these cases.           reasons, that is to say, arterial embolization in cases of
Results: The Signs that appeared in the case of SIHP           spinal disease with respect of the posterior columns,
were immediate at the arrival to the surface and were a        venous thrombosis in cases of a complete medullary
neurological type. The findings found the levels of the        syndrome, and presence of bubbles in cases of a not
different organs which have always been described in           systemizable spinal cord disease. The pattern of complete
communications and literature are evident and in these         spinal disease seems to have a worse prognosis. All
cases, though it is necessary to emphasize certain organs      patients had important omissions of decompression.
reveal that they have still not been described. Conclusion
and Discussion: It is possible to state that in the cases of
Traumatic Embolism of Air widespread pathology
happens which affects all organs. It is possible to state      OR13
that in these cases, the accumulation of gas is in all the     Effect of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on traumatic
tissues of the organism, but in the moment of shock,           brain injury rat by magnetic resonance imaging
                                                                            1               2
moreover there are organs in charge of managing the            Xiang Huang , Chunjing Gao
crisis which also suffer the effects of the embolism.          1. Bejing Shunyi Hospital of China Medical University,
                                                               Beijing, China
O12                                                            2. Beijing Chaoyang Hospital of Capital University of
24 cases of neurological decompression illness - 14            Medical Science, Beijing, China
months of a single center experience
                 1                1               2
Jorge Calderón , Cristian Melián , andrés Reccius                         : To
                                                               Objective: investgate dynamic changes of the effect of
1. Underwater Medicine Service, Hospital Ancud
                                                               hyperbaric oxygen treatment(HBOT) on traumatic brain
(UMSHA), Ancud, Chile
                                                               injury (TBI) during the initial 7 days by using lateral
2. Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile
                                                               fluid-percussion (LFP) rat modal and magnetic resonance
Objectives: To review the first 14 months of operation of      imaging (MRI). Meterials and Metheods : 30 male
the Underwater Medicine Service of the Hospital de             Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into 4 groups:
Ancud, Chile (UMSHA). To describe the cases of treated         HBOT group(n=10), TBI group(n=10),1st day TBI
neurological decompression illness (NDCI). Methods:            group(n=6), sham control group(n=4). MRI was performed
Prospective systematic registry of the conditions with a       at 1 day, 3 day, 5 day, 7 day after severe injury on lateral
detailed profile of diving and neurological examinations       fluid-percussion. HBOT was performed to rats in HBOT
made by a neurologist specialized in diving medicine.          group each day after 24 hours. The rat brain imaging was
Revision and analysis of these registries. Results: We         evaluated according to a standard by 2 radiologist who
review 60 cases of decompression illness treated from          didn’t know groups divided. All rats were sacrificed
March 2007 to May 2008, 24 (40%) of them had NDCI. Of          immediately after MRI exam; their brains were removed
these, 13 had involvement of the spinal cord, four of the      and prepared for pathologic exam. Results:There is no
brain, and 7 had peripheral nerve disease. All patients                                                              st
                                                               difference between HBO and TBI group at 1 day
were treated with 6 USN, generally with two prolongations
                                                               according to MRI evaluation. The difference tendency
to 18 meters. Most cases with spinal disease had                               rd              th
                                                               present at 3 day and 5 day suggesting better
paraparesia with a sensitive level and generally without
                                                               improvement in HBOT than TBI group. The difference
compromise of propiocepcion. Nine patients didn’t have                                    th
anterior spinal cord involvement, one patient had a            becomes significant at 7 day. Conclusions:HBOT is
complete spinal cord syndrome and one had a syndrome           effective in accelerating brain tissue repair, promoting the
that couldn’t be systematized. There were 2 cases that         lesion clearance and hematoma or edema’s absorbing by
couldn’t be classified in any subtype. Of these cases, four    dynamic investigation of MRI. HBOT is also protective to
brain tissue after the building of TBI rat modal for 24 hours
which second brain damage have happened, the process
is quantitative change to qualitative change.
                                                                A survey on HBO treatment of traumatic brain injury
                                                                this century in China—A important evidence of HBO
OR14                                                            improve curative effect and prognosis of Brain injury
The effect of hyperbaric oxygenation on diabetic foot           Zhou Shurong
ulcers (the HODFU-study). A single centre,                      First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University,
prospective,         randomised,        double-blind            Nanjing, China
placebo-controlled parallel-group study
                            1                   2
Christer      Hammarlund , Magnus       Londahl , Per           This report summarizes 214 articles about HBO treatment
         2               3
Katzman , Jan Apelqvist                                         of brain injury published on the proceedings of the 7
1. Helsingborg Hospital, Sweden                                 national HBO academic congresses since this century.
2. Lund University Hospital, Sweden                             According to the statistics, 28878 cases of brain injury and
3. Malmoe University Hospital, Sweden                           2088 case of PVS have been treated with HBO in this
                                                                period. Among the 28878 cases of brain injury, 67.5%~
Objective: To evaluate effects of hyperbaric oxygenation
                                                                88.2% were cured or notably effective, the total effective
(HBO) on long-term ulcer healing in patients with diabetes
mellitus and chronic foot ulcers where further possibilities    rate was 89.3%~99.6%. While in the 2088 cases of PVS,
for vascular surgery has been ruled out. Methods: 94            46.7%~58.83% were cured or basically cured, the total
Patients from three hospitals in southern Sweden were
enrolled in the study. Randomisation was stratified for         effective rate was 82.25%~97%. In this report 12 articles
toe-pressure with a cut-off at equal or less than 30 mm Hg.     were cited, the RCT and Meta-analysis of which were
Both HBO and hyperbaric air (HBA) treatment was given           compared with the data from some brain injure therapy
at the same time in the chamber in a double blind fashion.      research centers in the world. The results show that HBO
The patients received a minimum of 37 and a maximum of          synthesize therapy is better than the routine treatment in
40 treatments at 2.5 ATA and a duration of 90 minutes.          the improvement of curative effect and prognosis. This
Trancutaneous oxymetri was used for evaluating the              report presente ample evidences for HBO sythesize
effects of HBO/HBA-treatment. In this presentation are no       therapy in raising effective and improving prognosis.
subgroups analysed. Results: The median time to ulcer
healing was 5 months in the HBO-treated group and 12
months in the HBA-group. A blinded observer did this
evaluation. Approximately half of the wounds did not heal.
Trancutaneous oxymetri showed successive higher                 OR17
oxygen levels on the forefoot during the chamber
treatment in the HBO group compared with no rise in             Clinical analyses of 429 Cases of Acute CO Poisoning
                                                                         1            1                2     1
oxygen levels in the HBA group. The differences between         Zhuo Li , Chunjin Gao , Xiang Huang , Huan Ge , Yu Ga
the two treatment groups lasted at least 1½ year.               o
Conclusion: Hyperbaric oxygenation is a valuable                1. Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing, China
adjunctive when treating diabetic foot ulcers.                  2. Beijing Shunyi Hospital, Beijing, China

                                                                Introduction: Acute CO poisoning frequently occurs in
                                                                winter in northern part of China. After CO poisoning,
                                                                COHb has an evident increase. It is well known that rising
OR15                                                            COHb affects the transportation of oxygen and triggers
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for 16 Gas Gangrene                   the poisoning. Methemoglobin formation results from the
Patients Injured by Earthquake                                  oxidization of the bivalent iron of hemoglobin into trivalent
Pan Fu-Qiong, Zeng Yu, Nie Cai-Xian, Huang Ling-Ling,           iron, which lacks the capacity of carrying and releasing
Tang Ming-Chan, Li Yu-Feng, Zhang Yun                           oxygen. However, there is no literature reporting the
Sichuan Provincial Hospital, Chengdu, China                     change of Methemoglobin formation in acute CO
                                                                poisoning patents (ACOP). With the application of Rad-57
Objective: observe the therapeutical effect of Hyperbaric       Pulse CO-Oximeter, (Masimo Corporation) we have
oxygen for 16 gas gangrene patients injured by                  observed the changes of COHb and MetHb of 429 acute
earthquake. Methods: establish emergency isolation              CO poisoning patients and studied the roles of COHb and
passage, rescue each case with hyperbaric oxygen at the         MetHb in triggering acute CO poisoning as well as their
pressure of 0.25Mpa,7 times per 3 days,20 times totally.        relations. Methods: The subjects are 429 acute CO
And psychological guidance is added. Results: all               poisoning patients in Beijing Chaoyang Hospital and
wounds recovered in 16cases,including 4 cases with their        Beijing Shunyi Hospital from November, 2006 to March,
unamputated limbs preserved. Fusiform bacillus can not          2007 with 100 healthy people who do not smoke as the
be detected. Conclusions Hyperbaric Oxygen can                  control group. We employed Rad-57 Pulse CO-Oximeter
effectively curb the growth of Fusiform bacillus, decrease      to observe the levels of COHb and MetHb of the
the production of toxin, promote the heal of wounds, lower      emergency patients when they went to see the doctor.
the disability rate and raise the survival rate.                After 2h inhaling of oxygen (through nose at the rate of
3L/min) or one hyperbaric oxygen theraphy (2ATA,                   the same time, multicentre unite research should be
breathe oxygen for 60min), the levels of COHb and                  carried out for better therapeutic measures.
MetHb were measured again and the changes observed.
We also recorded general situation, cause of the disease
and clinical classifications etc. of the patients. Then we
utilized SPSS11.0 software for statistic analysis. Results:        OR19
CO poisoning of 98% of the patients is due to                      Effect of HBO on endogenous neural stem cells in rat
inappropriate use of coal stoves. Clinical classification:         models of acute CO poisoning
Light poisoning 274 cases; intermediate poisoning: 77              Wenlan Wang, Jinsheng Li, Xiaoping Xie
cases; severe poisoning: 78 cases. A total of 98                   Department of hyperbaric oxygen treatment center,
emergency patients have MetHb>1.2% at the first                    School of Aerospace Medicine, Fourth Military Medical
measurement. The concentrations of both COHb and                   University, Xi’ an, China
MetHb of the patients are evidently higher than that of the
control group (p0.05) although fifty patients out of 58            Objective: To discuss the effect of HBO on endogenous
cases showed small decrease in MetHb. Discussion and               neural stem cells (NSCs) in rat models of accute CO
conclusions: (1) Inappropriate use of coal stove is the            poisoning, and to analyses the mechanism of HBO
main cause of acute CO poisoning in northern part of               treating brain injury after accurate CO poisoning.
China. (2) MetHb may be involved in the                            Methods: After set up models of accurate CO poisoning,
physiopathological process of hypoxia of ACOP patients.            H-E staining was used to observe the pathological
MetHb of such patients is clearly higher than that of the          changes of brain tissues and immunohistochemical
control group, but only 98 patients have MetHb >1.2%.              staining was used to observe the expression of nestin
This indicates that the rise of MetHb level is not the key         (NSCs specified marker) and GFAP (astrocyte specified
factor leading to hypoxia in ACOP patients. The increase           marker). Results: The H-E staining showed that the
of COHb level is the main cause. (3) Whether hyperbaric            morphology of neurons in control group were normal, and
oxygen         treatment        can      effectively     cure      which of poisoned groups were degenerated and necrotic
methemoglobinemia still requires further study. (4) The            in spots and sheets, and the cortex of CO poisoned
Rad-57 Pulse CO-Oximeter provides a noninvasive tool to            groups were looser as well as the cone cells of
greatly facilitate the clinical diagnosis & treatment for CO       hippocampus were thinner, but in HBO group the
poisoning patients.                                                degenerated and necrotic neurons became less. The
Table 1                                                            immunohistochemical staining showed the following:
group                COHb (Mean%)         MetHb (Mean%)            expression of nestin and GFAP was normal in quantity
Control group        1.28±0.68            0.25±0.12                and morphology in control group, in CO poisoned groups
ACOP group           18.28±8.40           0.86±0.82                the expression of nestin was increased lightly and the
                                                                   expression of GFAP was abnormal in quantity and
P -value             <0.01                <0.01                    morphology, in HBO group GFAP positive cells became
                                                                   normal, but the expression of nestin was increased
                                                                   obviously. There are nestin/GFAP double positive cells in
                                                                   cortex where the damage of neurons was extremely
                                                                   heavy. Conclusion: Compared to control group, the
OR18                                                                                  +
                                                                   quantity of nestin cells was increased lightly, astrocytes
Review of Current situation on acute carbon                        were proliferated and deformed and neurons get
monoxide poisoning in china                                        degenerated and necrotic in poisoned groups and HBO
Shuyi Pan, Xiaowen Pan, Yu Zhang, Yan Lu, Xiangen Me               could make astrocytes become normal and have NSCs
ng, Chen Yang, Mingxin Li, Qi Zhang, Liang Zhang                   generate, immigrate and differentiate. It is suggested that
Navy General Hospital, Beijing, China                              the process of brain injury can make NSCs active and
                                                                   HBO can treat the brain injury by generation, immigration
To summarize the study on acute carbon monoxide                    and differentiation of NSCs.
poisoning (ACMP) of Chinese Units in recent 10 years,
including pathogenesy, clinic treatment and animal model
building. And analyze the existing problems and reasons
of ACMP. The conclusion that morbility foundation of               OR20
ACMP and delayed encephalopathy may be poisoning                   Hyperbaric oxygen treatment attenuated the decrease
cascade reactions in which multiple pathomechanisms                in regional glucose metabolism of rats subjected to
play roles; It maybe one of important factor that patient          focal cerebral ischemia: a high resolution positron
breathed in concentration of CO for prognosis. The key to          emission tomography study
resolve this problem is early intervention. Reviving the                   1            2           3            1
                                                                   M. LOU , H. ZHANG , J. WANG , S. Q. WEN , Z. Q.
respiration and circulation early to ensure utility filling into         4            5           6
                                                                   TANG , Y. Z. CHEN , W. Q YAN , M. P. DING

tissues and organs, sustaining cell normal metabolism,             1. Department of Neurology, the Second Affiliated
especially to brain tissue. The treatments are including,          Hospital, Zhejiang University, School of Medicine,
active HBO treatment, keeping breathing smooth,                    Hangzhou, China
ensuring utility oxygenation and circulation, improving            2. Department of Nuclear Medicine, the Second Affiliated
microcirculation, anticoagulation, reducing plasma                 Hospital, Zhejiang University, School of Medicine,
fibronectin. In addition, cytoprotection measures such as          Hangzhou, China
anti-free radicle should be given at the right moment. At
3. Zhejiang-California International Nanosystems Institute,   drilling cranium II group (28cases, the volume of
Hangzhou, China                                               hematoma≥50ml), micro-found drilling cranium+ HBO
4. Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, the Second                group (36cases, the volume of hematoma≥50ml); their
Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University, School of           curative effects, complications, the hospitalization time      Naformátováno: Písmo:
Medicine, Hangzhou, China                                     and hospitalization cost were compared respectively.           (výchozí) Arial, 9 b., Tučné
5. Department of Neurobiology, Zhejiang University,           Before and after the HBO treatment, the haemodynamics
                                                                                                                             Naformátováno: Písmo:
School of Medicine, Hangzhou, China                           parameters of HBO group were detected and compared.
6. Clinical Research Center, the Second Affiliated            Results: The 94cases got an excellent prognosis. The           (výchozí) Arial, 9 b., Tučné
Hospital, Zhejiang University, School of Medicine,            sequela, hospitalization time and cost in micro-found          Naformátováno: Zarovnat
Hangzhou, China                                               drilling cranium I group were lower than in conservative
                                                                                                                             do bloku
                                                              group (P<0.05); and in micro-found drilling cranium+ HBO
Cerebral hypoxia may be the main component of cell            group were lower than in micro-found drilling cranium II       Odstraněno: Trial of
damage caused by ischemia. Previous studies                   group (P<0.05). After the HBO treatment, the                   cabin-oxygen-concentrati
demonstrated a neuroprotective effect of early hyperbaric     haemodynamics parameters of patients were ameliorated,         on distribution of
oxygen (HBO) treatment in various animal models of focal      and the difference were significant when compared with
cerebral ischemia. Neuropathologic study showed that          the before (P<0.05). Conclusion: The treatment of the          Odstraněno: single oxygen
exposure of HBO may prevent cell death in ischemic            micro-found drilling cranium combined with the HBO on          pressurized module
cortex. In the present study, we aimed to assess cellular     patients with extradural hematoma can significantly
function of ischemic rat brain after HBO treatment by         increase the cure rate, decrease mutilation rate, and          Naformátováno: Písmo:
means of a high-resolution positron emission tomography       effectively shorten the hospitalization time, save treatment   (výchozí) Arial, 9 b., není
scanner (microPET) used specifically for small animal         cost.                                                          Tučné
imaging. The male Sprague– Dawley rats were subjected
to permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO),                                                                        Naformátováno: Písmo:
with the regional cerebral blood flow monitored in vivo by                                                                   (výchozí) Arial, 9 b., není
laser Doppler flowmetry. One hour after ischemia, HBO         OR22                                                           Tučné
therapy (3 atm absolute, 1 h) was initiated. Local cerebral   The effect of hyperbaric oxygen on the osteoporosis
glucose utilization in the ischemic area was measured         rats                                                           Naformátováno: Písmo:
before, 1 h and 3 h after ischemia, with                      Wang Peisong, Wan Jin’e, Yang Xizhong, Wang Shuzhen,           (výchozí) Arial, 9 b., není
2-[18F]-fluoro-2-deoxy-d-glucose (FDG) as a tracer.           Liu Xueling, Lu Qiuning                                        Tučné
Neurological deficits and infarct volumes were assessed       Department of hyperbaric oxygenation, The affiliated
at 24 h after ischemia. Our study showed that early HBO       Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College, Qingdao,       Naformátováno: Zarovnat
therapy significantly reduced infarct volume of brain 24 h    China                                                          do bloku, Řádkování:
after ischemia. Moreover, glucose utilization in the                                                                         jednoduché
ischemic area underwent asevere decrease during 1–3 h         Objective: To inverstigate the impact of hyperbaric
after MCAO, while the early HBO treatment significantly       oxygen on bone mineral density and bone biomechanical          Naformátováno: Písmo:
attenuated the decrease in cerebral metabolic rate of         property . Methods: Reproduce the osteoporosis model           (výchozí) Arial, 9 b., není
glucose in the ischemic core of the cortex compared with      of ovariectomized rats and received hyperbaric                 Tučné
controls. We report for the first time the application of     oxygen and lycopene     therapy.   After   12     weeks
microPET to quantify the rates of glucose metabolism in       therapy,bone mineral density and bone biomechanical            Naformátováno: Písmo:
the ischemic core of rats exposed to HBO. Our results         property were measured. Results: The bone mineral              (výchozí) Arial, 9 b., není
suggest that the early exposure of HBO can partially          density and biomechanical property of ovariectomized           Tučné
reverse the downward trend for glucose utilization in the     rats decreased significantly (P<0.05), and it increased
ischemic core, which might contribute to the reported         after 12 weeks therapy using hyperbaric oxygen and             Naformátováno: Písmo:
beneficial effects of early HBO therapy on permanent          lycopene, and there were no significantly between              (výchozí) Arial, 9 b., není
cerebral ischemia.                                            hyperbaric oxygen and sham groups. Conclusions:                Tučné
                                                              Hyperbaric oxygen and lycopene could improve and
                                                              increase the bone mineral density and bone                     Naformátováno: Písmo:
                                                              biomechanical                 property                in       (výchozí) Arial, 9 b., není
OR21                                                          ovariectomized    rats;     Hyperbaric   oxygen     and        Tučné
Treatment of micro-found drilling cranium and                 lycopene have the nearby effect .
hyperbaric oxygen on 94 cases of patients with                                                                               Naformátováno: Písmo:
extradural hematoma                                                                                                          (výchozí) Arial, 9 b., není
Jincheng CHENG, Yiqun WANG, Bensong YU, Ganf SU,                                                                             Tučné
Shiquan YANG, Tian XIA                                        OR23
123th Hospital of People’s Liberation Army                    Research on the distribution of oxygen concentration           Naformátováno: Písmo:
                                                              in the Sinlge Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber                        (výchozí) Arial, 9 b., není
                                                                             1                  1                 1
Objective: To evaluate the curative effects of micro-found    Qibiao Weng , Hongjuan Wang , Lingzhen Chen ,
                                                                           1              2          3             4         Tučné
drilling cranium and hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) for patients     XuelinChen , Zhenxin Huang , Huai Huang , Xiangxue Li ,
                                                                                                                             Naformátováno: Písmo:
                                                                           4           4
with extradural hematoma. Methods: According to the           Guirong Lin , FengxianWei
volume of hematoma and GCS points of patients, ninety         1.Department of Hyperbaric oxygen, Zhujiang Hospital,          (výchozí) Arial, 9 b., není
four cases of extradural hematoma were divided into four      the Second Affiliated Hospital of Southern medical             Tučné
groups: conservative group (14cases, the volume of            university, Guangdong province, China.
hematoma<50ml), micro-found drilling cranium I group                                                                         Naformátováno: Zarovnat
(16cases, the volume of hematoma<50ml), micro-found                                                                          do bloku
2.Department of Hyperbaric oxygen, the Second Affiliated        We found that the concentrations were same everywhere
Hospital of Guangzhou medical college, Guangdong                in the cabin while the pressure was at 0.1MPa lasting for      Odstraněno: Huang
                                                                                                                                        1               2
province, China.                                                40min. Nevertheless, great difference took place while         Zhenxin , Weng Qibiao ,
3.Department of Hyperbaric oxygen, Guangzhou General            pressure reducing; concentration on bottom was higher          Wang Hongjun , Chen
                                                                                                                                       2              2
Hospital of Guangzhou Military Area Command of                  than that in other parts. The concentration came to            Lingling , Chen Xuelin ,
                                                                                                                                           3              4
Chinese PLA, Guangdong province, China.                         coordinate again when pressure dropped to 0.03MPa.             Huang Huai , Li Xiangxue ,
                                                                                                                                           4                4
4.Department of Hyperbaric oxygen, the Hospital of              Suggestion1.The location of sampling spots should be           Lin Guirong , Wei Fengxian ¶
Guangdong Water Resources and Hydropower                        standardized.2.The location of oxygen inlet/outlet should      1. Zhujiang Hospital
engineering Bureau 2, Guangzhou, China.                         be standardized. Oxygen inlet should be set at the top of      attached to Southern
                                                                the posterior part of the chamber, while oxygen outlet         Medical University,
                                                                should be set at the bottom of the anterior part of the        Department of Hyperbaric
Objective : This study was designed to explore the
                                                                chamber.3.The way to wash cabin should be applied              oxygen, Guangzhou, China¶
distribution of oxygen concentration in different parts of                                                                     2. The Second Hospital
                                                                according to the need of the patient so as to achieve the
the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and the possible                                                                                 attached to Guangzhou
                                                                appropriate oxygen concentration.4.The production of the
influence of the different locations of oxygen inlet/outlet                                                                    Medical College,
                                                                stretcher should be standardized. First, it must be
and the methods of washing cabin. The oxygen inlet/outlet                                                                      Department of Hyperbaric
                                                                equipped with a mattress. Second, enough space should
were located in different ways and the oxygen samples                                                                          oxygen, Guangzhou, China¶
                                                                be vacated beside the stretcher in the chamber.5. A new
were gathered in the upper, middle and lower parts of the                                                                      3. General Hospital of
                                                                function should be developed in order to mix the gas
chamber in our test. The aim of our study was to select                                                                        Guangzhou military district,
                                                                automatically and make help to the gas diffusion in the
the most appropriate location of oxygen inlet/outlet and                                                                       Department of Hyperbaric
                                                                hyperbaric oxygen chamber.
the most appropriate method to wash cabin so as to                                                                             oxygen, Guangzhou, China¶
enhance the uniformity and concentration in the chamber,                                                                       4. Department of Hyperbaric
which could improve the theraputical efficiency of                                                                             oxygen, Hospital of Second
hyperbaric oxygen. Materials and methods:We used 7                                                                             Water and Electricity Office
                                                                OR24                                                           of Guangdong Province,
choices of combination of different ways letting in or
                                                                Clinical Research on Effect of HBO plus Electric               Guangzhou, China¶
letting out the oxygen. Meanwhile, whether patient was in
                                                                Stimulation for Treatment the Cerebral Resuscitation
chamber and if the continuous washing was executed had
                                                                Peidong Wang, Chunping Wu, Hulong Ma, Kangmin Xie,             Naformátováno: Zarovnat
been concerned. Finally, 15 methods came out under
manifold of situation. Result and Discussion:Three
                                                                Yaojun Zhang, Xia Wang, Aiping Wang                            do bloku
                                                                Chinese HBO Medicine Association Research Center of
essential elements: the ways of oxygen inlet/outlet, the
                                                                Brain Recovery, Nanjing, China                                 Naformátováno: Písmo:
state of cabin, the ways of washing, was aimed in our trial
for each of them takes great changes to the elevation of
                                                                To improve therapeutic effect on cerebral brain
oxygen concentration and distributive uniformity. Three                                                                        Odstraněno: The medical
                                                                resuscitation, a comprehensive therapy with hyperbaric
positions of inlet/outlet, three states and three opinions of                                                                  oxygen pressurized cabin
                                                                oxygen (HBO) treatment as the main method was
washing cabin was developed in raising, stable and                                                                             which is convenient and
                                                                adopted from 1991 April to 2006 Dec. Among total 973
decreasing pressure period with 9 sampling spots set on                                                                        suitable for patients with
                                                                cases of PVS patients; 14 cases patients were put to use
the chamber. The trial was executed with the pressure                                                                          different diseases and ages
                                                                electrical stimulation (ES) demonstrated more excellent
under 0.1MPa, lasting for 80min and strictly following the                                                                     has been widely used for
                                                                effect. Judgment of therapeutic efficacy: - Rely on PVS
rule of Chinese medical association-HBO branch.                                                                                decades. Meanwhile, it is
                                                                scoring scale and criteria of therapeutic efficacy (Nanjing,
Measurement range is 0-100% with sampling interval of                                                                          accepted by a majority of
                                                                2001). Basic recovery (consciousness or cognition
2min. 1.Influential factors on the distribution of                                                                             hospitals. To select
                                                                recovery) 371cases (38.13%); Obvious improvement
oxygen concentration. The main factors can be the size                                                                         appropriate input/output of
                                                                (score ≥ 8 –12 points) 203 cases (20.86%); Obvious
of stretcher and the location of oxygen inlet/outlet.                                                                          oxygen, structure and
                                                                improvement (score ≥ 3 points) 190cases (19.5%); No
Unsymmetrical distribution was found, causing by the gas                                                                       washing method is
                                                                improvement (no change, worsening or death) 209 cases;
shot circuit on the bottom of wide size stretcher, which                                                                       beneficial to oxygen
                                                                The general improvement rate is 78.48%; The HBO plus
was widely used in single hyperbaric oxygen chamber. In                                                                        concentration elevation and
                                                                ES is superior to the results of similar HBO treatment.
contrarily, the oxygen inlet on the top or middle side                                                                         distribution in cabin,
                                                                Some causes that affect efficacy in treatment of PVS are
braces the concentration to 65-75% with the symmetrical                                                                        because pure oxygen is
                                                                analyzed as follows: From the result, it can be seen that
distribution. On the other hand, the modification on                                                                           used as medium for
                                                                the efficacy of HBO treatment in traumatic cases is
stretcher make help to the gas diffusion in the chamber.                                                                       compression. Three ways of
                                                                obviously higher than that of non—traumatic cases; the
2.The best method of washing cabin. Only                                                                                       oxygen input/output(on the
                                                                younger the onset happens, the higher the curative rate is;
wash-procedure with the pressure-raise to 0.1MPa                                                                               top, middle and bottom of
                                                                the earlier HBO treatment is used, the better the efficacy
showed distinctive difference of 2% elevation at the top                                                                       the cabin), three states of
                                                                is; and HBO plus ES, if available in some indication cases,
and 4% at the middle and bottom parts. Moreover, the                                                                           the cabin(with a bed, with a
                                                                shows that the more excellent effect. We suggest that
normal pressure method can be the best for it raise the                                                                        bed and a patient, without a
                                                                PVS patients should receive HBO therapy (and certain
concentration effectively, especially up to 80%in 5                                                                            bed and a patient) and three
                                                                cases plus ES) as early as possible is the best choice
minutes in the middle part. 3.selection of sampling                                                                            ways of washing
spots Since the different design of stretcher and the                                                                          method(continued washing
inlet/outlet locations vary, the regular way to set the spots                                                                  method with boosting
on the top of stretcher and middle of chamber fails reflect                                                                    pressure, washing method
the distribution of concentration. However, changing the
                                                                                                                                                       ... [29]
                                                                                                                               of boosting pressure of the
inlet position and taking the appropriate way washing
cabin can provide consistent samples everywhere in the                                                                         Naformátováno: Angličtina
chamber. 4.the distribution of oxygen concentration                                                                            (USA)
                                                                               1,             2          2             3
Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment on the content             Wang Youbin , Gao Chunjin , Liu Fujia , Sun Xuejun , Liu
of VEGF, HIF-1,CX43 in random skin flaps of rabbits              Xuehua (Qi Zheng and Gao Chunjin contribute equally in
           1               1        1         1
Xuehua Liu , Chunjin Gao , Huan Ge , Fujia Liu , Yang            this experiment)
   2                 2
Liu , Hongying Zhao                                              1. Plastic Surgery Department of Peking Union Medical
1. Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Chaoyang Hospital,           College Hospital, Beijing, China.
Capital Medical University                                       2. Hyperbaric oxygenic Deperpartment of Beijing
2. Department of pathology, Chaoyang Hospital,                   Chaoyang Hospital associated with Capital Medical
Capital Medical University                                       University, Peking, China.
                                                                 3. Department of Chinese Military Medical University,
                                                                 Shanghai, Chnia.
Purpose: To observe the changes of capillary density,
vascular           endothelial       growth     factor(VEGF),
                                                                 Objective: To study the interfering effect of
hypoxia-inducible             factor-1(HIF-1),       Connexin
                                                                 preconditioning hyperbaric oxygenation on skin flap
43(CX43)before and after hyperbaric oxygen treatment in
                                                                 ischaemia tolerance. Methods: 18 SD rats were divided
the transplanted random skin flaps of rabbits and to
                                                                 the control group and the HBO preconditioning group. In
explore the          mechanism of capillary ingrowth of
                                                                 control group, an extended epigastric adipocutaneous flap
hyperbaric oxygen treatment on random skin flaps of
                                                                 was raised, based on the right superficial epigastric artery
rabbits. Materials and Methods:              12 rabbits were
                                                                 and vein. 3-hours flap ischemia was induced by clamping
randomly divided into two different groups: control
                                                                 the pedicle vessels with microvascular clamp. At the end
group(n=6), hyperbaric oxygen group(n=6). Random skin
                                                                 of ischemia induction, the clamp was removed and the
flaps models were established on the back of rabbits. The
                                                                 flap was sutured back. Rats in HBO preconditioning group
control group was placed in normal pressure atmosphere
                                                                 were treated with HBO two days before operation. Flap
without hyperbaric oxygen treatment. The hyperbaric
                                                                 surgery began 1 hour after the last HBO treatment. The
oxygen group started to accept hyperbaric oxygen
                                                                 operation was the same as the control group. The size of
treatment(2 ATA, 45min per time) after flap
                                                                 the designed flap and the survived flap on the fifth
transplantation immediately, twice a day from
                                                                 postoperative day was duplicated with transparent paper.
post-operation to the third day, then reduced to one time
                                                                 The condition of the flap was recorded with digital camera.
per day to the seventh day, seven days altogether. we                                                                      ,
                                                                 The picture of the paper was gotten with scanner and it s
observed the survival area of random skin flaps and
                                                                 area which was equal to the area of the flap was
detected capillary density and content of VEGF, HIF-1,
                                                                 calculated with Acrobat soft ware. Data were analyzed
CX43 by using HE staining and immunohistochemistry at
  rd              th                                             with SPSS soft ware. Results: The average designed
3 day and 7 day respectively. The SPSS11.5 software                                                    2
                                                                 flap areas were 51.59 and 52.71 cm in the control group
was used for statistical analysis. Results: 1.The survival
                                                                 and the HBO preconditioning group. The average survival
area of skin flaps in the hyperbaric oxygen group was                                                2
                                                            rd   flap areas were 7.38 and 15.82 cm . There were obvious
singnificantly higher than that of the control group at 3
            th                                                   difference between the control and the HBO
day and 7 day (p<0.01); 2.The capillary density in the
                                                                 preconditioning group (t=4.14, P=0.003) in average
hyperbaric oxygen group was higher than that of the
                      rd                                         survival area. Conclusion: HBO preconditioning can rise
control group at 3 day (p<0.05),the capillary density in
                                                                 flap ischaemia tolerance and enhance flap survival.
hyperbaric oxygen group was singnificantly higher than
that of the control group at 7 day (p<0.01); 3.The content
of VEGF in the hyperbaric oxygen group was higher than
                                 rd          th
that of the control group at 3 day and 7 day (p<0.05); 4.
The content of HIF-1 in the hyperbaric oxygen group was
                                             rd         th       Effect of early hyperbaric oxygen treatment on
lower than that of the control group at 3 day and 7 day
                                                                 prevention of disorder of coagulation-fibrinolysis
(p<0.05); 5.The content of CX43 in the hyperbaric oxygen
                                                                 systems in rabbits with steroid-induced avascular
group was singnificantly higher than that of the control
               rd                                                necrosis of the femoral head
group at 3 day(p<0.01),the content of CX43 in the                              1                2                   3
                                                                 WANG Yong , GAO ChunJin , PANG BaoSen , YANG
hyperbaric oxygen group was higher than that of the                    4             1               2
                          th                                     JinCai , LI HaiDong , WU LianHua
control group at 7             day (p<0.05). Conclusions:
                                                                 1. Department of Hyperbaric oxygen, Fuxing Hospital,
Hyperbaric oxygen treatment can accelerate capillary
                                                                 Capital Medical University, Beijing, China
ingrowth by increasing the expression of VEGF and CX43,
                                                                 2. Department of Hyperbaric oxygen, Beijing Chaoyang
so improve the survival rate of transplanted random skin
                                                                 Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China
flaps. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment can improve the
                                                                 3. Department of Respiratory Diseases, Beijing Chaoyang
hypoxia state of transplanted random skin flaps and
                                                                 Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China
decrease the expression of HIF-1 in transplanted random
                                                                 4. Department of Orthopaedics, Beijing Chaoyang
skin flaps.
                                                                 Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China

                                                                 Objective: To establish animal model of steroid-induced
OR26                                                             avascular osteonecrosis of the femoral head (SANFH);
Hyperbaric Oxygenation Preconditioning Induce Skin               To investigate the effects of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO)
Flap Ischaemia Tolerance in Rat Model                            therapy on histopathology, coagulation and fibrinolysis of
                                                                 SANFH. Methods: 1. Experimental animal and group:
                                                                 Male adult New Zealand white rabbits, ranging in weight
from 2.5 to 3.5 kg, were obtained from experimental              hours, 1 and 2weeks(P<0.01), then began to decrease
center of capital university of medical sciences and             after 2 weeks, the value were not different than group N at
randomly divided into eleven groups including Group N            4 and 6 weeks. group H were significantly lower than
(control group); Group M24h, M48h, M1, M2, M4, M6(model          group M at 2 weeks(P<0.01), whereas not different than
groups); GroupH1, H2, H4, H6(HBO groups). Each group             group N. Conclusion: HBO intervention can inhibit
had eight rabbits. 2. Model establishment and HBO                hyperplasia and hypertrophy of fat cells in marrow, reduce
therapy: According to Yamamoto T et al’s method,                 the extent of osteonecrosis and enhance the ability of
animals in group M and H reveived lipopolysaccharide             fibrous reparation and bone reconstruction after
(LPS) 20µg/kg intravenously 2 times at an interval of 24         osteonecrosis; HBO therapy can improve obstruction of
hours,      injected      methylprednisolone       20mg/kg       coagulation and fibrinolysis of SANFH.
intramuscularly into the gluteus medius 3 times at
intervals of 24 hours after the second injection of LPS.
Animals in Group H1, H2, H4, H6 were received HBO
therapy after the second injection of LPS, 2.0 ATA, 1 hour
daily, once a day. Group H1, H2, H4 , H6 were treated 1,         OR28
2 ,4 weeks and 5 weeks respectively. 3. Experiment               Hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning protects against
parameters:         Antithrombin-III      (AT-III)      、        traumatic brain injury at high altitude
                                                                 Shengli Hu, Rong Hu, Fei Li, Yongzhi Xia, Hui Meng, Gao
Thrombomodulin(TM) 、 Tissue-type                plasminogen      yu Cui, Hua Feng
activator(tPA)        and       Plasminogen          activator   Department of Neurosurgery, Southwest Hospital of the
inhibitor-1(PAI-1 ) were measured in each group; Animals         Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, China
in group M and H were killed at 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6
weeks respectively after the second injection of LPS and         Background Recent studies have demonstrated that
the tissue samples of the femoral head were observed             preconditioning with hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) can reduce
with light microscopic examination.             Results: 1.      ischemic and hemorrhagic brain injury. The aim of this
Histopathologic examination: In group N, the bone                study was to investigate the effects of HBO
trabeculaes align trimly in subchondral zone of femoral          preconditioning on traumatic brain injury (TBI) at high
head. Empty lacunae were found occasionally. Large               altitude     and    examine    the    role     of   matrix
hematopoietic tissues were seen in marrow with fat cells         metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) in such protection. Methods
disseminated sporadically. In group M, it was                    Thirty-nine male Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats were
distinguished that fat cells were increased in both the          randomly divided into three groups: HBO preconditioning
number and the size, whereas hematopoietic tissues were          group (HBOP n=13), high altitude group (HA n=13) and
decreased; Subchondral bone and bone trabeculae                  high altitude sham operation group (HASO n=13). All
showed empty lacunae, pycnotic nuclei and apparently             groups were subjected to head trauma using a weight
discrete; Among trabeculae, fat cells showed hyperplasia         drop device except for the HASO group. The rats in the
and hypertrophy, such pathologic changes showed                  HBOP group received 5 sessions of HBO preconditioning
particularly significant in group M4, in which marrow were       (2.5 ATA, 100% oxygen, 1 hour daily) and then were kept
nearly accumulated with fat cells and the disruption and         in a hypobaric chamber at a pressure of 0.6 ATA(simulate
fusion of fat cells were seen obviously. In group H, the         the pressure of high altitude of 4000 meters) for 3 days
number of fat cells was more than that in group N, less          before operation. The animals in the HA group received
than that in group M, obviously changes were found in            control pretreatment (1 ATA, room air, 1 hour daily), then
group H4 and H6; Apparently trabeculae loose were not            followed the same procedures to the HBOP group. In the
found; pycnotic nuclei and empty lacunae rate were               HASO group, rats were only opened a skull window
significantly decreased than those of group M. Fibrous           without injuring the brain. Twenty-four hours after TBI,
tissue becomes more prominent in marrow in group H6              neurological function and brain water content of 7 rats in
and there were apparently active osteoblasts surrounding         each group were examined and 6 rats in each group were
bone trabeculae in metaphyseal area. 2. Hematologic              killed      for    hematoxylin-eosin     staining      and
examination: AT-III : Compare to group N, group M were           immunohistochemical          analyses. Results         The
significantly higher at 24 hours after the first injection of    neurological outcome in the HBO group (0.71±0.49) was
LPS(P<0.05), began to decrease at 48 hours, and                  better than that in the HA group (1.57±0.53; PP<0.01).
reached minimum at 1 week (P<0.05), Group H were not             The brain morphology and structure presented by light
different in comparison with group N, whereas obviously          microscope was destroyed greatly in the HA group,
decreasing at 4 and 6 weeks(P<0.01); TM: Compare to              including massive cells necrosis, conspicuous edema of
group N, group M began to increase at 24 hours after             interstitium, hemorrhage, and so on, while less
the first injection of LPS, and reached maximum at 1             pathological injuries occurred in the HBO group.
week(P<0.01), group H were significantly lower than              Compared to HA group, pretreatment with HBO
group M at 1week(P<0.05), whereas more higher at 4               significantly reduced the number of MMP-9-positive cells
weeks(P<0.05); tPA: Compare to group N, group M began            (92.25±8.85 vs. 74.42±6.27; P<0.01). Conclusions HBO
to decrease at 24 hours after the first injection of LPS and     preconditioning can attenuate TBI in rats at high altitude.
reached minmum at 2 weeks(P<0.01), group H were                  The decline of MMP-9 expression may contribute to HBO
significantly higher than group M at 2 weeks(P<0.05),            preconditioning-induced protection of brain tissue against
whereas not different than group N; PAI-1: Compare to            TBI.
group N, group M began to increase at 24 hours after the
first injection of LPS and were significantly higher at 48
OR29                                                           other therapy in accord with individual needs. The group A
The effect of hyperbaric oxygen on the proliferation           was randomly divided into two groups –group
and death of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cells and its            A1(experimental group)(22) and A2 (observation
mechanisms                                                     group)(21).And group A1 was in Hyperbaric Oxygenation
Zhengrong Peng, Juan Liu, Weihong Zhong, Pingtian Xia          (HBO) synchronously ,but group A2 not .HBO was 2
n                                                              hours per day and 6 times per week . The Modified
Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, Changsha,          Barthel Index (MBI) was used to assess patients' capacity
China                                                          in B-ADL. Assessment was done upon admission to
                                                               rehabilitation and 6 weeks afterwards. Results: Before
Objective: To investigate the effect and the possible          treatment, the patients in A1 and A2 scored significantly
influencial mechanisms of hyperbaric oxygen(HBO) on            lower with BI than those in B (P < 0. 05). After treatment,
the proliferation and death in human nasopharyngeal            the patients in all groups scored significantly higher with
carcinoma(NPC) cell line CNE2Z by viewing the inhibition       BI assessment (P < 0. 001). However, the score with BI
ratio of proliferation(IROP) and mortality rate(MR) and the    assessment in A2 was lower than those in B, but no
content       of     superoxide   dismutase(SOD)        and    significant difference (P >0. 05), and there was no
malondialdehyde(MDA) of nasopharyngeal carcinoma               significant difference between A1 and B (P > 0. 05). But
cells through HBO disposal. Method: Nasopharyngeal             there was significant difference between A1 and A2 (P< 0.
carcinoma(NPC) cell line CNE2Z were divided into 3             05). Conclusion: USN had significant impact on the
groups randomly, Group A: control group; Group B:              recovery of the independent living of stroke patients. The
hyperbaric        oxygen(0.20MPa);Group         C:hyperbaric   rehabilitative intervention for USN may improve ADL
oxygen(0.25MPa). The IROP in CNE2Z cells of all groups         performance of stroke patients with USN.
were detected by MTT reduction assay and the MR were
detected by PI staining; as well as the content of SOD and
MDA were detected. Result: The IROP and MR of B, C
groups were dramatically increased comparing with A
group(P0.05);There were no statistical difference in the
content      of     SOD     between    A,     B    and    C
groups(P>0.05);There were statistical difference in the
content of MDA between A、B and C groups(P0.05).
Conclusion: HBO disposal could increase the IROP and
MR of human NPC cell line CNE2Z, and elevated the
MDA content in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells, it had
hinted that HBO disposal could inhibit the proliferation of
NPC cells and promoted the death of NPC cells by
increasing the content of MDA.

Effect of hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) on unilateral
spatial neglect (USN)
Liu Jinglong
Heilongjiang Rehabilitation Hospital, Ha’erbin, China

Objective: To evaluate the effect of Hyperbaric
Oxygenation (HBO) on unilateral spatial neglect (USN)
and basic activities of daily living (B-ADL) after stroke.
Methods: Sequentially access 93 stroke patients with
hemiplegia admitted to the Heilongjiang Province
Rehabilitation Hospital, according with the following: first
stroke, no aphasia, no dementia, no cognitive disorder
and serious system disease, were classified upon
admission as having USN (group A; n = 43; 46.2% of the
entire sample) or not having such disturbance (group
B(control group ); n = 50; 53.8% of the sample). The age
of all was between 35 and 75 ,and began to get
rehabilitation within 4weeks .By ‘cross-out’ test, ‘digit
cancellation’ test, ‘line-bisection’, clock drawing, ‘free
hand drawing’ test, we examined the unilateral spatial
neglect. When 3 of the 5 tests are abnormal or more, we
thought the patient had unilateral spatial neglect. Both
groups received standard rehabilitation treatment at most
6 weeks after stoke onset, including daily physiotherapy,
occupational therapy, traditional Chinese medicine and
Poster Discussion
P01                                                             brain injury is more frequently occurred among vegetative
Postoperative treatments with hyperbaric oxygen and             state patients. A standardized nomenclature and
management of critical complications in 181 patients            diagnostic criteria are needed. The pathogenesis
with severe brain injury                                        remained unknown and its therapy is only focused on
Xiaowen Pan, Shuyi Pan, Juan Meng, Yu Zhang, Xiangen            symptomatic treatment. HBOT won’t be disturbed after the
Meng, Yan Lu, Huijun Hu, Chen Yang, Qi Zhang, Mingxin           symptoms are controlled.
Navy General Hospital, Beijing, China

Objective: to summarize our experience on postoperative         P03
management of patients of very severe brain injury with         Experimental research on hyperbaric oxygen therapy
combined therapy of hyperbaric oxygen(HBO). Methods:            against traumatic brain injury
                                                                                 1                  1        2
retrospectively summarizing 181 postoperative patients of       Guo-Hua Wang , Xiang-Gen Zhang , Yong-Cai Li , Yong
                                                                       2                 1
very severe brain injury from January, 2001 to December,        Wang , Zheng-Lin Jiang
2005, in our section, all patients were treated by HBO.         1. Nantong University, Jiangsu, China
Results: of the 181 cases, 5 died (3%), 15 went into            2. First Hospital of Nantong, Jiangsu, China
persistent vegetative state (8%), 112 cases were severely
disabled (62%), 49 patients were mild disabled or               Objective: To observe the therapeutic effect of hyperbaric
completely recovered (27%). Conclusions: the prognosis          oxygen (HBO) against traumatic brain injury (TBI) in rats,
of VSBI could be significantly improved on condition that       the time window of efficacy and optimal treatment times,
early, safe, and efficient hyperbaric oxygen treatment          and to investigate the underlying mechanisms of HBO for
being performed, combined injuries and crucial                  TBI treatment. Methods: TBI was induced in rats with the
complications being prevented and managed in time.              modified Feeney’s method. For the sham-operated group,
                                                                only a bone window was opened without traumatic injury.
                                                                An animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber was used to carry
                                                                out HBO treatment. Treatment pressure was maintained
P02                                                             at 3ATA of duration 60min with compression or
Vegetative state and paroxysmal dysautonomia after              decompression time of 6min, respectively. The chamber
brain injury                                                    was kept ventilation with pure oxygen at a flow rate of
Qiuyou Xie, Ronghao Yu, Yanbin He, Jin Gu                       2L/min during compression and HBO exposure. The
Hyperbaric Oxygen Medical Centre, Guangzhou General             treatment groups received HBO therapy at 3h, 6h, 12h
Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command, Guangzhou,              and 24h, respectively, after TBI. In addition, at 24h after
China                                                           TBI three groups of rats received HBO therapy for once,
                                                                three, or five times, respectively. The neurological
Objective: To analyze the clinical features, nomenclature,      behavior score, brain water content and Nissl staining
criteria    for   diagnosis,    possible     pathogenesis,      were measured to identify the time window of efficacy and
pharmacological       management        and      hyperbaric     optimal treatment times. The content of SOD and MDA,
oxygenation therapy (HBOT) of vegetative state patients         levels of inflammatory cytokines (TNF-α, IL-6, IL-1β and
with paroxysmal dysautonomia after brain injury. Methods:       IL-10) and cell apoptosis (TUNEL method and mRNA of
The clinical presentations, auxiliary examinations,             bax, bcl-2 and caspase-3) in the surrounding brain tissue
treatment effect and prognosis were retrospectively             of the primary injury were determined to uncover the
analyzed for 19 vegetative state patients with paroxysmal       underlying mechanisms of HBO therapy. Furthermore, the
dysautonomia after brain injury. Results: Among 19              expression of the markers of glia cells (GFAP, Vimentin
patients, There were 12 cases of severe traumatic brain         and S-100) were detected with immunohistochemistry.
injury, 1 case of cerebellar hemorrhage and received            Results: In addition to the time point 24h after TBI, HBO
evacution of hematoma, 1 case of heroin toxic                   treatment at other three time points 3h, 6h and 12h
encephalopathy, 2 cases of severe carbon monoxide               displayed significant therapeutic efficacy on TBI, with
poisoning, 3 cases of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy           decreases of the neurology deficit score, brain water
after cardiopulmonary resuscitation (1 for electrical injury,   content and the damage of brain tissue (P0.05).
1 for coronary angiography and coronary stent                   Compared with control group, HBO treatment at 6h after
implantation and 1 for cardiac arrest due to anaesthetic        TBI elevated the content of SOD and IL-10, reduced the
accident). They had most of the symptoms such as                level of MDA, TNF-α, IL-6 and IL-1β in traumatic brain
agitation,     hyperthemia,    diaphoresis,     tachypnea,      tissue. HBO treatment also increased the expression of
tachycardia, hypertension, dystonia. No epileptic wave          bcl-2 mRNA with decrease of the ratio of bax/bcl-2,
was found on their electroencephalogram (EEG). Latent           reduced the bax and caspsase-3 mRNA and the TUNEL
period of physiological waves was prolonged and                 positive cells. Moreover, the three markers of glial cells all
amplitude was fallen down on brain auditory evoked              showed a high expression in the surrounding tissue of the
potential (BAEP) and somatosensory evoked potential             primary traumatic cortex. Conclusion: HBO exerted a
(SEP). Varied degree lesions were detected in the cortex,       neuroprotective effect on the brain tissue after TBI, the
subcortex, or brainstem by neuroimaging. Most frequently        efficacy increased when HBO treatment was carried out at
used drugs were dopamine agonist or antagonist,                 earlier time after TBI. Meanwhile the increase of treatment
benzodiazepines and muscle relaxants. Once their                times raised the therapeutic effect of HBO at 24h after TBI.
symptoms were controlled, HBOT could be prescribed for          This effect of HBO may be potentially mediated through
them. Conclusions: Paroxysmal dysautonomia following            following mechanisms: inhibiting the oxidative stress,
reducing the release of inflammatory cytokines, and            Objective: Studies suggest that after brain injury,
suppressing the neuronal apoptosis.                            hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) is neuroprotective by stimulating
                                                               cell proliferation. We examine whether HBO promotes
                                                               neural stem cells (NSC) to proliferate and differentiate in
                                                               neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain damage (HIBD)
P04                                                            rats. Methods: Seven-day-old rat pups were subjected to
HBO treat 22 cases drowning child                              unilateral carotid artery ligation followed by 2 hours of
Mao Lixian                                                     hypoxia (8% O2). HBO was administered 2 ATA, once
Wenlin Hospital, Taizhou, China                                daily for 7 days within 3 hours after HIBD. The proliferating
                                                               neural stem cells in the subventricular zone (SVZ) and
Objective: TO study the tread plan and interfering effect      dentate gyrus (DG) were dynamically examined by
of HBO on drowning child. Methods: sum up our                  5-bromo-2-deoxyuridine                          (BrdU)/nestin
experiencement on treat total of 22 drowning child with        immunofluorescence. Nestin protein was detected by
HBO in 2000-2007. Use large-scale HBO: prepare                 Western blot analysis at various time points (from 6 hours
medicine etc, keep airway unblocked. Results: 19 cases         to 14 days) after HIBD. The migrating NSCs were
(86percent) was recovered, 2 cases leftover sequelae of        examined           by        BrdU/doublecortin         (DCX)
nervous system 1cases was dead. Conclusion: HBO                immunofluorescence 7 and 14 days after HIBD. The
may decrease and inhibit micro-thrombokinesis by to            phenotype of the newborn cells was identified by
increase microcirculation blood flow dynamic, to improve       BrdU/β-tubulin, BrdU/ glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP)
the merphous and function of blood cell and endotbelial        and          BrdU/O4         (oligodendrocyte         marker)
cell. Using HBO for drowning child is distinct improvement     immunofluorescence. Myelin basic protein (MBP) was
particularly. HBO may decrease the sequelae of nervous         examined by immunohistochemistry and pathological
system partianlarly.                                           changes of the brain tissue were detected 28 days after
                                                               HIBD. Results: In neonatal HI rats treated with HBO, the
                                                               proliferation of endogenous NSC was observed in the SVZ
                                                               and DG. Cell numbers peaked 7 days after HIBD and
P05                                                            proliferating NSC migrated to the cerebral cortex at 14 d
HBO treatment of ACOP poisoning delayed                        after HIBD. Twenty-eight days after HIBD, an increase in
encephalopathy 51 cases                                        newly generated neurons, oligodendrocytes and MBP was
Yang Jingfu                                                    observed in the HBO group compared to the untreated
Peoples Hospital of Baodi District, Tianjin, China             and HIBD rats. Conclusions: This study suggests that
                                                               HBO treatment may promote neurogenesis of the
Objective: To study the clinical, HBO treatment of ACOP        endogenous NSC in neonatal HIBD rats, contributing to
poisoning delayed encephal opathy. Methods: 51 cases           repair of the injured brain.
of patients .HBO treatment,the pressure of oxygen              Acknowledgments Projects supported by National
chamber for the 0.2-0.25mpa,Using the 6 personal small         Natural Science Foundation of China (the Science Fund of
air pressurized module of the XINYING oxygen chamber           the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Grant 30672240.
plant HangZhou. Each of the cabin is 60mins,one for a
group of treatment, The number of treatment is 30-60(that
is 3-6 courses). Results: The group of 51 cases cared in
32 cases, Markdely effective in 10 cases, better in 8 cases.   P07
Invalid in 1 cases, the total efficiency was 98%.              Hyperbaric      oxygen      preconditioning     induces
Conclusions: For severe ACOP patients, advanced age,           mitochondrial phenotype to prevent early apoptosis
accompanied with hypertension, hypercholesterolemia,           after spinal cord ischemia in rats
                                                                            1            2             1             2
cerebral Infarction or other disease, longer time for coming   Liping Wang , Xuejun Sun , Wenxian Li , Zhimin Kang ,
                                                                       2            2              2            3
round and insufficient HBO treatment might be important        Yun Liu , Hengyi Tao , Weigang Xu , John Zhang
risk factors related to DEACMP. It is scientific and           1. Department of Anesthesiology, Changhai Hospital,
effective for ws to use mannitol reasonably and to give        Secnod Military Medical University, Shanghai, China
ACOP patients sufficient HBO treatment together with           2. Department of Diving Medicine, Faculty of Naval
glucocorticoid, medicine of promoting blood circulation        Medicine, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai,
and removing bolld stasis, antiplatelet aggregation agent      China
and medicine of improving cerebral metabolism.                 3. Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Loma
                                                               Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda,
                                                               California, USA

P06                                                            Objective: It is clear that hyperbaric oxygen
Hyperbaric oxygen induces endogenous neural stem               preconditioning (HBO-PC) provides spinal cord protection
cells    to   proliferate    and     differentiate    in       against ischemia-reperfusion (IR) induced injury. This
hypoxic-ischemic brain damage in neonatal rats                 study tested hypothesis that HBO-PC induces expression
Yu-Jia YANG, Xiao-Li WANG,          Chong-Feng CHEN,           of endogenous antioxidant enzymes and anti-apoptotic
Qing-Hong WANG, Yue YAO, Meng LI                               proteins Bcl-2 resulting in a motor neuronal mitochondrial
Division of Neonatology, Department of Pediatrics,             phenotype to prevent early apoptosis. Methods: Male
XiangYa Hospital, Central South University, Hunan, China       Sprague-Dawley       rats    were    preconditioned  with
                                                               consecutive 4 cycles of 1-h HBO exposures (2.5
atmospheres absolute [ATA], 100%O2) at a 12-h interval.         enzyme activities by HBO preconditioning plays an
At 24 h after the last HBO pretreatment, rats underwent 9       important role in the generation of tolerance against brain
min of spinal cord ischemia induced by occlusion of the         ischemia-reperfusion injury.
descending thoracic aorta in combination with systemic
hypotension (40 mmHg). Neurological function, TUNEL
analysis and activities of caspase-3,9 were assessed
during the first day after reperfusion. Mitochondria isolated   P09
from spinal cord of non-preconditioned (control) and            Hyperbaric oxygen prevents ischemia-reperfusion
HBO-preconditioned rats were studied before or after            injury of gut in rats after resuscitation from trauma
spinal cord ischemia. Results: Spinal cord ischemia             and hemorrhagic shock
                                                                           1          2                 2
produced marked neuronal death and neurological                 Gang Wang , Lifang Jin , Weicheng Wang
dysfunction in animals. HBO-PC enhanced expression of           Hyperbaric Emergency, Chinese Medical University,
Mn-superoxide dismutase (Mn-SOD), catalase, and Bcl-2           Shenyang, China
in the mitochondria in the normal spinal cord at 24 h after
the last pretreatment (before spinal cord ischemia) and         Background Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) has been used
retained higher levels throughout the early reperfusion in      therapeutically in intestinal ischemia/reperfusion (I/R)
the ischemic spinal cord. HBO-PC decreased superoxide           injury models established by clamping superior
and hydrogen peroxide levels in mitochondria and                mesenteric artery, with ameliorating intestinal ischemic
reduced cytochrome c release into the cytosol in the            damage. This study was designed to investigate the
lumbar spinal cord at 1 h after reperfusion. HBO-PC             effects of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) on the
attenuated caspase-3 and -9, reduced motor neuronal             ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury of gut in rats after
apoptosis in the lumbar ventral horn, and improved              resuscitation from trauma and hemorrhagic shock (T/HS)
neurological function at 24 h after spinal cord ischemia.       and elucidate the underlying mechanisms. Methods An
HBO-PC increased nitric oxide (NO) production.                  iron mass from a retainable height smashed to the left
L-nitroarginine-methy-ester (L-NAME, 10 mg/kg), a               thigh of Wistar rat vertically, and at the same time, rats
nonselective nitric oxide synthase (NOS) inhibitor, applied     was bled to establish T/HS model and subsequently
before each HBO-PC protocol, and abolished these                resuscitated with shed blood and normal saline. Just prior
beneficial effects of HBO-PC. Conclusion: We conclude           to resuscitation, Wistar rats were randomly divided into 4
that HBO-PC reduced spinal cord ischemia-reperfusion            groups: sham group, shock group, one HBO treatment
injury by increasing Mn-SOD, catalase and Bcl-2, and by         (HBOT) and three HBO treatment group. Results The
suppressing mitochondrial apoptosis pathway. NO may be          levels of lactic acid, induced nitric oxide synthase (iNOS),
involved in this neuroprotection.                               nitric oxide (NO), and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) in
                                                                intestinal tissue in one HBOT and three HBOT group after
                                                                24 hours from resuscitation were significantly lower than
                                                                those in the shock group (P<0.05); The histological injury
P08                                                             grading score of intestinal tissue in one or three HBOT
Hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning induces tolerance             group was lower than that in shock group and the
against brain ischemia                                          difference between them was significant (P<0.05).
        1             2               1                2
Jiasi Li ,  Wenwu Liu ,     Suju Ding ,    Weigang Xu ,         Transmission electron microscopic photographs of
             1               3             2
Yangtai Guan , John H Zhang , Xuejun Sun                        intestinal epithelium displayed that microvilli were
Department of Diving Medicine, Faculty of Naval Medicine,       hampered and lost, tight junction opened, mitochondrial
Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China             crista disappearing, mitochondrium lysis,              rough
                                                                endoplasmic        reticulum    expansion,      desmosomes
Objective: The present study examined the hypothesis            disappearing etc in shock group; whereas, the tight
that cerebral ischemic tolerance induced by hyperbaric          junction, desmosomes and mitochondrium appeared
oxygen preconditioning (HBO-PC) is associated with an           preserved in HBOT groups. All the above-mentioned
increase of antioxidant enzyme activities. Methods: Male        indicators of three HBOT group were better than those of
Sprague-Dawley rats (250-280g, n=74) were divided into          one HBOT group, but the difference was not significant
sham, middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) for 90 min,       (P>0.05). Conclusion HBO therapy can improve oxygen
and MCAO plus HBO-PC groups. HBO-PC was                         supply to intestine after resuscitation from T/HS, reduce
conducted four times by given 100% oxygen at 2.5                the anaerobic metabolism, preserved tight junction and
atmosphere absolute(ATA), for 1 hour at every 12 hours          mucosal barrier, and decreased the production of
interval for 2 days. At 24 hours after the last HBO-PC,         inflammatory factor after resuscitation from T/HS, inhibit
MCAO was performed and at 24 hours after MCAO,                  the excessive inflammatory reaction. Thus HBO prevented
neurological function and Nissl Staining were performed to      intestine and mucosal barrier from I/R injury after
evaluate the effect of HBO-PC. Malondialdehyde (MDA)            resuscitation from T/HS.
content, activities of catalase (CAT), superoxide
dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-px)
sampled from hippocampus, ischemic penumbra or core
of cortex were measured. Results: HBO-PC improved               P10
neurological recovery, lessened neuronal injury, reduced        Kidney dysfunction caused by rat hind limb
the level of MDA and increased the antioxidant activity of      ischemia/reperfusion and effect of hyperbaric oxygen
CAT and SOD. Conclusion: These observations                     on it
demonstrated that an upregulation of the antioxidant
Chun-jin GAO,      Biao YUAN,         Guo-zhong WANG,           The laparotomy was performed. Bilateral hind limb
Da-zhi CHEN                                                     ischemia was induced by applying an atraumatic clip at
Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing, China                       the end of abdominal aorta adjacent to junction site of both
                                                                femoral artery. At the end of the ischemic period,
Objective: Acute limb ischemia is one of the most               reperfusion of the limbs was achieved by releasing the
challenging problems encountered by the contemporary            clamp. The experimental animals was randomly divided
vascular practitioner. Its incidence approximates 1.7           into three groups, and each group had 10 rats. (1) In
cases per 10,000 population per year. Despite                   surgical sham group, the animals were subjected to the
improvements in patient care and operative technique, the       operation without clamping abdominal aorta. (2) In
morbidity and mortality remain high, with mortality rates in    ischemia/reperfusion group, after hind limb ischemia for
excess of 25% and amputation in 20% of the survivors.           2h, reperfusion period was 1h. (3) In HBO group, after
The high rate of morbidity and mortality of acute limb          hind limb ischemia for 2h, this group animals were put into
ischemia should be mainly attributable to the ischemia          a model DWC150-300 hyperbaric oxygen chamber(HBO
/reperfusion itself. Severe hypoperfusion of a limb, if left    pressure in chamber is 0.2MPa)to be treated for 1h during
untreated, will inevitably develop into tissue infarction and   1h reperfusion period. The other above groups were put
irreversible cell death. Patients with acute occlusion of the   into the normal pressure air. By using laser Doppler
abdominal aorta are in an extremely compromised state.          flowmetry (LDF), the microvascular blood flow was
The patient's status will likely further deteriorate at the     measured in kidney of the animals. The mean
instant of reperfusion, and sudden cardiovascular collapse      immunofluorescence intensity of CD31, CD61 or positive
is commonly encountered with the release of accumulated         percentage of CD62p were measured by the flow
metabolic by-products into the circulation, which maybe         cytometry(FCM). Ultrastructural histological pathological
results in remote multiple organ injury, that is, multiple      changes in kidney were studied. Results: Compared with
organ dysfunction syndrome(MODS). The reason is that            I/R group, the microvascular blood flow of the kidney in
lower limb ischemia/reperfusion injury triggers a systemic      HBO group was significantly increased, had significant
inflammatory response (SIRS, systemic inflammatory              statistical difference (P<0.05). Compared with surgical
response syndrome). Morbidity and mortality following           sham group, the expression of platelet membrane
reperfusion of the acute ischemic limb may be a                 glycoprotein CD31,CD62p in I/R group was much
manifestation of multiple organ dysfunction caused by a         higher(P<0.05). The expression of platelet membrane
systemic inflammatory response triggered by reperfusion         glycoprotein CD31,CD62p in HBO group was much
of the ischemic extremities. Hyperbaric oxygen(HBO) has         decreased than that in I/R group(P<0.05). In I/R group,
been used therapeutically in a variety of I/R injury models,    extensive ultrastructural histological pathological injury of
and the application of HBO to I/R disease appears               kidney occurred. The ultrastructural histological
effective. The basic mechanisms responsible for the             pathological changes in HBO group was obviously
beneficial effect of HBO in treating I/R injury are becoming    alleviated. Conclusions: The expression of CD31 and
better understood. HBO treatment may simultaneously             CD62p on the platelet membrane significantly increased
provide a beneficial effect directed at many components         after rat hind limb ischemia/reperfusion model, indicating
responsible for I/R injury, including neutrophil,               the platelet-activating factor(PAF) was activated, which
endothelium, inflammatory mediators, lipid peroxidation,        partially result in inducing SIRS and remote multiple organ
cellular energetics, and microvascular blood flow. But so       injury. According to this study, early HBO therapy can
far, there has been no literature on the application of HBO     significantly decreased the expression of CD31 and
to kidney dysfunction which results from acute limb I/R.        CD62p on the platelet, indicating the PAF was inhibited,
The purpose of this study is to determine whether there is      maybe which stopped a series of PMNL activation ,
potential protective effect of HBO on kidney dysfunction
                                                                adhesion and systemic inflammation after reperfusion of
which is associated with hind limb ischemia/reperfusion in
                                                                ischemic hind limb. And the microvascular blood flow of
rat model, and to discuss mechanism of HBO on it.
                                                                the kidney in HBO group was significantly increased, the
Methods: Adult male SD rats weighing 220~250g were              ultrastructural histological pathological changes such as
used in the study. Animals were kept under standard             kidney in HBO group was obviously alleviated .As a kind
condition. They were anesthetized with intraperitoneal          of effective therapy , HBO can alleviate the pathological
urethane(1.0g/kg) and secured in a supine position on a         changes in kidney dysfunction caused by rat hind limb
heating pad(which is controlled by a model CMA/150              ischemia/reperfusion model.
Temperature Controller system); body temperature was
kept at 37 C after being shaved. Tracheostomy was
performed with PE-240 tubing(1.67 mm internal diameter),
which allowed spontaneous ventilation with room air .The        P11
left carotid artery was cannulated with PE-50 tubing(0.58       Monitoring and disinfection of air culture in
mm internal diameter), and arterial pressure and heart          single-chamber with pure oxygen
                                                                           1                 1              1       2
rate were monitored continuously on a model 7702B               Xiufang MEI , Chaoqun TU , Xiaomei XIE , Hui LI ,
recorder with a 1280 series transducer. The right external      Xiaodan CHEN
jugular vein was cannulated with PE-50 tubing(0.58 mm           1. The Shenzhen Peoples Hospital, Shenzhen, China
internal diameter)for fluid administration. All animals were    2. The People’s Hospital of Longgang Region, Shenzhen,
then allowed a 30-minute equilibration period. Intravenous      China
Ringer’s lactate was administered to maintain the systolic
blood pressure > 90 mmHg throughout the experiment.
Object: To evaluate the effect of chlorhexidine acetate        Guiying He, Guanwen Zhang, Ping Yang, Wenping Han,
solution on single-chamber with pure oxygen and to study       Kefang Chen
the convenient, effective, rapid and simple routine method     Xinjiang Kelamayi Central Hospital, Kelamayi, China
to prevent from cross infection in the single-chamber with
pure oxygen. Methods: There were 5-7 sessions of HBO           Objective: To observe curative effect of early hyperbaric
in single-chamber with pure oxygen, in which it took           oxygenation to pediatrics brain injury. Methods: the
60-80min and interval 10min between 2 sessions. It was         clinical data of 51 cases of pediatrics brain injury in our
disinfected by spaying with chlorhexidine acetate solution     hospital from 1995,july to 2008.Feb were retro spectively
after HBO. The air culture was done before, after every        analyzed. Results: The cure rate of the curative group
session of HBO, after disinfection for 5 consecutive days.     and the control group were 78.27% and 52.17%
Results: The average total bacterial count (TBC) before        respectively, the results showed that the control group
first HBO was 189±49cfu/m . The TBC shortly after HBO          were better than those of the control group and the
were more than1500cfu/m . Nevertheless, the TBC after          difference was significant (p<0.05). Conclusion: Early
10min disinfected by chlorhexidine acetate solution were       hyperbaric oxygenation to pediatrics brain injury is an
less than 200 cfu/m . Conclusion: It is rapid, simple,         effective method, which can raise cure rate reduce
effective with chlorhexidine acetate solution on               disabled rate and improve the prognosis .
disinfection to single-chamber with pure oxygen.

P12                                                            Efficacy and nursing technique of hyperbaric oxygen
Effects of preconditioning with hyperbaric oxygen on           therapy         on       neonatal        hypoxic-ischemic
expression of GFAP and Nestin after spinal cord                encephalopathy
injury in rats                                                 Fei Lianfeng
Peigang Lu, Hua Feng, Yongzhi Xia, Weihua Chu,                 Capital University of Medicine Affiliated Beijing Children’s
Guoqi Gong                                                     Hospital, Beijing, China
Department of Neurosurgery, Southwest Hospital, Third
Military Medical University                                    Objective: To explore the short-term effect of hyperbaric
                                                               oxygen(HBO)based on conventional therapies in full-term
Objective: To study the effects of preconditioning with        neonates         with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy
hyperbaric oxygen on expression of GFAP and Nestin             (HIE),and the effect of ameliorate sequelaes such as
after spinal cord injury in rats at different time. Methods:   deafness, cerebral palsy and mental retardation. Methods:
fifty-five adult Sprague-Dawley adult rats, weighing from      100 full-term neonates with HIE were comprised, 52 were
250 to 300g, were randomly divided into 3 groups,              administered with HBO and conventional therapies, and
hyperbaric oxygen preconditional group(25,n=5) , normal        the control group comprised 48 patients who were
injury group(25,n=5)and control group(5,n=5). In the           administered with conventional therapies only. Brainstem
experimental groups, the rat spinal cord injury models         auditory evoked potential and brain CT scan before, 3
were established by the way of Allen s method and the          months after and 6months after management were
expression and proliferation of nestin and GFAP at             registered respectively. Results: The amelioration rate of
different time(1 day, 5 day, 7 day, 10day, 14day) were         Brainstem auditory evoked potential in treatment group
observed with immunohistochemical staining and the             and control group were 84%, 73% respectively. The
analytical system of photographs. Results: In the normal       amelioration rate of brain CT scan in treatment group and
control group, the expression of nestin was hardly seen        control group were 95%, 80% respectively. There is
except ependymal cells of central canal, and the low           distinct difference between the two groups (P<0.01). The
expression of GFAP was seen. In the experimental groups,       therapeutic effect was significant in HBO group than in the
the nestin and GFAP expressions increased obviously in         control group. Conclusion: HBO therapy has a marked
the injured sites and adjacent sites 1 day to 5 days after     short term effect in HIE patients and need to be used as
injury, reached the peak value after 7days and followed by     early as possible. Because of the severity of illness,
gradual decrease from 10 days to 14 days. There were           rapidness of changes and lack of response, the patients
statistically significant differences in the nestin and GFAP   need to be observed and nursing carefully while taking
expressions between the preconditional group and normal        HBO.
injury group especially the control group. Conclusion
The above results suggest that spinal cord injury can
induce the expression of nestin and GFAP.HBO
preconditioning can induce the proliferation and               P15
differentiation of the neural stem cells in rats after spine   Recent advance in researches of laboratory and clinic
cord injury.                                                   on hyperbaric oxygen therapy and stem cell
                                                               Chen Yifei
                                                               Guangzhou City First Peoples Hospital, Guangzhou
                                                               Medical College, Guangzhou, China
Observation on curative effect of early hyperbaric             Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) is a relatively new
oxygenation to pediatrics brain injury                         medical treatment that was developed in 1960’s and has
                                                               been applied extensively in medical system now. It has
been successfully used in treating a lot of diseases, such       inhalation, but he patient’s condition was worse, restless,
as carbon monoxide poisoning, decompression sickness,            loss of sight, and right extremity paralysis after she left the
gas Infarction and gas gangrene. There have been                 chamber. In this report, we will discuss: (1) Occurring
numerous basic and clinical researches on HBO in the             condition of cerebral air embolism; (2) Differential
decades. However, the treatment mechanism of HBO                 diagnosis between cerebral air embolism and other acute
should be explored further and detailedly. Human stem            cerebrovascular diseases; (3) Compression treatment of
cell (HSC) is one kind of cell that plays a very important       air embolism; (4) Contraindications for treatment of bullae
role in the development and growth of human body and             and high pressure oxygen.
possesses very strong self-renewal and differentiation
potential. HSC can differentiate into almost all of cell types
of adult body. Compared with traditional therapy,
Application of HSC to treatment of human disease has             P17
many advantages: lower toxin or non-toxin, long effective,       Research progress of hyperbaric oxygen and free
no     immune       repulsion    when     using     self-HSC     radical
transplantation. Therefore, HSC has huge medical value           Jun Wang, Chao Sun
and extensive application potentials and has been a hot          Qingdao Municipal Hospital, Qingdao, China
spot of scientific research in the world now. Reseaches on
HSC are focused in Embryonic Stem Cells, neural stem             With the method of documentary data and consulting the
cell and hemopoietic stem cell.Recently, a lot of                relative literature at home and abroad in recent years, this
researches from laboratory and clinic suggested that HBO         paper makes a review on the study progress of Hyperbaric
could mobilize marrow stem cell into peripheral circulation;     Oxygen and Free Radical. Respectively, effects of
it also could induce proliferation and differentiation of        hyperbaric oxygen on free radicals, hyperbaric oxygen
endogenetic neural stem cell and reduce death of                 might reduce the free radical in separately certain
damaged stem cell. Clinical investigation showed that            pathology situation, hyperbaric oxygen to be possible to
HBO could effectively mobilize the hemopoietic stem cell         increase the free radicals in the tumor organization, the
of peripheral blood. Thus, it is causing tremendous              relation of different oxygen exposure doses with free
interest and attention of medical researchers that HBO, a        radicals and the mechanism of hyperbaric oxygen
safety, effectiveness, economy and practicality of therapy,      preconditioning-induced ischemic tolerance in spinal cord
has action on human stem cell. This article will review the      with free radical relational several aspects has been
advance in recent researches on HBO and stem cell,               expounded.
including 1. biological functions of stem cell; 2. recent
laboratory and clinic researches about HBO impact on
HSC; 3. potential applications of HBO impact on HSC to
clinical treatment of diseases. This article will further        P18
highlight the mechanism of HBO therapy and provide the           The fast infection and isolation measures in
newest information of HBO and HSC for medical workers.           Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy rescure procedure for
                                                                 gas gangrene patients injured by earthquake
                                                                 Huang Ling-Ling, Chen Shu-Lan, Zhang An-Qin, Nie
                                                                 Cai-Xian, Tang Ming-Chan, Zeng Yu
P16                                                              The medical science college of Sichuna province, Sichuan
Report of a case with serious cerebral air embolism              Provincial Hospital, Chengdu, China
due to routine hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and
successful rescue                                                Objective: Observe the effect of fast infection and
             1            1                 1            1
Xiaowen pan , shuyi pan , xiangen meng , huijun hu ,             isolation measures in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy rescue
        1             1           1         1            2
yu zhang , chen yang , mingxin li , qi zhang , hongbo liu ,      procedure for gas gangrene patients injured by
wen zhong                                                        earthquake. Methods: individual Hyperbaric Oxygen
1. General Hospital of Navy, Beijing, China                      Chamber into clean area, half-contaminated area and
2. Zhuhai People’s Hospital, Zhuhai, China                       contaminated area, working staffs wear isolation gown.
3. PLA No.422 Hospital, China                                    During Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy procedure, disinfect
                                                                 contaminated objects and floor with 500mg/l chlorine
We report of a Case with serious cerebral air embolism           antiseptic, ultra-violet ray radiation and 3%peroxyacetic
due to routine hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and successful         acid fumigation. Disinfect Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
rescue. The patient is female, 44 years. At 2pm, June 3,         repeatedly and take samples after therapy. Results:
2007, the patient entered 12-person-seat air pressure            patients recovered, no crossing infection occurred, and
chamber without oxygen inhalation, she did not feel              chamber samples culture showed no bacteria grow.
abnormally uncomfortable during compression and                  Conclusions: crossing infection can be prevented
stabilizing pressure, and at 3 minutes before leaving            effectively with strict infection and isolation measures.
chamber, she suddenly developed dizziness, weakness,
subsequently was unconscious, however, other patients
had no abnormal condition in the chamber. Out of the
chamber, subsequently, her consciousness exacerbated             P19
gradually, which was considered as decompression                 The clinical efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen methods in
disease. She was placed into high oxygen pressure                the treatment of non-insulin-dependent diabetes
chamber, with pressure of 0.3MPa, and received oxygen            mellitus
Shou-Chao LI,         Chun-He LIU,          Yong-Xin MA,      of the people first arrived at high altitude, which was
Yin-Chun ZHANG                                                particular worked by increasing the SaO2 and PO2.
People’s Hospital, Weifang, China

Objective: To study the clinical efficacy of Hyperbaric
oxygen       (HBO)methods      in    the    treatment    of   P21
non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Methods: 163         The observation on tinnitus treated with hyperbaric
cases of Non-insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus patients     oxygen and ginaton
were randomly divided into HBO group (87 cases) and           Xiang-Hui Li, Yan Li, Xiao-Ying Luo, Hui-Min Sun
hypoglycemic treatment group (76 cases), we tested            General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police
blood glucose, HbA1c, insulin concentration, Cholesterol,     Forces, Beijing, China
triglyceride, and other indicators respectively in the two
groups after 10 days, 20 days. Results: Blood glucose         Objective: To discuss the clinical value of hyperbaric
and HbA1c levels were significantly decreased in HBO          oxygen and Ginaton in the treatment of tinnitus. Method:
treatment group after 20 days, there was no significant       From January 2002 to April 2008, 106 patients suffering
difference between HBO treatment group and                    tinnitus were treated with hyperbaric oxygen and Ginaton.
hypoglycemic treatment group (p> 0.05). At the same time,     Pressure of hyperbaric oxygen was 0.2MPa, Breathing
insulin concentration, HDL-C and APO-A levels increased       oxygen 60 minutes, One time everyday, One period of
significantly, and cholesterol, triglyceride concentration    treatment include ten times, The treatment of every patient
decreased significantly, there were significant differences   is always 10-20 times. At the same time, Ginaton 20ml
compared with drug treatment group (p 1c could                transfusion, two times everyday. One period of treatment
maintained for 20 days with similar levels (p> 0.05).         is seven days, The treatment of every patient is always
Conclusion: HBO methods are stable and endurable in           7-14 days. Results: The cure rate, the clearly effective
the treatment of diabetic hypoglycemic, it also can           rate and the total effective rate were respectively 12.3%,
improve the fat metabolism disorder. HBO methods have         33%, 82.1%(P<0.01). Conclusion: It is suggested that
the exact effect in the treatment of non-insulin-dependent    hyperbaric oxygen and Ginaton have a better effect on
diabetes mellitus.                                            tinnitus.

P20                                                           Therapeutic effects and probable mechanisms of
The effect of air pressure chamber treatment on SaO2          hyperbaric oxygenation protocol of durative-9-hour
and arterial PO2 of people first arrival at plateau           Qiuhong Yu, Yaling Liu, Yali Wu, Lianbi Xu
Chun-yang He, Kai Zhou, Jian-wen Gu, Xi Fu                    Department of Hyperbaric Oxygenation, Beijing Tiantan
Chengdu Military General Hospital, Chengdu, China             Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China

Objective: To study the effect of air pressure chamber        Objective: The aim is to assess the effectiveness of
treatment on blood oxygen saturation, and arterial biood      adjunctive HBOT in the treatment of permanent MCAO
gas analysas of people first arrival at plateau. Methods:     rats for only once continue 9 hours in super-early stage,
130 new enlisted soldiers were recruited. 65 of them were     and to find one of the probable mechanisms of HBOT.
enrolled as therapeutic group and the others as control       Methods: (1) models and groups: Using the intraluminal
randomly. The therapeutic group subjects were                 suture method, we subjected male Sprague-Dawley rats
trentmented             with           air        pressure    to permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion model ,
chamber(0.1-0.12Mpa,40-50min ,once a day) after their         then the rats were randomly divided into MCAO control
arrival at plateau., .The test index included blood oxygen    group and HBOT group, a sham control group and a
saturation, arterial, blood gas analysis, morphology of       sham-HBOT group also be used. And the groups were
erythrocyte under the light microscope and anoxia             divided into 13h and 5d subgroups. (2) HBOT protocol:
symptom. Results: After the arrival at Lhasa, some            After being modeled for 3 hours, rats in the sham-HBOT
subjects suffered from anoxia symptom, were faded away        and HBOT groups stayed in the hyperbaric cabin for 9
                                                                                                       st  rd  th th
after laser treatment of air pressure chamber. The oxygen     hours. They inhaled pure oxygen at the 1 , 3 , 5 , 7 and
                                                                th                                   nd   th  th     th
saturation (SaO2)decreased in all subjects, from 98% at       9 hours, and hyperbaric air at the 2 , 4 , 6 and 8
Chengdu airport to 80%(SaO2),PO2 decreased to                 hours. After being created into models, rats in the sham
50.3mmHg around at the evening of the day after arrival.      control group and MCAO control groups breathed room air.
The saturation automatically increased from the second        (3) Main Outcome Measures: ① The Garcia neurological
day gradually. But the group with air pressure chamber,
                                                              grading systems were used on 3h, 13h, 24h, 3d and 5d to
were significantly more than the control (p<0.01) . At the
                                                              assess the therapeutic effect of HBOT. ② The infarction
end of observation, the SaO2 restored to 97% around in
                                                              volume was calculated with the TTC pathological staining
treated group, and to 90% around in the control group
(p<0.01).The PO2 restored to 83.6mmHg around in the           on 13h and 5d points. ③ The expression of VEGF was
control group,and to 50.3mmHg around in the control           measured using immunohistochemical stainingon 13h and
group(p<0.01). Conclusions: The treatment of air              5d points. Results: (1)The neurobehavioral outcomes
pressure chamber can increase anoxia-resisting capability     were improved with time going in all subgroups, there is
significant different between 13h subgroups using Garcia        Acknowledgments Projects supported by National
scale(P<0.01).Also, neurobehavioral outcomes improved           Natural Science Foundation of China (the Science Fund of
after 13h in 5d subgrops, those of the HBOT group were          the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Grant 30672240.
more improved comparing with MCAO group, but there is
no different (P>0.05). (2) Cerebral infarction volume of
rats in MCAO group was larger on 5d than that on
13h(P<0.05), and the infarction volume was smaller in           P24
HBOT group comparing with MCAO group on 5d, there is            Three phenomenon and the theoretical explanation of
significant different(P<0.05). (3) The expressions of VEGF      hyperbaric oxygen medicine
were increased in MCAO groups and HBOT groups.                  Xiao Pingtian
HBOT groups showed increased VEGF expression                    Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, Changsha,
significantly compared with MCAO group on 5d point              China
(P<0.01). Conclusions: (1) Durative-9h HBOT protecol
was effect, HBOT inproved neurobehavioral outcomes              In the natural world, it is common that many things can be
and cerebral infarction volume, but the effectiveness was       divided into three different parts, which are so called
to be further defined. (2) Stimulate the more production of     “three-morphous phenomenon”. Moreover, there are
endogenous VEGF which related with capillary formation,         always some inherent correlations and regularities with
reduced infarction volume and neural protection is one of       these three different forms of the same things. For
the probable mechanisms of HBOT.                                example, the quantitative traits have three typic normal
                                                                distributions and the objects have three typical movement
                                                                modes. With regard to human body, there are three typical
                                                                modalities of organs’ connection. “three-morphous
                                                                phenomenon” does exist commonly in the field of
                                                                hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) medicine, such as tristate
P23                                                             therapy, three states of substances, three stages and
Therapeutic window of hyperbaric oxygen therapy                 three functions of HBO therapy, three methods of
              1                   2                1
Xiao-Li WANG ,      Yan-Song ZHAO ,    Yu-Jia YANG ,            compression and de-compression, three laws of gas
                  1                 1
Qing-Hong WANG , Chong-Feng CHEN                                getting into or out of the body due to the changes of
1. Division of Neonatology, Department of Pediatrics,           environmental      gas       pressure.  The     study   of
XiangYa Hospital, Central South University, Changsha,           “three-morphous phenomenon” in HBO medicine will
Hunan, China                                                    further enhance our understanding the intrinsic laws of
2. Department of Ophthalmology, Weifang Medical                 HBO and benefit the patients for a better therapeutic
University, Weifang, China                                      effect.

Objective: Previous studies showed that hyperbaric
oxygen      (HBO)     promoted      cell   proliferation   in
hypoxic-ischemic brain damage (HIBD) neonate rats.              P25
Neural stem cells (NSC) existed in the brain lifelong and       Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in professional athletes
can be activated. This study was undertaken to assess           muscle injuries. a series of 51 cases
whether HBO treatment promoted the proliferation of NSC         Philippe Colombani, Olivier Simon, Andréas Kauert, Bern
and repaired the brain damage regardless of when it is          ard Gamain, Jean-Marc Lapoussière, Marcel Chatel
started, thus to explore the therapeutic window of HBO          Nice Hyperbaric Oxygen Center, Pasteur University
treatment. Methods: Seven-day-old Sprague-Dawley                Hospital, Nice, France
rats underwent left carotid ligation followed by 2 hours of
hypoxic stress (8% O2 at 37°       C). Hyperbaric oxygen        Background: Traumatic muscle injury affects muscular
therapy was administered 3, 6, 12, 24, and 72 hours after       fibers, but also conjunctive and vascular tissues. It
HIBD.             5-bromo-2’-deoxyurindine               and    provokes lesions similar to an ischemia-perfusion
5-bromo-2’-deoxyuridine/nestin       were    detected     by    syndrome, reason why hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)
immunofluorescence and nestin was examined by                   has been suggested to contribute efficiently to structural
western blot analysis 10 days after HIBD. T-maze forced         and functional recovery. However, until now, clinical
alternation, the foot-fault test, and the radial arm maze       studies were conducted only on delayed-onset muscle
were conducted at P 22 days (14 d after HIBD), P 30 days,       soreness (DOMS) and there is no study with statistical
and P 34 days. Thereafter, cerebral morphology was              evidence of improvement due to HBOT. Patients and
examined by Nissl-staining 28 days after HIBD. Results:         methods: Fifty-one professional athletes were treated in
There were remarkable increases in the proliferation of         Nice Hyperbaric Oxygen Center, among them, 67% were
neural stem cells in the HBO-treated group, 3, 6, 12, and       professional soccer players (mean age 29 +/-10 y).
24 hours after HIBD, as compared with the HIBD group.           Wounds occurred during training or competition. They
The HBO-treated group, 3, 6, and 12 hours after HIBD,           concerned mostly lower extremities. Muscles injuries were
performed better in the behavioral test and had less neural     of various grade: pulled, strained or torned. Beside of
loss in the hippocampal CA1 region as compared with the         conventional local treatments, HBOT was prescribed
HIBD group. Conclusion: The therapeutic window for              (100% O2 at 2,7 ATA during 45 min; 2 sessions per day).
effective HBO treatment could be delayed up to 12 hours         Mean number of sessions was 12 (range from 1 to 31).
after HIBD, while the effect decreased 24 hours after           Results: Assessment criteria were clinical, radiological
HIBD.                                                           and functional: 1. Clear reduction of the volume of the limb
and rapid decreasing spontaneous or provoked pain level.     Acknowledgments Projects supported by National
2. Echography or MNR imaging: reduction of size of           Natural Science Foundation of China (the Science Fund of
hematoma and inflammatory oedema. 3. Shortening of the       the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Grant 30672240.
resumption of training and quality of muscle strength.
Conclusions: Although this was not a “control cohort”
study, this series suggests that HBOT is apt to bring a
clear-cut and fast improvement in clinical symptoms and      P27
imaging findings after traumatic muscle injury. HBOT         Expression of MCP-1 in brain of acute CO-poisoning
performed in the early stages of intensive sport practice    rats and development after HBO
muscle injury provides a quicker and better quality of       Xiaoping Xie, Jinsheng Li, Wenlan Wang
recovery, which is highly important for professional         Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center,
athletes (and their coach!). Controlled randomized studies   School of Aerospace Medicine, Fourth Military Medical
should be done imperatively for confirming these             University, Xi’ an, China
preliminary results.
                                                             Objective: To investigate the expression of monocyte
                                                             chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1) and aggregation of
                                                             monocytes/macrophages in brain of acute carbon
                                                             monoxide (CO) poisoned rats and to provide new
                                                             evidence for immunological mechanism of delayed
                                                             neuropathological sequelae (DNS) after CO exposure.
P26                                                          Methods: 50 SD male rats were randomly assigned to
Neural protection and toxicity of hyperbaric oxygen          control, CO exposure for 1d, 3d, 7d and HBO treatment for
on neonatal rats with hypoxic-ischemic brain damage          7d groups, and ten rats for each group. HE,
Yu-Jia YANG, Bo-Xiang QI, Qing-Hong WANG, Miao JIN,          immunohistochemical staining and reverse transcription -
Meng LI, Yue YAO, Chong-Feng CHEN                            polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) were performed to
Division of Neonatology, Xiangya Hospital, Central South     study the expression of MCP-1 and aggregation of
University, Changsha, China                                  monocytes/macrophages in brain. Results: Expression of
                                                             MCP-1 was very low in control group, which increased
Objective: It is well known that high-concentration oxygen   quickly after 1d of CO exposure. It reached peak value in
(HO) can cause retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) and          3d exposure group, but decreased after 7d of exposure. In
bronchopulmonary         dysplasia    (BPD).      However,   HBO treatment group, expression of MCP-1 decreased
high-pressure oxygen (HBO) in the treatment of hypoxic       significantly (P<0.01) as compared with that in 7d
ischemic brain damage (HIBD) process is also toxic effect    exposure group, but still higher than that in control group
is not clear. The purpose of this study was to investigate   (P<0.05). There was scarcely aggregation of
the neuroprotection of HBO and its toxicity on HIBD          monocytes/macrophages in brain of control rats. After 1d
neonatal         rats.      Methods:        Seven-day-old    to     7d    exposure    of    CO,     the    number     of
Sprague-Dauleys(SD)rats were randomly divided into six       monocytes/macrophages-positive           cell    increased
groups: (1) Control group; (2) HIBD group; (3) HO group;     progressively and reached its peak value at 7d exposure
(4) hyperbaric air group (HA); (5) HBO group; (6)            group. Just as the expression of MCP-1, the number of
HO+HBO group. The HA and HBO groups were                     monocytes/macrophages-positive          cell    decreased
administered respectively with 2.0 ATA for 60 minutes of     significantly (P<0.01) in HBO treatment group as
air or oxygen in HIBD after 2 hrs, once daily for 7 days.    compared with that in 7d exposure group, but still more
The HO group was given 90% oxygen inhalation after           than that in control group (P<0.05). Conclusions: the
HIBD for 7 days. The HO +HBO groups were given 90%           expression      of    MCP-1      and      aggregation    of
oxygen inhalation and HBO daily for 7 days. The animals      monocytes/macrophages may play a role in the
were killed on the 21st., Results: Comparison with the       happening of DNS after CO poisoning. HBO may alleviate
CON group, the number of TUNEL positive cells in             the damage of brain through decreasing the expression of
hippocampal CA1 were increased significantly in the HIBD,    MCP-1       and     preventing    the     aggregation    of
HA and HO groups, but not obvious increase in HBO and        monocytes/macrophages.
HO+HBO. The number of nuclei of the new vessels was
higher in HO and HO+HBO groups. Retinal stretched
preparation vessels in HO and HO+HBO groups
increased significantly, while there were no changes in      P28
evidence in the other groups. Retina VEGF expression         Effect of hyperbaric oxygen on acute focal cerebral
was stronger in HO and HO+HBO group than other               ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats
groups. Lung tissue stained with HE showed that the          Jinsheng Li, Yaoming Chang, Li Liu, Xiaoping Xie
alveoli pulmonis were damaged obviously in HO and            Department of hyperbaric oxygen treatment center,
HO+HBO groups. Conclusions: HBO treatment has                School of Aerospace Medicine, Fourth Military Medical
neuroprotective effects on HIBD neonatal rats, but no        University, Xi’ an, China
toxicity on ocular and lung. Retinal vessel proliferation
induced by high-concentration oxygen was related to the      Objective: To investigate the effect of hyperbaric
increasing of the VEGF expression.,                          oxygen(HBO) on focal cerebral ischemia-reperfusion (IR)
                                                             injury in rats. Methods: Rat model of focal cerebral
                                                             ischemia induced by intraluminal filament occlusion of
middle cerebral artery (MCA) was used. Histopathological       groups in which the patients receive HBO oxygenation
changes of infarct size, neuronal damage , neutrophil          after cerebral trauma for less 31 days recovered better the
                                                               other one in which the patients receive HBO oxygenation
infiltration and NOS positive neurons in the ischemic brain
                                                               after cerebral trauma for less 30 days. Conclusion: The
area after MCA occlusion for 1 hour and reperfusion for
                                                               HBO combining therapy is an effective therapy for patients
4,11,23 and 71 hours were examined. During the
                                                               with persistent vegetative state following cerebral trauma.
reperfusion period, normal pressure pure oxygen
                                                               The efficacy and regained consciousness was related with
(99.5%O2) or 0.25 MPa (ATA) HBO treatment for 1, 2, 3
                                                               the beginning time of hyperbaric oxygenation.
and 5 times were applied to respective groups and their
results compared. Results: The infarct size, neuronal
damage and neutrophil infiltration in normal pressure pure
O2 group were similar to those of ischemia-reperfusion (IR)
group at 71 hours. Whereas the infarct size and neuronal
                                                               Effect of early hyperbaric oxygenation on bone
damage in HBO group after 5 times of HBO treatment at
                                                               mineral density in spinal cord injured rats
71 h were reduced for 8.43% (level before optic chiasma),
                                                               Min Liu, Min Tong, Xiangping Wu
11.20%(level of optic chiasma) and 8.66%(level behind
                                                               The Second Xiang Ya Hospital of Central-South University,
optic chiasma), and the numbers of neuronal damage in 5
                                                               Changsha, China
high power (×400) fields (Nr/5F) were 11.36 (preoptic
area), 8.94 (medial striatum), and 14.25(cortex) less as
                                                               Objectives: To establish an animal model of spinal cord
compared with IR group respectively. Besides, the
                                                               injury (SCI),and to explore the effect of early hyperbaric
neutrophil numbers (number/5 fields, 100×) in preoptic,
                                                               oxygenation on bone mineral density (BMD). Methods: 36
striatum and cortex at the level of optic chiasma were 3.84,
                                                               healthy        3-month-old female         SD        rats were
4.61, 2.56 at 5 h, 6.64, 7.34, 5.72 at 12 h and 9.78, 10.48,
                                                               randomly divided into three groups: Sham        group     (10
7.84 at 24 h after the IR respectively; and they were much
                                                               rats), SCI group (13 rats) and SCI+HBO group (13 rats).
lower in HBO group at 12 h (5.01, 5.22, 4.03) and 24h
                                                               Rats in sham group underwent laminectomy, while rats in
(7.13, 7.21, 6.14) as compared with IR group (P<0.05,          the other 2 groups underwent complete spinal cord
respectively. The numbers of degeneration NOS positive         transection at the level of the tenth thoracic vertebra. Rats
neurons were increased gradually after MCA occlusion in        in the SCI+HBO group were treated with hyperbaric
brain area. After HBO therapy, the numbers of                  oxygenation 2th day after SCI ,1/d, 10 times as 1 course
degeneration NOS positive neurons were obviously               of treatment, for 3 courses, with a 6 days,interval between
decreased in cortex, preoptic area and medial striatum
                                                               courses .All rats were sacrificed 7 weeks after operation,
(P0.05). Conclusions: HBO (0.25MPa, 5 times) have
                                                               BMD of lumbar spine (L4-6 ), every region of femur and
significant effects of reducing infarct size, lessening
                                                               tible in vitro were all measured by dual-energy X-ray
neurological symptom evaluation score, inhibiting
                                                               absorptiometry (DEXA) using QDR-4500A equipments.
neutrophil infiltration, inhibiting the degeneration of NOS
                                                               Results: BMD in region 2 at the distal femur ,BMD in
positive neurons and decreasing the neuronal damage in
                                                               region 6 at the proximal femur and BMD in region 1 at the
“penumbra” area on acute focal IR injury in rats.
                                                               proximal tible in vitro were markedly decreased in SCI
                                                               group at 7 weeks post-operation compared with that in
                                                               sham-operated group (P < 0.05~0.01) ,BMD of every
P29                                                            region at 7 weeks post-surgery in SCI+HBO group
Effect of hyperbaric oxygen combined therapy on                was slightly higer than that in SCI group , but no significant
vegetative state following cerebral trauma in 124              difference between SCI+HBO group and SCI group was
cases                                                          found . Conclusion: (1) The pattern of osteoporosis in
Ronghao Yu,     Qiuyou Xie,  huai Huang,    Yan Shen,          complete spinal cord transection rats was succeed in
Yanbin He, Lingling Sun                                        experiment. (2) HBO could not obviously improve bone
Guangzhou      general   hospital,Guangzhou    Military        loss in complete spinal cord transaction rats.
Command, Guangzhou, China

Objective: To study the efficacy and influence factors of
hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) combining therapy on              P31
patients with vegetative state (VS) following cerebral         Comprehensive treatment of neonatal hypoxic
trauma. Methods: One hundred and twenty-four cases of          ischemic encephalopathy by sequential hyperbaric
VS treated with HBO combined therapy from 2003 to              oxygen therapy in the air-pressurized oxygen
2007 were analyzed retrospectively,including the effects       chamber: analysis of 257 cases
                                                               Xiaoxin Lu, Huiping Peng, Yongjian Tiang, Weihong Fang,
of treatment juncture on therapy and treatment times. The
                                                               Xinru Hong, Maoying Lin, Chengfeng Wang
pressure used for HBO was 0.2 MPa. The patients
                                                               Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Fuzhou
breathed pure oxygen for 80 min with an interval of 10 min
                                                               General Hospital, Fuzhou, China
in the middle. Once a day, twenty times was a course of
treatment. Results: twenty-two(17.7%)patients were free        Objective: To evaluate the effect of hyperbaric oxygen
from the VS within 1 month. In 102 cases of persistent         therapy (HBO) on the early phase of mandible lengthening
vegetative state (PVS), the total effective rate was 90.20%.   in the goat model. Methods: Six healthy goats were
Fifty-seven patient regained consciousness (55.9%). Two        randomly divided into two groups (n = 3 each). Animals
underwent corticotomy of the hibateral body of the             decreased (p < 0.05-0.01); erythrocyte deformity index
mandible after placement of distraction devices.
Distraction, at a rate of 1 mm/day and a rhythm of 2           was significantly increased (p<0.05); both the scores of
turns/day, began after a 5-day latency period for ten days.    erythrocyte sedimentation rate(ESR) and erythrocyte
Only the second group underwent HBO for 1.5 hours daily        rigidity index were not statistically significant (p>0.05).
for fourteen days from the second day of the latency
                                                               More over, the average of neurological functional deficit
phase. Twenty-eight days after completion of the
distraction protocol, the animals were killed and the          scales was more obviously decreased (p<0.01). The total
distracted mandibles were harvested. The appearance of         effective rate was 87.5﹪. Conclusion: Hyperbaric oxygen
the samples, radiological changes, bone mineral density,
and mechanical strengths and histology were examined.          therapy is recommendable because of its operational
Moreover, Serum alkaline phosphatase was measured              safety as well as the therapeutic effect in treatment.
before HBO and every four days thereafter from 3 days          Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can not only obviously reduce
pre-treatment till first day post-treatment. Results: 1. In    the neurological deficit, but clearly improve the
the experimental group, the surgery region swelling            hemorheological properties.
abated quickly; in the control group, surgery region in one
animal had an infection. Every goat had bony callus, and
the experimental group resulted in harder and wider
healing bone. 2. X-ray: All specimens showed a
                                                               Change of cerebral metabolism rate of glucose in
progressive calcification of the distracted area between
                                                               patient of delayed neuropsychological sequelae after
the mandibular segments, and the bone cerebral cortex
                                                               CO poisoning following combining hyperbaric oxygen
connected completely except the infected animal. The
distracted zone in the experimental group exhibited higher
radiodense opacity. 3. Bone density showed that the            Yu Gao, Chunjin Gao, Tie Wang, Huan Ge, Lianhua Wu,
experimental group resulted in a denser healing bone           Liming Zhao
(P<0.05). 4. Three-point bending test showed that the          Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing, China
maximal loading in the experimental group was higher
                                                               Objective: To estimate the effect of hyperbaric oxygen
than in the control group (P<0.05) .5. In the control group,
three zones exhibited progress of intramembranous              treatment on cerebral metabolism rate of glucose(CMRglc)
ossification. 6. Statistical analysis of the percentage of     in patients with delayed neuropsychological sequelae after
                                                               CO poisoning (DNS). Method: Thirty cases of DNS were
bone trabeculae area in the distraction gap revealed that                 18
experimental group showed a significant increase               received     F-FDGPET examination before hyperbaric
                                                               oxygen treatment (HBOT) and after 40th HBOT
compared with the control group (P<0.05). 7. Serum
alkaline phosphatase: early after surgery, every animals       respectively. At the same time 17 healthy examiners were
serumal alkaline phosphatase level increased, and in the       also received F-FDGPET examination. The ratio of
experimental group it increased more significantly than in     mean radioactivity of cerebral lobe to that of cerebellum as
the control group (P <0.05). Conclusion: HBO can               semi-quantitative parameters was used to evaluate brain
                                                               glucose metabolism. Result: The CMRglc of DNS patient
enhance the anti-infection capacity of the surgery district
and accelerate the rate of bone regeneration and               decreased in bilateral frontal lobe、parietal lobe、temporal
ossification, and increase the activity of serum alkaline      lobe and occipital lobe before HBOT. After HBOT , there
phosphatase. The domestic internal distractor has a            were obvious improvement of CMRglc in bilateral parietal
stable biomechanical property and good biocompatibility.       lobe、occipital lobe and left side temporal lobe and no
                                                               difference in bilateral frontal lobe 、right side temporal lobe.
                                                               Conclusion: The CMRglc, decreased, on the early phase
P32                                                            of DNS. Combining hyperbaric oxygen treatment can
Clinical study of the impact of hyperbaric oxygen              improve CMRglc and cerebral function.
therapy on hemorheology and neural function
rehabilitation in patients with cerebral infarction
Zhong Qiaofen
Guizhou Provincial Peoples Hospital, Guizhou, China            P34
                                                               Analysis of therapeutic effect of hyperbaric oxygen on
Objective: To investigate the impact of hyperbaric oxygen      idiopathic facial palsy
on hemorheology and neural function rehabilitation in          Fang Liu, Hua Su, Jia Chen
treating cerebral infarction. Methods: Clinical observation    First Affiliated Hospital, Fujian Medical University, China
with 48 cases of cerebral infarction treated by HBO
therapy. Compare the preselected indexes and contrast          Objective: To analysis different degree and different
the condition with those before therapy, then make a           factors influencing on effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen
statistical analysis. Results: Compared with the               (HBO) on patients with idiopathic facial palsy and to
hemorheological indices before HBO therapy, whole blood        evaluate the clinical significance of hyperbaric oxygen on
viscosity in high, middle and low shear rate, plasma           them. Methods: First, the influencing factors were
viscosity, hematocrit (Hct), erythrocyte aggregation           investigated statistically through a retrospective analysis
index(EAI), erythrocyte electrophoretic time(EPT) and          of total effective on 196 patients with idiopathic facial palsy,
platalet aggregation rate(1,3,M) were more obviously           including sex, age, basic disease, HBO treatment,
house-brackmann facial grading and speed of signal                HBO may promote the proliferation and differentiation of
conduction of facial nerve. Secondly, according to the            endogenous NSC in HIBD neonatal rats.
different methods of treatment the patients were divided          Acknowledgments Projects supported by National
into group A (routine treatment) and group B(HBO                  Natural Science Foundation of China (the Science Fund of
treatment), compared effectiveness of HBO treatment in            the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Grant 30672240.
different serious degree.          Results: HBO treatment,
house-brackmann facial grading and speed of signal
conduction of facial nerve were major influencing factors.
The total effective rate of group B was significantly higher      P36
than that of group A (x =3.96, P<0.05).No significant             Acute air embolism with bilateral pneumothorax after
difference was found between A and B group when                   a 24meter dive
house-brackmann facial grading was Ⅱgrade, the same               Chen Yang, Xiaowen Pan, Xuechang Li
                                                                  Navy General Hospital, Beijing, China
result when speed of signal conduction of facial nerve was
slight slower. The effective ratio of group B was higher
                                                                  A diver had an emergency ascent from 24m depth in a
than that of the group A when house-brackmann facial
                                                                  dive accident, and suffered barotraumas with bilateral
grading was Ⅲ~Ⅳ and Ⅴ~Ⅵ grade (P<0.01, P<0.05),                   pneumothorax and air embolism in CNS. When he was
the same result when speed of signal conduction of facial         sent to our hospital 19h after the accident, he was almost
nerve was middling and serious slower (P<0.01, P<0.05).           unconsciousness. This is the first case of barotrauma with
The effective ratio of group B was higher than that of the        bilateral pneumothorax in dive accident in our hyperbaric
group A when the delayed treatment time was less than 3           center. The patient was successfully treated by
days and more than 31 days (P<0.01). Conclusions: The             recompression with HBO. It was effective for the air
curative effect of HBO on different degree of patients with       embolism of the CNS to treat with HBO even after 20h.
idiopathic facial palsy is significant particularly in middling
and serious degree patients. Receive HBO treatment
early will help to improve herapeutic effect.
                                                                  Analysis of 156 childhood Carbon monoxide
                                                                  poisoning managed by hyperbaric oxygen
P35                                                               Zhang Jin
Effect of multiple course of HBO therapy on the                   Capital University of Medicine Affiliated Beijing Children’s
proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells of         Hospital, Beijing, China
HIBD neonate rats
Qinghon Wang, Chongfen Chen, Men Li, Yue Yao,                     Objective: To discuss the characteristics of children
Miao Jin, Yujia Yang                                              withCarbon monoxidepoisoning (COP), andhyperbaric
Division of Neonatology, Department of Pediatrics, Xiang          oxygen(HBO)therapy,                  in             children.
Ya Hospital, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan,           Methods: Carboxyhemoglobin, (COHb) levels were not
China                                                             parallel with severity of illness .Therapeutic pressure was
                                                                  due to the age of patient. Mild COP patients need 1~10
Objective: To observe whether to increase the                     times HBO process , moderate COP patients need 10~20
therapeutic course of HBO can promote neural stem cells           times, severe COP patients need 20~30 times , all patient
(NSC) proliferation and differentiation into neurons and to       got recovery and follow up 2~6 months , no
improve the efficacy of HBO therapy in HIBD neonate rat.          sequelaes have been found yet. Results: Children COP
Methods: Seven-day-old Sprague-Dawley rats underwent              manifestations vary a lot, COHb levels can only be a
left carotid ligation followed by 2 hours of hypoxic stress       reference when judging the degree of COP. The prognosis
(8% O2 at 37°C). One, two, or three therapeutic courses o f       will be good if HBO can be used as soon as possible and
HBO (Group HBO-1, Group HBO-2, and Group HBO-3)                   long enough. Retrospectively analyzed 156 children with
were administered after 2 hours later (2 ATA, once daily          COP treated in Beijing Children’s Hospital HBO
for 7 days as a therapeutic course). At 35 days, T-maze           department in recent 3 years. Conclusion: COP occurs in
forced alternation, the radial arm maze and foot-fault test,      all ages of children, and can cause variety manifestations.
BrdU/nestin and BrdU/NSE immunofluorescence, nestin               Infant usually have untypical manifestations.
protein (western blot) were performed. Results: (1) The
                     +       +
number of BrdU /nestin cells of SVZ was largest
increases in group HBO-3 compared with that in HBO-1
and HBO-2; (2)There was no obvious increase in                    P38
      +        +
BrdU /nestin cells of DG in all HBO treatment groups; (3)         Experience with non-survivors of acute carbon
                          +    +
The number of BrdU /NSE cells of brain was largest                monoxide intoxication who received hyperbaric
increases in group HBO-3 compared with that in HBO-1              oxygen therapy
                                                                               1                  2
and HBO-2; (4) Westen blot showed the express of nestin           Te-Chun Hsia , Wan-Yun Hsiao
protein was highest in group HBO-3 than other groups; (5)         1. HBO Department, China Medical University Hospital,
The HBO treatment groups performed better in the                  Taiwan, China
behavioral tests with the increase in therapeutic                 2. Respiratory Therapy Department, China Medical
courses. Conclusion: To increase therapeutic course of            University Hospital, Taiwan, China
Purpose: The main purpose of this study was to                maintained. The femoral arteries and veins of
determine the reason for the carbon monoxide (CO)             anesthetized rats were cannulated for blood pressure,
poisoning-related deaths at out hospital and to describe      MAP and HR monitoring, and the arterial partial pressure
the demographic data and epidemiology. Methods: We            of CO2 (Paco2), O2 (Pao2), SatO2, HCO3 and PH value
retrospectively selected this group of acute CO               were measured via a blood gas analyzer. The brain
intoxication patients that received emergency hyperbaric      neurotransmitters     expression     was    analyzed    via
oxygen therapy (HBOT) from April 2000 to August 2005 at       stereotaxically implanted microdialysis probe, and lactate,
our hospital. Data regarding age, gender, duration of CO      glycerol, pyruvate and glutamate levels were measured.
poisoning exposure, cause of the episode, underlying          The blood-brain barrier (BBB) expression and brain
disease, number of HBOT courses, hospital course,             edema were measured by Evans blue method and brain
cormorbidity and cause of mortality were obtained from        dry/wet ratios respectively. We compared the extreme
the medical records. We also reviewed the admission data      hypobaric hypoxia group and normbaric nomoxia group
records, including vital signs, Glasgow Coma Scale,           for understanding the difference in physiological
arterial blood gas, carboxyhemoglobin level, and              characteristics. Result: The average survival time was
intubation or not. Results: One hundred thirty-seven          29±5.4 min (n=10) for un-anesthetized rats; and 26±6.5
patients and 5 fatalities related to CO poisoning were        min (n=10) for anesthetized rats in our extreme hypobaric
reviewed; the mortality rate was 3.65%. The 5 fatalities      hypoxia setting. The arterial partial pressure of CO2
were all male, in the prime of life (27~37 years old), and    (Paco2), O2 (Pao2), SatO2, HCO3 and PH value
without major underlying disease. Four (4/5) patients         significantly decreased, and the neurotransmitter
committed suicide by inhaling CO from burning charcoal.       expressions in brain such as glycerol, glutamate and
They all received emergent HBOT. Prolonged                    pyruvate/lactate ratio were significantly increased in
unconsciousness was noted after series HBOT in 4 (4/5)        extreme hypobaric hypoxia. We found no significant
patients. Four (4/5) patients developed rhabdomyolysis        difference in the blood-brain barrier (BBB) expression and
and acute renal failure. The causes of death were multiple    brain dry/wet ratios in our study. Conclusion: We report
organ failure (3/5, 60%) and septic shock (2/5, 40%).         the survival time and provide the evidence of changes in
Conclusions: The causes of acute CO poisoning among           physiological characteristics and brain neurotransmitters
the fatalities were suicide by inhaling CO from burning       of rats in extreme hypobaric hypoxia environment. The
charcoal (4/5, 80%) and a fire accident (1/5, 20%) at our     development of a new animal model for rats under
hospital. They were in the prime of life without major        extreme hypobaric hypoxia is advantageous for academic
underlying disease. The brain is an oxygen dependent          researches for diseases related to hypobaric hypoxia,
organ, and the damage may be severe and irreversible          such as acute mountain sickness.
after CO intoxication and hypoxia. Rhabdomyolysis and
acute renal failure may also occur. Secondary infection
and septic shock may worsen the already poor condition.
The cause of death may be considered as multiple organ        P40
failure, including the brain, lung, and kidney.               A thermodynamic mechanism for explaining the
                                                              concurrence of joint ache and neurological deficit in
                                                              one limb
                                                              Cristian Melián
P39                                                           Asociación Chilena de la seguridad, Puerto Montt, Chile
Survival and physiological derangement of rats in the
extreme hypobaric hypoxia environment: Toward a               Objective: To suggest a physiopathological mechanism
new animal model of acute mountain sickness                   that explains the clinical observation of spinal
              1                  2                  3
Wang Chia-Ti ,         Niu Ko-Chi ,     Lin Mao-Tsun ,        cord-articulation congruency. Materials and methods: a)
                   4               1             1
Chang Ching-Ping , Syong Ci-Huei , Lin Hung-Jung              Revision of records b) Analysis of Data. Results:
1. Department of Emergency Medicine, Chi-Mei Medical          Thermodynamic hypothesis of probability of bubbles
Center Tainan 710, Taiwan, China                              appearance in a tissue subjected to mechanical energy:
2. Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Chi Mei Medical           “For any heterogeneous open thermodynamic system,
Center, Tainan 710, Taiwan, China                             with non-adiabatic walls constituted by several
3. Department of Medical Research, Chi-Mei Medical            non-compressible phases, with inert gases dissolved in
Center, Tainan 710, Taiwan, China                             them and subjected to pressure, the probability of
4. Department of Biotechnology, Southern Taiwan               formation of gas bubbles in the system when the pressure
University, Tainan 710, Taiwan, China                         diminishes is directly proportional to the total energy
                                                              (determined by factors such as thermal energy and mass
Objective: To understand the survival and physiological       of gas) accumulated by the system during the period of
derangement of rats in the extreme hypobaric hypoxia          time in which it was subjected to pressure; and inversely
environment.   Methods:       Both    anesthetized      and   proportional to the speed of energy transfer from the
un-anesthetized male Sprague–Dawley rats (350-400g)           system into the environment in the form of heat or mass of
were exposed to extreme hypobaric hypoxia and,                gas”. The specific place of bubble formation will be the
normobaric normoxia. Hypobaric hypoxia was achieved by        phase presenting a greater ∆E and its surroundings. The
a decompression chamber. The pressure was decreased           skeletal muscle system, in the four limbs, receives a
to 210 mmHg, which is equivalent to the pressure of 0.27      similar mass of gas. The diver applies work to the skeletal
atm or at 9000m height, in a controlled rate. Survival time   muscle system; for example, to the right arm: kinetic
was measured after target pressure achieved and               energy is generated which turns into an increase of
internal energy and heat in the limb. The longer the time       Activation of FGF-2/MEK/ERK 1/2/NF-κB and PKC/JNK
the action is performed the greater the energy load and         Pathways by Hyperbaric Oxygen Stimulated
mass of gas. When the diver ascends the pressure                proliferation in Osteoblast
                                                                                  1                    2
diminishes, the speed of elimination of gas mass and heat       CHEN-PU HSIEH , CHING-YUANG LIN
is surpassed in the right arm, secondary to the energy          1. Orthopaedic Surgery Department and Hyperbaric
accumulation during the task, with bubbles appearing in         Center ,Changhua Christian Hospital, Taiwan, China
tissues with a greater ∆E and in its surroundings; for          2. Institute of Medical Research, College of Health
example, in the right shoulder. In the spinal cord,             Sciences, Chang Jung Christian University, Tainan,
specifically in the synapse of the 1st and 2nd                  Taiwan, China
motor-neurons in the right arm, a greater amount of heat
and gas mass accumulates, the elimination speed rate is         Background: To investigate whether the hyperbaric
surpassed and bubbles appear. The specific phase for the        oxygen(HBO) can promote the growth-arrest osteoblast
spinal cord will then be the inter-synapse space and its        (OB) cells to proliferate and differentiate, and to determine
surroundings. The bubbles would cause a mechanical              the probable mechanism .Methods: OB cells were
blockade of the nervous stimulus that would be                  exposed to O2 with different levels of saturation and
transformed into a sensitive or motor deficiency. So, the       pressure for 3 days and 7 days. The OB cells were divided
degree of neurological deficiency would be given by the         into four groups: 1.TheControl Group (Group C ):cells
number of synapses involved. Neurological recovery              were cultured under ambient oxygen (21% O2) and
would be given by: number of synapses involved, quantity,       normal pressure(1ata). 2.ThePressure Group(Group
size and time the bubbles interact in the synapses,             P) :cells were treated with high pressure(2.5ata) only twice
passing from a reversible mechanical-physiological              daily. 3.High Oxygen Group(Group O): Cells were treated
dysfunction to an irreversible anatomical alteration.           with high concentration oxygen(50%) only twice daily.
                                                                4.Pressure and High Oxygen group(Group P+O): Cells
                                                                were treated with high pressure(2.5ata) and high
                                                                concentration oxygen(50%) twice daily. XTT was used to
                                                                detect the cells proliferation and cell cycle progression
P41                                                             was determined by Flow analysis. Expression of growth
Decompression sickness (DCS)-Is there a relationship            factors was assayed by RT-PCR. In addition, we
between the anatomical location of joint pain and               determined HBO activated signaling pathway in OB cells
location of injuries in spinal cord?                            by Western Blot analysis. Results: HBO therapy did
Cristian Melián                                                 significantly promote OB cell proliferation and stimulated
Asociación Chilena de la seguridad, Puerto Montt, Chile         cell cycle progression after the cells had been treated for
                                                                three days.Afterward, the effect attenuated day by
Summary: A retrospective, cross-sectional and                   day. HBO also stimulated the OB cells to produce the
descriptive investigation was realized in 35 patients with      FGF-2 growth factors. Multiple signaling pathways,
DCS Type I (joint pain) and Type II (neurological deficit) in   including FGF-2/MEK/ERK 1/2/Akt/p70               /NF-κB and
the same episode of DCS. The patients were treated in           PKC/JNK, are involved in the proliferation of OB cells by
“Unidad de Baromedicina ACHS Puerto Montt (Chile)”, in          HBO stimulation .Conclusions: The pressure and high
the period between March 2006 and March 2008. A                 saturation of pressure have positive effects on stimulating
registry of the anatomical location of joint pain and           grow-arrested OB cells to proliferate and differentiate
neurological deficit was realized, dividing the body in 4       through activation of FGF-2/MEK/ERK 1/2/Akt/p70
quadrants. There were defined four types of relation of         /NF-κB and PKC/JNK signaling pathway.However,we
congruence. 1) Congruence of quadrant 2) Congruence of          were unable to determine between air pressure and
side 3) not demonstrable Congruence 4) there is not             oxygen concentration which is the more important factor.It
congruence of quadrant. Objective: To describe the              is believed that HBO can be useful for fracture healing in
existence of a relation between the anatomical location of      clinical application in an optimal situation.
the joint pain and the location of the lesion in spinal cord
(spinal cord - articulation congruency). Materials and
Methods: It made a review of records and analysis of data
obtained from each patient. Results: A congruence of            P43
side (spinal cord - articulation congruency) was observed       Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for chronic refractory
in the 100% of the cases, in which it possible                  osteomyelitis of the sternum: a case report
demonstrated positively or negatively congruence. In 80         Raymond        C Shields, Francis    C Nichols, William
% of these cases the congruity Medular - articulate is in       G Buchta, Paul L Claus
the same quadrant. In 0% of the cases “there is not             Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation, Rochester, MN, USA
quadrant congruence”. Conclusions: A relation between
the anatomical location of the joint pain and the location of   Objective: To review a case of chronic refractory
the lesion in spinal cord was observed.                         osteomyelitis of the sternum. Methods: A 32-year-old
                                                                female with a history of lye ingestion at 14 months of age
                                                                underwent multiple esophageal surgical procedures
                                                                including subcutaneous colonic interposition with
P42                                                             conversion to substernal colonic interposition requiring
                                                                median sternotomy, revision of pharyngocolostomy, and
                                                                eventual revision of cologastric anastomosis for
obstruction. The last surgical procedure was complicated      suggests that prior concerns regarding traditional cytotoxic
by a nonhealing draining sinus tract at the sternum.          chemotherapy are not justified by the published
Clinical and computed tomography findings were                experience. Special considerations do relate to Bleomycin
consistent with chronic sternal osteomyelitis without         where reports document occasional but potential life
anastomotic leakage. Narcotic analgesics were frequently      threatening pulmonary fibrosis in patients exposed to
required for pain management. Hyperbaric oxygen               oxygen-enhanced breathing gasses even some time after
therapy (HBOT) was initiated. Twenty four of 40               Bleomycin administration. Some drugs may be potentiated
recommended sessions were completed which included a          in their cytotoxic effects on cancer cell growth though this
profile of 100% oxygen administered via an oxygen hood        application has not been widely investigated or adapted to
(Sea-Long, Series 500 Hood / Neckdam System,                  clinical advantage. For some of the newer drugs such as
Louisville, KY, USA) at 105 kPa (2 atmospheres absolute,      Bevacizumab and Cetuximab, there is not yet an
33 fsw) for 90 minutes with a 5 minute median air break.      adequate published experience to make definite
All sessions were conducted in a multiplace chamber           recommendation; however, based on their mechanisms of
(Fink Engineering TL24-165 AH11, Queensland,                  action, these and other drugs with similar mechanism are
Australia). Ertapenem antibiotic therapy was continued        likely to interfere with the hyperbaric oxygen delivered to
throughout HBOT and discontinued at completion. No            enhance wound healing or treat delayed radiation injuries.
surgical debridement was required. Results: Dramatic          Conclusions: The interaction between hyperbaric oxygen
pain relief was seen early along with cessation of sternal    and cancer chemotherapy is complex and not well-studied.
drainage. Upon completion of 24 sessions, the sternal         Older recommendations that absolute contraindications
wound had healed completely. The C-reactive protein           exist for most traditional drugs are not justified by
improved from 16.1 mg/L before HBOT to less than 3            available published literature. For newer drugs targeted
mg/L at completion. Conclusion: HBOT is beneficial for        against growth factors, the mechanism of action suggests
chronic osteomyelitis by reversing tissue hypoxia,            that they will inhibit hyperbaric oxygen’s salutatory effect
enhancement in leukocyte bacterial phagocytosis, and          on wound healing.
improving tissue perfusion. These mechanisms appear to
have been important in the healing of chronic sternal
osteomyelitis in this patient. Reports of HBOT for sternal
osteomyelitis remain limited in the English literature.       P45
Further investigation with well-designed clinical trials of   Analysis of dynamic state of rheo-encephalogram
HBOT for this indication is necessary to substantiate this    during the procedure of hyperbaric oxygen therapy
                                                                             1                  1                   1
treatment                                                     Hongjun Wang ,       Qibiao Weng ,       Lingling Chen ,
                                                                           1            2       1              1
                                                              Xuelin Chen , quyun Yang , Jin Liu , Guimei Zhou
                                                              1. Zhujiang Hospital attached to Southern Medical
                                                              University, Department of Hyperbaric oxygen, Guangzhou,
P44                                                           China
Hyperbaric oxygen and concurrent chemotherapy:                2. The First Hospital attached to Guangdong
what are the concerns?                                        Pharmaceutical College, Guangzhou, China
John Feldmeier                                                3. Shilong People’s Hospital of Dongguan City,
University of Toledo Medical Center, Radiation Oncology       Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, China
Department, Toledo Radiation Oncology, USA                    4. The Second People’s Hospital of Nanhai District,
                                                              Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, China
Objective: To review the published literature and putative
effects of cancer -chemotherapy on patients receiving         Objective: Three dynamic states of rheo-encephalogram
hyperbaric oxygen. Methods: Electronic computer data          (before HBOT, during HBOT and after HBOT) of patients
base literature searches as well as manual searches of        who received the HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) were
known references in hyperbaric medicine were employed         analyzed, so as to observe and analyze the effect of the
in order to define the potential interactions of hyperbaric   whole procedure of HBOT on function of cerebral vessels,
oxygen and chemotherapy in cancer patients undergoing         to know about the diversity and rule of function of cerebral
active treatment. In the past decade several new drugs        vessels and change of cerebral blood flow, and to provide
with new mechanisms of action have become available.          theory of HBOT on cerebral diseases. Method:
These drugs may target growth factors such as VEGF            Rheo-encephalogram was done in the following states: in
(vascular endothelial growth factor) or EGF (epithelial       normal atmospheric pressure, in 0.2 MPa, after
growth factor) while traditional cytotoxic chemotherapy is    40-minute’s HBOT, in normal atmospheric pressure after
designed to directly disrupt cancer cell proliferation by     the whole procedure of HBOT. All data is analyzed by
interfering with mitosis. Results: The interaction between    SPSS 11.5. Result: Differences are significant in the
hyperbaric oxygen and cancer chemotherapy is complex          following items: resistent index, rise time, whole recovery
and not well-studied. Older recommendations that              time, elasticity index, increased angle, top included
absolute contraindications exist for most traditional drugs   angle. Items of rheo-encephalogram of internal carotid
are not justified by available published literature. For      artery and vertebrobasilar artery are dissimilar between
newer drugs targeted against growth factors, the              “patients after inhale oxygen, patients go out the
mechanism of action suggests that they will inhibit           hyperbaric chamber” and “before pressure is elevated,
hyperbaric oxygen’s salutatory effect on wound healing.       after pressure is stable”, while differences are not
More study is needed before definite recommendations for      significant between “before pressure is elevated” and
these new drugs can be made. The review of these issues       “after pressure is stable”, so do “patients after inhale
oxygen” and “patients go out the hyperbaric chamber”.          history,,    clinical   manifestations,    and    adjunctive
Conclusion: HBOT plays a positive role in vascular             examinations            such         as,         hemoglobin
resistance and angiotasis when HBOT was received,              level(Hgb), hematocri(Hct), computerized tomography,
while HBOT exerts no influence on volume of blood flow of      (CT), and magnetic resonance image (MRI). All cases
cerebral vessels. It is indicated that change of vascular      received the, combined treatment :the USN treatment
resistance and angiotasis is mainly affected by stimulation    table 6A and subsequent, HBO2 therapy (50 ft/ 120 min);
of high pressure oxygen on vascular smooth muscle              acupuncture of head, neck, hand, abdomen, back, buttock,
rather than elevated oxygen pressure. Advanced research        leg and blood letting of Wei-Chung, acupuncture point and
is required on cause of cerebral vessels’ contraction          physical therapy. Results: Four male fishermen had a
without reduction of volume of blood flow and duration of      repetitive dives to the depth, (25-52 m) for 40-100 min with
effects of elevated oxygen pressure on function of             SCUBA or surface supply compressed air., All dives
cerebral vessels.                                              exceeded no decompression limit without adequate,
                                                               decompression stop . The clinical symptoms included
                                                               changed, mentality, ptosis of eyelid, numbness and
                                                               weakness of upper limbs or, lower limbs, difficulty in
P46                                                            urination and defecation. Two cases had increased Hgb
18F- FDG PET imaging before and after hyperbaric               and Hct. One CT scan showed the brain edema and two
oxygen combined therapy in persistent vegetative               had, positive MRI findings of brain and cervical spine.
state                                                          After the combined, treatment, three cases (75%) had
Yu Ronghao, Xie Qiuyou, He Yanbin,et al.                       complete recovery of motor function, and walked smoothly
Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Guangzhou general             leaving the hospital. One serious case could walk, for a
hospital, Guangzhou Military Command, Guangzhou,               short distance with the walking stick. Hypoesthesia over
China                                                          lower, trunk improved markedly. Two cases had urination
                                                               by themselves and, smooth defecation. The other two had
Objective: To evaluate the therapeutic effect of               sensation of urination and, increased power of anal
hyperbaric oxygen combined therapy in persistent               sphincter but still needed urinary catheter, and laxative.
vegetative     state,    (PVS)      patients    with      F-   The hospital stay was all within 30 days for four cases.
fluorodeoxyglucose ( F- FDG) position emission                 Conclusion: From these clinical results, we suggest that
tomography (PET) imaging. Methods: Ten patients with           this, combined treatment of acupuncture, HBO2 and
PVS received F- FDG PET imaging examination before             rehabilitation may be, another useful choice in the
and after hyperbaric oxygen combined therapy. Results:         management of neurological DCS.
All of the 10 cases were with abnormal cerebral glucose
metabolism. Some abnormal cerebral glucose metabolism
areas were concordant with the changes on brain CT or
MRI,, but some were not. As PVS recovered,                     P48
improvement of cerebral glucose metabolism or complete         Mechanically ventilated patients poisoned with
return to normal were also observed., Conclusions: F-          carbon monoxide: outcome after hyperbaric oxygen
FDG PET imaging is a safe and reliable modality, which         therapy
                                                                            1                    1                1
not only can directly reflect the level of cerebral cerebral   Wang Chia-Ti ,      Cheng Chin-Jen ,    Liu Te-Ming ,
glucose metabolism and serve as a supplementary work           Niu Ko-chi
up to brain CT and MRI, but also can be used to evaluate       1. Department of Emergency Medicine, Chi Mei Medical
the therapeutic effect of hyperbaric oxygen combined           Center, Tainan, Taiwan, China
therapy in PVS and to predict the prognosis.                   2. Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Chi Mei Medical
                                                               Center, Tainan, Taiwan, China

                                                               Objective: To review the outcome of severely poisoned
P47                                                            patients who receiving mechanical ventilation and HBO
Combined treatment of hyperbaric oxygen therapy,               therapy. Methods: We reviewed the case records of 16
acupuncture and rehabilitation in four cases of                patients required mechanical ventilation for severe carbon
neurological decompression sickness                            monoxide poisoning treated with HBO at Chi-Mei Medical
Hui-Chieh Lee                                                  center between May 2001and December 2005. We
Zuoying Armed Forces General Hospital, Taiwan, China           obtained numbers of days admitted in ICU and wards,
                                                               underlying diseases, laboratory data. We analyzed the
Objective: The neurological decompression sickness             mortality and the morbidity in these treated patients. Only
(DCS) may cause severe symptoms and sequelae such              patients without any other comorbidity, like trauma or burn
as paraplegia and difficulty in, micturition and defecation.   injury, can be included in our study. Results: Fourteen
Traditional treatments includes United, States Navy (USN)      (87.5%) of 16 patients committed suicide by burning
treatment tables, hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) therapy, &          charcoal, 1(6.25%) was poisoned by car exhaust and
rehabilitation. In order to improve the therapeutic effects,   1(6.25%) was poisoned by faulty water heating
we, tried to use a combined treatment of HBO2 、                installations. All patients received endotracheal tube
                                                               insertion before HBO therapy and HBO therapy
acupuncture &, rehabilitation in the neurological DCS .
                                                               subsequently. Although 15 patients received HBO therapy
Methods: Four cases of neurological DCS were collected,                                                                  th
                                                               within 2 days after admission, one was treated on the 16
via our emergent room and diagnosed by means of diving
                                                               day after admission due to his unstable condition. Mean
ICU stay was 7 days and total hospital stay was 16.7 days.     to a prospective clinical study to evaluate the therapeutic
There was 1 mortality case, and the other three were also      benefit of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in a large,
defined as poor outcome due to their vegetative status.        patient population. Moreover a, first five years follow-up
Twelve (75%) patients who underwent HBO therapy were           study, should give a prediction for the stability of the
discharged without severe sequelae. Conclusion:                results after therapy. Method: Within the past 8 years 266
According to our experience, mechanically ventilated           patients with MRI confirmed diagnosis of BME or AVN
CO-poisoned patients who receive hyperbaric oxygen had         were evaluated. They were classified according to the
a fair prognosis. Although the risks for the mechanically      Association for Research of Circulation Osseous (ARCO),
ventilated patients are relatively high, HBO therapy           knee joint (n = 207) and ankle joint, (n = 59). Clinical
seemed to reduce the risk of serious neurological deficit in   examination, (range of movement , pain score) was done
severe CO poisoned patients.                                   before, during and after therapy and within the follow-up
                                                               period. MRI control after, HBOT was classified for results.
                                                               The number, of HBOT sessions (250/60) varied,
                                                               according to, the clinical, success (minimum 15 or more).
P49                                                            Classification of Result: 3+ no complaints/ 2+ clear
Experience in the treatment of decompression                   approvement 1+ less 0 no progress. In the follow-up study
sickness from the mountain lake diving in Taiwan               group (FSG) n = 104, patients with interaction of
Shyanher WANG                                                  interfering factors (e.g. operation, arthrosis) were
Department of Occupational and General Medicine,               excluded to evaluate, the real effect of HBOT stability (n =
Tungs’ Taichung MetroHabor Hospital, TaiZhong, Taiwan,         64). Results: Mean age knee group (KG) was 57 years in
China                                                          comparison to the talus group (TG) 40 years. Number of
                                                               sessions 27(KG) and 25 (TG) Clinical outcome ARCO
Decompression sickness (DCS) occurred in the mountain          stage 2, KG: 77,2% rated 3+, 19% rated 2+ in comparison
lake is extremely rare in Taiwan., However, there were 3       with outcome stage 2 TG: 64,3%, 3+, 28,6 2+. Clinical
victims during a 6-day rescue dive after the Mindulle          outcome ARCO stage 3 knee group 60% 3+ versus 42,2%
typhoon attacks., It damaged the water gate in the Carp        TG. The MRI outcome varies significantly in this stage: 3+
Reservoir where located 300 meters above sea level.            rated in 38,4% versus 9,1% TG. 94 % in the FSG
Eleven male participated the dive., Their average age,         answered our questionnaire. 81% remained in an
body weight and diving experience were 25 year-old, 72         unchanged therapeutic outcome, improvement in 6% and
kg and 3 years, respectively., The rescue started 24 hours     symptomatic aggravation also in 6%. Most of the changes
after ascending., The surface-supply dive was adopted          were, seen within the first year. Conclusion: HBOT
due to the limited time and space., The bottom time was        administered as a conservative causal therapy leads to
30 minutes and the depth 60 meters under the mountain          very good results in earlier ARCO stages particularly, in
lake., Two dived each time. The patients were treated with     the knee joint. There is a significant difference in MRI
the modified and extended recompression tables                 rating in stage 3. The therapeutic follow-up outcome
according to the individual condition. One victim with bend    already shows very stable results within the first year.
over multiple joints was treated with a modified table 5A.,
He got complete remission after the 5-hour treatment.,
The other two victims with bend and numbness over
multiple limbs were treated with a modified table 6A for 8     P51
hours., Because both had some residual symptoms, a             Effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on bone
table 5 was added on the next day., Both got complete          regenerating      ossification     during mandibular
remission thereafter., All three victims received no other     distraction osteogenesis in goats
                                                                          1            1           2
medicines except of isotonic saline., None of them has         Mingxing Li , Xiaoxin Lu , Jie Zheng
late complication to date. The relative high incidence of      1. Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Fuzhou General
DCS in this mountain lake dive might be from the hostile       Hospital, Fuzhou, China.
environment. The modified table 5A and table 6A, added         2. School of Stomatology , Fujian Medical University,
with a followed table as necessary, might be tailored to
                                                               Fuzhou, China
optimize the treatment of the DCS occurred in the
mountain lake.
                                                               Objective: To evaluate the effect of hyperbaric oxygen
                                                               therapy (HBO) on the early phase of mandible lengthening
                                                               in the goat model. Methods: Six healthy goats were
                                                               randomly divided into two groups (n = 3 each). Animals
                                                               underwent corticotomy of the hibateral body of the
Hyperbaric oxygen treatment of bone marrow edema
                                                               mandible after placement of distraction devices.
(BME) and avascular osteonecrosis (AVN) of knee
                                                               Distraction, at a rate of 1 mm/day and a rhythm of 2
joint in comparison to talus. first long term results (5
                                                               turns/day, began after a 5-day latency period for ten days.
years) in therapeutic outcome
                                                               Only the second group underwent HBO for 1.5 hours daily
Johannes von Reumont, Anke Fabian
                                                               for fourteen days from the second day of the latency
Hyperbaric Centre, Heidelberg, Germany
                                                               phase. Twenty-eight days after completion of the
                                                               distraction protocol, the animals were killed and the
Objective: Positive effects in the BME and AVN treatment
                                                               distracted mandibles were harvested. The appearance of
of the knee joint were first-time observed during a pilot
                                                               the samples, radiological changes, bone mineral density,
study in our centre, in 1998 and 99. These results entailed,
and mechanical strengths and histology were examined.          Conclusion and Discussion: The extensión of the time
Moreover, Serum alkaline phosphatase was measured              the divers spend on the surface after each dive, thanks to
before HBO and every four days thereafter from 3 days          the conclusión of Breath Hold Apnea Table for Lower
pre-treatment till first day post-treatment. Results: 1. In    Embolism has made accidents due to the formation of
the experimental group, the surgery region swelling            bubbles caused by the excess of nitrogen accumulated in
abated quickly; in the control group, surgery region in one    the time of diving almost extinct.
animal had an infection. Every goat had bony callus, and
the experimental group resulted in harder and wider
healing bone. 2. X-ray: All specimens showed a
progressive calcification of the distracted area between       P53
the mandibular segments, and the bone cerebral cortex          Summarization of 3180 children with hyperbaric
connected completely except the infected animal. The           oxygen therapy
distracted zone in the experimental group exhibited higher     Chen Yanhua, Capital University of Medicine Affiliated
radiodense opacity. 3. Bone density showed that the            Beijing Children’s Hospital, Beijing, China
experimental group resulted in a denser healing bone
(P<0.05). 4. Three-point bending test showed that the          Objective: Hyperbaric oxygen department of Beijing
maximal loading in the experimental group was higher           Children’s Hospital was founded in 2001-6-1. It has been
than in the control group (P<0.05) .5. In the control group,   7 years since then. Our department has become the
three zones exhibited progress of intramembranous              biggest pediatric HBO unit in Beijing region. Now we have
ossification. 6. Statistical analysis of the percentage of     2 adult pure oxygen chanbers, 5 infant chanbers. There
bone trabeculae area in the distraction gap revealed that      are 50 person-times per day on average and now we have
experimental group showed a significant increase               treated over 70000 person-times safely, including more
compared with the control group (P<0.05). 7. Serum             than 10 kinds of disease. Methods: Now we summarize
alkaline phosphatase: early after surgery, every animal's      our experiences of management of all kinds of disease in
serumal alkaline phosphatase level increased, and in the       children   as     follows:   Neonatal     hypoxic-ischemic
experimental group it increased more significantly than in     encephalopathy, Cerebral paralysis, Zentrale koordination
the control group (P <0.05). Conclusion: HBO can               storung, Virus encephalitis, Carbon monoxide poisoning,
enhance the anti-infection capacity of the surgery district    Virus encephalitis combined with cortex blindness,
and accelerate the rate of bone regeneration and               Congenital heart disease after operation, Exterior
ossification, and increase the activity of serum alkaline      waterhead, Sudden deafness, Brain trauma, Toxicosis
phosphatase. The domestic internal distractor has a            encephalopathy ,crushing syndrome etc. Age: the
stable biomechanical property and good biocompatibility.       youngest patient is 8 hours after birth, the oldest is 18
                                                               years. Therapeutic scheme: Therapeutic pressure range
                                                               from 0.05MP to 0.1 MP. Result: According to our
                                                               experiences, pediatric HBO is a valuable method for most
P52                                                            cases, especially for those Carbon monoxide poisoning,
Breath hold apnea tables for lower embolism (BATLE)            Virus encephalitis combined with cortex blindness,
experience after more than six years 2000 – 2008               drug toxicosis, HIE,    crush   syndrome       and    virus
John M Batle                                                   encephalitis. Conclusion: We consider that pediatric
MEDISUB Hyperbaric & Underwater Research Institute             HBO is a very effective and safety method as far as strictly
Palma de Mallorca, SPAIN                                       abide the rules and criterions. The sooner the
                                                               management begin, the better the result will be.
In the Balearic Islands, there is a great number of people
interested in submarine fishing. Although fish are
becoming scarcer to find, and the bigger ones are at a
deeper depth which leads to the use of electric scooters
( submarine scooters) arriving to depths of up to 63 metres
in apnea in the space of approximately two minutes to the
said pressure with intervals on the surface of about two or
three minutes.The number of dives per hour is about
fifteen and each sesión is usually done over a period of
between three to eight hours. Materials and Methods:
Since l994 to present date, a study has been made of
about forty cases of disbaric diving accidents in
apneaatended by Medisub Hyperbaric Institute during the
period l995 -2005. In the year 2000, the first tables of
Breath Hold Apnea?Tables?for Lower Embolism ( BATLE )
were published at the EUBS Congress in Malta, and the
second generation of tables were published in ICHM 2002.
Now with more than six years of practise and experience
of submarine fishing with the said tables. Results: The
number of accidents diminished progressively and since
then, few accidents have been presented in divers
practising submarine fishing.
Publish Only
K01                                                            Objective: To study the change of apoptotic cells and
Observation of hyperbaric oxygen therapy’s effects             expression of bcl-2 protein, Bax protein and caspase3
on delayed encephalopathy after acute carbon                   protein in mice brain hippocampus after acute carbon
monoxide poisoning                                             monoxide poisoning (ACMP). Mathods: 56 Male
Li Li Xu, Yi Liu, Hong Mei Chen                                KunMing mice were devided into seven groups (control
Taihe Hospital Affiliated To Yunyang Medical College,          group, CO-exposed 1h group, CO-exposed 6h group,
Hubei, China                                                   CO-exposed 12h group, CO-exposed 24h group,
                                                               CO-exposed 3d group and CO-exposed 7d group), eight
Objective: To discuss the effects of hyperbaric                mice each group. The control groups were exposed to air
oxygenation in delayed encephalopathy after acute              and the poisoning groups were exposed to CO. General
carbon monoxide poisoning. Methods: 50 patients were           TUNEL, immunohistochemistry stain and flow cytometry
divided randomly into control group (19) with drage            were used to observe the neurological damage and the
therapy and experimental group(31) with hyperbaric             change of caspase3, bcl-2, Bax protein expression.
oxygen therapy based on drage treatment . And then to          Results: TUNEL staining positive cells significantly
evaluate the effects after 1courses, 2courses and              increased on 3d in hippocampus after acute CO
4courses of theatment. Results: The efficacy of                poisoning(P<0.05), and got much higher value on
experiment group is obviously difefent (P <0. 05), the         7d(P<0.01); caspase3 protein expression increased at 1h
curing time of experiment group was shorter than that of       after poisoning, reached the highest at 24h and recovered
the control group, the result is signicant different (P <0.    on 7d; bcl-2 protein expression increased at 1h in
05). Conclutions: Full dosage HBO therapy has obvious          hippocampus after acute CO poisoning, peaked at 24h
curative effect on delayed encephalopathy after carbon         and recovered on 7d; Bax protein expression increased at
monoxide poisoning.                                            1h in hippocampus after poisoning, peaked at 24h and
                                                               recovered on 7d. Conclusions: There existed delayed
                                                               neurological apoptosis and apoptosis-associated factors
                                                               expression in mice brain hippocampus after acute CO
K02                                                            poisoning. Celluar apoptosis might be one of the
The observation of curative and nursing the children           pathological mechanism of delayed encephalopathy after
brain damage by Hyperbaric Oxygenation                         acute carbon monoxide poisoning.
Dao-dong Liu, Dao-lin Liu
1. The people’s hospital of Lu’an city, Anhui province,
Lu’an, China
2. Luan City Hospital in Anhui Province, Lu’an,China.          K04
                                                               Hyperbaric oxygen therapy to the resumption of
Purpose: To observe the curative effect of the hyperbaric      mycoplasma encephalitis patients 1 case
oxygen action used for treating craniocerebral injury of       Wencheng Liu, Haiying Jia, Xin Yang, Juan Song
children and sum up the experience of nursing care.            Beijing 306 Hospital of PLA, Beijin, China
Method: To retrospect and analyse 160 cases (82
children as an observation group and 78 as a control           Objective: study the role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to
group). For the observation group, use the hyperbaric          the resumption of mycoplasma encephalitis patients.
oxygen action and conventional therapy, at the same time;      Contents: Female, 5-year-old. She came to hospital
exert the holistic nursing of care, such as mental nursing.    because of fever one day, six hours unclear sense.
At the same time, provide the knowledge about the              Admission diagnosed as mycoplasma encephalitis
hyperbaric oxygen action for the children and the parents      merger demyelinating; mycoplasma pneumonia, bacterial
in order to get their coordination. Result: The effective      pneumonia, septic shock. She was given such treatment
hyperbaric oxygen action and nursing care made the             as      expansion,        down      intracranial   pressure,
curative ratio of the observation group outclass that of the   anti-mycoplasma, antibiotic, nutritional support to brain
control group (P<0.005). Conclusion: Treating                  cells, etc. After admission 20 days, pulmonary
craniocerebral injury of children with hyperbaric oxygen       inflammation was absorped, and she has a clear
action could get better effect. While at the same time, the    awareness, but not audible, remaining urine incontinence.
effective nursing care is indispensable.                       Right leg muscle strength Class II, left leg muscle strength
                                                               at class I. Review skull MRI: a little bleeding edge of the
                                                               bilateral frontal lobe; bilateral subthalamic a small amount
                                                               of bleeding. At that time hyperbaric oxygen therapy
K03                                                            started. Methods: GY3200 oxygen chamber of Oxygen
Brain hippocampus cellular apoptosis and expression            Co. Ltd. in Yantai Hongyuan, the pressure for the
of bcl-2, Bax, caspase3 protein following acute                treatment of 2.0 ATA, each 1 days, a total of 30 times.
carbon monoxide poisoning                                      Results: Ater 10 treatments, coordination of activities was
          1            1              2               2
Fujia Liu , Chujin Gao , Chengqing Xia , Hongying Zhao ,       improved and she,s hands shake reduction. Ater 20
Man Qi                                                         treatments, she can stand and walk. Treatments of 30,
1. Hyperbaric Oxygen Department, Beijing Chaoyang              she can speak simple words. Review skull MRI: brain
Hospital, Beijing, China                                       lesions were disappeared, bleeding was absorped.
2. Pathological Department, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital,         Conclusion: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy plays good on
Beijing, China                                                 mycoplasma encephalitis. Perhaps we should start a
                                                               earlyer application of high-pressure oxygen treatment to
mycoplasma encephalitis patiant just when the disease is         ischemia. From 24h to 5d after MCAO HBO group
under control.                                                   infarction volume didn’t change, but that of control group
                                                                 decreased. (3)NF-KB DNA binding activity in HBO group
                                                                 (1.66±1.15) at 5d after MCAO was significant lower than
                                                                 control group (7.28±3.10) (P<0.05). But at 3h, 24h after
K05                                                              MCAO there was no significant difference in NF-KB
Interfering effect of hyperbaric oxygen and Ozagrel              activity between two groups. And there was no significant
Sodium on progressive stroke                                     difference in NF-KB DNA binding activity between
Liu Xinying                                                      ischemic ipsilateral cortex and contralateral cortex.
Jigang General Hospital, Jinan, China                            Conclusions: (1) Hyperbaric oxygen could protect
                                                                 ischemic brain tissue at 24h after MCAO surgery, but after
Objective: To approach the therapeutic effect and the            24h HBOT should be used carefully ,because it might
safety of hyperbaric oxygen and Ozagrel Sodium on                damage brain tissue. (2) Hyperbaric oxygen could
progressive ischemic stroke. Methods: Patients with              decrease NF-KB DNA binding activity of ischemic
progressive ischemic stroke were treated with Ozagrel            ipsilateral cortex.
Sodium in the control group, while in the trial group with
hyperbaric oxygen and Ozagrel Sodium. We judged the
clinical nervous function and defect degree before and
after 7d, 14d, 28d treatment according to the nervous            K07
defect standard (NDS) and the changes of hemorrheology.          Fracture treatment by hyperbaric oxygenation
Results: There was a significant difference in general           Yi Liu, Cao Cui
effective rate and significant effectiverate between the trial   Taihe Hospital Affiliated to Yunyang Medical College,
group and the control group (P<0.05), and in all laboratory      Hubei, China
indexes there was also an apparent effects. Conclusion:
The therapeutic effects of hyperbaric oxygen and Ozagrel         Objective:      To investigate the curative effect of
Sodium is satisfactory and safe.                                 hyperbaric oxygenation in patients with recent fracture.
                                                                 Methods:           80   cases    were    divided    into
                                                                 hyperbaric-oxygenation group and the control group; in
                                                                 the hyperbaric oxygenation group, under 0.2 MPa
K06                                                              pressure, patients inhaled pure oxygen for 60 minutes
Effects of large doses of hyperbaric oxygen on NF-KB             each day, and between10 times and 60 times. Results:
DNA binding activity of brain tissue on super-early              there was great difference between two groups(P<0.05).
stage of acute permanent MCAO in rats                            Conclusion: Hyperbaric oxygenation can promote the
Yaling Liu, Qiuhong Yu, Chunjuan Wang, Lianbi Xue                healing of fracture.
Department of Hyperbaric Oxygenation, Beijing Tiantan
Hospital, Beijing, China

Objective: We investigated the effects of large doses of         K08
hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) on acute permanent focal                 Effects of supplementing Qi and activating blood
cerebral ischemia in rats. And we examined if hyperbaric         circulation and hyperbaric oxygenation on pia mater
oxygen treatment (HBOT) could influence NF-KB DNA                microcirculation in gerbil after cerebral ischemic
binding activity of peri-infarction region of brain tissue.      reperfusion injury
Methods: Seventy rats underwent MCAO operation and               Guoping Yu, Shilong Lin, Min Fang
were randomized to hyperbaric oxygen treatment group,            Shangahi Kaiyuan Orthopaedics Hospital, Shanghai,
control group, sham group. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment           China,
began 5h after surgery. HBOT was delivered at a dose of
two atmospheres absolute (ATA) for 1 hour ten times four         Objective: To explore the efficacy of Chinese drugs with
day. Control animals were exposed to air at ambient room         the function of supplementing Qi and activating blood
pressure.       Other       rats      underwent       sham       circulation and hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) on the pia mater
surgery. Neurological outcome was measured 3h, 24h, 2d,          microcirculation in gerbil after cerebral ischemia /
3d, 5d after surgery using Garcia scores. TTC                    reperfusion injury. Methods: Forty - four Mongolian
pathological staining and Image J software were used to
                                                                 gerbils underwent following operations: A cranial window
determine infarction volume at the point of 3h, 24h, and 5d
                                                                 was created in the left parietal bone and covered with
after surgery. And we investigated NF-KB DNA binding
                                                                 absorbent cotton soaked with artificial cerebro-soinal fluid.
activity of brain tissue 3h, 24h, 5d after surgery using
                                                                 The bilateral common carotid arteries were squeezed by
electrophoretic mobility shift assays (EMSA). Results:
                                                                 clamps for 30 minutes and then the clamps were
(1)Garcia scores of HBO group(3.64±0.18) at the point of
24h after MCAO were significantly higher than control            loosened so as to cause reperfusion.The gerbils were
group (3.21±0.12) (P<0.05). There was no significant             equally divided into four group at random: drug group
difference in Garcia scores between HBO group and                (compound solution including Astragalus root, Chinese
control group 3h and 5d after MCAO. (2) At 3h after              angelica, and red sage root was infused intraperitoneally),
cerebral ischemia there was no infarction region. There          HBO group (exposed to 0.25MPa hyperbaric oxygen for
was no significant difference in infarction volume between       60 min) ,combined treatment group (both the two above
HBO group and control group at 24h after cerebal                 methods were used) ,and control group (normal saline
was      infused     intraperitoneally),     LMB-1     laser
microcirculatory mater and JI-200 laser microcirculatory
moving analytical meter were used to observe the
changes of pia mater microcirculation through the cranial       K10
windows before cerebral ischemia. Results: After the            Cases reports for conventional hyperbaric oxygen
common carotid arteries were squeezed, the                      treatment on altitude decompression sickness
microvessels contracted obviously, microthrombus were           Guangsen LIU, Shuhui ZHANG
seen, and blood flow rate of the arteriole decreased to         The Centre of HBOT in 458th Hospital of PLA,
0.45mm/s, and the blood flow rate of the venule                 Guangzhou, China
decreased to 0.38mm/s.It was observed that in the drup
group, HBO group, and combined treatment group the              Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate
microthrombi in pai mater were loosened gradually, and          clinical effects of conventional hyperbaric oxygen
exudation around microvessel was gradually entered              treatment on 17 cases with altitude decompression
absorption up to extinction. The arteriole blood flow rate      sickness (DCI). Methods: 17 male patients (age: 25-45yr)
was 1.46-1.56mm/s, the venule blood flow rate was               with altitude decompression sickness were received by
1.27-1.44mm/s,significantly higher than those of the            conventional HBO in single chamber filled with pure
traditional. Conclusion: Chinese drugs with the function        oxygen. The high altitude presented DCI occurred from
of supplementing Qi and activating blood circulation by         7500m to 14000m because of chamber windows breaking
playing a role in improving microcirculation. Their effects     abruptly. The study population consisted of experienced
are closely related to acceleration of the blood rate,          pilots with the flight time from 400 to 4500 hrs. All of them
regulation of the caliber of the arterioles and the venules,    had different symptoms respectively, i.e. memory loss,
and improvement of cerebral blood flow except oxygen            hearing loss, confusion, blurry vision, headache, fatigue,
content increased.                                              joint ache. Some symptoms lasted 3-23 days after landing.
                                                                All of them had received 1-3 sessions HBO (0.295MPa,
                                                                90min, one session per day) in first 3 days, and then 1
                                                                session HBO (0.20 MPa, 80min). Results: All symptoms
K09                                                             of them were completely relieved after 1-3 sessions with
The effects of hyperbaric oxygenation on the                    HBO. The all examinations for the study population were
treatment of spinal cord injury                                 normal as before after 20 sessions HBO. 16 of 17 pilots,
Zhicai Li, Yiping Song, Xiaoping Mu                             except 1, continued high altitude flight as before.
No. 97 hospital, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China                         Conclusion: In this study population, symptoms with
                                                                altitude DCI would be relieved by conventional HBO.
Aim: To observe the effects of hyperbaric oxygenation on
the function restoration in patients with spinal cord injury.
Methods: All patients with spinal cord injury were
confirmed with CT and/or MRI. 126 patients enrolled after       K11
January 1986 were assigned to treatment group (T group,         Curative effect of hyperbaric oxygenation                on
with hyperbaric oxygenation therapy) and 56 patients            peripheral neuropathy in type II diabetics
enrolled before December 1986 were assigned to Control          Jiaxiang Bai, Yanxin Liu
group (C group, without hyperbaric oxygenation therapy).        Tianjin Hospital, Tianjin, China
There was no significant difference between two groups
on the gender, age, course and injured position. Patients       Objective: To observe the curative effect of hyperbaric
in two groups were operated and administrated with              oxygenation (HBO) on peripheral neuropathy in type II
dehydrant, anti-inflammation, and drugs to against the          diabetics. Methods: 76 diabetics were divided into 2
oxygen free radicals. The puncture and other physical           groups equally. Diabetic diet, hypoglycemic agents,
treatments were given to all patients, but only the patients    vitamin B1 20mgtid Oral treatments were used in control
in T group were treated with hyperbaric oxygenation. The        group. HBO combined with the above treatments were
hyperbaric oxygen chamber was pressurized to 0.2Mpa             used in HBO group. Patients stayed in 2.5 ATA HBO
and maintain at this level. The patients in T group were        chamber, wearing masks and inhaling pure oxygen for 20
given oxygen with mask according to the protocol                min 4 (of pure oxygen absorption 80 minutes), with 5 min
schedule of 30min×2+10min, and total time was 120min.           interval. Once a day for 10 times as a course, altogether 4
A patient would need 2-4 periods of treatment dependent         courses for each patient, breaks 3-5 days.
on the severity of injury and 10 times as one period of         Electromyography (EMG) was measured before treatment
treatment. The relationship between efficiency and the          and two months after the HBO treatment done. Results:
beginning time of hyperbaric oxygenation therapy was            In HBO group, the clinical symptoms improved
observed. Results: The rate of efficiency and                   significantly or disappear, the motor nerve conduction
improvement was 61.9% and 31.0% respectively in T               velocity (MNCV) and sensory nerve conduction velocity
group, which was significantly more than 23.2% and              (SNCV) of EMG were increased significantly after the
37.5% in C group (p<0.05). Conclusion: Hyperbaric               treatment than before (P < 0.01), while clinical symptoms
oxygenation could promote the function restoration of           of the control group had no significant improvement, in
injured spinal cord, especially for the patents with partly     EMG Figure part (upper) a slight improvement in nerve
spinal cord injury. The patients with spinal cord injury        conduction velocity, and no other significant changes.
should be treated with hyperbaric oxygenation as earlier        Conclusion: HBO can effectively improve diabetic
as possible.                                                    peripheral neuropathy, worthy of promotion.
                                                               were significantly higher than in control group (P<0.05).
                                                               Conclusion: HBO may help to recover injured patients’
                                                               language abilities.
Effect   of hyperbaric oxygen treatment               on
hydrocephalus in animal with acute ischemic cerebral
injury                                                         K14
           1               2            2              1
Shilong Lin , Jingchang Liu , Peizhu Xin , Guooping Yu         Hyperbaric oxygen treatment of 28 cases of children
1.Shanghai Kaiyuan Orthopedic Hospital , Shanghai,             viral encephalitis
China                                                          Xiuqing Liang, Xiaole Wang, Xiaohong Wang
2.Naval Medical Research Institute of PLA, Shanghai,           Shanxi Province Maternal and Children Care Hospital,
China                                                          Xi’an, China

Objective: To approach effect of hyperbaric oxygen              Viral encephalitis in pediatric clinical is common, and
(HBO) treatment on hydrocephalus in animals with acute         major features of fever, headache, convulsions,
cerebral ischemic injury. Methods: 60 gerbils were             disturbance of consciousness, abnormal behavior, high
divided into the cerebral ischemic group, the hyperbaric       intracranial pressure. Laboratory abnormalities can be
oxygen exposure group and the control group. These             found in cerebrospinal fluid, the virus culture positive,
animals were anesthesia with 20% urethane (1.2g/kg.BW)         cranial CT and EEG abnormalities, etc. In 1991 to 2007,
or 20% pentobarbital sodium (40mg/kg B.W.). Acute              admitted in October to 11-year-old children with 28 cases
cerebral ischemic injury was resulted from occluding both      of encephalopathy with anticonvulsant, decrease
carotid for 30min. Animals were exposed at 0.25MPa             intracranial pressure and the anti-virus treatment,
HBO for 60min after cerebral ischemic injury in the HBO        especially add to hyperbaric oxygen therapy. All of the
group. Cerebral ischemic injury group was exposed to           patients were given oxygen chamber treatment. 0.08 Mpa
N2-O2 with O28%-N292% at 0.25MPa for 60min. The                pressure lasts two hours, once a day for 10 consecutive
control group animals were exposed to normal pressure          treatment every week treatment interval. course of
for 60min in the chamber. Blood flow dynamic effect in         treatment is from 2 to 8. The results showed that cured 16
microcirculation, morphosis in micro-vascular endothelial      cases, eliminate clinical symptoms, EEG, cerebrospinal
cell and cerebral nerve cell detected. Result: after 30min     fluid and cranial CT returned to normal. 9 cases turn for
to block up carotid, cerebral nerve cell injury occurred,      the better, eliminate clinical symptoms, cerebrospinal fluid
part nerve cell nucleus was vacuole, denaturalization and      of normal, but abnormal EEG and cranial CT abnormal;
swell. Cerebral tissue was edema. Endothelial cell             invalid three cases, No clinical symptoms improve,
structure and function changed, and edema formed               continuing convulsions, abnormal EEG and cranial CT,
around micro-vessel. After HBO exposure for 60min,             brain conversion is shown. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
cerebral nerve cell swell improved in animal with cerebral     encephalopathy is mainly to facilitate the brain tissue
injury. Only spot exudation occurred around micro-vessel.      collateral circulation, reducing hypoxic brain damage,
Endothelial     cell    injury   obviously      decreased.     increasing reticular activating system’s oxygen, to speed
Hydrocephalus entered absorption. After HBO exposure           up the unconscious child awake. Compared with simple
at 0.25MPa for 60min, blood perfusion flow increased           dehydration, anti-virus and anticonvulsant treatment,
than the control group in animals with cerebral ischemic       hyperbaric oxygen is significantly. In addition, we also
injury (P<0.01). Conclusion (1) Acute ischemic cerebral        found that the severe convulsions, plus saiga horn oral
injury may cause hydrocephalus resulted in cerebral            solution, which can effectively reduce the seizures
nerve cell, endothelial cell and other cerebral tissues        occurred and prevent temperature rebound.
injury. (2) HBO has therapeutical effect by reducing injury
in nerve cell and micro-vessels endothelial cell in animals.

                                                               Study on prevention of the delayed neuropsychologic
K13                                                            sequelae after acute carbon monoxide poisoning in
Interfering effect of hyperbaric oxygen on alogia in           hyperbaric oxygen treatment
acute cerebral injury                                          Li Zengmin
Lin Ying                                                       Hyperbaric oxygen section of City center hospital, Xian,
Hyperbaric Oxygen Derpartment of the Affiliated Zhong          China
Shan Hospital of Xiamen University, Xiamen, China
                                                               Objective: Research how lower the delayed
Objective: To study the interfering effect of hyperbaric       neuropsychologic sequelae of outbreak rate in the
oxygen on aphasia people with acute cerebral injury.           hyperbaric oxygen treatment the acute the carbon
Methods: 120 cerebral injury people were divided into the      monoxide poisoning of process. Methods: Through
hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) exposure group and the collator        review cultural heritage and r former clinical data of
group. Each group had 60 people. HBO group were                analysis, take a series valid measure, to hyperbaric
accepted HBO treatment. Results: After 12-24 times or          oxygen treatment the project did correspond of
more HBO treatment, it showed that the blocked vessels         improvement. Results: Make acute carbon monoxide
were repassed or injured cerebral zones were rebuilt from      poisoning the delayed neuropsychologic sequelae of
CT or MRI impression. Injured patients’ language abilities     outbreak rate reduced obviously. Conclusion: Combine
immediate, enough of hyperbaric oxygen treatment and            The affection research of micronucleus frequency in
reasonable of comprehensive treatment are the best              pregnant mice bone marrow erythrocyte treated by
treatment project.                                              hyperbaric oxygen
                                                                Li Zhang
                                                                Second hospital attached to Kunming medical collage,
                                                                Kunming, China
Purpose judged curative effect of wean cerebral palsy           Objective: This paper has evaluated the frequency of
by hyperbaric oxygen treatment.                                 micronucleus in the pregnant mice bone marrow
Zuomin Li, Wenying Huang                                        erythrocyte treated by hyperbaric oxygen. Methods: We
First Renmin Hospital of Chenzhou, Huhan, China                 have treated the pregnant mice by hyperbaric oxygen one
                                                                time every day, and examined the frequency of
Purpose: Judged curative effect of wean cerebral palsy          micronucleus in the pregnant mice bone marrow
by hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Method: 75 case                 erythrocyte, in order to research the affection of the
cerebral palsys were divided into two groups: treatment         genetic materials in pregnant mice treated by hyperbaric
group 38 case and antitheses 37 case. Compared the two          oxygen. Results: The frequency of micronucleus in the
groups with symptom, system by crued fore-and-aft; and          treated group is significant different compared with the
compared the conclusion based on CT or MIR result.              control group. Conclusion: Perhaps excessive
Result:      Myospasm,           involuntary    movements,      hyperbaric oxygen can make damage of the genetic
incoordination, intellectuality, speech function improved in;   material in the pregnant mice to a certain degree.
epilepsy spasm `times decreased; it is more difference
compare with antitheses of HBOT group’s case (p<0.05).
Conclusion: HBOT is credibility and affirm method than
simplicity medication in wean cerebral palsy treatment.         K19
                                                                The penis plants again match carried on the
                                                                hyperbaric oxygenation treatment to cure 1
                                                                Li Zengmin
K17                                                             Central Hospital XIAN, Xi’an, China
Monitoring bacteria status in the water and container
of humidifying in single-chamber with pure oxygen               Objective: The penis plants again behind for the sake of
Chaoqun TU, Xiaomei XIE, Xiufang MEI, Meilian LAN, Sh           anti- infect and improve the blood oxygen a supply ,the
uliang LI                                                       match carried on the hyperbaric oxygenation treatment.
The Shenzhen Peoples Hospital, Shenzhen, China                  Methods: The treatment adopts large air to add to press
                                                                cabin ;normal regulations treatment project. Results and
Objective: To observe the bacteria status in the water          Conclusion: Thus for again the surgical operation
and container of humidifying in the single-chamber with         provided a guarantee successfully.
pure oxygen in order to find right method to prevent from
second contamination from humidifying water in the
chamber. Methods: 1.The water in the container of
chamber and from spraying nozzle in the chamber was             K20
cultured for consecutive 5 days. The water was divided          Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment on learning
into three groups, non-heating water, drinking water and        and memory aspects of transient global cerebral
distilled waterdistilled water, was changed on alternate 3      ischemia in rats
                       3                                                  1              1          2            1
days145±26 cfu/m )found at the two sites from                   Yajuan Li , Chunjin Gao , Yu Zeng , Zhipeng Xu , Hui W
non-heating water appeared on third days. The TBC from          ang
drinking water and distilled water were respectively            1. Capital Medical University affiliated Beijing Chaoyang
               3               3
472±69 cfu/m , 357±91cfu/m on forth days. 2. No bacteria        Hospital, Beijing, China
appeared at the above sites from the water of drinking and      2. Sichuan Provincial Peoples Hospital, Chengdu, China
distilled water on the third day when water had been
changed on alternate 3 days. Conclusion: 1.The distilled        Objective: To observe the effect of hyperbaric oxygen
water should be best liquid fit to humidify in the              treatment (HBOT) on rat’s abilities of leaning and memory
single-chamber with pure oxygen. 2. It should be to clean       in the transient global cerebral ischemic model and to
the container and distilled water should be changed at          explore the mechanism of hyperbaric oxygen treatment
least on alternate days . . and was cultured at the same        on recognition impairment after cerebral ischemic
method on third day. Results: 1. No bacteria of three kind      diseases. Methods: 46 male Sprague-Dawley rats were
of water were found at the two sites. The bacteria              randomly divided into 4 different groups: blank group
(average total bacterial count, TBC. 2. The water divided       (n=10), sham-operation group (n=10), cerebral-ischemia
into two groups, drinking water and                             group (n=9), HBO group (n=9). According to Pulsinelli’s
                                                                4-vessel occlusion method to establish transient global
                                                                cerebral ischemic model on the cerebral ischemia and
                                                                HBO group. The sham-operation group didn’t block the
K18                                                             vertebral artery and the carotid artery. The blank group
                                                                has no operation, only take part in Morris water-maze.
                                                                HBOT was performed to rats in HBO group after the
second operation for 7days, one time for one day, then we
give all the rats a test of Morris water-maze. We observed
the time of escape latent and the last day when move off
the platform, the time of rats through the platform .The       K22
average time of every day and every group was compared.        The hyperbaric oxygen therapy for spinal cord injury
The SPSS11.5 software was used for statistical analysis,       caused by acute cervical disc herniation
                                   st th
rank sum test was used in the 1 -5 ,analysis of variance       Shaohua Liang, Xiaoju Tang, Ruzhuan Liu
and Newman-Keuls test were used in the last day, p<0.05        The Ruikang Hospital Affiliated to Guangxi University of
has statistical significance. Results: 1. The escape latent    Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanning, China
comparison:the HBO group is shorter than the cerebral
ischemia in the 3rd -5th day (p<0.01 or p<0.05), the           Objective: To evaluate the clinical effects of the
difference has statistical significance; the HBO group and     hyperbaric oxygen therapy for spinal cord injury caused
sham operated group in the 1st -5th day has no difference;     by acute cervical disc herniation. Methods: To
the sham operated group is shorter than the cerebral           retrospectively analysize the clinical data of spinal cord
ischemia group in the 3rd and 5th days (p<0.01 or p<0.05),     injury caused by acute cervical disc herniation of 45
the difference has statistical significance; the blank group   cases ,which was treated with the hyperbaric oxygen
is shorter than the sham operated group in the 2nd- 5th        therapy after surgery. To evaluate the clinical effects,
day (p<0.01 or p<0.05), the difference has statistical         based on the Frankel grade and the JOA score
significance.2. The times of through platform's                improvement rate of preoperative and postoperative
comparison: the HBO group is larger than the cerebral          situation. Result: the Frankel grade of patients improves
ischemia group in the last day (p<0.05), the difference has    1-4 level. The time of follow-up is from 6 months to 2
statistical significance; the HBO group and the sham           years, the average time is 10 months. the JOA score
operated group has no difference; the sham operated            improvement rate: excellent: 23 cases(51.1%), good: 18
group is larger than the cerebral ischemia group(p<0.01),      cases(40.0%), average:3 cases(6.7%), poor:1 case (2%),
the difference has statistical significance; the blank group   The good-to-excellent rate is 91.1%. Conclusion: The
is larger than the sham operated group (p<0.01), the           hyperbaric oxygen therapy for spinal cord injury caused
difference has statistical significance. Conclusions: 1.       by acute cervical disc herniation, is the effective therapy
The learning and memory abilities of transient global          of recovery of spinal function.
cerebral ischemia in rats are decline. 2. HBOT can
improve the impairment of learning and memory after
transient global cerebral ischemia in rats.
                                                               Clinical studies on sudden deafness via hyperbaric
                                                               oxygen therapy
                                                                        1              2
K21                                                            Ying Mei , Chaofeng Xie
Effect of High pressure oxygen (HBO) for Treating              1. HBO Department, People’s Hospital of Guangdong
Neonates with Bypoxic ischemic encephal opa-thy of             Province, Guangzhou, China
the newbom (HIE)                                               2. E.N.T Department, Shantou Second People’s Hospital,
Yuxian Li, Mei Lin                                             Shantou, China
Youjiang Medical College for Nationalities of Affiliated
Hospital, Guangxi, China                                       The therapeutic effect on the clinical efficacy of hyperbaric
                                                               oxygen treatment on sudden deafness was discussed in
Objective: To study the effect of HBO for treating             this study. The method is that 300 cases of sudden deaf
neonates with HIE. Methods: 160 cases hospitalized             patients were randomly divided into two groups: drug
in our department who were diagnosed with HIE                  treatment group (group A),and the hyperbaric oxygen
according to the diagnosis stander. They wear divided          treatment with drug group(HBO group, or group B). the
into treatment group and control group. There was no           two groups with drug treatment made the same effect, but
significant difference between the two groups of the           in addition, HBO group was given the treatment of HBO,
clinical classification, lesion degree and days (p>0.05).      that is, under the following conditions: the
Control group was given regular treatment, while               pressure-0.22Mpa,oxygen             absorption-30min*2,the
treatment group was added HBO after the life sings             interval-5min,one treatment for one day,12 days for a
was stable. The treating pressure adjusted to the days         course. Generally, the effect comparisons were taken in
old.10 days were a course .They were assessed after            one to three courses. Overall, the effect of the
the treatment .The results were compared. Results:             combinative group is better than the drug group, and the
There was difference between the two groups of the             variation is obvious (P<0.05). And the conclusion is: the
effective rate. Effect of treatment group was better than      treatment on sudden deafness with hyperbaric oxygen
that of control group. All cases were followed up for          and drug is obvious, and should be advocated broadly in
half a year. Their neural development and the                  the clinical application. Keywords: sudden deafness
intelligence were observed .There was statistic                hyperbaric oxygen combination treatment
difference between two groups adverise prognosis rate.
Conclusion: patients with HIE should be given HBO
as soon as possible after stable disease .It can
improve the clinical symptom and the cure rate                 K24
shorten ,the course of disease.
To treat hard facial nerve paralysis with hyper--baric            different treatment methods were centrifugated to obtain
oxygen (HBO)combined with electric acupuncture                    the supernatant, and CGRP and ET levels were
Shunyong Li, Aixiang Du, Guicui Wang                              measured by radioimmunology method. Results:
WeiHai Municipal Hospital, Weihai, China                          Compared with control group, CGRP level shows
                                                                  decreasing tendency with time extension, without
Objective: To compare the curative effect of HBO in               significant difference. The hyperbaric oxygen treatment
patients with hard facial nerve paralysis with of HBO             has no effect on CGRP level, but hypobaric hypoxia
combined with electric puncture. Methods: 37 cases of             pretreatment can make CGRP level decrease more
patients were treated simply with HBO once per day,the            obviously, without significant difference. ET level shows
duration of one period of treatment lasted for 10 days.           increasing tendency with time extension, but without
39cases of patients were treated with HBO and electric            significant difference. However, EF level after hyperbaric
acupuncture for five period of treatment (To acupuncture          oxygen and hypobaric hypoxia pretreatment shows
the routine facial nerve paralysis points once per day, ten       significant increasing, P<0.05. Conclusion: The
times of acupuncture made up of one period of treatment).         hyperbaric oxygen and hypobaric hypoxia training mainly
Results: Of the HBO group, 12 cases (32.43%) were                 influences ET level change in rats, and hyperbaric
cured, 18cases (48.65%) were relieved, 7cases (18.92%)            pretreatment might enhance body adaptive capacity on
were no curative effect. Of the HBO combined with                 mountain.
electric acupuncture group, 24 cases (61.54%) were
cured, 12 cases (30.77%) were relieved, 3cases (7.69%)
were no curative effect. Conclusion: The curative effect
of using HBO combined with electric acupuncture in                K26
treating patients with hard facial nerve paralysis is             Observation of hyperbaric oxygenation theraphy on
significantly better than that of using HBO simply.               patients with insomnia
                                                                  Yulin Nie, Kunru Zhou
                                                                  Buji people’s hospital, Shenzhen, China

K25                                                               0bjective: To observe the effects of hyperbaric
Effect of early intervention of hyperbaric oxygen and             oxygenation on sleep quality of the patients with
hypobaria on CGRP and ET level in rats under                      insomnia. Methods: Ninteen patients with insomnia were
hypobaric environment                                             treated with hyperbaric oxygenation, and observe the
            1               1           1
Shuyi Pan , Xiaowen Pan , Xiangen Meng ,                          effects of hyperbaric oxygenation on sleep quality and
           1           1             1        2
Mingxin Li , Yu Zhang , Chen Yang , Baoguo Li                     simultaneous phenomenon. Results: 5 cases totally
1.Navy General Hospital, Beijing, China                           recovered, 12 cases had obvious effect, and 2 cases had
2.Shi jitan Hospital, Beijing, China                              no effect. Conclusion: Sleep quality and simultaneous
                                                                  phenomenon of the patients with insomnia can be
Objective: To explore the effect of early intervention of         improved with hyperbaric oxygenation.
hyperbaric oxygen and low atmospheric pressure on
CGRP and ET level under hypobaric environment, and to
compare the effects of two methods. Methods: The
Wistar rats were randomly divided into 6 groups: (1)              K27
Control group, (2) 3800m (2h) group, (3) 3800m (3d)               Use hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat radiating
group, (4) 3800m (7d) group, (5) Hyperbaric oxygen                injury
intervention    group,     (6)     Hypobaric     environment      Jun Qu, Jun Meng
intervention group. Firstly, the rats in the second, third and    HuanHu Hospital, Tianjin, China
fourth groups were placed in low pressure oxygen
chamber, and the pressure in chamber was decreased at             We all know that radiating injury often can be found in
equal speed from 0.1mpa to 0.062mpa from the sea level,           radiation therapy of malignancy tumour. Rradiating injury
to simulate hypobaric environment on mountain at 3800m            has a strong impact on patient’s life quality. Hhyperbaric
above sea level. At 2h, 3d and 7d time points, the rats           oxygen therapy (HBOT) which known as a useful way to
were decapitated to obtain blood for later examination;           some disease had application in curing the patients. But
Secondly, the rats in the fifth group received hyperbaric         there were few reports about radiating injury now. This
oxygen treatment (0.2mpa, once per day, oxygen                    review was discuss about the mechanism of how radiating
inhalation for 60 minutes, successively 5 days). At the           injury happened and the mechanism of HBOT to treated it.
sixth day, the rats were placed in low pressure oxygen            HBOT also can be consider as a new way to cure
chamber, and the chamber was decreased at equal speed             radiating injury.
to 0.062mpa. At 2h time point, the rats were decapitated
to obtain blood for later examination; thirdly, the rats in the
sixth group received hypobaric hypoxia treatment
(0.062mpa, once per day, 2h once, for successively 5              K28
days). At the sixth day, the rats were placed in low              The diagnosis and treatment experience of hyperbaric
pressure oxygen chamber, and the chamber was                      oxygen (HBO)        comprehensive treatment       for
decreased at equal speed to 0.062mpa. At 2h time point,           persistent vegetative state (pvs)
the rats were decapitated to obtain blood for later               Juan Meng, Xiaowen Pan, Yu Zhang, Huijun Hu, Yan Lu,
examination; the blood samples obtained from above                Shuyi Pan, Xiangen Meng
Hyperbaric oxygen center in the General Naval Hospital,         methods of S group were similar to that of C group except
Beijing, China                                                  no MCAO. The change of behavior, somatosensory
                                                                evoked potential (SEP) and infarct volume in these rabbits
Objective: to discuss and study the treatment effect of         was observed respectively for 10 days and 20 days after
hyperbaric oxygen (HBO)comprehensive treatment for              MCAO. Results: Ten days after MCAO, the mean score
persistent vegetative state(pvs) and the importance of          of behavior of I, D, C and S groups was respectively
advanced radiological technology for pvs. Methods: for          8.6±1.2,     5.8±0.8,    5.6±1.6    and    12±0.0.     The
280 pvs patients with HBO cooperating with blood                neurobehavioral impairment in I group relieved
magnetization therapy and drugs treatment and with              significantly compared with that of D and C groups, (p ,
                                                                               3                 3           3
advanced radiological technology. Results: this group of        214±19.7 mm , 229.4±25.5 mm and 0 mm for 10 days
patients showed that the diagnosis coincidence rate             after MCAO, the infarct volume of I group was significantly
                                                                                                        3                3
reached 100%, the curative ratio (85 cases of clear             smaller than that of D and C groups (p , 203.4±12.7mm ,
                                                                                 3          3
consciousness, normal intelligence and self-care of living)     221.4±20.3mm and 0mm .The infarct volume of I group
is 30.4%, the improvement rate (48 cases of clear               was significantly smaller than that of D and C groups
consciousness, basal self-care of living and basal normal       (p<0.01). Conclusion: Early applications of HBO and
intelligence) is 52.8%, 15.2% (43 cases) of patients have       repeated administration of HBO for 20 days have
not left PVS, 98.4% of patients have gained improvement         significant effects on the change of behavior,
of general condition (276 cases of control of infection,        somatosensory evoked potential (SEP) and infarct volume
correction of complication, pulling out of urethral catheter,   of rabbits which suffering from MCAO.
nasal feeding tube and tracheal tube after tracheotomy
and improvement of nutrition status), 1.6% of patients (4
cases) died. The major abnormal signs in cerebral CT of
this 280 cases PVS patients contained: cerebral edema,          K30
malacia focus, focus of infarct, subdural effusion,             The therapeutic efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen
obstructive hydrocephalus, bilateral hypophloeodal diffuse      treatment for brain infraction was influenced by the
white matter demyelination change, bilateral cerebrum           onset time: micro dialysis study in rabbits
atrophy, thinner cortex, ventricles of brain enlarging,         Zhaopang Lai, Fei Li, Zhi Liu, Hua Feng
broaden of sulcus and schizencephaly, malacia focus of          Department of Neurosurgery, Southwest Hospital, Third
basal nuclei and globus pallidus in the damage region. 76       Military Medical University, Chengdu, China
cases of MRI examination could also show the atrophy of
patients’ mesencephalon and brain stem except for the           Objectives: To observe if the therapeutic efficacy of
signs before. Cerebral SPECT: 32 cases showed                   hyperbaric oxygen treatment for brain infraction was
decreasing of bloodstream perfusion in bilateral or             influenced by the onset time after permanent middle
unilateral cerebral cortex, cerebellum, unilateral or           cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) in rabbits. Methods: 36
bilateral frontal lobe, temporal lobe and occipital lobe. The   male rabbits were randomly divided into simple MCAO
radiological imaging of mostly patients improved along          group (n=12) , MCAO+ HBO group (100% O2, 2.5 ATA,
with improvement of state of illness. Conclusion: the           1h / d, from 1 d after MCAO, n=12) and MCAO+DHBO
HBO comprehensive treatment scheme was reasonable,
                                                                group (100% O2, 2.5 ATA, 1h / d, from 7 d after MCAO,
advanced, practical and innovative. The curative effect
                                                                n=12). Behaviors and volumes of infarction were
was good: Management to complications was timely and
                                                                observed, microdialysis was applied to monitor the
effective. Advanced radiological technology cerebral CT
                                                                concentrations of glucose, lactate, pyruvate and
and MRI are not only helpful to diagnosis, but also helpful
                                                                glutamate around the infracted zone at 1,3 ,10and 30 d
to guide treatment and judge prognosis. The cerebral
                                                                after permanent MCAO. Results: Behaviors’ score and
SPECT imaging could be complementary with CT and
                                                                volumes of infarction were lower in MCAO+ HBO group
MRI. It also could act as an index of HBO comprehensive
                                                                than the others (P<0.01). The lactate and pyruvate ratio
treatment for PVS and prognosis determination.
                                                                increased after MCAO in three groups, but they were
                                                                lower in the MCAO+ HBO group than in the others at Day
                                                                1 and Day 3(P<0.05). The glutamate concentration
                                                                increased after MCAO, peaking at 10 d, but at day 1 and
                                                                day 3 the glutamate concentration was lower in the
Therapeutic efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen on middle
                                                                MCAO+ HBO group (P<0.05). Conclusions: Hyperbaric
Jiexiang Pan, Weihua Chu, Fei Li, Hua Feng
                                                                oxygen treatment could protect the brain from infarction
Department of Neurosurgery, Southwest Hospital, Third
                                                                through improving the energy metabolism and decreasing
Military Medical University, Chengdu, China
                                                                the excitatory amino acids disorders around the infracted
                                                                zone after MCAO in rabbits. In order to improve the
Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen
                                                                therapeutic efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen, it should be
(HBO) treatment on model of right middle cerebral artery
                                                                performed as early as possible.
occlusion (MCAO) in rabbits. Methods: Forty healthy
rabbits were suffered MCAO using electragulation and
were randomly divided into 4 groups. The rabbits in I
group were treated with HBO immediately for 20 days
after MCAO. The rabbits in D group were treated with
HBO 7 days after MCAO for 13 days. The rabbits in C
group were not treated with any therapy after MCAO. The
The expression of nestin was elevated by hyperbaric          energy metabolism and decreasing the excitatory amino
oxygen treatment in a model of right middle cerebral         acids disorders around the infracted zone after MCAO in
artery occlusion in rabbits                                  rabbits .
Jiexiang Pan, Weihua Chu, Fei Li, Hua Feng
Department of Neurosurgery, Southwest Hospital, Third
Millitary Medical University, Chengdu, China
Objectives: To evaluate the efficacy of hyperbaric           Use hypenbaric oxygen( HBO) to treat 8 patients of
oxygen (HBO) treatment on the expression of Nestin in a      viral meningitis
model of right middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) in    Jun Meng, Jun Qu
rabbits. Methods: 30 healthy rabbits were randomly           HuanHu Hospital, Tianjin, China
divided into 3 groups: The rabbits in MCAO+HBO group
were treated with HBO immediately for 20 days after
MCAO, The rabbits in MCAO group were not treated with        Objective: Use hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) to treat viral
any therapy after MCAO, The methods of control was           meningitis. Method: Use hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) to
similar to that of MCAO group except no MCAO.                treat 7 patients of viral meningitis and we will observe the
Behaviors and volumes of infarction were observed, and       change of hydrocephalus in medical image and the
the expression of Nestin was measure by                      recovery of consciousness, language, limb strength.
immunocytochemistry at 10 and 20 days after MCAO.            Result: All the patients have a good curative effect in
Results: Behaviors’ score and volumes of infarction were     what sides we observed. Conclusion: Use hyperbaric
better in MCAO+ HBO group than the MCAO group                oxygen therapy to treat viral meningitis at the end of the
(P<0.01).10 days after MCAO, the expression of Nestin of     course maybe beneficial to the recovery of the naval
MCAO+ HBO group and MCAO group was respectively              function.
15.88±1.2 and 6.63±1.6. 20 days after MCAO, the
expression of Nestin of MCAO+ HBO group and MCAO
group was respectively 20.03±1.6 and 6.82±0.8. The
expression of Nestin in MCAO+HBO group relieved              K34
significantly higher compared with that of MCAO group        Effect Analysis of early and delayed hyperbaric
(p<0.01). Conclusion: Early applications of HBO and          oxygen treatment on ischemic brain injury of rabbit
repeated administration of HBO for 20 days have              Zhaopan Lai,      Zhi Liu,    Gaoyu Cui,    Jiangkai Lin,
significant effects on the expression of Nestin of rabbits   Xianrong Wang, Hua Feng
which suffering from MCAO.                                   Department of Neurosurgery, Southwest Hospital, Third
                                                             Military Medical University, Chengdu, China

                                                             Objectives: To investigate the effect of early and delayed
K32                                                          hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) treatment on local ischemic
Regional biochemical changes following ischemic              brain injury in rabbit. Method: 32 rabbits were randomly
brain injury in rabbits : microdialysis studies and          divided into 4 groups: control group(sham), middle
                                                             cerebral artery obstruction (MCAO)group, MCAO+HBO
effects of hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning
                                                             group, and MACO+DHBO group(delayed HBO started at
Chongying Deng, Fei Li, Lijun Zhang, Hui Meng, Jiangkai
                                                             7 days after MCAO). 2 atmosphere pressure HBO was
Lin, Hua Feng
                                                             applied for 1 h per day, and neurological score, TTC
Department of Neurosurgery, Southwest Hospital, Third
                                                             dyeing and pathomorphological observation were
Military Medical University, Chengdu, China
                                                             performed to evaluate the effect of early and delayed
                                                             HBO treatment. Result: Neuroethological abnormalities
Objectives: To observe the variations of regional
                                                             could be observed in all experimental groups except
biochemical changes around the infracted zone after
                                                             control group. 30 d after obstruction, ethological score
permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) in
                                                             showed rabbits in MCAO+HBO group was better than
rabbits and evaluate the effects of hyperbaric oxygen
                                                             MCAO+delayed HBO (P<0.05); TTC dyeing showed the
precongitioning (HBOP). Methods: 48 male rabbits were
                                                             infarct size of MCAO, MCAO+HBO and MCAO+delayed
randomly divided into simple MCAO group (n=24) and
                                                             HBO were 378±35.6 mm3, 59±17.2 mm3 and 139±45.8
HBOP+MCAO group (100% O2, 2.5 ATA, 1h / d, 5d,
                                                             mm3, respectively, with a significant difference in
n=24) . Microdialysis was applied to monitor the
                                                             MCAO+HBO group compared with other two groups
concentrations of glucose, lactate, pyruvate and
                                                             (p<0.01). Neuron edema, degeneration and decrease in
glutamate around the infracted zone at 1, 3, 10 and 20 d
                                                             cell number were observed with HE staining, which was
after permanent MCAO. Results: Glucose decreased at 1
                                                             more server in MCAO group and indistinct in MCAO+HBO
d after MCAO in two groups, but in the preconditioning
                                                             group. Conclusion: Early HBO treatment has an
group glucose recovered to normal at 3 d, while in the
                                                             advantage on the local ischemic brain injury of rabbit
simple MCAO group it still decreased at 20 d and
                                                             compared with delayed HBO.
significantly lower than the left (PP<0.05). Conclusions:
1, The variations of the components of the microdialysis
interstitial fluid from the brain support the presence of
“biochemical penumbra” around the infracted zone after
MCAO; the mechanisms of HBOP maybe improving the
The effect of HBO on survival of the arterialized
deep-venous flaps in a rat model
Ying LONG,      Junjun HE,     Jiewen TAN,    Xiaojun LI,        K37
Yulin NIE, Zhi YI                                                Reports of 48 cases about hyperbaric oxygen
1. The Shenzhen Peoples Hospital, Shenzhen, China                approach in treating thromboangiitis obliterans
2. The Second Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen                 Jinjun Pang, Fengjuan Long, Guihua Pan, Yafan Li
University, Guangzhou, China                                     First Affiliated Hospital, Guangxi Medical University,
3. The Buji Peoples Hospital, Shenzhen, China                    China

Objectives: the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO)
on survival of the arterialized deep-venous flaps and            Objective: To explore the effects of hyperbaric oxygen on
blood supply was studied in a rat model. Methods: In this        thromboangiitis obliterans (TAO). Method: There are 48
study, the arterialized deep-venous flaps with pedicle           cases in our study.8 cases in stageⅠ,18 cases in stage Ⅱ
were established and anastomosed by proximal end of
external iliac artery with external iliac vein of flaps on the   and 22 cases in stage Ⅲ .All cases were treated by
abdomen of rats. An experimental model was created in            hyperbaric oxygen. Medicine was applied to severe cases
retrograde blood supplied to flaps from external iliac vein      We compare the effects in different stage and course of
inferior and epigastric vein. The 45 of SD rats were             treatment. Results: 37 cases were cured,10 cases were
randomly divided into three groups. The blood supply of          effective, The total effective rate was 97.9%.26 cases in
flaps in Group I (Control, n=15) was anastomosed by              stageⅠ or stage Ⅱ were completely cured, the cure rate
end-to-end with arteries and venous respectively. 30 of 45
rats were anastomosed in arterialized deep-venous flaps          was 100%.The cases the cure rate was only 50% in stage
of rat model(ADVF). 15 rats with ADVF (GroupII, HBO)             Ⅲ .36 cases accept 4 courses hyperbaric oxygen
were received by HBO treatment at 0.2MPa twice daily for         treatment, 33 cases were cured, the cure rate was
3 consecutive days after operation. Another 15 of                91.7%.12 cases were treated less than 4 courses; the
ADVF(Group III , non-HBO) were received by                       cure rate was 25%. Conclusions: Hyperbaric oxygen has
conventional treatment after operation. Clinical survival        a notable curative effect on TAO. We can receive high
assessments of flaps included perfusion monitored by             cure rate if we adopt complete courses hyperbaric oxygen
observation of mass species with naked eye. The survival         treatment in stageⅠ and stage Ⅱ.
rate of flaps was calculated after operation. Result: 1.The
edema of flaps in ADVF was reduced by HBO . The color
of flaps after HBO was red in the similar to Group I. The
Flaps in Group III were going to be black red from 2. day
after operation and dying on 3.day after operation. 2.The        K38
survival of the flaps were respectively 60%, 66.7%, 0.           Hyperbaric Oxygenation on Limb Dyskinesia after
Conclusion: This study indicates that it iseffectiveness of      Intervention of intracranial Aneurysm and Its Effects
                                                                 on ADL among 32 Cases
blood circulation in this arterialized deep-venous flaps can
be enhanced by retrograde arteriali- zation in this animal       Yongjun Mai, Xuedong Li, Meiyin Lei, Hua Huang
model. HBO could improve blood supply of the flaps with          HOB center, the Fourth Affiliated Hospital, GuangXi
ADVP and reduce edema after operation and increase               Medical University, Liuzhou, China
flap survival with ADVP.
                                                                 Objective: To determine the effects of early hyperbaric
                                                                 oxygenation (HBO) on the prognosis of motor function
K36                                                              after intervention of intracranial aneurysm. Methods: 62
Cancelling the requirement of ventilation for                    patients with dyskinesia after intervention of intracranial
hyperbaric chamber pressurized with oxygen                       aneurysm were randomized into HBO treatment group
Mao Fangguan                                                     and control group. Both group received the same routine
                                                                                                                     th   th
Chinese Society of Hyperbaric Facility, Shanghai, China          medicine. In addition, HBO group started HBO at 7 –10
                                                                 day after intervention. Defects of nerve function and ADL
Objective: When the volume fraction of oxygen of gas in          were evaluated with Fugl-Meyer Scale and Barthel Scale
                                                                 respectively. Results: Neurofunction defects and ADL
a chamber is reduced the potentiality of fire will decrease
and the operational safety will increase for the hyperbaric      were significantly improved 30 days after treatment in
chamber pressurized with oxygen. Methods: By means of            both groups. There was statistic significance compared
analyses and calculations the maxima of oxygen patial            with the conditions after interventions (P<0.01). The
pressure (pO2) and carbon dioxide partial pressure (pCO2)        results of HBO group were much better than those of
in the chamber can be determined under conditions of             control group. There was statistic significance between
nonventilation. Results: In this situation the pO2 may be        the two groups (P<0.01). Conclusion: Early HBO can
raised to 0.22 MPa, it can meet the demands of HBO               improve patients’ ADL and defects of nerve functions after
conventional therapy and the maximum of pCO2 less than           intracranial aneurysm intervention, which enhances
3 kPa is safe on the human body. Conclusion: It is               patients’ life quality.
favorable and reasonable to cancel the requirement of
ventilation for a hyperbaric chamber pressurized with
The EEG analysis before and after of hyperbaric               function. Conclusion: the level of immune cells in the
oxygen therapy in patients with cerebral infarctinon          stability of patients with COPD is degraded in varying
Ma YuJie                                                      degrees, the reduction of HBO treatment can significantly
No.1 Hospital, Qiqihaer, China                                improve the stability of the cell-mediated immunity in
                                                              patients with COPD function, at the same time to correct
Objective: Analysis and Comparison of patients with           hypoxia and CO2 retention and improve lung function in
cerebral infarction in HBO treatment before and after the     patients with COPD (P <0.01).
EEG changes, study the prognosis of the disease. HBO
treatment can reduce the incidence of meaningful
consequences. Methods: HBO group in the conventional
treatment at the same time increase the HBO therapy.          K41
HBO use large cabin wearing oxygen masks in 30″×2, the        Effect of hyperbaric oxygen to inflammatory cytokine
middle cabin air suction, once a day, 10times for a course    in patients with obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea
of treatment, 2-3 courses of treatment. Conventional          syndrome
                                                                          1        2            2
treatment of the control group, using low-molecular-weight    Yongxin Ma , Nong Yu , Bing Meng
dextran 500ml and dan senate 14 ml; 5%glucose injection       1.Weifang people’s hospital, Shandong, China
250 ml and CDP- choline 0.5g intravenous drip, once a         2.Weifang Asthma hospital, Shandong, China
day, seven days for treatment, treatment 2-3 Courses.
Results: HBO group EEG abnormalities before treatment         Objective: To observe the effect of hyperbaric
to 79 percent, 51 percent after treatment, down               oxygen(HBO) to inflammatory cytokine in patients with
28%,compared before and after treatment were                  obstructive              sleep             apnea-hypopnea
significantly different (P<0.05); The control group EEG       syndrome(OSAHS).Methods: Thirty two patients with
                                                              OSAHS were randomly divided into 2 groups: HBO
abnormalities before and after the treatment rate of 80
                                                              therapy group and control group. The T lymphocyte
percent, reduced to 66 percent, down 14 percent; no                        +    +     +     +
                                                              subset,CD4 ,CD8 ,CD4 /CD8           and       inflammatory
significant difference (P>0.05). Conclusions: HBO can
                                                              cytokine,IL-6,IL-8as well as TNF-α,were assayed by flow
improve the prognosis of cerebra infarction patients,
                                                              cytometry after HBO exposure. Result: The level of CD4+
whether from the clinical efficacy or EEG of recovery, the
                                                              and CD4+/CD8+ ratio tended to increase after HBO
effect is very obvious that the lower incidence of sequelae
                                                              exposure 7 times, while significantly decreased (P <0.001)
and provide a reliable basis for the treatment. So routine
                                                              after HBO exposure 14 times and 21times. The level of
treatment of patients with cerebral Infarction at the same
                                                              inflammatory cytokine,IL-6,IL-8 and TNF-αtended to
time as soon as possible with HBO treatment.
                                                              decreased (P <0.005) after HBO exposure 7 times, and
                                                              significantly decreased too (P <0.001) after HBO
                                                              exposure 14 times and 21times. Conclusion: HBO
                                                              therapy can not only adjust the balance of immune,
K40                                                                                                    +
                                                              decreased the cytotoxic action of CD8 lymphocyte, but
Influence of hyperbaric oxygen to the immune
                                                              also significantly decrease the level of inflammatory
function of cells in the patients with chronic
                                                              cytokine in patients with OSAHS.
obstructive pulmonary disease
          1              2           1           1
Bing Meng , Yongxin Ma , Guohua Li , Guiping Wang ,
Xiaorong Liang
1.Weifang asthma hospital, Shandong, China
2.Weifang people’s hospital, Shandong, China
                                                              Effect of hyperbaric oxygen to inflammatory cytokine
                                                              and pulmonary function in patients with Asthma
Objective: To Observe the level of immune cells in the                    1           2         2
                                                              Yongxin Ma , Zhaoqiu Hu , nong Yu
patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and
                                                              1. Weifang Peoples Hospital, Shandong, China
the influence of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to the immune
                                                              2. Weifang Asthma Hospital, Shandong, China
function of cells in the stability of patients with chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease. Methods: Randomly
                                                              Objective: To observe the effect of hyperbaric
selected patients with stable COPD 167 cases, of which
                                                              oxygen(HBO) to inflammatory cytokineand pulmonary
86 cases for the treatment group, 81 cases for the control
                                                              function in patients with asthma. Methods: ninety six
group, Tiotropium inhalation aerosol solution, selected 33
                                                              patients with asthma were randomly divided into 2 groups:
cases of normal healthy people in the control group.
                                                              HBO therapy group and control group, and another thirty
Adoption of improved ABC method in the Observer Group
                                                              health cases as heath control group, the control group
targets immune cells, blood testing, pulmonary function,
                                                              only accept regular therapy: To inhale Budesonide 200µg
after a course of HBO treatment (12 times), to detect the
                                                              2 times daily, and HBO group accept HBO therapy and
above targets again, and then to give a comparative study
                                                              regular therapy too. The inflammatory cytokine IL-5, IL-12,
analysis. Results: HBO inhalation drug therapy group
                                                              IL-13 as well as IL-18 were assayed by ELISA after HBO
and the control group compared with the normal group
                                                              exposure. Result: The symptom and FEV1 were
targets immune cells have different levels of reduced (P
                                                              significantly improved after HBO exposure(P <0.005) ,the
<0.001), the HBO treatment group after treatment,
                                                              level of IL-5, IL-13 ,IL-18 were significantly decreased ,
cell-mediated immunity in patients with various indicators
                                                              the level of IL-12 was significantly increased. Conclusion:
were significantly increased (P <0.01) , and corrected the
                                                              HBO therapy can ease the bronchial inflammation by
CO2 retention and hypoxia (P <0.01), improved lung
adjust the inflammatory cytokine excretion, can               treatment. HBO 48 hours group got three times HBO
significantly improve the patient’s pulmonary function.       treatment. Draw blood from the aorta abdominalis after
                                                              operation at 24h, 48h, 72h respectively, then measure the
                                                              content of vWF, IL-23 and IL-27 by using enzyme-linked
                                                              immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Results: (1) The content
K43                                                           of vWF in IR 24 hours group increases than that in
The effect of HBO treatment on plateletm embrane              sham-o group, the difference is significant, P in 24 hours
glycoprotein                                                  group of IR increases than that in sham-o group, the
Ma Linlin                                                     difference is significant, P in 24 hours group, 72 hours
Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing, China                     group of HBO group decrease than those in IR groups at
                                                              the same time group, the difference is significant, P in 24
Objective: Study the changes of HBO therapy on                hours group, 48 hours group, 72 hours group of HBO
plateletm embrane glycoprotein, to further reveal the         group decrease than those in IR groups at the same time
mechanism of HBO therapy and provide a theoretical            group, but the difference is not significant, P>0.05.
basis with use anti-platelet aggregation in clinical.         Conclusions: (1) By using hyperbaric oxygen, the
Methods: Through animal tests and clinical studies on the     content of vWF decreases at 24h, 48h and 72h, it shows
HBO treatment of common indications (Acute carbon             that the hyperbaric oxygen has positive effect on relieving
monoxide poisoning and delayed encephalopathy, acute          ischemic-reperfusion injury. The mechanism is to
oxygen poisoning, decompression sickness, ischemic            decrease the content of vWF. (2) By using hyperbaric
stroke, ischemia-reperfusion injury, SARS after avascular     oxygen, the content of IL-23 decreases at 24h and 72h, it
necrosis), the positive percentage of CD31, CD61, CD62p,      shows that hyperbaric oxygen has positive effect on
CD63 and PAC-1 were measured by the flow cytometry            inhibiting inflammatory reaction and the mechanism of
(FCM). Results: HBO on platelet activation remains            hyperbaric oxygen is to alleviate the IL-23 release.(3) In
differences. Most studies show that HBO will reduce           this experiment, by using hyperbaric oxygen, the content
platelet glycoprotein expression, while a small number of     of IL-27 has the degressive trend, but has no significant
studies have appeared that HBO can increase the               meaning. It needs further study.
expression of the plateletm embrane glycoprotein to
normal. Conclusions:         The dual nature of HBO
treatment pends further study. HBO treatment with the
pressure of time, intermittent, and the treatment of the      K45
disease itself? With further study of HBO on platelet         Effects of preconditioning with hyperbaric oxygen on
glycoprotein, the exact mechanism will become more            neural cell apoptosis after spinal cord injury in rats
deeply clarified.                                             Peigang Lu, Hua Feng, Yongzhi Xia, Guoqi Gong, Mei Li
                                                              Department of Neurosurgery, Southwest Hospital, Third
                                                              Military Medical University, Chengdu, China

K44                                                           Objective: To study the effects of preconditioning with
The influence of HBO on plasma vWF, serum IL-23               hyperbaric oxygen on neural cell apoptosis and
and IL-27 in cerebral ischemic-reperfusion rats               expression of Caspase-3 after spinal cord injury in rats at
Jiangjiang Lu, Chunjin Gao, Yajuan Li, Baosen Pang, Xiu       different time. Methods: fifty-five adult Sprague-Dawley
xia Huang                                                     adult rats, weighing from 250 to 300g, were randomly
Beijing Chao Yang Hospital, Beijing, China                    divided into 3 groups, hyperbaric oxygen preconditional
                                                              group(25,n=5) ,normal injury group(25,n=5)and control
Objective: By observing the influence of hyperbaric           group(5,n=5). In the experimental groups, the rat spinal
oxygen treatment on plasma vWF, serum IL-23 and IL-27         cord injury models were established by the way of
in cerebral ischemic-reperfusion rats, to explore possible    Allen s method , and morphological studied by
mechanism of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on relieving         hematoxylin and eosin staining, Cell apoptosis was
ischemic-reperfusion flammatory reaction and to provide       detected by TUNEL method and the expression of
further experimental evidence for clinical HBO therapeutic    Caspase-3 by immunohistochemistry at different time(1
method. Materials and Methods: 64 SD rats were                day, 5 day, 7 day, 10day, 14day) were observed. Results:
randomly divided into 8 different groups: normal group (N),   The apoptostic cells positive for TUNEL and Caspase-3
sham-o group, cerebral ischemic-reperfusion (IR) IR 24        expression were detectable in both two experimental
hour’s group, IR 48 hour’s group, IR 72 hour’s group, HBO     groups. In the preconditional group, the number of
24 hour’s group, HBO 48 hour’s group, HBO 72 hour’s           apoptotic cells and the expression of Caspase-3 were
group. Each group contained 8 rats. The cerebral              decreased and the neurofunction of the spinal cord
ischemic-reperfusion models were established according        improved as compared with those in the control group.
to Pulsinelli’s methods of blocking four arteries. The        There were statistically significant differences between
normal       group,      sham-o        group,     cerebral    the preconditional group and normal injury group
ischemic-reperfusion (IR) group was placed in normal          especially the control group. Conclusion: Apoptosis of
pressure atmosphere without hyperbaric oxygen                 neural cells is an important morphological change in the
treatment. The hyperbaric oxygen group started to accept      secondary lesion period after spinal cord injury. HBO
hyperbaric oxygen treatment after surgery immediately,        preconditioning can reduce the numbers of apoptotic cells
and once a day at the same time. HBO 24 hours group got       and promote the nerve function recovery in rats after
once HBO treatment. HBO 48 hours group got twice HBO          spinal cord injury.
                                                               1. Department of Pediatrics, the 3rd Xiangya Hospital of
                                                               Central South University, Hunan, Changsha, China
                                                               2. Navy General Hospital, Beijing, China
Automatic and non-resistance and non-noise                     Objectives: To observe the effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen
oxygen-supply-and-vent device                                  (HBO) to Human Nerve Stem Cell (hNSCs)
Shutian Duan, Xianhua Zhang, Binsheng Ren                      transplantation on hypoxic Ischemic Brain Damage (HIBD)
People’s Hospital, Pingyao County, Shanxi, China               on neonatal rats. Methods: Neonatal HIBD rat model was
                                                               produced according to Rice method. Experimental rat
Objective: To reduce resistance and noise and avoid            pups       were      randomly     divided     into      HIBD,
cross infection in hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Method:          HIBD+transplantation        group,      HIBD+HBO          and
Place the detector outside the cabin .Place the air sac and    HIBD+transplantation+HBO groups (n=10 in each group
silencer in the cabin. Use the detector to detect whether      at each time point). On day 3 (d3) after HIBD, hNSCs
the air sac is full or not in order to follow the human body   were transplanted into the left ventricles by microinjection
breath, and supply or vent oxygen .Result: The                 method. The first HBO treatment was administered within
resistance of breathing is largely reduced. The resistance     15min after hNSCs transplantation and once daily for
of calm breathing can almost become zero. The noise is         consecutively ten days. TUNEL staining was used for
greatly reduced. This can avoid cross-infection.               apoptotic study at d4, d5, d6, d13 after HIBD. Fluorescent
Conclusion: This kind of oxygen-supply-and-vent device         immunohistochemical (FIHC) staining and confocal
can be used in hyperbaric oxygen therapy.                      microscopy were used to observe the survival, migration,
                                                               and differentiation of the implanted cells. Results: (1) On
                                                               d4, d5, d6 and d13, TUNEL-positive cells could be
                                                               observed in the injured cortex and hippocampus in all
K47                                                            groups. The number of TUNEL-positive cells of
Determination of platelet membrane glycoprotein                HIBD+transplantation and HIBD+HBO groups were
PAC-I and CD63 in patients with delayed                        significantly less than that of HIBD group (P<0.05). While
ecefhalopathy after acute carbon monoxide poisoning            the      number        of   TUNEL-positive        cells     of
Xiaomin Hou, Chunjin Gao, Huan Ge, Liming Zhao, Lianh          HIBD+transplantation+HBO group was very significantly
ua Wu, Yi Zhang, Lin Yang, Zhuo Li, Yu Gao, Man Qi, Ch         less than that of HIBD group (P<0.01). (2) FIHC staining
engqing Xia                                                    showed that on d13, the implanted hNSCs survived and
Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing, China                      extensively migrated from ventricles to periventricular
                                                               brain parenchyma, and meanwhile differentiated to
Objective: To study platelet membrane glycoprotein             neurons and astrocytes. There was no significant
PAC-I and CD63 in patients with delayed ecefhalopathy          difference about the cell migration style and distribution
after acute carbon monoxidepoisoning in order to instruct      among        HIBD+transplantation,      HIBD+HBO          and
the anti-platelet therapy of DE ACMP. Methods: There           HIBD+transplantation+HBO groups. The number of total
are DEACMP group and normal control group. The                 survived cells of HIBD+transplantation+HBO was
DEACMP group were draw blood in 7 days after they              significantly     (P<0.01)      more     than      that     of
arrived at hospital. The blood of normal control               HIBD+transplantation group or HIBD+HBO group.
group were drawn in the 8AM after an overnight fast. The       Conclusions: (1) After transplantation, hNSCs can
positive percentage of PAC- I and CD63 were measured           survive, migrate and differentiate into neurons and
by the flow cytometry (FCM). Analysis of t-test was            astrocytes. (2) To some extent, hNSCs transplantation
applied to analyse the expressions of platelet membrane        has neuroprotection to HIBD in neonatal rats. (3) HBO
glycoprotein PAC-I and CD63. Results: The expressions          therapy may enhance the above neuroprotective effect via
of platelet membrane glycoprotein PAC- I of the                promoting graft cell survival rate, migration and
DEACMP group was higher than which in the normal               differentiation.
control group (P<0.05). The expressions of platelet
membrane glycoprotein CD63 of the DEACMP group was
much higher than which in the normal control group
(P<0.01). Conclusions: According to this study, the            K49
expression of PAC-I and CD63 is in a high level with           Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a case of gas
delayed       ecefhalopathy    after    acute     carbon       gangrene in both feet
monoxidepoisoning. It indicates that the inhibition of         He Xia
platelet activation is needed with delayed ecefhalopathy       Hyperbaric oxygen department of Chongqing Emergency
after acute carbon monoxidepoisoning.                          Medical Center, Chongqing, China

                                                               Objective: Through HBO therapy the gas gangrene.
                                                               Methods: Air hyperbaric chamber, pressure: 2.5ATA
K48                                                            compression time for 40minutes, inhal oxygen for 30
Effect of hyperbaric oxygenation to human nerve                minutes, then 10 minutes’ break. After that, another 30
stem cell transplantation on hypoxic ischemic brain            minutes’ oxygen inhalation. Further, 50 minutes for
damage in vivo                                                 decompression with outing of chamber. During the above
            1          1           2
Mingyan Hei , Mili Xiao , Zuo Luan                             procedure, no uncomfortable sense wascomplained.
g.After 12 hours, the patient happened tachypnea. T: 39.2
℃HR: 157bpm, R: 35/min, BP:112/98 mmHg. The patient         Objective: The efficacy of strocke dysarthria’ therapy by
                                                            hyperbaric oxygen. Methods: from 2005 to 2006, 60
cough pink frothy sputum and the both base of lung had
                                                            patients have divided into two groups.30 patients with the
moist rale. Thoracic CT: ⑴ pneumocontusion and              hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the observation group, the
pneumonedema ⑵pulmonary infection⑶pleural effusion.         other is the control group. 60 patients with the
                                                            implementation of conventional therapy, the Observation
Conclusion: HBO has therapeutic effect on gas
                                                            group have the hyperbaric oxygen therapy at the basic
gangrene pneumonedema. The condition of patient
                                                            therapy. Results: The effective rate of observer Group is
aggravate suddenly may have relation to these factors:
                                                            90%, 53.33% control group. The therapeutic effect of the
⑴The patient have no x –ray from admission-time to          two groups was significant (P<0.05). Conclusion:
going to compartment. It unknown whether decompress         hyperbaric oxygen therapy can improve stroke dysarthria
conditional  will  induce    reversion   under    the       efficient.
pneumonedema. ⑵The systemic inflammatory response
syndrome     was   obvious. ⑶ Chest         x-ray   of
pneumocontusion without clinical syndrome was regarded      K52
as contrary contraindecation abroad. The patient            Hyperbaric oxygen treatment of persistent vegetative
sustained trauma and change of lung x –ray. It can not      state 28 cases Experience
exclude out pneumocontusion.                                Guo Guanghan
                                                            Suqian City of Jiangsu Province Peoples Hospital, Suqian,

K50                                                         Objective: Study the effects of hyperbaric oxygen on the
Effects of hyperbaric oxygen on expression of brain         persistent vegetative state patient rehabilitation treatment.
derived neurotrophic factor mRNA in hippocampus of          Methods: 2001-1/2007-12 Suqian City People's Hospital
mice after cerebral ischemia reperfusion                    of hyperbaric oxygen treatment centre-patient treatment
Na Guo, Chunjin Gao, Guozhong Wang, Fujia Liu, Yuepi        of 28 cases of pvs patients receiving hyperbaric oxygen
ng Lu                                                       rehabilitation treatment, using high-pressure air cabin, 0.2
Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing, China                           mpa pressure, oxygen for 60 min, 10 min middle rest.
                                                            Results: The rehabilitation of hyperbaric oxygen therapy,
Objective: To investigate the effects of hyperbaric         basic rehabilitation eight cases, for more then 80 times in
oxygen (HBO) on expression of brain derived                 6 cases, treatment within 60 to two cases, in the course
neurotrophic factor (BDNF) mRNA in hippocampus of           within 30d by hyperbaric oxygen therapy in 12 cases, the
mice after cerebral ischemia reperfusion and explore the    basic rehabilitation of six cases in the 60d via the high
therapeutic mechanism of HBO from molecular level.          oxygen therapy the basic rehabilitation of two cases. 28
Methods: The mice were randomly divided into a cerebral     cases of cases of patients 12-40 years of age, the basic
ischemia reperfusion group (IR group), a hyperbaric         rehabilitation of six cases ,41-61-year-old with 10 cases,
oxygen group (HBO group) and a sham–operation group         the basic rehabilitation of two cases, patients over of 61
(Sham group). The cerebral ischemia reperfusion models      years of age without basic rehabilitation. Conclusion:
were established. The expression of BDNF mRNA in the        Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be recovered in blood
hippocampus of mice was measured at 4 h, 12 h, 24 h, 48     pressure, improve microcirculation, help improve
h and 72 h respectively, after reperfusion by reverse       persistent vegetative state patients awake and function to
transcription- polymerase chain reaction (RT–PCR).          maintain life.
Results: 1) The expression of BDNF mRNA in
hippocampus in HBO group was higher than those in the
Sham group at 4 h, 12 h, 24 h, 48 h and 72 h (P0.05).3)
The expression of BDNF mRNA in HBO group was lower          K53
than that in IR group at 4 h (P0.05). Conclusion: The       Using Hyperbaric Oxygen as an Adjuvant Method in
expression of BDNF mRNA increased in hippocampus of         Hypersensivisity Vasculitis
mice after cerebral ischemia reperfusion. HBO treatment     Huan Ge, Chunjin Gao
may effectively relieve the cerebral ischemia reperfusion   Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Beijing Chaoyang
injury through improving the expression of BDNF mRNA        Hospital, Capital University of Medical Sciences, Beijing,
in hippocampus of mice after cerebral ischemia              China
                                                            Aim: We report a case who was suffered from
                                                            hypersensivisity vasculitis. Using Hyperbaric Oxygen and
                                                            corticosteroid to treat hypersensivisity vaasculitis. To the
K51                                                         best of our knowledge, this is the first report that
The efficacy and nursing research of              stroke    hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) served as an adjunctive therapy
dysarthria’ therapy by hyperbaric oxygen                    for hypersensitivity vasculitis. Method: A 58-year-old
Guo Junmei                                                  male patient was injected into his thumb of right hand
Second Hospital, Shenzhen, China                            because of tenosynovitis in local hospital. Half an hour
later, he started to have pain and swelling in his distal      therapeutic efficacy to patients with Mental Disorder
upper extremity of right side. Some medicine were              caused by traumatic brain injury.
prescribed and for 4 hours without benefit.New lesions
developed on the elbow, as well as on the hand. Palpable
Purpura was involving anterior aspect of the left upper
limb through to elbow. Darkening of the skin also were         K55
noted. That night patient was transferred to Beijing           Effect of hyperbaric oxygen combined therapy on
Chaoyang Hospital affiliated Capital University of Medical     persistent vegetative state in 30 patients.
Science.Tolazoline 20mg im and Dextran 40 500ml iv             Gao Yu, Gao Chunjin, Ge Huan
were used to treat spasms of peripheral blood vessels          Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing, China
and improve microcirculation by decreasing blood
viscosity and impeding erythrocyte aggregation.                Objective: To evaluate effectiveness of hyperbaric
Dexamethasone meanwhile intravenously 20mg was                 oxygen combined therapy on persistent vegetative state
given. Two hours later the patient’s condition deteriorated    and explore the best therapeutic regimen for it. Method:
and his lesions developed. HBO therapy (0.2Mpa) was            Thirty cases of persistent vegetative state treated with
used to alter condition of local hypoxia. After HBO therapy,   hyperbaric oxygen combined therapy from 1999 to 2005
the patient’s situation was improved obviously. His            were analyzed retrospectively. Including the effects of
palpable purpura did not reappeared until 3 hour later. At     etiological factors and treatment times and treatment
the first 24 hours after admission, the patient was treated    juncture on therapy. Result: The excellence rate and
with HBO therapy twice. Subsequently, he received HBO          improvement rate were significantly higher in cerebral
therapy 12 sections (once a day). From the second day,         trauma group than those in no cerebral trauma group. And
he was orally given 40mg of prednisolone and 200 mg of         two groups in which the patients began to receive
Aspirin per day for 10 days. Result: The patient’s             treatment when became persistent vegetative state for
condition was getting better, and palpable purpura and         less 61 days recovered better than the other one in which
darkening of the skin were also reduced gradually. Fifteen     the patients began to receive treatment when became
days after treatment with HBO and cortin, the patient’s        persistent vegetative state for more 60 days.
symptoms and ultrasound finding were normalized. He            Conclusions: The effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen on
have a decrease in the dose of prednisolone 30mg/d for         the patients with persistent vegetative state caused by
10 days, then 20mg/d until discharge. Conclusion: HBO          cerebral trauma and the patients who just begin to receive
therapy combine with small doses of corticosteroid is an       hyperbaric oxygen treatment when having been ill for less
effective and safe therapy for this patient, further studies   61 days better.
are needed to evaluate whether HBO can be used as
primary therapy for a group of patients suffering from
hypersensitivity vasculitis.
                                                               Efficacy of hyperbaric oxygenation therapy for
                                                               diabetic foot
K54                                                            Bi Zhumei
Clinical effects of HBO treatment in Patients with             Shandong Provincial Hospital, Jinan, China
Mental Disorder Caused by TBI using of BPRS and
HDS and ADL                                                    Objective: To study the efficacy of hyperbaric
             1         1              1              2
Zhaoming Ge , Ling Li , Hongbin Cai , Xudong Zhang ,           oxygenation therapy(HBO) on patients with diabetic foot.
Haijun Ren                                                     Methods: 42 patients were randomly divided into
1. Second Hospital of Lanzhou University, Lanzhou,             conventional therapy group and HBO therapy combined
China                                                          group, efficacy differences between the two groups was
2. Gansu Provincial Peoples Hospital, Lanzhou, China           compared. Results: Cure rate and total effective rate was
                                                               68.2% and 86.4% in HBO combined group while it was
Background: To evaluate clinical effects of hyperbaric         20.0% and 60.0% in the control group , differences were
oxygen (HBO) treatment in patients with Mental Disorder        seen between the 2 groups obviously (P<0.05).
arising from traumatic brain injury. Methods: One              Conclusion: HBO therapy augments the efficacy of
hundred and five patients with Mental Disorder following       conventional therapy.
Traumatic Brain lnjury (TBI) were randomly divided into
therapy group(55 cases), which was treated by hyperbaric
oxygenation and medications ,and control group (50
cases) which was treated by medications. The scales            K57
included the Brief psychiatric rating scale (BPRS) and         Effects of comprehensive hyperbaric oxygen
Hasegawa Dementia Scale (HDS) and Activity of Daily            rehabilitation    on      function     recovery   for
Living Scale (ADL).All patients were evaluated with BPRS       cerebralapoplexy patient
and HDS and ADL before and after treatment. Results:           NingQin Gao, XiaoPing Chen, Jun Shen, Ying Zhang, Ta
Obvious significance in BPRS and HDS and ADL scores            oLi Wang, LiHua Huang, HaiPing Ge
existed between two groups (after two course of treatment      Xuhui Central Hospital, Shanghai, China
P <0.05, after the four course and three month P <0.01).
Conclusion: The combination of HBO shows good                  Purpose: Discuss the effects of comprehensive
                                                               hyperbaric oxygen rehabilitation on function recovery for
cerebralapoplexy patient. Method: 50 cerebralapoplexy           2008, 623 papers about the effects of HBO combined
patients are divided into two groups, namely, hyperbaric        therapy on brain injury were browsed and only 9 trials
oxygen and non-hyperbaric oxygen group. The routine             (involving 3916 cases) in accordance with the inclusion
treatment and rehabilitation is taken for both two groups       criteria were reviewed systemically. Among these 9 trials,
and the additional hyperbaric oxygen treatment is               total effective rates were compared in 8 trials, the scores
provided for hyperbaric oxygen group. The functional            of Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) before treatment and one
independence measurer (FIM) of patient and simplified           month after treatment were compared in 2 trials, and the
Fugl-Meyer motion function evaluation method can be             mortality rates of the cases within 6 months’ follow-up
used for evaluation. Results: The conclusion shows that         study after treatment were compared in 2 trials. After the
the FIM and simplified Fugl-Meyer scoring difference            statistical treatment with the statistics software
between both two groups have the statistics significance        RevMan4.2, the following statistical outcome was
after treatment and the hyperbaric oxygen group is              obtained. ⑴ The total effective rate: Clinical effects were
superior to non-hyperbaric oxygen group. FIM is
                                                                reported in 8 trials (involving 3688 cases), and the total
100.92±15.76 after the patient in hyperbaric oxygen group
                                                                effective rate of HBO combined treatment groups was
is treated and FIM is 83.60±28.20 after the patient in
                                                                markedly improved with statistical significance as
non-hyperbaric oxygen group is treated. The comparison
                                                                compared with that of control groups (95.12% vs. 74.85%;
between two groups P±22.61 after the patient in
hyperbaric oxygen group is treated and the simplified           OR 6.37; 95%CI 5.04,8.06; P<0.01). ⑵ The comparison
Fugl-Meyer is 36.64±24.26 after the patient in                  of the GCS scores: The GCS scores of cases had no
non-hyperbaric oxygen group is treated. The comparison          statistical significance among groups in 2 trials (involving
between two groups P<0.01. The simplified Fugl-Meyer is         430 cases) before treatment and there was no
54.48±22.61 after the patient in hyperbaric oxygen group        heterogeneity among groups after Chi square test
is treated and the simplified Fugl-Meyer is 36.64±24.26         (P=0.22), but the combining GCS score of cases one
after the patient in non-hyperbaric oxygen group is treated.    month after treatment in treatment groups was 1.67 more
The comparison between two groups P<0.01                        than that in control groups one month after treatment and
Conclusions: The conclusion is that the hyperbaric              the difference had statistical significance (95%CI 1.2,2.14;
oxygen treatment can improve the activities of daily living     P<0.01),. ⑶ The mortality rates of the cases 6 months
and motion function of cerebralapoplexy patients.
                                                                after treatment: The mortality rates of cases within six
                                                                months’ follow-up study after treatment were carried out in
                                                                2 trials with 420 cases involved and there was no
                                                                heterogeneity among groups after Chi square test
Systematic review of the effects of hyperbaric oxygen           (P=0.13). It was found that the total mortality rate of cases
                                                                in 6 months after treatment was 10.76%(24/223) in
adjunctive therapy on brain injury
                                                                treatment groups, which was less than the total mortality
Li Chu, Shilian Hu, Oyang Aiqun, Yaowu Ge, Wang Qiang
                                                                rate (18.78%; 37/197) of cases in control groups with
The Second Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University,
                                                                statistical significance (10.76% vs. 18.78%; OR 0.51;
Hefei, China
                                                                95%CI 0.29,0.90; P<0.05),. And NNT(Number Needed to
Objective: To evaluate the effects of hyperbaric oxygen         Treat) was 12.5,which suggests that one patient with
(HBO)    combined therapy on the patients with brain injury.    brain injury could be avoided from death in 6 months
Methods: HBO, as a commonly-used adjuvant                       among every 12.5 patients if adjunctively treated with
therapeutic method to treat the brain injury, is not            HBO. Conclusion: After the systemic review of the
unanimously accepted by the doctors yet. In this paper,         studies of HBO combined therapy on brain injury, it could
we searched for the domestically published studies on the       be found that the total effective rate significantly improved
HBO combined therapy on brain injury and only those             and the mortality rate obviously decreased after patients
studies in accordance with the following inclusion criteria     with brain injury had been adjunctively treated with HBO.
were reviewed systemically. ⑴ Randomized controlled             So, HBO therapy is a desirable treatment measure for the
                                                                patients with brain injury, for it proved to be of definite
trials (RCTs) and clinical controlled trials (CCTs) about the
                                                                therapeutic effects and clinical significance.
HBO combined therapy on brain injury without
confounding factors. ⑵ Trials should contain control
groups (medicine/operation combined with HBO) and
treatment groups (treated with medicine/operation only).        K59
No less than 100 cases were needed in each treatment            Clinical study of hyperbaric oxygen treating in
group and the case number in control group must meet            patients with developing cerebral infarction
the statistical requirements. ⑶ The age of each case            Du Yuqin
                                                                Shantou University Medical College First Subsidiary
should be between 9 to 75 years old. Statistical Treatment:
                                                                Hospital, Shantou, China
The statistics software RevMan4.2 provided by Central
Cochrane was applied to systematically review the effects
                                                                Objective: To explore the therapeutic effects and safety
of HBO combined therapy on brain injury. Odds Ratio (OR)
                                                                of Hyperbaric Oxygen treating in patients with developing
was applied and 95% Confidence Intervals (95%CI) were
                                                                cerebral infarction. Methods: 63 patients were randomly
calculated. Chi square test was also carried out to assess
                                                                divided into two groups. The control group (n=30) was
the heterogeneity among groups. Results: Up to March
treated with Xue Shuan Tong and conventional therapy            in different educational background patients (P<0.01).
for ACI , and the treatment group (n=33) was treated with       Conclusion: Many factors can cause barotraumas of
Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment combined with conventional          middle ear during HBO treatment to the sudden deafness
therapy for ACI , general for two weeks. Results: After the     patients. So the operator must pay attention to the
above-mentioned therapy , the scores of Nervous                 complication and take some things to reduce the
Functional Deficiency were lower than before therapy and        incidence rate of barotraumas of middle ear.
the parameters of blood viscosity were decreased in two
groups , but were significantly progress and decreased in
the treatment group compared with the control
group (P<0.01or      P<0.05).      Conclusion: Hyperbaric       K62
Oxygen treatment is a safe and effective method in              Effect of different initiation time of hyperbaric
patients with developing cerebral infarction.                   oxygenation therapy on MCAO rats with learning and
                                                                memory deficits
                                                                Hao Chen, Zhumei Bi, Ning Cui, Handong Liu
                                                                Department of Hyperbaric Oxygenation Treatment,
K60                                                             Shandong Provincial Hospital, Jinan, Shandong, China
Nursing experience in treating h2s poisoning with
high pressure oxygen                                            Objective: To investigate the effect of initiation time of
Chen Sailian                                                    hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) therapy on spatial learning
Department of HBO, the People’s Hospital of Tongling city,      and memory deficits of MCAO (middle cerebral artery
Anhui, China                                                    occlusion) model rats. Method: MCAO rats model was
                                                                induced. HBO treatment was administered at 6 or 24
To treat H2S poisoning, high pressure oxygen therapy            hours after reperfusion respectively in earlier (EHBOT) or
should be used as early as possible. High concentration         delayed therapy (DHBOT) groups. The spatial learning
oxygen inhalation; continuous positive pressure breathing,      and memory abilities were evaluated by Morris water
artificial sputum, avoiding respiratory tract obstruction are   maze test. The infarct volume ratio of each group was
the key nurse steps. In the meantime, to change the             measured by 2, 3, 5-triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC)
histanoxia by applying the diutretics, control the              staining. Result: In EHBOT and DHBOT group, compared
pulmonary edema and encephaledema, use the antibiotic           with that in ischemia-control group, the learning and
to treat secondary infection are also the effective             memory abilities improved and the brain infarct volume
measures. The author thinks it is important to use HBO at       ratio diminished markedly (all P<0.01). Conclusion: Both
early stage and thoughtful nurse in treating H2S                earlier and delayed HBO therapy can improve the learning
poisoning.                                                      and memory dysfunction of rats with ischemia-reperfusion
                                                                brain injury. Hyperbaric oxygenation therapy shows neural
                                                                protective effect in ischemia-reperfusion injury.

The reasons and how to prevent barotraumas of
middle ear to the sudden deafness patients during
hyperbaric oxygen treatment
Lijuan Chen, Yan Jiang, Rongzhen Wang, Xiaohong Ding
The First Affiliated Hospital, College of Medicine, Zhejiang    K63
University, China                                               Hyperbaric oxygen and rehabilitative therapy on
                                                                severe traumatic brain injury 196 cases
Object: To investigate how to prevent barotraumas of            Huiping Peng, Xiaoxin Lu, Yongjian Tang, Weihong Fang
middle ear during hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) treatment to          Fuzhou General Hospital, Fuzhou, China
the sudden deafness patients. Methods: There were
1019 patients received HBO treatment in our hospital            Objective: To investigate the effective usage of
during Jan-04 to Dec-07 and 68 patients among them              hyperbaric oxygen and rehabilitative therapy on severe
encountered barotraumas of middle ear. The 68 patients          traumatic brain injury. Methods: From March 2007 to April
were divided into groups according to different reasons of      2008, 196 patients of severe traumatic brain injury were
barotraumas of middle ear, first or non-first time treatment    treatment      by hyperbaric    oxygen    treatment    and
and different educational background. And comparison            rehabilitative therapy in our department, male 119, female
were in progress inter-groups. Results: 6.64% of all 1019       77, average 30.6±8.7years. All patients were severe
patients encountered barotraumas of middle ear. Among           traumatic brain injury, treated by hyperbaric oxygen
them 87% (59 patients) were mild, 11% (7 patients) were         treatment (HBOT) and rehabilitative therapy. HBOT
middling, 2% (1 patient) was severe. The reasons of             pressure was 1.6-0.2Mpa, patients inhale oxygen with
barotraumas      were     eustachian       tube     obstruct,   face mask for 60 minutes, A 5-minute break was taken to
inappropriately pressure adjust and faulty operation.           breath air inner cabin. HBOT was performed once a day,
There was significant difference in composition of these        for 10 days as a treatment course. AT the meantime,
three reasons. The incidence rate of barotraumas was            rehabilitative therapy was performed once or two a day for
5.1% in first time treatment patients, and was 1.6% in          every patient, the treatment time was 30-60 minutes,
non-first time treatment patients. The difference was           including arthrosis passivity movement, nerve muscle
significant (P<0.01). There was also significant difference     electricity stimulate, physics therapeutics, biofeedback.
Result: The number of times of hyperbaric oxygen and          Mechanism of ischemic tolerance induced by
rehabilitative therapy on patients was 20±4.5; the healing    hyperbaric     oxygen      preconditioning      involves
rate was 85.2% (167/196); the effective rate was 14.8         up-regulation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α and
%( 29/196).There were no anyone break off treatment for       erythropoietin in rats
                                                                               1                  1                  1
unwell. Conclusion: Hyperbaric oxygen treatment and           Gu Guo       Jun ,      YunPing Li ,      ZaoYun Peng ,
                                                                       1              1              1            1
rehabilitative therapy have significantly effect on severe    JiaJun Xu , ZhiMin Kang , WeiGang Xu , HengYi Tao ,
                                                                               2               2             1
brain trauma patients, they are safety and useful.            Robert Ostrowski , John H Zhang , XueJun Sun
                                                              Department of Diving Medicine, Faculty of Naval Medicine,
                                                              Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China

K64                                                           Objective: We studied the effect of hyperbaric oxygen
The curative effect of Hyperbaric Oxygenation                 (HBO) preconditioning on the molecular mechanisms of
treatment child brain damage and the influence of             neuroprotection in a rat focal cerebral ischemic model.
nursing                                                       Methods: Seventy two male Sprague–Dawley rats were
Jian Bao, Dao-dong Liu                                        pretreated with HBO (100% O2, 2 atmospheres absolute,
The people’s hospital of Lu’an city, Anhui province, Lu’an,   1 hour once every other day for five sessions) or with
China                                                         room air. In experiment 1, HBO preconditioned rats and
                                                              matched room air controls were subjected to focal
Purpose: Discussion the curative effect of Hyperbaric         cerebral ischemia or sham surgery. Post-injury motor
Oxygenation treatment child brain damage and the              parameters and infarction volumes of HBO preconditioned
influence of nursing. Method: In random take out 82           rats were compared with those of controls. In experiment
examples as observation group (n=82) from hospitalized        2, HBO preconditioned rats and matched room air
child patient (October 2002 to October 2007), and take        controls were killed at different time points. Brain levels of
the same period 78 examples as compare group. The             hypoxia-inducible factor 1a(HIF-1a) and its downstream
observation group was given conventional treatment add        target gene erythropoietin (EPO) analyzed by Western
HBO treatment, the compare group treat only given             blotting and RT-PCR as well as HIF-1α DNA-binding and
conventional treatment. Observe the difference of curative    transcriptional activities were determined in the ipsilateral
effect in two groups’ treatment the child brain damage.       hemisphere. Results: HBO induced a marked increase in
Result: the cure and apparently effective rate of             the protein expressions of HIF-1α and EPO and the
observation group be higher than compare group.               activity of HIF-1a, as well as the expression of EPO
Conclusion: The treatment of Hyperbaric Oxygenation           mRNA. HBO preconditioning dramatically improved the
can raise the effect in child brain damage.                   neurobehavioral outcome at all time points (3.0±2.1 vs
                                                              5.6±1.5 at 4 h, 5.0±1.8 vs 8.8±1.4 at 8 h, 6.4±1.8 vs
                                                              9.7±1.3 at 24 h, P<0.01 respectively) and reduced
                                                              infarction volumes (20.7±4.5% vs 12.5±3.6%, TTC
K65                                                           staining) after cerebral ischemia. Conclusion: This
Up-regulated HIF-1α is involved in the hypoxic                observation indicates that the neuroprotection induced by
tolerance      induced    by     hyperbaric      oxygen       HBO-preconditioning may be mediated by an upregulation
preconditioning                                               of HIF-1a and its target gene EPO.
                1          2               1           1
Zhaoyun Peng , ping Ren , Zhimin Kang , Jing Du ,
            1         1             1             1
Qinglin Lian , Yun Liu John H Zhang , Xuejun Sun
Department of Diving Medicine, Faculty of Naval Medicine,
Second Military Medical, Shanghai, China

Objective: the present study was to examine the hypoxic       K67
tolerance induced by HBO-PC and to explore the role of        Hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning attenuates motor
hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha (HIF-1alpha) in a global      neuron apoptosis after spinal cord ishchemia in rats:
hypoxia model. Methods: Male mice received HBO-PC             role of nitric oxide
                                                                             1          2           1              2
before hypoxia exposure and swimming. Results:                Liping Wang , Xuejun Sun , Wenxian Li , Zhimin Kang ,
                                                                           2            2               3
HBO-PC significantly prolonged the survival time and the      Hengyi Tao , Weigang Xu , John H Zhang
tolerance time of swimming under normobaric hypoxia.          Department of Diving Medicine, Faculty of Naval Medicine,
HBO-PC increased the protein content of HIF-1α and            Second Military Medical, Shanghai, China
erythropoietin (EPO) in the cerebral cortex and
hippocampus and prevented the changes of blood brain          Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) preconditioning confers
barrier (BBB) permeability and brain edema caused by          neuroprotection against subsequent ischemic insult by
hypoxia exposure. Conclusion: The results suggested           inhibition to neuronal apoptosis. In this study, we
that HBO-PC induced hypoxic tolerance in mice via             investigated whether nitric oxide (NO) was involved in
up-regulating of HIF-1α and its downstream genes.             HBO-induced ischemic tolerance and the underlying
                                                              mechanisms in a rat model of spinal cord
                                                              ischemia-reperfusion. HBO preconditioning, which
                                                              significantly increased NO levels in spinal cord tissue, was
K66                                                           produced by consecutive four times of 1-h HBO exposure
                                                              (2.5ATA, 100%O2) at an interval of 12 h. At 24 h after the
last pretreatment, rats underwent spinal cord ischemia for     were evaluated before and after treatment. Results: The
9 min. Function recovery was evaluated by 15-point scale,      score of NFI after treatment was lower than before
and motor neuronal apoptosis was detected by TUNEL             treatment in two groups. It was lower in HBO group than
staining. Behavioral function was remarkably preserved         in control group after treatment. The score of ADL after
and motor neuronal apoptosis was notably attenuated by         treatment was higher significantly as compared with
HBO preconditioning (P<0.01). Intraperitoneal injection of     before treatment in HBO group and control group. After
L-nitroarginine-methy-ester (L-NAME, 10 mg/kg), a              HBO therapy they were higher than those in control group.
nonselective nitric oxide synthase (NOS) inhibitor at 20       Clinical effect wasassociative with the day of beginning
min prior to each HBO preconditioning, abolished the           and Hunt-Hess grading system. Conclusions: HBO
beneficial effects of HBO preconditioning. The activities of   therapy and other rehabilitative training were actively
caspase-3, -9, -8 and the expressions of mitochondrial         used in patients of intracranial aneurysms in the early
passway anti-apoptotic mediators in the ischemic spinal        stage after operation, could improve neurological function
lumbosacral tissue at 6, 12 and 24 h after reperfusion         and ADL and quality of life significantly.
were evaluated in HBO preconditioned rats with or without
L-NAME. NO protected neurons from apoptosis through
attenuation of cytochrome c release and caspases
cleavage along with upregulation of Bcl-2 and antioxidant      K70
enzymes.      Intraperitoneal  administration    of thiol      Effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in ischemic
antioxidant N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC, 200 mg/kg) at 15                 :
                                                               stroke:150 cases report
min before each HBO preconditioning also blocked the
                                                               Li Li, Jiali Zhang, Yue Yao, Huichun Zheng, Xiaoqin Du
neuroprective effects of HBO by decreasing NO
                                                               HBOT Center of Southwest Hospital, Third Military
production. The abovementioned data indicate that NO
                                                               Medical University, Chongqing, China
produced by HBO may contribute to neuroprotection
during the preconditioning.
                                                               Objective: Observe the effect of hyperbaric oxygen
                                                               therapy (HBOT) in patients with ischemic brain stroke.
                                                               Methods: 150 cases of brain infarction patients, which
                                                               performed HBOT, were analyzed retrospectively. Results:
                                                               The symptoms of 54.0% patients with HBOT were
When high pressure oxygen treatment prevents
                                                               improved significantly, but it is 44.0% in another 150
nursing experience which the middle ear gas crushes
                                                               cases of brain infarction patients without HBOT during the
Gao Xiudong
                                                               same period. If HBOT could be initiated in 30 days after
Victory oil field central hospital high pressure oxygen
                                                               attacked, the ratio of patients with significant symptoms
branch of Dongying, Shandong camp, China
                                                               improvement is 69.7%, 57.5% in 31-60 days, higher than
                                                               in 60-90 days (40.0%) and after 90 days (23.5%). The
Objective: Discussion high pressure oxygen branch
                                                               best outcome was occurred in patients with HBOT course
nursing to prevents the middle ear gas to crush the
                                                               of 21-30 days, 63.6% of which achieved significant
morbidity the influence. Methods: We carry on to each
                                                               improvement, followed by11-20 days (59.7%), less than
patient carefully nurse comprehensively, then, the careful
                                                               10 days (52.3%) and more than 30 days (31.8%).
observation, the record, summarizes, carries on the
                                                               Conclusions: HBOT can do benefit to patients with brain
analysis. Results: Nurses earnestly after us, the patient
                                                               infarction and it is beneficial to initiate HBOT as early as
middle ear gas crushes the disease incidence rate
                                                               possible, and the course of HBOT should better not less
reduces obviously. Conclusion: When high pressure
                                                               than 20 days.
oxygen treatment, carries on carefully nurses
comprehensively, but effectively reduces the disease
incidence rate which the middle ear gas crushes.
                                                               The use of Hyperbaric oxygen in infants external
                                                               hydrocephalus comprehensive treatment
                                                               Wu Xiuyun
Effect of hyperbaric oxygen on the rehabilitation of
                                                               Department of Hyperbaric oxygen Taihe Hospital of
neurological function impairment and Ability of
                                                               Yunyang Medical College, Shiyan, Hubei, China
activity of daily living in patients with intracranial
aneurysms after operation
                                                               Objectives: To investigate the role of hyperbaric oxygen
Dongjuan Li, Jinlong Liu, Xiaoning Si
                                                               treatment in infants and young children of the
Department of Hyperbaric oxygen, The First Affiliated
                                                               hydrocephalus and analysis the leading risk factors of
Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China
                                                               external hydrocephalus. Methods: 100 cases of the
                                                               children with hydrocephalus using Hyperbaric oxygen +
Objective: To observe the influence of hyperbaric oxygen
                                                               nerve-brain-training physical rehabilitation treatment,
(HBO) combined with physical therapy and acupuncture
                                                               infants with single oxygen chamber therapy a day, 12
on neurological function impairment (NFI) and ADL in
                                                               days for a course of treatment, intermittent 20 days , A
patient with intracranal aneurysms. Methods: 80 cases
                                                               total of 2 to 3 course. Treatment of pressure 0 to-4months
with intracranial aneurysms were randomly divided into
                                                               1.6 ATA; 4-8months 1.7 ATA; 8-12months1.8 ATA; clinical
two groups treated with and without HBO therapy besides
                                                               follow-up from 6 months to 1 year. Results: 100 cases of
conventional treatment. The score of NFI and Barthel
children with the 2 to 3 course of treatment, clinical        one with 2ml of salt water, the experiment lasted for six
symptoms disappear, six months of follow-up review of 74      weeks. Then, rabbits in experimental group were
cases of head CT subarachnoid fluid decreased to normal,      randomized to hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) group(16) and
one-year follow-up of 26 cases of non-developmental           control group(16). The HBO group receive HBO treatment,
disorders and nervous system abnormalities, The total         but the control group was placed in the fresh air. At the
effective rate was 90%. The risk factors of external          end of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 weeks, the ratio of VEGF,
hydrocephalus is the lack of oxygen in perinata,              pathological changes of femoral head in light microscope
suffocation, encephalitis, trauma, such as the factors that   and electron nicroscope, imaging changes were observed.
injury the central nervous system. Conclusions: The           Results: At the end of 6 week, a propotion of osteocytes
external hydrocephalus children in the comprehensive          decreased in volume and the nuclei shrunk. Many
treatment on the basis of early supplemented with             osteocytes underwent necrosis, dissolved and became
high-pressure oxygen treatment, clinical prognosis is         fragments. The masculine expression of VEGF was slight.
good for children with neural, mental development play a      At the end of 12 week, scattered osteoblast cells could
positive role in promoting.                                   be observed around the bone trabecula. Nascent bone
                                                              cells and collagenous fibri could be found. The ratio of
                                                              masculine cells of VEGF, which were mainly in the
                                                              endangium, was increased obviously. At the same time,
K72                                                           there were many newborn micrangium. Conclusion:
The Nursing during the hyperbaric oxygen treatment            HBO can accelerate the vascular developing and
after Skin grafting                                           ossification by promoting the exudation of VEGF and
Wang Wenjie                                                   improve bone repairing.
Tai He Hospital affiliated to Yunyang Medical College,
Shiyan, Hubei, China

Objective: Explore the relationship between the success       K74
rate of skin after transplantation and the nursing during     Nursing methods of respiratory tract in severe
the hyperbaric oxygen treatment after skin grafting.          craniocerebral injury patients after tracheotomy who
Methods: 40 patients were studied who took the                were treated with high pressure oxygen and
reconstruction of skin grafting because of the trauma or      combined therapy
the organizations after surgeries in our hospital since       Ming Huang, Jing Bian
2005. Conventional treatment, nursing and the hyperbaric      Department of Neurosurgery, Taihe Hospital of Yunyang
oxygen treatment were carried out at the same time.           Medical College, Shiyan, China
single pure oxygen chamber treatment pressure 0.2 Mpa,
or, decompression of the 25min, Regulators 40 min, in a       Objective: To discuss nursing method of respiratory tract
small cabin air pressure, the pressure of 0.2 Mpa, oxygen     after tracheotomy in patients with severe craniocerebral
60 min (30'2 +10'), or, decompression of the 25 min.          injury, who were treated with high pressure oxygen and
Results: The efficacy is closely related to the time          combined therapy, and decrease the infection rate
between the transplant and the hyperbaric oxygen              respiratory tract and improve the survival rate. Methods:
treatment. The time is shorter and the effect is more         198 patients with severe craniocerebral injury were
obvious. And the Special nursing during the Hyperbaric        treated with tracheotomy and high pressure oxygen and
oxygen treatment has played a positive role in promoting      combined therapy, all patients were given environmental
and prevented the incidence of complications, the             nursing, postural nursing, sputum nursing, sputum
effective rate was 90%. Conclusions: The Hyperbaric           culturing for germs, controlling the correct decannulation
oxygen treatment has a significant effect, and should be      time and so on. The data was analyzed retrospectively.
used earlier during the conventional treatment.               Results: All the patients were kept unobstructed of
                                                              respiratory tract. Infection rate of respiratory tract was
                                                              24.9% and survival rate was 89.2%,survival quality was
                                                              improved obviously and the rate of good was 74.5%.
K73                                                           Conclusion: Timely and effective respiratory tract nursing
Significance of vascular endothelial growth factor in         for patients with severe craniocerebral injury who were
steroid-induced vascular necrosis of femoral head             performed with tracheotomy can decrease complication of
treated with hyperbaric oxygen                                respiratory tract infection effectively and make for the
Cui Cao                                                       rehabilitation of patients.
Department of Orthopedics, Taihe Hospital of Yunyang
Medical College, Shiyan, Hubei, China

Objective: To investigate the stage-changes of vascular       K75
endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in the mode of               Nursing experience of 26 cases with spinal cord
steroid-induced avascular necrosis of femoral head and        jnjury treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy
after treated with hyperbaric oxygen, and explore the         Dongyun Zhang, Haiju Pi
pathogenesis. Methods: 60 adult Japanese rabbits were         Department of spinal surgery, Taihe Hospital, Yunyang
randomly divided into two groups: experiment group (42)       Medical College, Shiyan, Hubei, China
and control group (18). As for experiment group, each one
was two times per week, and as for control group, each
Objective: To investigate the therapy effect of spinal
fracture with spinal cord injury treated with spinal cord      Objective: To evaluate the clinical effects of hyperbaric
decompression and internal fixation and hyperbaric             oxygen treatment and rehabilitation training in the United
oxygen (HBO) therapy. Methods: From 2001 to 2003,              Feng-chi point acupuncture treatment after a stroke
252 cases of spinal fracture with spinal cord injury were      pseudobulbar palsy. Methods: 90 patients were randomly
treated with spinal cord decompression and AF nail             divided into I (ABC). II (ABC) group, were given
fixation in our hospital, after operations, 26 cases treated   conventional treatment of cerebral vascular disease, and
with hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy, and the other 26         another to give I (B), II(B) group hyperbaric oxygen
cases treated with routine therapy. The therapy effect was     therapy, I (C), II (C) Group and swallowing function of
observed according to Frankel standard, and the further        rehabilitation training; II(ABC ) Group Feng-chi point of
low back pain was also observed, the follow up period’s        acupuncture treatment; to their own improved wa tian
was one year. Results: The 26 cases treated with               surname swallowing function classification standards in
hyperbaric oxygen achieved better treatment effect than        the treatment of various points in time before and after to
the other 26 cases. Conclusion: Spinal fracture with           evaluate the patients with swallowing function. Results: In
spinal cord injury treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy      addition to I A group, the score of the other five groups in
can acquire more better treatment effect than treated only     eight points in time have significant differences (P <0.05,
with operation.                                                or P <0.001), the score differences between group I and II,
                                                               therapy group in seven points in time had statistical
                                                               Significance (P <=0.001); In addition to the three days
                                                               treatment, I, II group at other times, the group score
K76                                                            differences were statistically significant (P <0.05, or P
Hyperbaric oxygen treating and caring 48 cases of              <0.001). Conclusions: Comparison of clinical, hyperbaric
severe brain injury and tracheotomy patients                   oxygen treatment, more effective than conventional
Jing Bian, HouCheng Li                                         therapy group, rehabilitation training group is better than
Taihe Hospital, Yunyang Medical College, Shiyan, Hubei,        hyperbaric oxygen treatment group, the Joint Feng-chi
China                                                          point acupuncture treatment group is better than
                                                               non-acupuncture treatment group.
Objective: To explore the nursing experience of
tracheotomy and severe brain injury patients during
hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Methods: As the 48 cases of
severe brain injury and tracheotomy patients who               K78
admitted in our hospital in 2005 for the study, during the     Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for brain tumors, cerebral
conventional surgical treatment and care, recovery             vascular tumor after clinical effectiveness analysis
supplemented by hyperbaric oxygen treatment, a single          Houcheng Li, Ming Huang, Jing Bian, HongPing Ning, Xiu
pure oxygen chamber treatment, pressure 0.1 Mpa,               Yun Wu, Ming Zhu
respectively increased pressure and decompression 25           Shiyan Yunyang Medical College, Taihe, Hubei, China
minutes , maintain pressure 40 min, a small,
air-pressurized module, the treatment pressure is 0.1 Mpa,     Objective: To analyze the clinical effect of Hyperbaric
oxygen 60 min, (30 * 2 +10), or, respectively increased        oxygen treatment of brain tumors, cerebral vascular tumor.
pressure and decompression 25 minutes. Results: on the         Methods: Choose 96 patients of brain tumor, cerebral
basis of clinical treatment, after vital signs Stability, no   vascular tumor who have surgery Since December 2000
further bleeding tendency, as soon as possible to              in our hospital's neurosurgical hospital, were randomly
hyperbaric oxygen therapy, to promote the lives of             divided into two groups. 48 cases of hyperbaric oxygen in
comaawakening and improve the life function. Of 48             the conventional drug therapy group at the same time,
cases patients, cured 21 cases, markedly effective 13          supplemented by hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Of which
cases, improvement 9 cases, 2 cases of invalid, 2 cases        18 cases were single pure oxygen chamber treatment,
died, the total efficiency is 91.66 percent. Conclusions:      pressure 0.2 Mpa, Regulators 40 min, upward and
as soon as possible safe and effective for hyperbaric          downward pressure each 25 minutes. 20 patients with
oxygen treatment, while the care measures before and           small cabin air pressure, pressure 0.2 Mpa, oxygen 60
after hyperbaric oxygen treatment is particularly important,   min (30 '× 2 +10'), the middle rest 10 min, upward and
and actively deal with complications, can improve the          downward pressure each 25minutes. Once a day, 12
prognosis of severe brain injury, has made significant         times for treatment. For the longest time, 68 times, the
effect.                                                        shortest are six times. The control group of 48 cases,
                                                               conventional drug treatment. Results: HBO were cured
                                                               30 cases, markedly effective in 13 cases, improvement in
                                                               two cases, invalid three cases, 93% efficient. The control
K77                                                            group cured 16 cases, nine cases markedly effective,
Hyperbaric oxygen treatment and rehabilitation                 improved in 10 cases, 13 cases invalid. Group 2 cure rate
training in the United Feng-chi point of acupuncture           and the total efficiency of the differences were statistically
Pseudobulbar palsy analysis of the clinical results            significant (P <0.05). Conclusion: In the premise of drug
HouCheng Li, HongMei Zhang, GuangJian Liu, JunHua              treatment, that the surgery patients of brain tumor, brain
Wang, ZhongMing Rao, Ming Zhu                                  tumor blood vessels, supported by hyperbaric oxygen
Tai He Hospital affiliated to Yunyang Medical College,         treatment, clinical treatment more effective than
Shiyan, Hubei, China
conventional drug group, and the sooner the better              network structure upstream activating the function of the
therapeutic effect.                                             system, Is conducive to patients regained consciousness.
                                                                Enhance the liver and kidney function, strengthen the
                                                                poison of detoxification and excretion.

K79                                                             K81
Nursing of the hyperbaric oxygen treatment to the               Study of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on patients
reconstructed right hand after operation                        complicating with disordered brain function and
Guiping Hu, Qiong Zhang, Yan Quan                               incision of trachea
Taihe Hospital of Yunyang Medical College, Hubei, China         Huijun Hu, Xiaowen Pan
                                                                Hyperbaric Oxygen Center of PLA, Naval General
Objective: To investigate the contribution of hyperbaric        Hospital, Beijing, China
oxygen treatment to operation achievement ratio of limbs
transplantation and the effect on functional rehabilitation.               :
                                                                Objective:To study the equipments, therapy opportunity,
Methods: A case of dumped hand, after the excision of
                                                                security and institution of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO)
the left upper extremity, was heterotopic transplanted to
                                                                therapy on patients complicating with disordered brain
reconstruct the right hand. Besides the symptomatic
treatment and supportive treatment of anticoagulation,                                                      :
                                                                function and incision of trachea. Methods:Retrospective
dilat blood vessel, anti-inflammatory, analgesia. To carry      analysis was done on the patients who complicated with
out the hyperbaric oxygen treatment 6 hour after the            disordered brain function and incision of trachea from Jan.
operation. The pressure is 0.2Mpa(2ATA). The time of            1999 to Jun. 2007. Their data were summarized. Firstly,
absorption oxygen is 60 min. Intermedial recess is 10 min.      all kinds of equipments through which the patients after
Both the process of boosting pressure and                       tracheotomy could inhale oxygen in HBO chamber were
decompressing pressure are 25 min. Deploy seven                 compared. Their structure, serviceable range, security,
treatments in the three days. Then one treatment per day.       efficiency of inhaling oxygen and therapeutic
In the stage of therapy after operation, the specific nursing   efficacy were studied. So the problem on equipments for
of keeping the affected extremity warm and raising the          the patients was solved. Secondly, all kinds of sputum
affected extremity, local proper fixation are very important.   aspirators were compared, including their principle,
Results: The treatments promote the functional                  structure, serviceable request and limitations. By using
rehabilitation of affected extremity. Half year after of the    these sputum aspirators, the problem on aspirating
operation, the follow up find that the recovery of the          sputum in HBO chamber was solved. So the security of
reconstructed right hand is satisfaction. The rotation          patients was ensured. Thirdly, we proposed that the
function of the antebrachiu: pronate 70 ° supinate 70 °         patients after tracheotomy should be administered HBO
the extension, flexion and prehension of fingers are            therapy earlier. However, the following factors must be
normal. And the muscle force is IV grade. Conclusion:           considered, such as the severity of primary diseases, the
Prompt hyperbaric oxygen treatment and standard                 severity of pulmonary infection, the type of HBO chamber,
specific nursing after successful operation are the             the equipment in HBO chamber, the diathesis and
important measures that promote the functional recovery         experience of medical personnel in HBO chamber. In
of the implanted extremity.                                     addition, informed consent and institution about medical
                                                                personnel in HBO chamber were very important.
                                                                Especially for the severe patients, when administered
                                                                HBO therapy, they must be accompanied by doctors or
K80                                                                               :
                                                                nurses. Results:After the factors including equipment,
Hyperbaric oxygen treatment of toxic encephalopathy
                                                                medical treatment, nursing, institution and so on had been
tetramine case
                                                                studied and summarized, we solved the problem that the
Li Hongyan
                                                                patients complicating with disordered brain function and
The Peoples Hospital HBO Departments of Qitaihe city
                                                                incision of trachea could be administered HBO therapy
Heilongjiang Province, China
                                                                promptly and safely. Conclusion:Safety should be the
Objective: The implementation of high-pressure oxygen           most important premise. Besides, we should make the
treatment, toxic encephalopathy and multiple organ failure      best of all means to start HBO therapy as early as
patients regained consciousness as soon as possible, to         possible, through which the patients complicating with
language, physical function; to improve multiple organs.        disordered brain function and incision of trachea could get
Methods: Case Analysis, Hyperbaric oxygen treatment.            a better result.
Results: After high-pressure oxygen treatment, the
patient awareness of recovery, normal intelligence,
language physical function returned to normal, liver and
kidney function returned to normal. Conclusion: HBO can         K82
reduce intracranial pressure, improve cerebral edema. At        The foreground of Lidocaine treatment for DCS
the same time increase the vertebral - basilar artery blood     Li Changchun
flow system, thereby increasing the blood supply the brain      Navy submarine academy of PLA, Qingdao, China
stem, contribute to the restoration of the brain stem
With the further cognition to the DCS pathology, some
pharmacologic agents raise the people’s interest.
Lidocaine is one of the most promising pharmacologic
agents because of the obvious treatment effect.                K84
Pathologic development of DCS: First, people                   Observation And Nursing Intervention Of Diabetic’s
considered DCS was result from simple physical injury          Hypoglycemia With Hyperbaric Oxygen
of bubbles; however, following study show the pathology        Kong Lei
is complicated. It is believed that the body’s host defenses   Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People’s Hospital,
respond to bubbles as foreign bodies, leading to the           Nanning, China
activation of enzymes, complement and clotting factors,
and the release of vasoactive substances .The activation       Objective: To probe into nursing intervention with
of the body’s defense system initiates a vicious cycle the     diabetic’s hypoglycemia with hyperbaric oxygen. Method:
leads to multiple organ failure .To the series of              The characteristics of diabetic’s hypoglycemia with
inflammation reaction, pharmacologic treatment is very         hyperbaric oxygen were analyzed retrospectively and
important. Pharmacology of lidocaine: Lidocaine is local       nursing countermeasures against it put forward. Result:
anesthesia agent,since 1963, it has been used as               Hypoglycemia of eight diabetic cases with hyperbaric
antiarrhythmic agent for ventricular tachycardia and           oxygen got timely treatment, and with consequent
fibrillation. It begin to work within 15-30 seconds after      remission, continued to take up oxygen till they got
intraveneous, and then rapidly distribute to heart, brain,     decompressed and discharged from the cabin; thus
lung, liver etc. Lidocaine can work on heart directly, but     ensuring the HOB treatment. Conclusion: For diabetic’s
less effect on vegetable nerve. The present study              hypoglycemia with hyperbaric oxygen, it is significant to
of lidocaine to treat DCS: It is a tendency to use the         give proper health education, dietary guide, medication
lidocaine to treat serious DCS, these results from some        instruction and warm-up direction. And it is necessary to
animal experiments in vivo. In 1984, Evans found               understand the patient’s blood pressure, blood sugar,
lidocaine can protect nerve system in animal experiment.       dieting, medication, metergasis of his liver and kidney in
This raises people’s interests to lidocaine as adjuvant        order to act on requirements. In the HOB treatment it is
treatment for DCS. Subsequence, many scientists also           to observe strictly, check hypoglycemia and deal with it
proof this view and then study its mechanism in rat and        betimes, and following discharging, it is needed to find the
rabbit experiments, they found lower-dose lidocaine can        cause of hypoglycemia for the purpose of avoiding
preserve conduction in isolated nerves and inhibits cation     recurring of it.
leakage, and inhibit the adhesion of neutrophils to
vascular endothelium, but the mechanism is unknown.
However, regardless of the mechanism, lidocaine may
offer protection by preventing leukocytes from adhering to     K85
damaged endothelium.            Presently, the Adjuvant        Clinical study of assistant treatment with hyperbaric
Treatments Committee of the Undersea and Hyperbaric            oxygen in reflux esophagitis
                                                                         1       1,                2                 1
Medical Society considers the use of lidocaine to be           XU Li-min , KO Lei ZHOU Qing-nan , FENG Dao-rong ,
beneficial in cases of AGE presenting early for treatment.     FAN Qiu-ping
                                                               1. Department of Hyperbaric oxygen, People’s Hospital of
                                                               Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nanning, China
                                                               2. Department of Gastroenterology, People’s Hospital of
                                                               Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nanning, China
The near and far-period effect of hyperbaric                   Objective: To observe the clinical effects of using
oxygenation on insomnia                                        hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) to assist in treating 30 patients
Kuang Aihua                                                    with reflux esophagitis. Methods: 60 patients with reflux
Cardiology Department of the Affiliated Hospital to            esophagitis were divided averagely into the HBO group
Ningxia Medical College, Yinchuan, Ningxia, China              and conventional therapy group, both groups were given
                                                               Omeprazole. Doperidone and L-Glutamine and Sodium
Objective: To survey near and far-period healing efficacy      Gualenate Granules, while the HBO group received HBO
of hyerbaric oxygenation (HPO) in patients with insomnia.      in addition to drugs for 8 weeks as a course. Then
Method: 84 patients with insomnia without organic              compare the improvement of clinical symptom and
disease were randomly devided into drug-group and              mucous membrane of esophagus, and compare the
oxygen-theapy group, and respectively were given drug          variation of clinical symptom at 6 month after treatment
theapy and HPO theary, Record Pittsburgh Sleep Quality         ending, to study the recrudescence rate. Results: The
Index (PSQI) of the two groups before and after treatment,     effective rate of clinical symptom and mucous membrane
and then record and compare/analysis average time of           of esophagus were significantly higher inpatients of HBO
getting into sleeping and sleeping which is after one          group than that in conventional therapy group (p<0.05).
month and six months treatment. Result: The effect of          Conclusion: Our data suggest that the assistant
HPO-theapy group obviously improve than drug-group,            treatment with hyperbaric oxygen in reflux esophagitis
the effect of after one month treatment and six months         may get better clinical results than conventional therapy
treatment is similar. Conclusion: HPO can add to               and deserve to be widely accepted.
effectiveness of the conventional drug-treatment and has
a reliable far-period effect.
                                                                Anti-Aging. In this case the overview of future Medical
K86                                                             treatments relies on New Scientific approaches like
Effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy 660 patients               Nano-Medicine, Embryonic Stem Cell Transplantation,
with craniocerebral injury                                      Chromosomal Gene Insertions and healthy life styles in
Wenbo Jin, Min Li, Feng Xu, Ping Wan, Yusheng Ge                adjunction with HBOT. Approach: The world is now
Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Yijishan Hospital,             experiencing climatic changes and extreme global
Wannan Medical College, Wuhu, China                             warming not to mention air pollution and shortage of food
                                                                production and escalating fuel prices. These in effect have
 Clinical information: 660 patients (465men and 195             presently reduced oxygen concentration at sea level in
women) with craniocerebral injury from Jannary 1994 to          comparison to past decades. This is mainly due to the
August              2007            were             studied.   high level of carbon particulates in the air and
The patients’ ages ranged from 5 to 72 year old. The            contamination of drinking water and lesser arable land for
course of disease ranged from 6 to 97 days. Causes              farming. Consequently oxygen production level is greatly
resulting in Injury: Road accident 465, smash and hit           reduced. Conclusion: Future medicine inter-links closely
accident          142,      crash         accident        53.   with HBOT in Regenerative Anti-Aging Medicine.
The control group ,aged from 4 to 70 years old and with
the course of disease ranged from 8 to 85 days, was
276 craniocerebral injury patients without undergoing
hyperbaric oxygen therapy,                                No
significant differences were observed in terms of Glasgow
Coma       Scale(GCS)       for the age and brain contusion
between the two groups. Methods and Results: The                K88
pressure was 0.2Mpa                                 (2.0ATA)    The high pressure oxygen exposes repeatedly to
and pure oxygen was inhaled for 30min × 2 with 10min air        organism function correlation influence discussion
break by mask. Severe cases with incision of trachea or         Jianping Jiang, Yanling Wang
low spontaneously breathing undertook first-class oxygen        NO.254 Hospital of PLA, Tianjin, China
therapy using “humidification sterilization low-resistant
device to inhale and discharge oxygen” developed by             Objective: For HBO repeated exposure to some of the
author. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO therapy)             relevant body to function in a study, for HBO to provide
was carried out once a day (special cases twice a               the scientific basis for treatment. Methods:High-pressure
day), and 10 times as a course. The course of therapy           oxygen through clinical observation and animal
ranged from 1 to 12 courses, with the average of 2.8            experiments on blood coagulation, the brain erythropoietin
courses. The two groups undertook adjunctive therapy of         content, liver function, brain trauma neurons ultrastructure
dehydration, sufficient hormone, cell activator, correcting     of the immune function and the impact analysis. Results:
disequilibration of water and electrolyte, enforcing function   Conduct clinical hyperbaric oxygen treatment indications
training. The curative rates and total effective rates          in the correct choice under the premise of the
of HBO group were 70.45% and 94.32% , and were                  implementation of rigorous scientific treatment, HBO
significantly higher than the control group 43.48% and          treatment is satisfied with the results. However, long-HBO
78.28% (u = 4.61,P < 0.01 ). Conclusions: HBO has               therapy on the bodys clotting, liver, and immune and brain
                                                                functions, such as the impact of the ultrastructure was not
become a commonly used therapeutic means for patients
                                                                obvious at present. Conclusion: How to make more safe
with craniocerebral injury, and its curative effect has been
                                                                and effective treatment of HBO, the volume - the validity
confirmed. Our research found that HBO therapy should
                                                                of our research will need to resolve the issue.
got involved in before the peak of the cerebral edema.
Severe cases with incision of trachea or low
spontaneously breathing could obtain good therapeutic
effect using “humidification sterilization low-resistant
device to inhale and discharge oxygen” developed by
                                                                Effect of related factors on development and the
author. Timely and sufficient treatment of HBO, and
                                                                impact of delayed encephalopathyAfter acute Carbon
personalized oxygen inhalation means are the key to
                                                                monoxide poisoning
guarantee the curative effect of patiets with craniocerebral
                                                                Ji Yunping
                                                                Tianjin Peoples Hospital, Tianjin, China

K87                                                             CO poisoning delayed encephalopathy occurred in
                                                                patients with acute poisoning has been sober a few days
The role of hbot in regenerative medicine in anti-aging
                                                                or a few months later. Objective: According by CO
Joseph Ting
                                                                poisoning patients ‘the age, the degree of intoxication,
Hi-Tech Hyperbaric Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur,
                                                                whether complications, the first high-pressure oxygen
                                                                treatment, treatment programmes, whether cerebral
                                                                infarction history, and other relevant factors different on
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has been proven to
                                                                the incidence of delayed encephalopathy different.
be of extreme importance in the Human Embryonic
                                                                Method: I will return to the my hospital Gaoyayangke
Stem-cell transplantation and Xeno-transplantation. There
                                                                treated in the acute Moderate and severe carbon
are different aspects of Regenerative Medicine in
                                                                monoxide poisoning patients in 134 cases, both in the
high-pressure oxygen treatment before the quantitative      Objectives: To observe the effects of hyperbaric oxygen
detection of oxygen hemoglobin > 30%.CT brain Show no       therapy (HBOT) on Glasgow coma scale (GCS) in
hemorrhage and lesions. In the acute phase are different    patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and the
levels of coma.treatment: in a coma during the entire       influences of course and initiating time of HBOT on the
process under the pressure of 0.1 Mpa oxygen absorption     therapeutic effects. Methods: 105 cases of TBI patients,
2 h. twice daily.After sober changed intermittent oxygen    which performed HBOT more than 30 days in HBOT
(30'x2 +10'). each Day 1. By age into three groups. A       Center of Southwest Hospital, were analyzed
                                                            retrospectively. The GCS improvements were compared
group of 26 cases. 60-year-old. Results: 1. A group of
                                                            with 29 cases of TBI patients without HBOT during the
delayedencephalopathy in four cases (15%). B group, 10
                                                            same period. They were also compared between patients
cases of delayed encephalopathy (22%), C group, 18
                                                            with different severity, initiating times and courses of
cases of delayed encephalopathy (32%). two cases of
                                                            HBOT. Results: The GCS improvement of patients with
death. 2. Delayed encephalopathy occurred with the
                                                            HBOT was 3.97±2.65, especially in severe TBI patients
extent of poisoning and hyperbaric oxygen treatment and
                                                            (5.22±2.49), Both were higher than that without HBOT
the first time and whethe complications and whether
                                                            (2.38±2.16) (P<0.01); The outcome was better in patients
cerebral infarction and Brain atrophy and the adequacy of
                                                            with HBOT course over 50 days (5.03±2.95) than that less
the relationship between the show: 134 cases of
                                                            than 50 days (3.32±2.27)(P<0.01); When HBOT could be
recovered patients in 100 cases ,32 cases occurred late
                                                            initiated in 30 days it was 4.79±2.64, higher than initiated
encephalopathy, two cases of death. Delayed recovery
                                                            after 30 days (3.00±2.34) (P<0.01). Conclusions: HBOT
group Compared with that group encephalopathy ,the
                                                            can improve GCS of patients with TBI. It is beneficial to
degree of light poisoning recovery group, with cerebral
                                                            initiate HBOT as early as possible, and the course of
edema and cerebral infarction and cerebral atrophy
                                                            HBOT should better not less than 30 days.
less ,Attending the first time 4h of the 14 cases,
high-pressure oxygen treatment time was insufficient.
Conclusion: The greater the age, the incidence of
delayed encephalopathy was higher;. level of CO
poisoning is more serious, visit the time is nighter, the
                                                            Hyperbaric oxygen therapy a case of cortical
treatment time is not full, the more complications,
                                                            blindness after coronary angiography
particularly that patients with cerebral infarction and
                                                            HouCheng Li, Yu Liu, HongMei Zhang,
cerebral atrophy are the more prone to occur delayed
                                                            XiuYun Wu, HongPing Ning, Ming Zhu
                                                            Tai He Hospital affiliated to Yunyang Medical College,
                                                            Shiyan, Hubei, China

                                                              A 65-year-old male, at 14:30 on November 27, 2007,
                                                            because of "coronary atherosclerosis sclerosis", the
A non-resistance absorbing oxygen access device
                                                            femoral artery catheterization, coronary angiography
Mingyi Ji, Yingying Liu, Meixiu Feng
                                                            (CAG) + cerebral angiography. No appeal of discomfort,
The second people hospital hyperbaric oxygen section,
                                                            returned to the sickroom after 1 h, the sense of dizziness,
Shenzhen, China
                                                            following a looking at things fuzzy, flu-gradually
                                                            disappeared, binocular vision loss. Immediately to expand
Objective: Improve the pipeline which is the second
                                                            the blood vessels and lowering blood pressure and
grade of oxygen pressure reducer in order to reduce the
                                                            dealing with symptoms, rapid rehydration promote
oxygen resistance. Methods: This device accesses
                                                            contrast agent excretion. Condition not improved, the eye
oxygen storaging devices in the original pipeline which
                                                            fundus examination by urgent consultations "Bilateral
absorbs oxygen in the atmospheric with the second grade
                                                            ischemic optic disc lesions,bilateral retinal artery
pressure reducer. Results: Accessing oxygen storaging
                                                            embolization incomplete." Immediately to hyperbaric
devices almost can eliminate the additional resistance
                                                            oxygen therapy to improve the retina and optic nerve
which produced by the second pressure reducer.
                                                            head ischemic changes, delaying the process of blinding.
Conclusion: The accessing devices fully meet the
                                                            Treatment of pressure 0.2 Mpa (2ATA), oxygen absorption
demand that people who is the weak breathing acess
oxygen for oxygen therapy via the second grade pressure     60 min (30 〃 × 2 +10 〃), the middle rest 10 min. The
reducer, meantime, expand the scope of services and         second time after treatment in patients with eyes bright
efficacy of the medical equipment.                          sense of self, in the third treatment, her eyes turning to the
                                                            people, can clear five fingers.through 20 treatments,
                                                            binocular vision for the inveatigation Vos1.2, Vod1.0,cured
                                                            and discharged from hospital. HBO can quickly increase
K91                                                         blood oxygen, extend the diffusion distance of the oxygen
GCS improvement after hyperbaric oxygen therapy in          in the organization , quickly improve and rectify the the
traumatic brain injury                                      hypoxic state of eyes fundus organizations , rapid
Yue Yao, Fei Li, Mei Li, Xiaoqin Du, Hua Feng               restoration of visual function, and saved the eyesight of
HBOT Center of Southwest Hospital, Third Military           the eyes.
Medical University Chongqing, China
K93                                                              The therapy of hyperbaric oxygen combined with 654-2
The Summary of Sudden Deafness Treated By High                   has distinct effect on treating diabetic foot, no reports
Baric Oxygen                                                     regarding this new therapy have been published in our
Zhang Denghua                                                    country or foreign countries. Therefore, further research,
Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical College,           promotion and application should be made for the
Huhehaote, China                                                 therapy.

Objective: To understand the present condition of
sudden deafness use of high baric oxygen in our
country.And all treatment method. Evaluate its result.           K95
Method: Collection 200 articles (1999 -2008) about high          The change and significance on the contents of
baric oxygen treatment sudden deafness with computer In          serum interrelated kinases in patients with sever
the period of january in. Reading about it, understand the       acute CO poisoning during the time of hyperbaric
method of high baric oxygen treatment sudden                     oxygen in treating myocardial damage
deafness.and revalue its quantity. Result: Introduced the        Hongtu Zhou, Jianguo Yuan, Xuechun Zhang
new exhibition in recent 2 years: The sudden deafness is         The Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University, Nanjing,
near concern to the hemal supply. high baric oxygen              China
treatment can recover the cell function, and can be used
as the first choice. The result is better after a week falling   Objective: To observe the change of serum interrelated
ill. Establish an animal model for suddcn-onsct                  kinases in patients with severe acute carbon monoxide
sensorincural hearing loss(SSNH L). Administration of            poisoning (ACOP) during the time of hyperbaric oxygen
3-NP the inner ear through the round window membrane             (HBO) treatment. To investigate the mechanism and the
can reproduce the clinical manifestation of SSNHL, and           effect of HBO in treating myocardial damage. To probe
spiral ganglion damage is most prominent pathological            the regular pattern of creatine kinase(CK),and its
change in this model. Emphasize the result of 3 thesises         isoenzyme(CK—MB) during the time of HBO and to
that announce recent 2 years, in those thesises, research        evaluate the therapeutic effect of HBO. Methods: The
objects are the patients each from of author’s hospital.         consciousness of 32 patients with severe ACOP was
The group of drugs to be for constract and the group of          assessed with Glasgow scale 3-7,immediately after the
high baric oxygen and drugs to be for exprement. They            1,3,5,10st time HBO therapy. At the same time, these
use the standard diagnosis and treatment .And use to             patients had a ECG examination. There were another 30
statistics . All the conclusions are positiv. Treating drugs     healthy volunteers as normal controls, the contents of
choose from 200 thesises. 45kind drugs are divided into 5        serum kinases were measured. Results: With the HBO
types: The drugs of blood vessel expansion are 25 kind;          treatment time goes up, the patients’ ECG return to
The drugs lowering the blood’s glue are 6 kind; Other are        normal and the contents of serum CK,CK-MB were
15 kind.Special treatments are 12 kinds. Conclusion:             significant   decrease(p<0.01).     Conclusion:   The
The data is dependable in 3 thesises; the case's number          myocardial damage of patients with severe ACOP can
is enough, the method that handles the data is right. The        return to normal with HBO treatment.
conclusion is dependable therefore.It is importance for
group of constract.The research using single drug is more
reasonable than reunite of treatment. To choos the best
method is one mission in the future.                             K96
                                                                 Effects of hyperbaric oxygen on idiopathic sudden
                                                                 sensorineural hearing loss complicated by vertebral
                                                                 artery type of cervical spondylosis
K94                                                              Hongtu Zhou, Xiaoping Guo, Wenjie Tan, Jiangguo Yuan,
Clinical Research on Treating Diabetic Foot with                 Xuechun Zhang
Hyperbaric Oxygen Combined with 654-2                            Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University, Nanjing, China
Yang Jinhua
the first Hospital of Shenyang, Liaoning, China                  Objective: To investigate the clinical effect of the
                                                                 synthetic treatment of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) by
Objective: To evaluate the curative effect of hyperbaric         vertebral artery type of cervical spondylosis (VA-CS)
oxygen combined with 654-2 on diabetic foot and discuss          resulted in idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss
the new effective therapy for treating diabetic foot.            (ISSNHL). Methods: 105 ISSNHL patients with VA-CS
Methods: Divide349 cases of diabetic foot patients into          resulted in vertebrobasilar arterial insufficiency (VAI)
treatment group and hyperbaric oxygen group,654-2                weredivided into two groups, the firstgroup includes 59
group and normal treatment group. The treatment group is         patients of treatment of HBO and drug is contrast group,
treated with hyperbaric oxygen combined with 654-2 and           the second group includes 46 patients of treatment of
compared with other groups. Results: The curative effect         HBO and cervical vertebra traction is HBO colligation
and examination index of the group treated by hyperbaric         treatment group. Results: The total effective rate of two
oxygen combined with 654-2 are significantly superior to         groups are 91.5% and 97.8% (P﹥0.05) . The cure rate of
that of other groups (p ﹤ 0.01) . cure rate and whole            two groups are 30.5% and 62.5% (P <0.01). Half year
effective rate distinguish to 69.64%, 100%, 34.09%,              later, the recurrence rate of follow-up patients of two
80.68%, 30.16%, 75.35%, 24.42%, 40.7%, Conclusion:               groups are 33.3% and 6.7% (P<0.05). Conclusions:
HBO is one of effective methods to treat ISSNHL. HBO
colligation treatment can increase the cure rate and           Objective: Figure out the clinical effect of therapy on
decrease the recurrence rate.                                  injury of brain by HBO together with acupuncture &
                                                               healing course. Methods: 48 cases of brain injury to
                                                               patients were randomly divided into two groups with 22 in
                                                               group A which was for comparison and 26 in group B
K97                                                            which was for observation. The group A received
Effects of cervical vertebra traction combined                 high-pressure oxygen and drug treatment only, the Group
hyperbaric oxygen therapy on vertebral artery type of          B got acupuncture treatment and healing course besides
cervical spondylosis                                           the treatment of the group A. Inducted the Barthel index
Hongtu Zhou, Wenjie Tan, Jianguo Yuan, Xuechun Zhan            (MBI) to assess the basic ability in normal life as well as
g, Tiecheng Shen                                               neurological defects and score Fugl-Meyer motor function
Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University, Nanjing, China      score (MFA) before and after these four weeks. Results:
                                                               After four weeks of treatment, MBI, neurological
Objective: To investigate the clinical effect of hyperbaric    impairment and FMA of both two groups have improved,
oxygen (HBO) combined cervical vertebra traction               with significant differences (P <0.01). Compared group A
treatment on vertebral artery type of cervical spondylosis     with group B before and after four weeks, MBI,
(VA-CS). Methods: 168 patients with VA-CS weredivided          neurological deficit and physically FMA had a significant
randomlyinto three groups: cervical vertebra traction          difference (P <0.05). After three weeks of treatment, total
treatment group (group A), 62 cases; HBO treatment             efficiency of group B was 92.3 percent, and that of group
group (group B), 48 cases; and cervical vertebra traction      A was 81.8 percent, respectively, had a significant
combined HBO treatment group (group C), 58 cases. The          difference (P <0.05), the group B was more effective than
patients in each group were treated according to               the group A. Conclusion: It is worth further study in
designated protocols, and the therapeutic effects were         clinical application of therapy on injury of brain by HBO
compared among the groups. Results: The total effective        together with acupuncture & healing course basing on
rates of three groups were 80.6%, 93.8% and 97.8%              comprehensive analysis on the significant positive effect
respectively. The effective rate of group C was                of neurological deficit, motor function and basic ability in
significantly   better   than    that     of    group    A     normal life after this combined therapy.
(PPP<0.01). Conclusions: It is suggested that cervical
vertebra traction combinedHBO therapy is an effective
method for treatment of VA-CS. The general rehabilitation
care can increase the cure rate and decrease the               K100
recurrence rate.                                               The clinical observation and the experimental study
                                                               of the effect of hyperbaric oxygen on peripheral blood
                                                               stem cell
                                                                                  1                 2               1
                                                               Chenggang Zheng ,        Yajing Zhu ,  Xiaohua Hang ,
                                                                          1           1             1
K98                                                            Yafei Pang , Hongjie Yi , Qingle Liu
The analysis of clinical effect to hyperbaric oxygen           1. Hyperbaric Oxygen Medical Center, The Faculty of
treatment on 23 cases of acute osteofascial                    Naval Medicine, Second Military Medical University,
cornpartment syndrome.     .                                   Shanghia, China
                                                               2. Shanghai Navy 411 Hospital, Shanghai, China
Zhou Dun
First Affiliated Hospital to Liaoning Medical University,
                                                               Objective: To explore the effect of hyperbaric oxygen on
Shenyang, China
                                                               peripheral blood stem cells in Chinese people; to explore
                                                               the method in which HBO combined with colony
Objective: To analysis the clinical effect of the hyperbaric
                                                               stimulating factor is used to mobilize peripheral blood
oxygen (HBO) treatment of acute osteofascial
                                                               stem cells. Methods: 1. Employing routine hyperbaric
compartment syndmne (OFCS). Methods: 23 cases were
                                                               oxygen treatment project, we observed the level of the
recepted the HBO therapy. Results: The treatment effect                                +
                                                               peripheral blood CD34 cells of eight patients who had
was positive correlation with starting time ,the effect of
                                                               received long-term hyperbaric oxygen treatment.We also
starting treatment within 24 hour was better then beyond                                                        +
                                                               observed the level of the peripheral blood CD34 cells of
24 hour(P<0.05). Conclusions: Some of cases, which
                                                               eighteen patients who received hyperbaric oxygen
had been treated by HBO therapy in time were avoided
                                                               treatment because of nervous system trauma, before and
the fascial relief incision or amputation with satisfactory
                                                               after they received hyperbaric oxygen treatment. 2. Thirty
                                                               Balb/c mice were randomly and medially divided into three
                                                               groups.In one group(HBO group) mice were exposed to
                                                               HBO to mobilize peripheral blood stem cells. In another
                                                               group (HGF group) mice were injected with
                                                               granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) to mobilize
Therapy on injury of brain by HBO together with
                                                               peripheral blood stem cells. In the other group(HBO+HGF
acupuncture & healing course
                                                               group) to mobilize peripheral blood stem cells mice that
Ming Zhong, Xueqing Wang, Ping Li
                                                               were injected with granulocyte-colony stimulating factor
The Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University,
                                                               (G-CSF) at the same time were exposed to HBO.Before
                                                               and after mobilization the gated cell Scal-1/CD34
dual-positive population was examined by flow cytometer.        On the 30 day after intervention, pure tone threshold
Results: 1. After seven times hyperbaric oxygen                 improvement was 41.36 dB in group I, 43.08 dB in group II,
treatment,the absolute count of the peripheral blood            51.70 dB in group III. Furthermore, pure tone threshold
CD34 cells of the patients elevated from (1.87±1.08)            improvement among the 3 groups was no statistical
    6                         6
×10 /L to (4.75±4.67) ×10 /L,2.54 times than before.After       different. Obvious hearing improvement was noted on the
fourteen times hyperbaric oxygen treatment,the absolute         10 day after intervention, no further improvement
count of the peripheral blood CD34 cells of the patients is     showed after 20 day intervention. More hearing
(2.85±1.94) ×10 /L,1.52 times than before. After twenty         improvement was revealed in the low frequency, while in
times hyperbaric oxygen treatment, the absolute count of        the high frequency, less hearing improvement was
the peripheral blood CD34 cells of the patients is              achieved. Conclusions: Comparison with intravenously
(3.26±3.49) ×10 /L, 1.74 times than before.Compared             dexamethasone injection, intratympanic dexamethasone
with the absolute count of the peripheral blood CD34            injection did not provide more hearing improvement on
cells of eighteen patients who did not receive hyperbaric       patients with profound sudden hearing loss.
oxygen treatment,the absolute count of the peripheral
blood CD34 cells of eight patients who had received
long-term hyperbaric oxygen treatment did not show
statistics difference. 2. In HBO group after mobilization the
gated cell Scal-1/CD34 dual-positive population 2.01            K102
times than before.In HGF group after mobilization the           One-year efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen for the
gated cell Scal-1/CD34 dual-positive population 2.66            patients with acute cerebral infarction
times than before. In HBO+HGF group after mobilization          Yi Zhang, Chun-jin Gao, Huan Ge
the gated cell Scal-1/CD34 dual-positive population 3.76        Beijing Chao-yang hospital, Beijing, China
times than before. Conclusions: Hyperbaric oxygen can
mobilize peripheral blood stem cells.After seven times,         Objective: Observing one year to evaluate the efficacy of
fourteen times and twenty times hyperbaric oxygen               hyperbaric oxygen(HBO) for the patients with acute
treatment, the absolute count of peripheral blood CD34          cerebral infarction. Methods: 192 patients with acute
cells respectively elevates to 2.54 times, 1.52 times and       cerebral infarction were divided randomly into hyperbaric
1.74 times than before.After long-term hyperbaric oxygen        oxygen group and control group. The neurological
exposure, the absolute count of peripheral blood CD34           impairment was scored before HBO therapy and after 20
cells does not elevate.HBO combined with hematopoietic          days, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. According to
growth factors could mobilize peripheral blood stem cells       the severity of neurological impairment before therapy,
more efficiently.                                               each group was divided into three subgroups. Results:
                                                                1.Slight neurological impairment patients: neurological
                                                                impairment scores of HBO groups were significantly lower
                                                                than the scores of simultaneous control groups (P<0.05).
K101                                                            2.    Moderate      neurological   impairment    patients:
Preliminary study on intratympanic dexamethasone                neurological impairment scores of HBO groups after 20
injection to management of patients with profound               days and 12 months were significantly lower than the
sudden hearing loss                                             scores of simultaneous control groups (P<0.05). 3. Sever
          1               1              1           2
Hui Zhao , Tianyu Zhang , Jianghua Jing , Jining Luo            neurological impairment patients: neurological impairment
1. ENT Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai, China              scores of the HBO group after 6 months and 12 months
2. Public Health College, Fudan University                      were significantly lower than the scores of simultaneous
                                                                control groups (P<0.05). 4. Both one-year mortality and
Objective: to evaluate the effects of intratympanic             relapse rate were significantly lower in the HBO group
dexamethasone injection on patients with profound               than in control group (P<0.05). Conclusion: Early stage
sudden hearing loss. Materials and methods: All                 hyperbaric oxygen therapy can encourage neurological
patients in the present study were profound sudden              function recovery in one year after acute cerebral
hearing loss, initial hearing loss was more than 90 dB, no      infarction and lower the one-year mortality and relapse
previous interventions was conducted on all patients            rate.
within 2 weeks onset of sudden hearing loss. Patients
were assigned to 3 groups according to patients’ willness,
Group      I    (local   and     general    dexamethasone
administration). 2. Group II (Intravenous dexamethasone         K103
injection ). 3..Group III (intratympanic dexamethasone          Affect of the psychological intervention on parents in
injection). In addition, vessel dilation drugs, neurotrophy     lower compliance with hyperbaric
and hyperbaric oxygen therapy also conducted on all             Yan ZHANG, Yun LIU, Gao-Gui HUANG
patients. Intratympanic dexamethasone (5mg/ml) injection        The Children’s Hospital of Kunming, Kunming, China
was performed during 10 days (1 injection /2 days). Pure
                                  th   th        th
tone test was conducted on 10 , 20 , and 30 day after           Objective: (HBOT) in infants and young children’s clinic.
intervention. Results: The factors may impact on the            Methods: 67 parents of lower compliance in HBOT had
prognosis were matched in all three groups. The threshold       psychological intervention. Measured with self-made
improvement > 30 dB in group I was 81.82%, in group II          compliance questionnaire, to compare the changes of
was 83.3%, in group III was 88.64%, statistical study           before intervention and after. Results: The attitude of the
showed there was no significant different among 3 groups.       parents before the intervention: 11 cases of hesitation, 34
cases of not accepting generally, 22 cases of resolutely       cases were male, 82 cases were female, average age
leaving. The attitude after the intervention: 12 cases of      were 36.2±6.7.after consultation of HBO doctors, those
willing to accept, 13 cases of generally accepting, 14         who has indication for HBOT, and no counter indication
cases of hesitation, 12 cases of resolutely leaving.           for HBOT, were given HBOT simultaneously with
(X =36.83,P<0.01). According to self-made compliance           conventional therapy, 126 cases patients who were given
                                                               the first time HBOT within 2 weeks of admission or
questionnaire,the score is 1.84±0.68 before intervention       operation classed as early HBOT group. 108 cases
and 2.90±1.44 (t=-5.4454, P<0.01) after intervention.          patients who were given the first time HBO treatment after
Conclusion: The psychological intervention on parents is       2 weeks of admission or operation classed as late HBOT
effective to patients with the lower compliance in HBOT.       group. Among which, 92 cases patients who were not
To evaluate the effect of the psychological intervention on    given HBOT because human factor or economy reason
parents in the lower compliance with hyperbaric oxygen         served as contrast group. three groups has no statistical
treatment.                                                     significant difference in sex, age, and GCS score, the
                                                               follow up time was within 8 weeks of admission or
                                                               operation. Results: incidence rate of pulmonary infection
                                                               of early HBOT group was significant lower thanlate HBOT
K104                                                           group X =13.78, P < 0.001.late HBOT group was
Repetitive hyperbaric oxygen exposures enhance
                                                               significant lower thancontrast group, X =10.81, P <
sensitivity to convulsion by upregulation of eNOS and
nNOS                                                           0.005.incidence rate of gastric bleed of early HBOT group
Wenwu Liu, Kan Liu, Xuejun Sun                                                                                 2
                                                               was significant lower thanlate HBOT group X =7.32, P<
Department of Diving Medicine, Faculty of Naval Medicine,
                                                               0.01.late HBOT group was lower than contrast group, but
Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China
                                                               no significant statistical difference, X =3.31, P >

Objective: The purpose of this study was to investigate        0.05.incidence rate of renal function lesion of early HBOT
the mechanisms in increased sensitivity to convulsions                                                         2
                                                               was significant lower than late HBOT group, X =7.39, P<
and the role of nitric oxide (NO) and its synthases after
repetitive HBO exposures. Methods: Mice were randomly          0.01.late HBOT group was lower than contrast group, but
                                                               no significant statistical difference.X =1.15,P > 0.05.
assigned into three groups: HBO group; hyperbaric air
(HBA) group and normobaric air (NBA) group. Mice in            Conclusions: earlier stage HBOT has significant
HBO or HBA group were exposed to hyperbaric oxygen or          preventive effects on complications of pulmonary
hyperbaric air respectively for 60 min twice daily for 3       infection, gastric bleed and renal function lesion in gravis
consecutive days (2.5 atmosphere absolute [ATA]). 24           type craniocerebral injury patients.
hours after the last exposure, mice were exposed to HBO
(100% O2, 6 ATA). The latency of convulsions was
recorded. In addition, the levels of NO, NADPH
diaphorase, mRNA and protein expressions of NOS                K106
isoforms in hypothalamus and hippocampus were                  Hyperbaric oxygen the application value which
determined. Results: Latency to seizures was                   Resucitation to the cardio-pulmonary brian-A report
significantly shortened in mice after six HBO                  of 136 cases
pre-exposures. The level of NO in hypothalamus in HBO          Zhou Shurong
group was increased. The number of NADPH-d positive            1st Affilitaed Hospital of Nanjing Medical Univerisity,
cells and the levels of protein and mRNA of eNOS and           Nanjing, China
nNOS in hypothalamus and hippocampus were increased.
Conclusion: After repeated HBO exposures, elevated             The hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) applies in the CPCR 136
NO may enhance the sensitivity to convulsions and this         cases, in eluding is drowing 23 cases, hanging the neck
may lead to seizures during the subsequent oxygen              49 cases, electric shock 3 cases, the narco-operation
exposures. Prevention of seizures is needed when HBO is        accident 17 cases, Adam-stoke's syndrome 1 case, the
used as preconditioning method.                                drug poisoning 6 cases, asphyxia 6 cases, cover-bedding
                                                               syndrome 31 cases. Of 66 cases with cardiac arrest, 42
                                                               cases were cured, notable effective (2), improvement (1),
                                                               no effect (21), and effective rate was 68.2%. Of 70 cases
K105                                                           with no cardiac arrest, cures 64 cases, improvement (3),
Effects of early stage hyperbaric oxygen treatment on          no effect (3) effective rate was 95.7%. Elaborated HBO
prevention of complications in gravis type                     treatment mechanism, HBO by its unique for oxygen way
craniocerebral injury patients                                 and unique mechanism, has other method of treatment
Zhang Ludi                                                     the interchange ability in CPCR finally is not the success
shanghai sixth peoples hospital                                which the brain resucitation, regarding this HBO is playing
                                                               the important treatment role. Reiterated in the treatment
Objective: to approach the effects of early stage              plan aspect authou before proposed about “the long
hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) on prevention of            treatment course HBO therapy may expect caudes some
complications in gravis type craniocerebral injury patients.   to consider in the past already is patient who hopeless
Methods: total 326 cases of gravis type craniocerebral         decerebrate condition, so long as is not the genuine brain
injury patients whose GCS score ≤8, among which, 244           death, obtains the vitality” experience and idea. The
CPCR case of illness suitably in the guardianshipe                  K108
condition good, rescues in the well appointed large-scale           Evaluation of stoke with intellect and memory
HBO chamber to carry on the synthesis to treat and cure,            curative effect
completes accompanies the cabin work, the life symptom              Xuming Zhou ,
                                                                            1           1            1         1
changes over to the stationary phase, may treat in the              Qun Cai , Xiuqing Li , Liyan Yan , Hong Li , DanHong So
single pure oxygen cabin, must take the HBO in CPCR                 ng
application, raises one batch to be good and under the              1. The Frist Peoples Hospital of Harbin, Ha’erbin, China
HBO environment carrying on the rescue work the                     2. The second Peoples Hospital of Harbin, Ha’erbin,
medical troops.                                                     China

                                                                    Purpose: Detection clinic curative effect of stoke with
                                                                    intellect and memory for HBO. Method: There are 2
K107                                                                groups 132 cases stoke of intellectual deficit and
Research on the disinfection of the object surfaces in              hypomnesia. Comparison group adopt routine medication
which is inside of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and                treatment. Except HBO group routine medication
the inner surfaces of its oxygen venting tube                       treatment under 0.25mpa absorb pure oxygen 60 mins
Zhan Hechun                                                         (break 10 mins), total 20 days, checking memory quotient
Daqing Petrochemical Company employee hospital,                     (MQ) and hastgama dementia scale (HDS) 2-group
China                                                               comparison. Between 2 groups comparison show design
                                                                    data of analysis of variance. Result: after 20 days
Objective: To explore an individualized omni-bearing                treatment, HBO group and comparison group MQ value
circulating-target technology on the disinfection of the            increased. Diversity is obviously. HBO group got score
object surfaces of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and the            more than comparison group. Both of them whether
inner surfaces of it’s oxygen delivery the tube to eliminate        before or after, diversity is significance of statistics.
the possibility of the cross-infection it has been brought by       Conclusion: HBO can increase dispersion and tension of
the connection ends of the oxygen of the delivery branch            oxygen in blood which improve cerebral tissue and urge
tube. Methods: To use the innovative process of                     cerebral tissue recovery. There are protection for white
independently delivering oxygen in the multifunctional              matter and grey matter. After stoke intellect and memory
chamber and th-30 ozone disinfection device, which is               is obvious curative effect.
indirectly to integrate the process disinfection technology.
Under the atmospheric pressure in which is properly close
the disinfected chamber’s door, shut off the inlet control
valve for oxygen delivery in process flow, open the                 K109
functional isolation valve of the bypass in process flow,           Exploring on the management experience of
shut off the control valve in the process flow of oxygen            hyperbaric oxygen department
delivery, and start the ozone disinfunction device and              Shaoxia Zeng, Tao Liu, Liusi Wu, Aiqiong Feng
oxygen delivery power device. Results: This integrated              Department of hyperbaric oxygen, the first Peoples
disinfection technology have reached the requirement and            hospital of Zhaoqing, Zhaoqing, China
purpose of the target design for both the object surface in
the chamber and the inner surface of oxygen venting                 Objective: To explore the management work of
process tube. The research shows that the integrated                hyperbaric oxygen department. Methods: Making and
process disinfection technology can make unconditioned              implementing various management measures of
omni-bearing disinfection to the environment inside of the          hyperbaric oxygen. Results: The general safety of
chamber and to the closed loop of oxygen venting tube,              medical hyperbaric oxygen therapy was component
it’s safe and reliable, has the efficacy of the individualized      through three aspects: equipment operation safety,
disinfection, and no secondary contamination source will            operating cabin safety and therapy safety; every aspect
be produced in the chamber after disinfection.                      safety need the corresponding scientific management
Conclusions: In the process flow of the oxygen directly             measure. Conclusion: Only the equipment operation
delivered in the chamber, and the ozone disinfection                safety, operating cabin safety and therapy safety can
device can not be individually used, because the process            ensure the successfully developing of safety work on the
flow has no oxygen delivery power device to be equipped,            department of hyperbaric oxygen.
so it’s difficult to have the function of the target disinfection
to the inner surface of the oxygen delivery tube. In this
case, although the disposable sanitary appliances for
oxygen delivery are used, the occurrence of                         K110
cross-infection still can’t be prevented effectively. Using         The rational selection of equipments of breathing in
this technology, a new de-bottle-necking means is                   oxygen on patients after Tracheotomy influencing
equipped to the oxygen chamber project; the                         effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen treatment
unconditioned and zero-risk control of cross-infection in           Yu Daoyuan
the chamber is realized during the whole process of the             Department       of    Hyperbaric      Oxygeon,Jingzhou
treatment.                                                          Hospital,Tongji Medical College, China

                                                                    Objective: To explore the rational selection of equipments
                                                                    of breathing in oxygen on patients after Tracheotomy with
hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) treatment. Methods: 300             160 patients were randomly divided into two groups
patients randomly divided into 2 groups: head cover group   according to time of admission: therapy group and control
(n=150) and connected tube group (n=150) were given         group. The therapy group were treated with HBO and
treatment with head cover and connected tube                manipulative therapies , the control group were treated
equipments, respectively. 209 patients who have             with only HBO. Fugl-Meye scores and Brunnstrom grades
successfully finished two periods of treatment been         were performed before treatment, as well as after 4 and 8
conducted the GCS evaluations. Results: The rates of        courses of treatment. Results: The Fugl-Meye scores and
success of finishing treatment were 99.3% in head cover     Brunnstrom grades of therapy group are obviously higher
group, and 59.3% in connected tube group, respectively.     than that of the control group. There were significant
There was a significant statistical difference in the two   differences between two groups ( p<0.05.).Conclusions:
groups. The GCS score in connected tube group was           The curative effects of HBO combined with manipulative
significantly higher than that in head cover group.         therapies on limb dysfunction after traumatic head injury
Conclusions: For the patients after Tracheotomy with        are better.
HBO treatment, the curative effect of selecting connected
tube is better than that of using head cover. They should
choose to use connected tube to absorb oxygen first, and
they may choose using head cover only if they can not       K113
finish the treatment.                                       Effect of hyperbaric oxygen on the MetHb
                                                            concentration in patients with acute carbon monoxide
                                                                     1             2              3         2
                                                            Shifu Yin , Chunjin Gao , Peisong Wang , Huan Ge , Lin
                                                                 2               1            1
K111                                                        Yang , Yongping Xie , Ruquan Jin ,
Effects of early hyperbaric oxygen therapy on               Jianmin Liu
function recovery in patients with incomplete cervical      1. Gaomi peoples hospital, Shandong, China
spinal cord injury                                          2. Beijing Chaoyang Hospital; Capital University of
Yu Youjie                                                   Medical Science, Beijing, China
Department of Hyperbaric oxygen, People’s Hospital of       3. Department of HBO; Qingdao University Affiliated
Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, China                        Hospital, China

Objective: To investigate the effect of early hyperbaric    Objectives: To study the relationship between acute
oxygen therapy on function recovery in cervical spinal      carbon monoxide poisoning g and methemoglobin and the
cord injury patients. Method: 72 patients were randomly     influence of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) on them, and to
divided into early hyperbaric oxygen therapy group (E, 36   approach the mechanism of acute carbon monoxide
cases) and late hyperbaric oxygen therapy group (L,36       poisoning. At the same time, it gives the new way to the
cases).The patients in both groups received the similar     clinical treatment of ACOP. Methods: The ACOP group
rehabilitation and medicine treatment. The effects were     contains 195 patients, divided into the normobaric oxygen
assessed by the American Spine Injury Association (ASIA)    (NBO) group and the HBO group. The NBO group
motor scores, sensory scores and somatosensory evoked       contains 97 patients, including 66 mild poisoning patients,
potentials (SEP). Result: There was no difference           21 midrange poisoning patient s and 10 severe poisoning
between two groups before treatment (P>0 05), and the       patients; The HBO group contains 98 patients, including
ASIA motor scores improved significantly after treatment    63 mild poisoning patients, 23 midrange poisoning
(group E P<0.001, group L P<0.05), but the scores of the    patients and 12 severe poisoning patients. The Normal
group E was significantly higher than that of the group L   control group contains 191 health adults. Detect the
(P<0.01). The ASIA sensory scores improved significantly    MetHb and COHb concentrations both before treatment
after treatment (group E P<0.005, group L P<0.05), but      and after treatment in each group and further restriction
the scores of the group E was significantly higher than     analysis were performed. Results: The MetHb
that of the group L (P<0.05). The SEP of the group E        concentration is much higher in ACOP group than that in
improved significantly than that of the group L (P<0.05).   normal control group (P <0.01). There is dependability
Conclusion: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can facilitate the    between COHb concentration and MetHb concentration in
function recovery, and it is better to interfere early.     ACOP group before treatment (R =0.418, P <0.01). The
                                                            MetHb concentration was much lower after HBO
                                                            treatment than before HBO treatment in ACOP group (P
                                                            <0.01).To mild and midrange ACOP patients, the MetHb
K112                                                        concentration decrease d more significantly in HBO
Curative effects of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO)                 group than that in NBO group (P <0.05). Conclusions:
combined with manipulative therapies on limb                The MetHb is probably one of the most important
dysfunction after traumatic head injury                     mechanisms to result in ACOP and makes it serious. HBO
Ning Yu, Jian Lu                                            has significant curative effect on decreasing MetHb
Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, The Second People’s        concentration.
hospital of Nangning, Guangxi, China

Objective: To investigate curative effects of hyperbaric
oxygen (HBO)combined with manipulative therapies on         K114
limb dysfunction after traumatic head injury. Methods:
The nervous system of children infected with the                 Clinic materials: 1. Case introduction: The cases
recovery of hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinical                   involved burn inpatients in our hospital from Mar 2006 to
observation                                                      Aug 2007. Among them, there are 36 male and 20 female
Yang Zhen                                                        with the age range from 1-13 years old and average
Tianjin Children Hospital, Tianjin, China                        3.6±2.8 years old. The percentage of burn area to total
                                                                 area is between 10-40 and the average percentage is
Objective: To observe the high-pressure oxygen                   15.1±6.9. They are all healthy before encountering wound
treatment on the nervous system in children infected with        and have not aspiration injury. 2. Therapeutic methods:
the clinical significance. Method: 53 cases of the nervous       The 56 patients are randomly divided into two groups: the
system of children infected with hyperbaric oxygen               treatment group (A group n=28) and control group (B
therapy, the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy at the             group n=28). The patients of control group are treated
same time to give anti-infection, nerve cell activity            only by locally applying Fulikang ointment while those of
vasodilative drugs and anti-virus drugs symptomatic              treatment group accepted the treatment of local Fulikang
treatment. Pressure to 0.06-0.1 Mpa, Regulators 30               ointment plus hyperbaric oxygen (HBO). 3. HBO
minutes each for one hour, day, 10 times for treatment, a        treatment: Patients of A group accept 100% oxygen
total of three treatments, oxygen concentration in more          breathing by masks for 80min, once or twice a day. We
than 80 percent. Results: high-pressure oxygen                   stimulated 10d as a therapeutic period and patients were
treatment of viral encephalitis after the cure rate is 64.10     arranged therapy according to the healing condition of
percent with 25.64 percent efficiency of 10.25 percent           wound surface. Normally, one or two therapeutic period
efficiency rate of 83.33 percent of cerebral infarction          were needed. 4. Assessment Indicator: The information
recovered 16.66 percent efficient brain trauma recovery          involving the average healing time of wound surface,
rate was 75% 25% efficiency of high-pressure oxygen              average inpatient day, the size, thick, rigidity and color of
treatment of the nervous system The total infection rate         scar, the symptom of patients and the number of patients
was 97.34 percent. Conclusion: The nervous system                who needed operation were collected as the assessment
infection in children is common in pediatric clinical disease,   indicator. 5. Statistical analysis: All the data were
cerebral vascular disease by the virus or the disease            analyzed by t test and P<0.05 was considered to be
directly caused by brain injury with diffuse inflammation        statistically significant. Result: According to the clinic
and vascular damage, resulting in brain tissue cycle of          observation, in comparison to B group, the scars of A
obstacles and edema, increased intracranial pressure So          group were rosiness or white, soften, thin, smooth surface
that the brain tissue of oxygen and blood supply for the         and few pain and itch. And also our findings showed
anomaly, a serious disease can be accompanied by a               accelerated healing of wound surface and reduced
coma. Thus leading to its dominant regional campaign,            average inpatient day of group A. Only 2 patients of group
feeling the loss of function and language, intellectual          A needed flap operation and have achieved the success
development have tremendous impact. Through                      in the first operation, while 9 cases needed operation in B
high-pressure oxygen treatment of the nervous system             group and among them, the operation of 2 patients were
infections in the clinical observation of clinical symptoms      failing. The second operation was successful under the
improved significantly shorten the duration and reduce the       help of 10 times HBO therapy. Discussion: HBO has the
rate of invalidity, the resumption of intelligence, thereby      following therapeutic effect according to pervious study: 1)
enhancing their quality of life, high-pressure oxygen can        Increasing the local blood oxygen pressure, relieving or
be used as the nervous system in children infected with          even rectifying tissue hypoxia, reducing edema and
an effective Treatment.                                          improving blood flow; 2) HBO is conducive to abating flap
                                                                 necrosis and enhancing flap survival; 3) In terms of scar
                                                                 formation, the HBO-treated skins represent light-color,
K115                                                             soft texture and few pain and itch; 4) Curbing the growth
8 age,male,traffic accident resulted in primary brain stem       of some kinds of bacteria. To sum up, HBO is beneficial to
infury. Glasgow grade 5. Revivaled after hyperbaric              the healing of second-degree burn wound surface in the
oxygen treatment.                                                respect of few usage of plasma and albumin, low
                                                                 occurrence of shock and scar formation, reduced tissue
                                                                 necrosism, edema, wound infection and blood poisoning,
                                                                 average inpatient day and the total expense, accelerated
                                                                 wound healing and operative success rate.
      Clinic Observation of Hyperbaric Oxygen
      Promoting the Healing of Wound Surface of
      Second-degree Burn Patients
              1           2
      X-L Yang , Y-J Deng
1. the Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Ganzhou                  K117
Municipal Hospital, Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, China             Hyperbaric oxygen treatment pontine brain contusion
2. the Department of Burn, Ganzhou Municipal Hospital,           and a case of dissolution of myelin
Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, China                                 Yang Wenping
                                                                 Huai’an Second People’s Hospital, Jiangsu, China

                                                                 Patient: male, 52-year-old, riding on bicycle, the patient
                                                                 accidentally fell down and lead to brain contusion and
Obstructive hydrocephalus. The local hospital committed        and uninterrupted treatment, so to enhance the effect.
after the effects of poor drainage ventricle and               Results: Cured 19 cases, obviously effective 45 cases,
complicated by lung infection. On October 31, 2006 the         effective 73 cases, invalid 13 cases. The total effective
patient was transferred to our hospital. Through physical      rate is 91.3%. Conclusion: Under the effective nursing,
examination, the body temperature was 37.8°                ,   there is obvious effect of cerebrovascular disease patients
unconscious, vertical eyes open, body activities               with treatment of HBO.
disappeared, mouth activities restricted, lung large
number of Romanian-moist, having heart rate, limb
extension reducing, muscle strength 0, limb tendon
hyperre flexia, Bilateral pathological levy negative, liver    K119
damage, blood being in lower potassium, sodium, chlorine.      The effect of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on the
The right lower chest film pneumonia, head CT right            coagulation-fibrinolytic system in the patients of
frontal lobe brain damage, hydrocephalus, low-density          ischemic strok
                                                                          1          2                 1        1
pontine lesions. Through 10-days anti-infection treatment,     Lin Yang , Wei Wang , Chunjin Gao , Baosen Pang ,
to dehydration, lung infection was under control, but the      Zhuo Li
nervous system symptoms had not improved. The MRI              1. Beijing Chao Yang Hospital, Beijing, China
inspection pontine basement of T1 and T2-signal, the           2. The Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University,
patient had 15-years drinking habit, he drunk about 1000       Shijiazhuang, China
ML every day. Considering chronic alcoholism liver and
brain damage after myelin lead to the dissolution of the       Objective To investigate the effects of hyperbaric oxygen
CPM, the patient was immediately cured by high-pressure        treatment on the Coagulation-Fibrinolytic System in the
oxygen treatment.0.2 ~ 0.23MPa O2 30’×2+10’. During            patients of ischemic stroke. Methods 137 patients with
                                                               acute ischemic stroke were divided randomly into routine
high-pressure oxygen treatment, first three days, twice a
                                                               therapy group(routine group) ,hyperbaric oxygen
day, then once a day, ten days treatment for one course.
                                                               therapygroup(HBO group). There were 27 healthy
After the first time of high-pressure oxygen treatment, the
                                                               volunteers in control group (control group). We measured
patient was conscious and could eyes could open and
                                                               the plasm concentration of AT-III, TM, uPA and uPAR
committed activities as soon as the patient went out of the
                                                               respectively in the patients with ischemic stroke on the
capsule. But 2 days later the patient went unconscious yet
                                                               1stand 11thday after admission. Results Compared with
till one week later he went back conscious again. After
                                                               the control group , the plasm concentration of the routine
15-times high-pressure oxygen treatment, the patient
                                                               group on the 1st day, the 11th day of AT-III decreased,TM
could nodded to his family members. After 22-times
                                                               and uPAR increased;the plasm concentration of the HBO
treatment, the patient could communicate with his family
                                                               group on the 1st day of AT-III decreased , the plasm
members in simple speech removing of the trachea,
                                                               concentration of TM, uPAR of the HBO group on the 1st
taking in flowing food; the right upper limb muscle strength
                                                               day, the 11th day increased (P<0.01) ,TM decreased
reached 1 level. Since then the treatment method was
                                                               (P<0.05) .Conclusion In the patients of acute ischemic
changed into a single-capsule pure oxygen chamber.
                                                               stroke, hyperbaric oxygen treatment can increase the
After 4 treatment courses, four limbs muscle tension
                                                               plasm level of AT-III, and decrease the plasm level of TM
increased and muscle strength reached 2 level and liver
                                                               and uPAR. Thus hyperbaric oxygen treatment can
function was normal. After 6 treatment courses, with the
                                                               effectively improve the function of coagulation-fibrinolytic
help of others, the patient could walk by himself,
                                                               system in the patients with ischemic stroke, and may
self-consumption, muscle strength reached 4 level, MRI
                                                               ameliorate therapeutic effect.
basically normal, after six months out of the hospital, the
patient fully recovered and could go back to work. From
this case we have made the conclusion that high-pressure
oxygen treatment can not only have the effective in the
                                                               The Clinical Analysis of the Hyperbaric Oxygen
treatment of brain injury and also have the effective for
                                                               Therapy in the Patients with Acute Cerebral Infarction
recovery of CPM treatment. High-pressure oxygen
                                                               Lin Yang Chunjin Gao Huan Ge Lianhua Wu Liming Zhao
treatment can be used as an effective means and
                                                               Beijing Chao Yang Hospital
recommended for promoting in clinical practice.
                                                               Objective To investigate the effect of hyperbaric oxygen
                                                               therapy (HBOT) on the patients contracting acute cerebral
                                                               infarction(ACI) and to proceed the clinical analysis.
                                                               Methods Retrospective study was done in 466
Nursing care of cerebrovascular disease patient with
                                                               hospitalized patients suffered from ACI from Jan. of 2000
hyperbaric oxygen treatment
                                                               to Feb. of 2005.The patients was divided into HBOT plus
Yang Qunfang
Wuhan Union Hospital, Wuhan, China                             drug therapy group (HBO group ):303 cases and drug
                                                               therapy group (control group ):163 cases. By using “The
Objective: To observe the nursing effect of the
                                                               European Stroke Scale” (ESS) to score the patients of
cerebrovascular disease patients with treatment of
                                                               HBO group before and after HBOT and to score the
hyperbaric oxygen (HBO). Methods: 150 cases receiving
                                                               patients of control group after hospitalization and before
drug therapy were treated with HBO. With the measures
                                                               discharge. Then HBO group was compared with control
of comprehensive care, observing during HBO treatment
                                                               group. Results For the severe and the moderate ACI, the
score difference of HBO group being compared with                carbon monoxide poisoning;               pregnant;
control group were considerably significant (P10) being     hypokalemia; hepatitis B virus carriers.
compared     with    control group     was    significant   Glycerol fructose, Cerebrolysin Vial and hyperbaric
(P<0.05) .Conclusion Clearly HBOT had a certain effect      oxygen therapy were given. treatment plan of HBO:
on severe,moderate ACI and vertebra-arteria basilaris       pressure of 0.2 Mpa (2.0ATA), oxygen 30 min × 2 + air 10
ACI which were better than drug therapy. The effect on      min, time of therapy is 110 min, which boost 20 min,
treatment times of HBOT >10 was better than that of         deboost 20 min.in the first three days ,2 / day. Later it
treatment times ≤10.                                        changed to 1 / days. In the end it took 22 times. on May 1
                                                            the patients recovered and were discharged cesarean a
                                                            healthy boy.
                                                            2 Discussion
K121                                                        Whether pregnant woman after carbon monoxide
Influence of hyperbaric oxygen on the value of              poisoning can receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy is still
memory quotient and Hastgawa dementia scale in              remaining disputes. We believe it should be done .
patients with radiation encephalopathy                      The mechanism may be in:            HBO can increase the
Yuan Jing                                                   oxygen concentration and blood oxygen tension.It can
The people’s hospital of zhangjiajie, Hunan, China          correct hypoxia, and promote increasing of amniotic fluid,
                                                            improve foetus development and metabolism. HBO can
Objective: To evaluate the effect of hyperbaric oxygen      improve uterine blood supply and delay of blood flow so
treatment on patient with radiation encephalopathy. To      that enhancing the mother-child functional system and
study the changes of the value memory quotient (MQ) and     placental function. HBO promote gonadal hormones, the
Hastgawa dementia scale (HDS) in patients with radiation    formation of the placenta villi blood vessels and the
encephalopathy pre-and post hyperbaric oxygen               function of adrenaline. It conducive to development of the
treatment and its value. Method : 60 patients with          placentai.The mother’s functions of vital organs can be
                                                            also improved. It should be noted:      hyperbaric oxygen
radiation encephalopathy were divided into two groups
                                                            therapy must be done in time, combined therapy is
randomely, hyperbaric oxygen treatment group and
                                                            important. to observe the condition changes intimately.
control group. The values of MQ, HDS in 60 patients were
                                                            Essential exam must be done before and after HBO
measured pre-and post three courses of treament.
                                                            therapy and Good record must be done. B-monitoring
Result : The total effective rate of hyperbaric oxygen      should be monitored.               premature babies to
treatment groups was 86.6% that of control group was        high-pressure oxygen therapy can occur eyes of oxygen
60.0%, hyperbaric oxygen treatment group had a good         poisoning. Therefore         hyperbaric oxygen therapy
recovery. After three courses of treatment, the scale of    treatment to late trimester of pregnancy should not be too
MQ, HDS was increased in both groups, but there was         long and should be controlled within 1-2 courses.
significant difference between two groups (P<0.05),
hyperbaric oxygen treatment group was obvious higher        K123
than control group. Conclusion:The treating effect of       Comparison of therapeutic effects of HBOT on Severe
hyperbaric oxygen combined with drug is much better         Brain Injury under 0.15MPa and 0.2MPa
than that of drug only and hyperbaric oxygen can further
increase the value of MQ, HDS, HBO may be of use in the     Chen Jian-hui
clinical treatment of RE patients and would benefit from    Zhongshan City People's Hospital, Affiliated Zhongshan
further study.
                                                            Hospital   of    Zhongshan     University,   Zhongshan,
                                                            Guangdong Province, China

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment in late pregnancy of            Objective: To compare the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen
acute carbon monoxide poisoning                             at various pressure on severe brain injury,and to choose
Guilin, Guangxi NO181 People's Liberation Army Hospital     the most reasonable protocol for this desease. Methods:
Hyperbaric Oxygen Center
                                                            The 133 cases of severe brain injury were divided into
March 2008, one case we treated successfully of acute       two groups randomly, and they were treated once every
carbon monoxide poisoning in late pregnancy, are            day by the monoplace chamber. One session a day, ten
reported as follows:
                                                            sessions for one course, all together 30 sesssions for one
1、Case record,
F, 23, were unconsciousness after bath a day before         patient. But the group A (67 cases) was treated at
hospitalized. Physical exam: T:36.7 , HR:90 cpm, RR:        0.15MPa for 60~70 minutes, and the group B (66 cases)
20 cpm, BP: 110/78 mmHg. Pregnant for 7 months.
Auxiliary examination: obstetric B-ultrasound showed:       was treated at 0.2MPa for 80~90 minutes. We explored
fetal heart rate 158 cpm, good movements. ALT (26 u / l),   the consciousness and reactions of these patients when
GOT (46 u / l), HBsAg(+),potassium (3.27 mmol / l) other
                                                            they were treated, and reexamine head CT and pass
routine examinations were normal. Admission diagnosis:
judgment on GCS after each course of treatment is
                                                               Development of a new inhalation model in hyperbaric
finished. Results: There were no significant difference        oxygen chamber,
between group A and group B in the duration of                 An Cui, Peisong Wang
                                                               Linyi City People's Hospital, HBO department
unconsciousness, aphasia and Absorption of intracranial        Qingdao Medical College Hospital, HBO department
hematoma. Conclusions: There were no significant
difference in the efficacy of HBOT on severe brain injury      The authors triturate a simple breathing patterns in HBO
between the protocols at 0.15MPa and 0.2MPa. So                champer for adults to inhale oxygen and exhale own
                                                               carbon dioxide at the same time. See attached map.
considering the shorter duration of treatment and the less     Principle: Setting that the alveolar ventilation is 350 ml.
therapeutic cost we think the lower-pressure protocol is       connecting a hard hollow plastic ball , diameter 8.3 cm
                                                               and volume 300 ml(including the space between mouth
better which can treat more patients with the limited
                                                               and nose mask) ,between the original oxygen masks and
resourcs.                                                      Y-piece. Patients wear oxygen masks for absorption Less
                                                               than 200 kpa, at the end of each exhalation there is 300
                                                               ml alveolar gas for next inhalation within the hollow ball.
K124                                                           The carbon dioxide concentration of alveolar gas is 2.5
Hyperbaric oxygen rescue a case of pulmonary                   percent in the 200 kpa, the carbon dioxide concentration
                                                               of inhalation alveolar gas = 300 × 2.5% ÷ 350 = 2%. Due
embolism                                                       to oxygen consumption, oxygen in the hollow ball is less
Li Lingfang                                                    than 200 kpa, while hollow ball volume is less than the
                                                               volume of alveolar ventilation, so when inhale , the
Hyperbaric oxygen chamber,Liaoning Provincial General
                                                               oxygen through the pipeline influx into the hollow ball
Hospital of Fushun Mining Bureau                               beacuse of difference of partial pressure of oxygen and in
                                                               order to maintain enough alveolar ventilation, on the end
                                                               of inhale the oxygen concentration reached 98 percent.
A 67-year-old female Patient suddenly occured difficulty in    Unless the alveolar ventilation is on big changes, we can
breathing, obvious cyanosis, pale face, mydriasis,             maintain the relative stability of the concentration of
state-dead in the second day after cholecystectomy.            oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration. That is, when
Multi-parameter monitoring showed that: BP60/40mmHg,           the oxygen content increasing, the reinhalation of carbon
P139 per minute, R30 per minute, So258%.                       dioxide can increase blood flow to further improve hypoxia.
Electrocardiogram showed: sinus tachycardia, atrial            Comparising the new and old breathing patterns by
premature, imperfect right bundle branch block. X chest        simulation experiments, there is no obviously difference.
film: the thinning of the texture in the inferior lobe of
right    lung . The patient was diagnosed as acute
pulmonary embolism, the vital signs were stable after
rescue. But from December 20 to December 23, the               K126
patient was in a coma, on ventilator to maintain vital signs   Non-resistance oxygen therapy device in mulitplace
stable. The first hyperbaric oxygen treatment was given in     oxygen chamber
the first 10 days after onset. The pressure was 1.8 ATA,       Yu Xuelai
15 minutes for compression, oxygen inhalation                  department of hyperbaric oxygen Nanjing Zijin Hospital
(monoplace champer) for 50 minutes, intercalary washing
for five minutes, decompression for 20 minutes. After one
session of HBO, the patient can open her eyes by calling.      The principle of non- resistance device for oxygen therapy
After     more than 40 times HBO, the patient was              used gradient pressure for inhale and exhale oxygen.
consciousness, not only can open eyes and speak, but           Oxygen      pathway:      gas   source    -control    board
also can answer simple questions.                              -humidification bottles -flow meter - Simulation of the lung
Discussion:                                                    - masks (the trigeminal) - patients - oxygen pipeline -
HBO can decrease blood viscosity, improve ischemia in          outdoors. The patients suitable for non-resistance device
embolized regional, and reduce pulmonary avascular             for oxygen therapy are including : 1.The patients can
necrosis of embolism organizations, and can reduce             breath without ventilator.          The patients whose
pulmonary edema and improve the organs of the state of         Respiratory function were relatively poor .2. The high
hypoxia, control the occurrence of shock, can reduce           paraplegia patients can breath spontaneously whose
brain swelling and the brain tissue hypoxia damage,            respiratory function were relatively poor.3. Coma patients
improve function of the network structure . The HBO            can breath spontaneously.4 . patients whose respiratory
therapy promote comatose patients to regain                    center is damaged can breath spontaneously. 5 the
consciousness . The HBO therapy plays an important role        patients with fractures of the ribs .6 coma patients with
in the rescue of patients with pulmonary embolism.             tracheotomy and the patients can move by order .7 the
                                                               patients can use luge type ventilator. The advantage is:
                                                               easy to operate. Oxygen without resistance. Patient can
                                                               inhale pure oxygen. Cabin oxygen concentration is not
The steps to opreat non-resistance oxygen therapy device:      treatment. Control group (B group n=21): the course of
1. Redeploye the pressure of the gas source to 4.0-6.0 Mp.     disease was above ten days, the patients’ condition was
2. open the oxygen valve. 3. guide the accompanying staff      rather stable and their vital sign was normal. The course
to open flowmeter the flow to 400-600 ml, the flow of          of their disease was the stage of rehabilitation. Contrast
children is depended on the tidal volume. 4.                   the two groups’ effect. Result: The effective rate of A
accompanying staff link oxygen masks and bellows               group is significantly higher than that of B group.(p<0.05)
(trigeminal tube) to the patient.                              Conclusion: Earlier and multi-course of hyperbaric
The gas path of non-resistance device for oxygen therapy       oxygen treatment can shorten awake time, improve
is sealed so the gas is pure oxygen. The first class oxygen    conscious disturbance, elevate healing rate, lower
concentration is 21% +4 × flow / L.                            disability of disease and raise patient’s quality of life.

K127                                                           K129
HBO cured a case of amnesia                                    hyperbaric oxygen treatment on 3 cases of anesthetic
PAN Lin                                                        accident coma
HBO department of Tianjin Hexi Hospital     300202             Maoxing Yan
                                                               The department of hyperbaric oxygen, the hospital
                                                               affiliated to neimenggu medical college
The patients is male, 21 years old. memory loss because
of losing his love.He had severe insomnia, did not know        3 patients with anesthetic accident coma accepted
his family members and classmates, who did not know            hyperbaric oxygen treatment combined with drug
where he is, did not remember the address, the skull. His      treatment from the year of 2005 to 2006, they were cured
MRI is normal, so he was diagnosed reactive disorder.          and discharged.
Neither western medicine nor traditional Chinese               1.clinical dates: The first patient was twenty-seven year
medicine took effect. So he came to our hospital and tried     female, she accepted appendectomy under general
hyperbaric oxygen therapy. two days later, his sleep           anesthesia in April, 2005, on the way to ward, she was
improved markedly, and his memory recovered.10 days            found respiratory arrest and immediately received
after the full restoration he returned normal and went back    cardiorespiratory resuscitation, ten minutes later, she
to school.                                                     recovered spontaneously breathing but had been deep
Principle of hyperbaric oxygen treatment: high-pressure of     coma state, twelve hours later, she was transferred to our
oxygen can increase the blood flow of vertebral                hospital and immediately accepted hyperbaric oxygen
artery ,and increase the relative oxygen partial pressure of   treatment, the therapy pressure was 0.25Mpa, oxygen
the brainstem reticular activating system. It can activate     inhale 30min×2,one time per day, three days later, she
neural activity, increase excitatory in EEG and the number     was gradually clear, one weeks later, she was completely
of fast wave , and extent of frequency.in 0.25 Mpa ,HBO        clear, two weeks later, she was cured and discharged, her
improve the activities of cytochrome oxidase and Na +-K        brain MRI image was normal. Both the second and third
+-ATP ,at the same time, it keep the balance of Na + /         patients were four year girls, they have been coma
Ca2 +, reducing the flow of intracellular, reducing            because of congenital heart disease and started to
intracellular calcium overload.It normalizes the cellular      accepted hyperbaric oxygen treatment on the third day
membrane’s function .                                          and the seventh day post-operation respectively, the
HBO improves metabolism in sugar, fats, amino acid and         therapy pressure was 0.25Mpa, oxygen inhale 30min×2,
water, keep electrolyte and acid-base balances, increases      one time per day, three weeks and eight weeks
the target cells number and functions of insulin receptors.    respectively, one person was cured and discharged, the
                                                               other was clear but remained intellectual disorder and
                                                               growth retardation.
                                                               2. Discussion: Anesthetic accident primarily damages
K128                                                           the brain and can make the brain hypoxia and edema.
The hyperbaric oxygen treatment in diffuse axonal              Hyperbaric oxygen treatment can quickly raise the
injury                                                         pressure of blood oxygen, improve the brain hypoxia and
Yuanbi Yang, Zhuan Wang                                        control the development of the infernal circle of brain
Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Department of neurosurgery,         edema. The two patients our discussed accepted
The hospital affiliated to Luzhou medical college              hyperbaric oxygen treatment rather earlier and got a
                                                               better prognosis, two-three weeks later, they were cured
Objective: Observe the clinical effect of hyperbaric           and discharged. The other patient accepted hyperbaric
oxygen treatment on diffuse axonal injury, approach the        oxygen treatment rather later and got a bad prognosis.
suitable therapy opportunity and method. Method:               Therefore, when we encounter the anesthetic accident,
According to patient's condition and course of disease,        we should apply hyperbaric oxygen treatment on the
Forty-two patients with diffuse axonal injury were             patients as early as possible, which can reduce the
randomly divided into two groups: Earlier hyperbaric           course of disease and avoid the occurrence of the
oxygen treatment group(A group n=21): the course of            residual. Concerning the regimen of hyperbaric oxygen
disease was from three to seven days, the patients             treatment, we all used atmosphere compression chamber
separated themselves from life danger under drug control       in our text, the pressure is 0.20-0.25Mpa, the time of
or post-operation, then they accepted hyperbaric oxygen
oxygen inhale is 30min×2, which can get satisfactory             the relationship either between therapeutic period and
effect and avoid side effects.                                   effect or between therapeutic period and the rehabilitation
                                                                 of intelligence. In this regard, combined with the
                                                                 department of pediatrics, we observed the cases of HIE
                                                                 since 2001 consecutively. The protocol of HBO therapy is
K130                                                             0.03 Mpa pressure, 20min for 100% oxygen breathing,
Effect of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy on 210 cases of              40min total therapeutic time with twice washing chamber,
cerebral trauma                                                  once/d and ten times for a period in a single-person,
Chunfang Li, Yingyu Pan                                          pure-oxygen chamber.
People's Hospital of Haikou City 570208

Objective: To study the clinical effects of hyperbaric           K132
oxygen treatment on patients of cerebral trauma. Method:         Experience of applying the multi-parameter ECG
patients of cerebral trauma were divided into four groups,       monitor in hyperbaric oxygen chamber
including: 30 cases of acute brain injury, 5 cases of
persistent vegetative state, 55 cases of convalescence
stage, 120 cases of sequelae stage . Results: after              peiyun Li, mingzh Ma
treatment 38 patients were cured, 110 cases were                 People's Hospital of Haikou City
markedly effective, 50 cases improved, 12 cases had no
effect, and the total efficiency was 94.3%. Conclusion:In
the patients of cerebral trauma, hyperbaric oxygen
therapy can promote the recovery of consciousness and            With the development of medical science, high-tech
reduce the sequelae. In the patients of long-term coma,          medical equipment has been used more and mor
persistent vegetative state and serious nerve damage,            extensively in hospitals. Having the advantage of
Long course of hyperbaric oxygen therapy can                     promptness, accuracy and visulization, ECG monitor play
significantly improve the effect and prognosis. Additionly,      an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of
It is most difficult to deal with the patients of severe brain   cardiovascular patients and critically ill patients after
injury and brain hematoma, as it frequently                      surgery. It is common to use multi-parameter ECG
accompanying vicious increased intracranial pressure, the        monitor in some clinical departments, but the application
prognosis of patients with cerebral hypoxia was also poor,       of this devices in hyperbaric oxygen chamber has been
the early hyperbaric oxygen therapy can increase oxygen          rarely reported.
content in time to prevent the occurrence of malignant           From November 2007 to April 2008, we used PM-7000
hypoxia ischemia, providing the possibility of the recovery      multi-parameter ECG Monitor to observe 159 cases of
of neurological function. Therefore the patients of cerebral     critically ill patients in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber of
trauma should be given hyperbaric oxygen therapy as
                                                                 YCQ3230-37,we have achieved good results. All the
early as possible, to reduce brain injury mortality and
morbidity, to improve the quality of life of patients. In the    equipment are of type PM-7000 made by Shenzhen
210 cases of cerebral trauma, the patients who had               Mairui company, the monitoring procedure has been
obvious effects after hyperbaric oxygen treatment mostly         strictly followed and all the equipment components have
were early onset of illness and not serous condition.            been checked to make sure they work well, we observed
                                                                 and record the electrocardiogram changes. The
                                                                 application of ECG monitor outside the chamber give
                                                                 critically ill patients more oppptunity for hyperbaric oxygen
K131                                                             treatment, expanded the scope of HBOT and improve the
Intelligence Deciding the Therapetic Period                of    safety of patients in the chamber, moreover it is convinent
Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy                         for the medical staff to observe the patients in the
                                                                 chamber which is good for the treatment.

W-Q Fan

HaiKou People’s Hospital 570208
                                                                 Clinical observation of hyperbaric oxygen treatment
                                                                 on sixty case of neurasthenia
Neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), the
                                                                 ping yang, guiying he
brain damage taking place in the prenatal period, is the
                                                                 Kelamayi Central Hospital, Xinjiang, China
normal disease of pediatrics, featured by the high
incidence. Destitute of immediate therapy, severe
                                                                 Sixty patients have accepted hyperbaric oxygen treatment
neonatal brain can lead to death, irreversible sequelae
                                                                 in our department since the year of 1991, they got
and ensuing heavy affliction to family members, increased
                                                                 distinguished effect. We report it as follow:
social burden and negative effect to the population quality
                                                                 1 Clinical dates
in our country. The treatment of HIE by hyperbaric oxygen
                                                                 1.1 General dates: 60 patients between 29 and 66 years
(HBO) has been prevailing clinically and achieved better
                                                                 old were included, 20 of them are male, the remains are
effect nowadays. However, it is still necessary to probe
female, the mean age of them is 47.5 year. The course of
disease is between 15 days and 21 years.                       Case information: the patient was male, 47 years old,
1.2 clinical manifestations: easy to excited, feeling          repeating fever for four days, with unconsciousness and
weary, sentiment, headache, wakefulness, tension,              seizure for two days before admission, accompanying the
agitated, the decrease of memory, as well ad impaired          symptom of nausea and vomiting, head CT showed
concentration. EEG shows that the enhanced excitability        density of cerebral longitudinal fissure was high , bleeding
of cortex and double side symmetry lower amplitude fast        could not be ruled out , then he was transfered to our
wave.                                                          hospital. Physical examination: temperature: 39.4 ℃,
1.3 Hyperbaric oxygen treatment: The therapy pressure
                                                               coma, and uneasy, stiff neck, muscular tension of four
was 2.0 ~ 2.4ATA, the patients accepted hyperbaric             limbs was high, Babinski sign of two sides were
oxygen treatment one time per day, oxygen                      suspicious positive,there were ecchymosis in four limbs.
inhale30/×2+5/ per time, one course of treatment was ten       Blood white blood cell count showed 19.3 × 10 / l,
days.                                                          neutrophil leukocytes accounted for 93.5 percent,
1.4 The standard of therapeutic effect                         hemoculture found type 2 Streptococcus suis, confirmed
1.4.1    Curing:     The      psychiatric  symptom       and   Streptococcus suis disease, meningoencephalitis type.
somato-symptom of patients completely disappeared, the         He was given dehydration, anti-inflammatory and
patients feel well and their occupation and viability can      rehydration treatment.He was still unclear after 10 days,
recover to anterior sickness.                                  then he received hyperbaric oxygen therapy, once every
1.4.2 Improvement: The psychiatric symptom and                 day, 80 minutes of oxygen inhalation each time, the
somato-symptom of patients generally disappeared, the          middle rest of l0 minutes, the absolute pressure was 2.2
patients can be engaged in mental and physical work.           ATA, he was in the dim awareness after five days, he had
1.4.3    Invalid:    The      psychiatric  symptom       and   reaction to question and was agitated; his consciousness
somato-symptom of patients remained unchanged.                 recovered after treatment of 11 days, brain MRI scan had
1.5 Result: After 4-33 times of hyperbaric oxygen              no obvious signs of abnormality, hyperbaric oxygen
treatment,14 patients’ neurasthenia were cured,44              therapy continued, the patient can walk freely after
patients’ condition were improved, 2 patients’ condition       treatment of 35 days.
weren’t improved, total effective rate was 96.7 percent.       Discussion:
2. Discussion                                                  This case was acute and had symptom of fever, chills,
Hyperbaric oxygen treatment can make the brain tissue          general discomfort, headache, nausea, vomiting,
obtain sufficient oxygen, improve the metabolic function of    unconsciousness, seizure, skin ecchymosis, meningeal
neurocyte and lower the excitability of neurocyte, which       irritation sign positive, WBC and neutrophil ratio increased,
make the physiological activity of cerebral cortex             CSF showed Septic change, blood culture found type 2
gradually recover. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment can make        Streptococcus suis, diagnosis of pig-borne disease was
the blood flow of vertebral artery increase, the pressure of   confirmed. on the basis of comprehensive treatment, the
oxygen of brain network and brain stem relatively increase,    patient was given a daily hyperbaric oxygen treatment,
which can effectively improve the attenuation condition of     after HBOT of 11 times, the patient was awake in a stable
the process of inhibition in cerebral cortex, also can         condition. HBO, a non-drug treatment, played an
strengthen the function of its regulating and controlling      important role in the treatment of this case of human
subcortex autonomic nervous system, relieve the                infected with pig Streptococcus suis. HBO improves the
symptom of autonomic nervous functional disorder.              supply of oxygen to the whole brain or the regional lesions,
Hyperbaric oxygen treatment can lower the heart rate of        help repair damaged cells; hyperbaric oxygen may also
the patients who have the symptom of cardiopalmus and          break the vicious cycle of inflammatory - hypoxia -
pyknocardia, improve the sleep quality of the patients who     cerebral edema - increased intracranial pressure , at the
have the sleep disorder, improve the senior activity of        same time , network activation system has relatively
nervous system and raise psychological ability, physical       high oxygen pressure, it accelerates the patient’s
capacity, intellectual ability, as well as work ability. We    recovery from coma.
also discover the effect of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on
man is better than woman, the short course of disease is
better than the long course, the patients who accepted
hyperbaric oxygen treatment combined with psychological        K135
treatment can obtain better effect. In order to help the       Hyperbaric oxygenation and facilitation technique
neurasthenia patients early rehabilitate and decrease the      combination treatment of a brain diffuse atonal injury
complaints, in addition to drug treatment, we can extend       Kunru Zhou, Zhihua Yang, Xiuzhen Wang, Jinbo Wang,
and apply hyperbaric oxygen treatment on these patients.       Shaoxiong Xu
                                                               Guang Dong Shen Zhen Bu Ji Peoples Hospital,
                                                               Shenzhen, China

K134                                                           Objective: For the sake of study the therapeutic effect of
high pressure oxygen treat pig streptococcicosis,one           Hyperbaric oxygenation and facilitation technique cure a
case report                                                    brain diffuse atonal injury, my hospital carried on the close
rongzhen wang xiaohong ding                                    observation into 60 cases of brain diffuse atonal injury
the First Affiliated Hospital, College of Medicine,Zhejiang    patients from 2003 to 2007. Method: 60 cases of brain
University                                                     diffuse atonal injury patients are randomly divided into 2
sets. Contrast group (24 cases) was pure to given               pressure 0.2 Mpa, wearing oxygen masks inhale pure
combined therapy of taking normal regulations medicine:         oxygen of 30 minutes, rest for five minutes to inhale the
Dehydrating agent depress encephalic pressure;                  cabin air, and then inhale pure oxygen for 30
adrenocortical hormones activated reticular formation for       minutes.Patients got HBOT Once a day of every 10 times
awakened cerebrum; correct electrolyte maladjustment;           for a course of treatment. A total of 2 to 10 courses,
medicine nourish brain cell supply energy; acupuncture          follow-up 1 year, then statistic further recurrence rate of
and manipulation; HBO group (36 cases) was given                cerebral infarction.
combined therapy of taking normal regulations medicine          Results
and hyperbaric oxygenation and facilitation technique,          Two patients with cerebral infarction treatment
started on the sixth day after the patient hospitalized.        comparison in table 1. The course of integrated group and
Result: The treatment set cures 25, show effect 7, valid 3,     effects of table 2.
invalid 1, total efficient 97.5%. The Contrast set cures 8,     Table 1 Comparison therapeutic effect of the two groups
show effect 4, valid 5, invalid 7, total efficient 70.8%.              cured                               markedlytotal
Treatment set efficient is obviously better than the            Numb effective effective failed                     effecti
contrast set ;( p<0.05) Reply to diagnose after a year or       er     number                                       ve rate
the telephone track, the treatment set linger effect            of     of                                           (%)
incidence rate is 11.1%. The Contrast set linger effect         cases        cases %     cases%        cases %     c
incidence rate is 58.4%, 2 sets relatively have obvious                ases %
difference.      (p<0.01).      Conclusion:      Hyperbaric
oxygenation and facilitation technique cure a brain diffuse
atonal injury earlier, recover quicker, cure effect better.
Namely educed disability rate, also reduced death rate.
Promote the patient of the function recover, make the           integrated group
patient be able to return to a society as early as possible.           120 96 80.0     12 10.0   9 7.5   3 2.
                                                                            5   97.5
                                                                group 120 48 40.0    36 30.0   21 7.5  15 12.5
                                                                Compared with the control group x2=10.4, P<0.01
K136                                                            Table 2 :The course of integrated group with the effects of
The Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on cerebral             disease
infarction                                                      course Number cured Markedly effective failed total
Pan xiaorong, Fan qiuping                                                 of             effective               effective
People's Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous                            cases                                  rate(%)
                                                                1        ~40       21    15        4        0    100
Our department use hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat                      28      7     13        8        0    100
120 patients with cerebral infarction supplemented with                    32            18        13       1    96.87
drug treatment since March 1996 to March 2006, with             31       ~20             4         14       2    90
the same period 120 cases of conventional drug therapy          60days
in patients with cerebral infarction contrast, have made        61       ~
significant effect, the report are as follows:                  90days
1 information and methods
1.1 general information:                                        91days ~
240 cases of cerebral infarction patients, 154 mailes, 86       2.5years
females, ages 45 to 77 , an average of 63.5 years old, the       Differences between the two groups have a very
duration of suffering is from one day to two and a half         significant (P <0.01), shows that integrated group relapse
years, of which 181 cases of basal ganglia infarction, 22       rate lower than the control group.
cases of multiple infarction (Infarction lesions in the three   3 discussion
above), lacunar infarction in 37 cases. Randomly divided        hyperbaric oxygen,① blood oxygen content increase,
into two groups: ⑴ HBO therapy and conventional drug            blood oxygen pressure increase. Oxygen diffusing
treatment group ,120 cases (integrated group); ⑵                capacity and the diffusion distance increase, reducing
                                                                brain cell degeneration and necrosis due to asphyxia, the
conventional drug therapy group of 120 cases (the control
                                                                effective restoration of ischemia " penumbral regions"
group). According to "stroke in patients with clinical
neurological impairment score standards" (1995) [2] score.      cell function. ② enhanced aerobic metabolism, reduce
The two groups by age, sex and treatment of nerve               anaerobic glycolysis, reducing brain lactate concentration,
impairment and there was no significant difference.             and thereby redress acid poisoning, improved the brain
1.2 treatment:                                                  environment. ③ contraction of blood vessels, reducing
two groups of patients using conventional dehydration
drugs decreasing intracranial pressure, blood vessel            cerebral edema and reduce intracranial pressure. ④
activation of nerve agents and expansion of vitamin E,          promote the formation of collateral circulation. ⑤
and so on. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment: treatment of
increase vertebral - basal blood flow and is conducive to       Objective: The study was designed to probe the influence
the unconscious patients restoration of consciousness.          of hperbaric oxygen (HBO) to the serous endothelin in
⑥ lower blood viscosity, promote thrombolisis and               patients of cerebral infarction. Methods: Assessing the
                                                                relationship between the concentration of serous
absorption. ⑦ reduce reperfusion injury to the brain.           endothelin and therapeutic effect to 64 patients of cerebral
Not only hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used in               infarction treated by HBO. Results: the patients within 2w
cerebral infarction but also can prevent the cerebral           sick have the significantly increased serous endothelin
infarction recurrence again, it is an effective, safe and       compared with pretreatment (P<0.05), while patients with
reliable rehabilitation measures, have important clinical       beyond 2w sick have significantly abating serous
significance, it is worth promoting. In view of oxygen          endothelin ( P<0.05 ) . In comparison to the a bit of
under high pressure oxygen from the dispersion is still
                                                                enhancement of control groups, the patients treated by
limited, the choice of cases with small lesions will have
                                                                HBO showed great climbing serous endothelin, especially
better effect.
                                                                those within 2w sick (P<0.05). Conclusion: According to
                                                                our study, the beneficial effect of HBO to cerebral
                                                                infarction has nothing to do with the decreased serous
                                                                endothelin and possible related approaches need to be
                                                                further explored.
Effects of hyperbaric oxygen on sports ability in
female middle- long distance athletes before matches
           1             2
Jian Zhang , Lunying Sun
1. HBO Department of Shandong Qianfoshan Hospital,
Shandong, China
                                                                A Case Report: the treatment of Hyperbaric Oxygen to
2. PE College of Shandong economic college, Shandong,
                                                                haibin xiang, rong xie
                                                                Shanghai Punan hospital 200125
Objective: To explore the effects of hyperbaric oxygen
(HBO) on sports ability in female middle- long distance
                                                                A female, 8 years old patient went to some hospital in
athletes before matches. Methods: Twenty-three female
                                                                ShangHai for the suddenly occurred weakness of low
1500 meter athletes were randomly divided into
                                                                limbs and ensuing walking hardly accompanied with
hyperbaric oxygen group (HBO group, 11 cases) and
                                                                disabled urinary and fecal discharge. Physical
normal pressure air group (NPA group, 12 cases). Before
                                                                examination: Reflex of patellar tendon of both sides does
matches, eleven athletes (HBO group) were exposed to a
                                                                not exist. The muscular tension is low and muscle force of
hyperbaric environment of 0.2MPa (2.0ATA) to accept a
treatment of hyperbaric oxygen. The time of rising              the low limbs is level O-Ⅰwith negative Babinski Sign.
pressure was 20 min.the athletes inhale pure oxygen for         The patient was diagnosed as osteomyelitis preliminarily
60 min, taking a rest for 10 min to breathe air among           and hospitalized. Inpatient examination: oligoclonal
inhaling oxygen. The time of reducing pressure was 30           antibody of CSF indicated the damaged blood-brain
min. The athletes in NPA group were exposed to a                barrier and disproportionated increased ratio of IgG.
ordinary pressure cabin for 120 min, breathing air. Their       Spine MRI showed the abnormal signals(T4 - T11).
quiet heart rate (HR), fatigue level, and the results of 1500
                                                                Treatment: 200mg methylprednisolone ivgtt for the first
meter were determined respectively before and after
                                                                day, 250mg/d for the second and third day and following
experiment. Results: Before experiment, all indexes of
                                                                prednisone 40mg/d P0 adding the use of γ-Globulin and
two groups were not significantly different .After
                                                                ATP. On the third day, she restored urinary discharge and
experiment, the HR of athletes in HBO group were
                                                                on the ninth day, she had the ability of fecal discharge
average lower 3.08±0.83 beats each minute than before
                                                                with still existing weak low limbs. HBO therapy began with
experiment ,and also the feeling of fatigue and the results
                                                                on the tenth day of hospitalization. After the first period of
of 1500m(female) were obviously improved as compaired
                                                                HBO therapy, patient showed restored urinary and fecal
with before experiment. All indexes in HBO group were
much more improvement than those in NPA group.                  discharge completely, enhanced muscle force to level Ⅲ
Conclution: Before matches, HBO treatment can                   -Ⅳ, increased muscle tension, rehabilitated reflex of
increase the content of oxygen in blood and tissues ,
                                                                patellar tendon, positive pathological reflex and she could
reducing the heart rate, lightening fatigue, adjusting the
                                                                walk supported by others. The progress after the second
function of brain cortex ,and boosting female middle- long
                                                                therapeutic period involved walking by herself, the
distance athletes the motor excitability .
                                                                asymmetrically induced reflex of patellar tendon and
                                                                promoted muscle force to level Ⅳ—Ⅴ.
                                                                For the ineffective normal treatment, we apply her HBO
K138                                                            treatment timely and the significantly increased muscle
the Influence of HBO to the Serous Endothelin in                force in low limbs suggested the nice synergic function of
Patients of Serebral Infarction                                 HBO and normal treatment. The possible effect that HBO
H-K Pan                                                         treatment have in the case as following: increasing the
the First Hospital affiliated to ZhongShan University           oxygen pressure and concentration of bone marrow and
510060                                                          enhancing the oxygen extension, which accelerating the
                                                                rectification of local hypoxia condition; reducing the spinal
cord edema; ameliorating the function of blood-spinal cord      the liquid crystal display, so it has no high-pressure, and is
barrier; abating the tissue adherence after local infection;    securer to use in the high-pressure oxygen chamber.
prolonging the reproduction period of damaged neural            Discussion: We must pay attention to the materials of
cells and protecting the irreversibly damaged neural            liquid crystal display of the monitor which is used in the
tissue which contribute to the rehabilitation of neural         cabin and use TFT LCD screen to the greatest possible
function; decreasing the occurrence of delayed paralysis        extent. Medical electronics, pneumatic equipment which
given rise to by the dysfunctional blood flow of the spinal     are used in the oxygen chamber could bring about
cord.                                                           problems of high-voltage, superficial views on the author,
                                                                related departments should plan as soon as possible, to
K140                                                            make detailed laws and regulations of the usage of
The discussion of usage of electronic medical                   electronic medical equipment which is in the hyperbaric
equipments in hyperbaric oxygen chambers                        oxygen chamber, and to ensure the safety of usage.
Zhu JianMing
Xin Hua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong
University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China
When hyperbaric oxygen chamber works, it is a confined          Preventive    maintenance       of  equipments and
manned pressure vessel, so it is a very important issue         hyperbaric oxygen chamber
that the proper usage of electronic medical equipments in       Zhu JianMing, Yuan YunLai
the cabin, which is related to the guarantee of the safety      Xin Hua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong
and effectiveness of the treatment. When the various            University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China
equipment in the cabin are in an oxygen-rich environment
and play the redox reactions, so the board can not have a       When hyperbaric oxygen chambers are at work, they are
monitor within the EDM, voltage can not exceed 24 V,            confined manned pressure containers, so the safety is a
which is order to prevent high-pressure environment from        very important issue, the paper will be on the way to do a
the impact and interference, and accurately monitor             study about Preventive Maintenance. Background: It is a
patients’ various and real-time physiological information       very important issue to ensure the safety of the usage of
who are inside the cabin for a long time. Health-care           oxygen chambers. In the daily usage of the oxygen
workers can observe them convenient inside or outside           chamber, routine maintenance work must be done well
the cabin, and set and adjust parameters of change at any       rather than repair it when it is out of work, which is to
time. Multi-parameter monitor is composed of two parts:         ensure the safety and effectiveness of treatments. The
multiple physiological parameters box which is general at       requirements of preventive maintenance: 1. When oxygen
the oxygen chamber and is used to measure the patient's         chambers are at work, they are in the oxygen-rich
ECG, SpO2, NIBP, TEMP, and the physiological                    environment, so do remember to pay attention to the
parameter of the end of breathing carbon dioxide.               range of lubricants when using PM. 2. Generally speaking,
Through the standard RS232 socket and data                      a small amount of lubricating oil can be used only when
transmission lines, the patient's information can be easily     the internal of oxygen chambers in addition to the
delivered to the computer workstations outside the              revolving door to add flexibility, and other parts for
hyperbaric oxygen chamber whose general operating               lubricating oil is prohibited. 3. PM asked to reflect "P", is
voltage is DC 12 V and can be safely used in the                Preventive, so the cycle of doing PM should be classified
oxygen-rich environment. The purpose of usage of                according to the frequency of usage of hyperbaric oxygen
computer workstations is to read the patient information        chambers, at least twice a year. The implementation of
for analysis, storage, processing and link to HIS systems       preventive maintenance: 1. As far as possible to set a
in hospitals to share resources. LCD displays are               relatively fixed date, do not arbitrarily extend the cycle of
generally used in the oxygen chamber, and LCD is                PM. 2. In addition to preparing the appropriate cleaning
generally divided into two main materials which are called      supplies, we must also prepare a strong suction vacuum
LCD and TFT respectively. The LCD screen usually                cleaner and other equipments. 3. We must prepare
needs LED lights background, and also need high-voltage         silicone oil according to the characteristics of hyperbaric
lights which can light background lights. So the LCD is         oxygen chambers. 4. To the devices, instrumentations
liquid crystal display of the power supply DC 12 V, but in      and equipments inside the oxygen chambers, case work
order to supply background lights around 300 ~ 100 V            such as cleaning dust should be done. 5. First of all, a test
high-pressure, it needs a inverter power supply. It is          module should be done on equipments of oxygen
precisely this power of the high-voltage inverter, which        chambers to observe and monitor the real-time working
brings about the hidden dangers to patients who use the         conditions for the record, and after the end of PM, we
LCD screen of multi-parameter monitors in the hyperbaric        should control the situation before and after. 6. Safety
oxygen chamber. When the oxygen concentration in the            teats, current tests and inspection of the grounding
high-pressure oxygen chamber is beyond the standard,            impedance should be done to equipments inside
the high pressure about 300 ~ 100 V will produce "tinder"       chambers. 7. After the end of PM, all work should be on
phenomenon, and it is easy to bring about burning               record and classified archive for verification in the future.
accidents. The TFT (Thin Film Transistor), which is called      The discussion of preventive maintenance: It can extend
the film field-effect transistor, has made crystal electrodes   the life of hyperbaric oxygen chamber through PM, and
through using thin-film technology, and control the             now the instruments are used within the SMT
opening and closing of any one point through using the          surface-mount technology to assemble electronic
method of scanning. It needn’t use LED lights back to light     components, IC-pin is only 1 mm spacing, so if there is
dust and plot the event of a humid air, pin indirectly on a     one-way valve bumps into three contacts collar extension,
larger on-resistance phenomenon have caused the                 install once again, not bump into the collar extension as
breakdown between the pin-damaged. It will be more              suitably. (2) Check the interior feeling press diaphragm
good rather than harm to do PM regularly, of course,            of the lung type oxygen whether it would produce the
when doing PM, carefully formulated work must be done,          aged chap in the course of time, if aging exchange a new
and the equipment within the CMOS circuitry must be             diaphragm. (3) The rocking bar valve module like occurs
careful noticed and not use vacuum cleaner to suction           loses the elasticity, cannot work when the normal work
circuit, which will cause the possibility that circuit vacuum   scope, must adjust the module operating region or use in
cleaner was hit head on the electrostatic Wearing. We           exchange the new module. (4) The inspection lung type
should take Preventive Maintenance as a main way, and           oxygen supply with for the oxygen pipeline attachment
take repairing as a supplemented way to extend the              point, discovered when has the air leakage phenomenon,
service life of hyperbaric oxygen chambers and save             must disassemble the attachment point, changes into
valuable resources of medical equipments and increase           newly the aged O circle. 3. The use of self-flow oxygen in
the profits of hospitals.                                       oxygen chamber: In the oxygen cabin uses flows
                                                                automatically the oxygen general procedure uses the lung
                                                                type oxygen supply, adjusts the screw rod to move most
                                                                ambassador the oxygen to supply continuously, supplies
K142                                                            the oxygen with the face guard to the patient. This method
Analysis of 12 cases of the common fault in                     author thought improper, not only adjusts the biggest time
hyperbaric oxygen chamber                                       oxygen from to supply the oxygen pipe flow to leave also
Zhu JianMing, Yuan YunLai                                       can “see the seam from the lung type oxygen supply to
Xin Hua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong               drill” in all directions the overflow, creates in the cabin the
University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China                  oxygen concentration to elevate suddenly. In lung type
                                                                oxygen supply for an oxygen pipeline connection place
When the hyperbaric oxygen chamber works, it is an              addition three contacts connection, moreover meets one
airtight pressure vessel carries people. The most               for the oxygen tube, connects in parallel fashion into a
important problem is to make use of security. Based on          small oxygen flow idea, follows the current on the gauge
my years of maintenance repair experience in medical            outlet the direct supplies to have to use flows
equipment including hyperbaric oxygen chamber, I will           automatically the oxygen patient, instead reduced in the
explore the common fault in hyperbaric oxygen chamber           oxygen cabin oxygen concentration. 4. the problem in
below. The integrity of hyperbaric oxygen chamber is the        the use of the rescue of medical equipment in hyperbaric
primary guarantee to ensure the use of safety and               oxygen chamber. The 220V alternating current supply
treatment and to keep the oxygen chamber in the normal          cannot enter the oxygen chamber is advantaged in the
work state is the prerequisite of hyperbaric oxygen             personal safety, but also limited the rescue medical
therapy. Below makes a discussion to the common fault in        equipment to enter the oxygen chamber. There are many
the use of hyperbaric oxygen equipment. Common fault in         air operated medical equipment (with rechargeable
the use of hyperbaric oxygen chamber subsidiary                 battery inside) to be possible to supply in the oxygen
equipment: 1. At the use of the walkie-talkie of the oxygen     chamber to use. That large-scale oxygen chamber needs
chamber occasionally leads to “ broadcast ” voice of the        frequently to rescue the seriously injured patient in the
radio broadcast interference in the middle of the night,        oxygen cabin must install the special-purpose fast oxygen
would seriously affect the signal communication between         connection in the chamber for the oxygen pipeline on. 5.
in and outside the chamber. The main reason is 220V the         The common problem on the equipment supplies the
city electricity 50Hz power frequency disturbance string        oxygen in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Enters the
amplifier, returned to original state “the broadcast sound”.    cabin after the oxygen pipeline to divide into the left and
Solution: (1) Improve the grounding of the walkie-talkies       right two group supplies lung type oxygen supply, such
to make the grounding more reliable. (2) Place a capacitor      procedure can produce inevitably for the oxygen pipeline
capacity from 0.01 µ f to 0.01 µ f on the secondarily power     “the blind end”, causes “the blind end” on patient to attract
transformer of the walkie-talkie in order to reduce the         the oxygen to feel the hard sledding. Installs one in each
disturbance phenomenon by the distributed capacitor.            lung type oxygen supply for the oxygen pipeline
(3) Use the transformers with center shielding layer            attachment point “the cushion pot” to solve, “the cushion
between first and secondary to replace the original one.        pot” must have the volume which the enough big like 2
(4) Change the moving coil microphone and speaker               litres control. 6. The problem in the installment of the lung
which used in chamber into the piezoelectric ceramic chip.      type oxygen supply in oxygen chamber. In the oxygen
2. The lung type oxygen used in oxygen chamber is               cabin the lung type oxygen supply installment direction
specially designed for the driver attracts the oxygen           common is all kinds, there are the top and bottom
equipment, needs about 300Pa negative pressure to turn          installment and the left and right one. The correct
on the rocking bar valve to attract the oxygen, when no         installment direction of lung type oxygen supply should be
oxygen absorption in failure, refer to the following steps to   according to supplies under the oxygen tube vertical
inspect: (1) Inspects whether the rubber cone-way valve         dynasty, adjusts the screw rod to be vertical in on installs.
piece in the three-way pipe has the aging and anti-roll or      This way is the most reasonable one, the patient attracts
shifting bumps into attracts the oxygen tube collar             when the oxygen not only depends on the negative
extension. (Row of oxygen breakdown reverse inspection          pressure the function, moreover has the action of gravity
row of oxygen tube.) If found the rubber one -way valve         help to make an effort slightly. 7. The daily adjustment
has the aged phenomenon, exchange a new one. If the             method of the lung type oxygen supply. From attracts on
the oxygen tube the plastic three-way pipe to draw out            therefore the graphite, the micro granulated activated
places nearby the ear on, adjusts the screw rod                   carbon does not suit in the oxygen cabin air feed air
dextrorotation, when just heard “si si” leaked the oxygen         strainer to use.
sound, the screw rod maneuver half-turn, the lung type
oxygen supply is adjusted by now in “the critical point”,
attracted the oxygen to be at the optimum condition to
make an effort slightly. 8. The problem in the supply of          K143
oxygen source in the oxygen bottle. The problem                   Curative effect of the treatment with HBO for
produced by the valve gasket which between the bus and            ulcerative colitis
the oxygen cylinder is that in the use of oxygen bottles          Zhu Hourong
(pressure is 15MPa/150KPa) as a source of oxygen                  NanJing JiangNing Hospital, Nanjing, China
supply, because of the use of nylon or Teflon used as the
gasket material for valve interior, some articles reported        Objective: To evaluate the curative effect of the
frequently that a valve gasket in the combustion. The             combined treatment with Sulfasalazine and Hyperbaric
ignition point temperature of Teflon is 300℃, not easy to         oxygenation (HBO) for ulcerative colitis. Methods: 38
                                                                  cases with light or moderate ulcerative colitis at active
burn, so it is safety to use the gasket which is made by
                                                                  stage were randomly divided into 2 groups, treatment
material of the pure Teflon, but uses the gasket which the
                                                                  group(n=19) receiving sulfasalazine and HBO, and control
material does on is easily to be a burning accident.
                                                                  group(n=19), receiving sulfasalazine only, the curative
Completely change the Teflon gasket in the oxygen
                                                                  effect, the reoccurrence in 6 months,the change of main
supply pipeline into the red copper material so that once
and for all solves the burning hidden danger which                symptoms before and after treatment were evaluated。
possibly exists. 9. Console oxygen supply oxygen                  Results: The total effective rate of treatment group
chamber pressure gauges, indicators can not return to the         (89.47%) was significantly higher than that of control
issue. Installs an evacuation valve between the secondary         group(68.42%) (P<0.05), there existed an obvious
reducer and the control bench for the oxygen valve can            difference in symptom relief, such as abdominal pain,
solve the problem. After the daily payload separation             diarrhea, mucus bloody stool and tenesmus, between the
ended, close the oxygen valve then open the evacuate              2 group after treatment (P<0.05). Conclusions: the
valve, drain away completely the pipeline in remaining            combined treatment with Sulfasalazine and HBO is of
oxygen causes the indicator to return the zero. It can            better curative effect for ulcerative colitis and it can reduce
extend the life of the oxygen pressure gauge that close           the reoccurrence.
the oxygen valve and then immediately evacuate the
remaining oxygen in the oxygen pipeline, protect the
oxygen pressure gauge when the secondary reducer
sudden malfunction and the oxygen gauge hand ultra time           K144
limit. 10. The problem in the compressed air used as the          The research on treating hypoxic ischemic
compression medium. The air pressure cabin uses the               encephalopathy by hyperbaric oxygen treatment and
compressed air to take the compression medium when                the changes of cytokines
treat patient, its quality is related with patient's safety and   Zhou Yihong, Chan Guiyang, Tang Lanfen, Ao Dang
the effect of the treatment directly. In medical oxygen           Department of Pediatrics, Affiliated Hospital of Guang
cabin GB code stipulated the compressed air must store            Dong Medical College, Zhanjiang, China
up period of time after the preparation to be able to use,
but in fact can achieve the oxygen cabin is few. In my            Objective: To investigate the changes of serum
humble opinion, the compressed air used in the oxygen             Interleukin-6(IL-6), Tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) and
cabin should refer to the standard of the military symbol         Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in hypoxic ischemic
"Diving Breath Gas" to carry out to maintain patient's            encephalopathy(HIE) by hyperbaric oxygen treatment
treatment benefit. The first choice of vents one's anger          (HBOT) and clinical significance. Methods: Fourty-eight
with air pressure is non-oil air compressor. Install the heat     neonates with HIE were divided into two groups. Routine
interchanger behind the air outlet of the compressor,             treatment group were intervened with the conventional
which cause the compressed air temperature prepared               treatment, hyperbaric oxygenation group in addition to the
dropped greatly and reduce the presence of hydrocarbon            conventional treatment. Serum IL-6, TNF-α and IGF-1 in
in the compressed air. Install the multistage fluids behind       48 cases of HIE were detected by radio-immunity. Result:
the export mouth in the heat interchanger separator to            The increaseed range of serum IL-6 in HBOT group were
reduce the hydrocarbon again. Conditional liquid oxygen           significantly higher than routine therapy group (P < 0. 05);
chamber should increase behind the gas separator with a           the decreased range of serum TNF-α and IGF-1 in HBOT
dedicated dry precision porous filter so that the                 group were significantly higher than routine therapy group
preparation of the compressed air would be a better               (P < 0. 05). Conclusion:         HBOT could increase the
quality. 11. The selection of the activated carbon in             production of IL-6 and reduce the production of TNF-α
oxygen chamber. The round circle columnar husk should             and IGF-1 . HBOT is an effective therapy for hypoxic and
be the first choice of the activated carbon in oxygen             ischemic brain damage.
chamber supply air filters, because the graphite activated
carbon is refined from the coal and the coal-tar oil, but
0.3MPa the air feed limiting pressure can run out the
micro granulated activated carbon from the air strainer,          K145
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy adhesive effect of 114                in 7 days, fear reduced earlier (P<0.05). Conclusion:
cases of obstruction                                            HBO treat MS is one of curative effect at present.
Yubao Zhang       Lei Ge      Shumin Meng        Wen Zhai
Fuqin Wang
The Frist Peoples Hospital of Harbin, Ha’erbin, China
Objective: To investigate the high-pressure oxygen (HBO)        Observation on the curative effect of HBO on treating
for the effect of adhesive intestinal obstruction. Methods:     continuing vegetative state
114 cases of postoperative adhesions with obstruction           Xuming Zhou, Haiying Qiu, Qun Cai, Huiting Cong,
were randomly divided into two groups, the control group        Ji Wang
using conventional drug treatment. HBO group, in addition       The Frist Hospital of Ha’erbin, China
to conventional drugs, the daily 0.25 MPa pressure,
oxygen absorption 60 minutes (10 minutes to break the           Purpose: Detection HBO curative effect observation of
middle), a total of 20 days. Results: 20 days later, HBO        treat continuing vegetative state (CVS). Method: Random
group cure rate significantly higher than that, there was a     sample divided 2 groups of HBO treatment and
significant difference, statistical significance. Conclusion:   comparison. Except HBO group routine medication
The high-pressure oxygen therapy can increase the               treatment, there are HBO pressure 0.25mpa and absorb
intestinal wall of the blood supply adequate oxygen supply,     pure oxygen 60 mins (break 10 mins), once per day, total
accelerate intestinal peristalsis, and promote the              20-70 times. Comparison group routine medication
absorption of inflammatory mediators, in the treatment of       treatment. Result: Curative effect of HBO group
adhesive obstruction plays a role should not be                 surpassed comparison group (P<0.01), which is early and
underestimated, is an effective treatment measures.             long period of treatment are better curative effect.
                                                                Conclusion: HBO which is importance of CVS routine

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, hospital infection
control                                                         K149
Haiying Qiu, Yan Zhao, Ji Wang, Lihua Liu, Rui Li               Treating 180 cases of paroxysmal deafness by using
The Frist Peoples Hospital of Harbin, Ha’erbin, China           HBO combined with acusector
                                                                Xuming Zhou, Shumin Meng, Lei Ge, Bo Zhai, Bo Dong
Objective: To eliminate nosocomial infections, control of       The Frist Hospital of Ha’erbin, China
high-pressure oxygen chamber and ancillary devices
colonies of bacteria to ensure that the hyperbaric oxygen       Purpose: Discussion HBO result of HBO combines
therapy effective. Method: Siebenpfeiffer disinfectants         abusector which treats paroxysmal deafness (PD)
and ultraviolet light to the oxygen chamber of the air,         Method: Random sample there are 2 groups which 180
oxygen subsidiary devices were disinfected. Results: air        PD HBO and comparison. Group HBO: Except routine
control colonies in ≤500cfu/M3, articles colonies in the        treat with acusector and medication. Meanwhile, there are
control of ≤10cfu/M3, put an end to the oxygen chamber          HBO pressure 0.25mpa and absorb pure oxygen 60 mins
treatment in hospital infection. Conclusion: The weekly         (break 10 mins), once per day, total 10-30 times. Group
regular disinfection of the patient and reasonable              comparison       routine    treat with   acusector      and
arrangements for a special event, special disinfection, to      medication.Meanwhile, sickness in a week and over a
put an end to high-pressure oxygen treatment of hospital        week treat with HBO and comparison with PD under
infection.                                                      treatment of routine acusector and medication. Result:
                                                                Group HBO for PD curative effect rate and getting better
                                                                rate and more than over a week obviously (P<0.01).
                                                                Group in a week curative effect rate and getting better rate
K147                                                            are more than over a week HBO treatment group(P<0.05).
HBO treat meniere syndrome 66 cases                             Diversity exist prominence and significance of statistics.
               1              2           2              2
Danhong Song , Wen Zhai , Pei Liu , Xiaohua Li ,                Conclusion: HBO combine acusector and medication
Hong Li                                                         which treat PD are better than simple acusector and
1. The second Peoples Hospital of Harbin, Ha’erbin,             medication obviously. Meanwhile earlier treatment is
China                                                           better for curative effect.
2. The Frist Peoples Hospital of Harbin, Ha’erbin, China

Purpose: Detection HBO treats Meniere Syndrome (MS)             K150
clinic curative effect. Method: There are 2 groups, 66          Hyperbaric oxygen treating 32 cases of metal
cases. Except HBO group routine medication of dilatated         poisoning
blood vessels, there are HBO pressure 0.20 mpa and              Li Wen, Zhang ZhiGe, Tuo LiuYing, Yang Meiping, Shi
absorb pure oxygen 60 mins (break 10 mins), once per            Zhongheng
day, total 15 times. Comparison group adopt routine             Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Jiangbin Hospital of
medication of dilatated blood vessels. Result: HBO treat        Guangxi
MS total efficient rate 95.8%.Comparing with comparison
group, diversity is obviously (P<0.05). Enforcing position
We applicated hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) treatment in 32            legs caused a long delay, had infected and fever. After 26
cases of metal poisoning in November 1996 to December            times HBOT, the wounds were recovered.The treatment
2007, and compared to similar cases who received                 principls of scald by HBO were discussed in this report.
conventional treatment in November 1987 to November
1996, there was significant difference, it is report as
follows: Clinical data: 1. General information: There were
63 cases, 56 cases from the production workers, 9 cases          K152
of mistaken consumption poisoning. 32 cases of HBO               The clinical application of a new oxygen
treatment group, 20 cases men, 12 women, aged 22-55              inhalation-exsufflation      device with   emergency
years old, of which 9 cases of lead poisoning, 12 cases of       intra-chamber atomization and humidification
manganese poisoning, 9 cases of tin poisoning, 2 cases           Youcun Wang, Peizhen Shi, Jianwei Xu, Zengshan Liu
of arsenic poisoning. 31 cases of control group 19 men,          The department of hyperbaric oxygen, General Hospital of
12 women, aged 20-56 years old, of which 9 cases of lead         Jinan military area, Jinan, China
poisoning, 11 cases of manganese poisoning, tin
poisoning in 10 cases, 1 case of arsenic poisoning. Two          The manufacture and clinical application of a new oxygen
groups had almost the same performance. 2. Clinical              inhalation-exsufflation      device    with    emergency
performance:        there    are     different    levels    of   intra-chamber atomization and humidification were
unconsciousness in 12 cases and the rest had the                 reported. Without any defect that the traditional device
performance of headache, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia,           has, the new device was work-reliable and
nausea, vomiting, tremor, polyuria and so on. 3.                 simple-operated. The application of the new device in
Treatment: two groups used metal driving, symptomatic            hyperbaric oxygen chamber increased the methods of
treatment and support treatment. HBO treatment group             intra-chamber emergency treatment, the indications and
used medium-sized hyperbaric oxygen chamber,                     the rescue capability of the chamber, as well as improved
compressing air to 0.2 MPa, inhaling oxygen for 80               the hygienic criterion of intra-chamber oxygen-supply and
minutes, the middle rest for 5-10 minutes,once a day, 12         the effects of treatments. It could also eliminate the
times was 1 course, general 2-3 courses, up to 5 courses.        hidden danger of accidents.
4. Efficacy evaluation standard: full recovery:
consciousness and other symptoms are back to normal.
markedly effective: consciousness has            returned to
normal, but the signs have not been completely back to           K153
normal. improveing: symptoms and signs have got better           A case of using hyperbaric oxygen to treat mathenol
slightly after treatment. invalid: signs and symptoms did        poisoning
not change after treatment. Results: effect of HBO               Yalin Wang, Xiujie Li, Rong Li
treatment group were: 11 cases full recovery, 11 cases           Dalian Center Hospital, Dalian, China
markedly effective, 7 cases improved, 3 cases invalid, and
the total efficiency was 90.6 percent. Control group: 5          A patient, male, 40 years old, suffered from sudden
cases full recovery, 8 cases markedly effective, 9 cases         serious stomach ache for 2 hours during working,
improved, 9 cases invalid, the total efficiency was 70.9         accompanied by nausea and vomiting. He touched
percent. There was significant difference in two groups, P       methanol in working environment. Preliminary diagnosis:
<0.05. Discuss: the mechanism of HBO treatment in                the stomach ache requires further examination. Two
metal poisoning is to rapidly improve the state of hypoxia,      hours later, the illness severity increased. His awareness
to interrupt the vicious cycle of edema, so it can effectively   became unclear, accompanied by breathing difficulty, limb
alleviate symptoms. HBO can increase blood oxygen                getting cold, cyanosis, systemic tinea versicolor, no urine,
pressure, improve the metabolism of brain cells, reverse         and BP 90/60 mmHg. Examination in laboratory shows: K
or delay the degeneration of brain cells caused by the           5.63mmol/L, BUN 12mmol/L, Cr 315umol/L, artery blood
poisoning, maintain the flexibility and toughness of red         Pa CO213mmHg, PH6.8. Diagnosis: methanol poisoning,
blood cells and reduce the occurrence of hemolysis. This         acute renal failure, metabolic acidosis, hyperkalemia, and
observation of HBO treatment in metal poisoning had              distributed shock. The treatments to the patient include
quite satisfactory results. So for the patients of metal         orotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation,
poisoning,we suggest take early HBO treatment on the             puncturing administration to right internal jugular vein, and
basis of metal driving and symptomatic treatment,                hemofiltration. 24 hours later, the patient’s awareness
patients of chronic poisoning should increase more               recovered, the amount of urine returned to the normal
courses appropriately.                                           level, and he could make conversations. We stopped
                                                                 mechanical ventilation. The patient said that he could not
                                                                 see objects. Ophthalmology consultation: his eyes had no
                                                                 light perception; the pupils dilated, D=5mm; direct and
K151                                                             indirect light reflex were both weak. We use energy
Treating a case of scald by HBO                                  mixture, neurotrophic drugs to improve microcirculation
Haiping Yang, Juan Chang, Chuanying Sun                          and use Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) therapy. 48 hours
Youanmen Hospital of Beijing hospitail association,              after the patient entered the hospital, we performed HBO
Beijing, China                                                   therapy. Treatment Program: surface pressure 0.12Mpa,
                                                                 oxygen inspiring time 60min, once per day. 32 days after
This article reported a case of scald by boil water, who is a    the patient received HBO treatment, his eye sight
diabetic woman, was treated by HBO. The wounds of her            recovered completely. Discussion: The patient is a
typical patient suffering from methanol poisoning, the
diagnosis is clear, and the HBO therapy is effective. The
purposes of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the               K155
treatment include: 1. HBO helps to improve the activity of       The effect of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on the
cytochrome oxidase, to inhibit the generation of formic          plasm concentration of tPA, PAI-1 in the patients of
acid and lactic acid, and to ease the acidosis. 2. HBO has       ischemic strok
                                                                           1          2               2             2
positive effect to repair and regenerate damaged nerves,         Wei Wang , Lin Yang , Chunjin Gao , Baosen Pang
and helps to recover the function of optical nerves. 3.          1. Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, The Third Hospital
HBO accelerates the regeneration of damaged capillaries,         of Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang, China
provides oxygen for the establishment of circulation in          2. Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Beijing Chao Yang
branch retina, improves the hypoxia status of the fundus         Hospital, Capital University of Medical Sciences, Beijing,
tissue, and prevents pathological changes of inner cells of      China
retina caused by ischemic and hypoxia. 4. The formic acid
generated during the methanol metabolism is also toxic to        Objective: To investigate the effect of hyperbaric oxygen
the retina. Hyperbaric oxygen may enhance the activity of        treatment on the plasm concentration of tPA, PAI-1in the
formyl-H4 folate dehydrogenase, further promote the              patients of ischemic stroke. Methods: 137 patients with
metabolism of formal acid. On the whole, the patients            acute ischemic stroke were divided randomly into routine
suffering from harmful gas poisoning should be treated           therapy group (routine group), hyperbaric oxygen therapy
with HBO as early as possible. And HBO is one of the             group (HBO group). There were 27 healthy volunteers in
necessary treatments to cope with harmful gas poisoning.         control group (control group). We measured the plasm
                                                                 concentration of tPA, PAI-1 respectively in the patients
                                                                                                    st        th
                                                                 with ischemic stroke on the 1 and 11 day after
                                                                 admission. Results: On the 1st day, in the patients of the
K154                                                             HBO group or of the routine group, the plasm
A therapy effect analysis of hyperbaric oxygen                   concentration of tPA and PAI-1 were significantly higher
combination with method of blood-activating and                  than that of the control group (P>0.05); The tPA
collateral-unblocking in treating patients with acute            concentration was lower in the HBO group compared with
cerebral infarction                                              the routine group (PAfter the routine treatment, the plasm
Wang Xiaohong                                                    concentration of tPA decreased (P<0.01); After HBO
Department of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy,Wuhan             treatment, the plasm concentration of tPA, PAI-1 both
General Hospital of Guangzhou Command, Wuhan,                    decreased (P<0.01). Conclusion: In the patients of acute
China                                                            ischemic stroke, hyperbaric oxygen treatment can
                                                                 decrease the plasm level of tPA, PAI-1. Thus hyperbaric
Objective: To investigate the clinical effects of hyperbaric     oxygen treatment can effectively improve the function of
oxygen      (HBO)      combination    with     method     of     coagulation-fibrinolytic system in the patients with
blood-activating and collateral-unblocking (BACU) on             ischemic stroke, and may ameliorate therapeutic effect.
patients with acute cerebral infarction (ACI) and to
analyze the mechanism of action. Methods: 84patients
suffered from ACI were randomly divided into HBO plus
BACU therapy group (HBO group) and BACU therapy                  K156
group (BACU group). The levels of serum endothelin               Clinical effective observation on combined hyperbaric
(ET-1), nitric oxide (NO) and the C-reactive protein (CRP)       oxygen therapy for noxious gas poisoning
were measured before and after treatment. The resultant          Shuzhen Wang, Yuqin Han, Yun Li, Hongling Yang,
data were compared with normal healthy crowd. Results:           Jianming Zhan
The levels of serum ET-1 and NO in patients with ACI             Qilu Hospital of Shan Dong University, Jinan, China
obviously elevated (P<0.01). After treatment, the serum
                                                                 Objective: To         investigate     the      effect     of
ET-1 decreased, NO enhanced, and the ratio of ET-1/NO
                                                                 combined hyperbaric oxygen therapy on noxious gas
decreased, while the decrease degree of the HBO group
                                                                 (mainly on carbon monoxide) poisoning. Methods: 339
was more remarkable, compared with the BACU group (P
                                                                 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning were treated by
<0.01)At the same time, the CRP level in HBO group was           hyperbaric oxygen, with the supplement of the medicine
low significantly, compared with those before treatment (P       (vasodilator, diuretic, neurotrophic medicine). On the base
<0.01), and no obvious change were observed in CRP               treatment of air compression, patients were treated with
                                                                 0.2 Mpa hyperbaric oxygenation (severe patients at 0.25
levels in patients before and after BACU therapy (P>             Mpa), wearing masks and inhaling pure oxygen for 20 min
0.05). Conclusions: Compared with solitary drug therapy,         and the air in chamber was inhaled for 5 min, repeating 3
HBO combination with BACU had better effect on ACI.              times such inhalation, then decompressed. Twice HBO
The main mechanisms of above combined therapy shows              therapy a day for severe patients, once a day after the
that it could improve of vascular endothelium function,          patients awake. For 10 time HBO as a period of treatment.
inhibit the formation of ET-1, relieve vasospasm,                Results:         325         cases        were        cured,
decrease in vivo inflammatory reaction, restrain blood           becoming life-independent, 8 cases dead because of
clotting, promote the establishment of collateral circulation,   failure to receive HBO treatment due to critical condition
and prevent ischemic brain tissue damage.                        and transient vital signs, and 6 cases of carbon monoxide
                                                                 intoxication delayed encephalopathy. The total effective
rate is 95.8%. Conclusions: The combined hyperbaric            than those of from the control group when hospitalized
therapy for noxious gases poisoning is effective, with a       (P<0.01, P<0.05). D-D kept increasing on the 10 th day,
high cure rate, quick effect, less complication and low        after admission (P<0.01); while Fg was lower than that of
mortality rate.                                                the cortrol group (P<0.01). On the 20thday, D-D started to
                                                               decrease. However, it was still higher than normal level
                                                               (P<0.05); while Fg becomed normal, which showed no
                                                               significant difference from that in the control group
K157                                                           (P>0.05); D-D and Fg levels in the blood plasma of the
Therapeutic effect of hyperbaric oxygen integrated             HBO group were higher than those of the control group
therapy on hydrocephalus of craniocerebral injury              when hospitalized (P<0.01,P<0.05). D-D kept increasing
Shengzhi Wang, Yu Peng                                         on the 10thday after admission (P<0.01). However, it was
Binhai Hospital, Shengli Oil Administration, Dongying,         still lower than that of the routine treatment group
Shandong, China                                                (P<0.05); while Fg started to decrease, but it was higher
                                                               than normal level (P<0.05). On the 20th day, D-D and Fg
Objective: To explore the curative effective of hyperbaric     levels showed no significant difference from those of the
oxygenation (HBO) combined with drugs therapy on               control group (P>0.05). Conclusions: HBO can relieve
hydrocephalus of craniocerebral injury. Methods: Ten           coagulation, anticoagulation and abnormal fribrinolysis
pentients with hydrocephalus from craniocerebral injury        due to ischemia and damage in the vessels through
were treated with hyperbaric oxygen treatment which            regulation of D-D and Fg levels in blood plasma, which
given 0.23 MPa HBO exposure ,20 min × 4( oxygen ) + 5          was effective in preventing treating and ischemic
min (air ) once daily for 1~6 courses all together and once    apoplexy.
course was 10 days, basides drug`s treatment of citicoline
sodium injection and adenosine disodium triphosphate
injection al. to observe and evaluate the clinical changes
and hydrocephalus change on CT. Results: Ten                   K159
pentients with hydrocephalus from craniocerebral injury        Effect of hyperbaric oxygen on iron deficiency in
improved significantly clinical symptoms and signs after       patients with sensorineural deafiness
                                                                            1                      2                 2
3~10 days, the patients clinical symptoms ,signs and           qiusha wang ,         shuchang tian ,        aihua sun ,
                                                                              2            3         1               1
hydrocephalus on CT almostly disappeard after 30 days          baodong wang , fuqiong pan , haian yu , shizhong wang ,
`treatment. Some pentients went on treating for 60 days        xuejun sun
and all cured. Conclusions: Hyperbaric oxygen                  1. Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, the 2nd People’s
integrated therapy may promotly repair the circulatory         Hospital of Changzhou, Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing
system of cerebrospinal fluid in craniocerebral injury`s       Medical University, China
pentients and hydrocephalus were gradually insorpted or        2. Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Shanghai
got into the circulatory system of cerebrospinal fluid, thus   Changzheng Hospital, China
controled hydrocephalus growth. It must be treated the         3. Department of Medical Rehabilitation, the Peoples
pentients on hydrocephalus of craniocerebral injury with       Hospital of Sichuan Province, China
HBO at the right time, in order to increase the therapeutic    4. Department of Nautical Medicine, Faculty 0f Navy
effect.                                                        Medicine, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai,

                                                               Objective: To evaluate the effect of hyperbaric oxygen
K158                                                           (HBO) therapy on iron defieiency in patients with
The effect of hyperharic oxygen on D-dimer and                 sensorineural deafness. Methods: Two hundred and fifty
fibrinogen in the blood plasma of ischemic apoplexy            three patients were randomly selecled from outpatients
patients                                                       and inpatients with sensorineural deafness and treated
               1                    1                 2
Qiusha Wang ,         Shizhong Wang ,      Chunjin Gao ,       with HBO therapy from Dec. 1996 to Dec. 2004. Serum
            1         1          1             1
Qihua Yang , Jin Mei , Ping Zhang , Jianding Gu                ferritin (SI) and hemoglobin (Hb) were measured before
1. Department of HBO, The 2nd People’s Hospital of             treatment and after one and two courses of treatment. Hb
Changzhou, Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical              and SI were also measured in 250 people undergone
University, Changzhou, China,                                  healthy check-up in 2005. Results: After two courses of
2. Departmen of Hyperbaric Medicine, Beijing Chaoyang          HBO therapy, better curative effect was obviously shown
Hospital, Beijing, China                                       in treating mild deafnes than in treating moderaie
                                                               deafness. Statistically significant difference in Hb and SI
Objective: To observe the effect of hyperbaric oxygen          was observed before treatlment and after one course of
(HBO) on D-dimer (D-D) and fibrinogen (Fg) in the blood        treatment, also after one course of treatment and after two
plasma of ischemic apoplexy patients. Methods:                 courses of treatment, respectively (P<0.05, P<0.01).
Ischemic apoplexy patients were randomly divided into          There was no statistically significant difference in Hb
routine treatment group (97 cases), HBO treatment group        between patients after two courses of treatment and
(137 cases), and healthy control group (40 cases) was          healthy people (P>0.05), but there was a statistically
setup. D-D and Fg levels in blood plasma were detected         significant difference in SI between thern (P<0.05).
by coagulometer of the STAGO Company and its                   Conclusions: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may adjust SI
corresponding kit. Results: D-D and Fg levels in the           and Hb in patients with sensorineural deafness.
blood plasma of the routine treatment group were higher
                                                                state for more 60 days. The excellence rate and the
                                                                improvement rate were significantly higher in cases below
K160                                                            30 years than these in cases over 30 years. Conclusion:
Application of the apparatus for eustachian tube                The effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen on the patients
opening function (ETOF) measurement before the                  with persistent vegetative state caused by cerebral
hyperbaricoxygenation (HBO)                                     trauma and the patients who just begin to receive
                                                                hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment when having been ill
              1                    2                      3
Qiusha Wang ,         Chunjin Gao ,       Peisong Wang ,        for less 61 days is better. The effectiveness of therapy is
              4                     4                   1
Yunjing Wang ,       Yuming Yang ,        Yuhong Zhang ,        better in younger cases than that in old cases。
            1          1          1
Guoying Wu , Yi Zhou , Jing Cao
1. Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, the 2nd People’s
Hospital of Changzhou, Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing
Medical University, China
2. Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Beijing Chaoyang
                                                                Effect of hyperbaric oxygen on ultrastructure of liver
Haospital, Capital University of Medical Science, China
                                                                and kidney in rats after acute carbon monoxide
3. Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Medical school
Hospital Haospital of Qingdao University, China
                                                                Guozhong Wang, Chunjin Gao, Huan Ge
4. Naval Medical Research Institute of CPLA Shanghai,
                                                                Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Beijing Chaoyang
                                                                Hospital, Capital University of Medical Sciences, Beijing,
 Objective: To monitor Eustachian tube opening function
with the application of measurement of sound conduction
                                                                Objective: Acute carbon monoxide poisoning (ACMP) is
before HBO. Methods: Eustachian tube opening function
                                                                likely to be the most common cause of poisoning
were monitored in patients before HBO with a
                                                                worldwide and often results in persistent damage to the
newapparatus for ETOF measurement, model HY-100
                                                                important organs such as brain, liver and kidney. Some
applied with high frequency sound at 7KHZ.If at the first
                                                                trials have definitively shown hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) as
time the patient’s Eustachian tube was not open, the
                                                                the efficacious therapy for acute carbon monoxide
measurement would be done in the next time after actions
                                                                poisoning. The objectives of this article are to study the
of swallow, Valsalva maneuver and mandible oscillation
                                                                protective     effect     of    hyperbaric      oxygen     on
had been did. The results of measurement were
                                                                the ultrastructure of liver and kidney in rats after acute
classificated by four grades. The standard for HBO was
                                                                carbon monoxide Poisoning. Methods: The rats were
made by the grade and whether Eustachian tube is open.
                                                                randomly divided into ACMP 1st day group, ACMP 5th
Results: The patient’ Eustachian tube with grade four in
                                                                day group, ACMP 10th day group, ACMP15th day
classification and failure in five times of continues action
                                                                group,HBO1st day group, HBO5th day group, HBO10th
during the measurement was regarded as it was not open
                                                                day group, HBO15th day group and normal control group.
and the patient was not suitable for HBO. Conclusion:
                                                                Model rats after acute carbon monoxide poisoning were
There is an advanced, stable and reliable performance in
                                                                established. The ultrastructure changes of liver and
the newapparatus for ETOF measurement, themonitor
                                                                kidney in rats of all groups were observed by electron
and classification of Eustachian tube opening function
                                                                microscope. Results: Slight mitochondria swelling, focal
prevents from barotrauma and keeps HBO in going well.
                                                                vacant area and rupture of mitochondria crista was
                                                                observed in some liver cells of ACMP 1st day group. The
                                                                pathological changes became aggravating in liver cells of
                                                                ACMP 5th day group and ACMP 10th day group, and
                                                                alleviating in liver cells of ACMP 15th day group.
Effect of hyperbaric oxygen combined therapy on
                                                                Compared with simultaneous ACMP group, the pathologic
persistent vegetative state in 46 patients
                                                                changes of ultrastructure in liver cells of HBO groups were
Wang Min
                                                                significantly improved. From ACMP 1st day group to
Department of Rehabilitation of Longgang District Central
                                                                ACMP 5th day group, the pathologic changes of
Hospital of Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China
                                                                ultrastructure in kidney cells was ingravescent. Although
                                                                the pathologic changes of ACMP 10th day group and
Objective: hyperbaric oxygen combined therapy on
                                                                ACMP 15th day group became alleviating, slight
persistent vegetative state and explore the best
                                                                mitochondria swelling was observed in some epithelial
therapeutic regimen for it. Methods: Forty-six cases of
                                                                cells, meantime interstitial edema and congestion
persistent vegetative state treated with hyperbaric oxygen
                                                                remained obvious. Compared with simultaneous ACMP
combined therapy from 1995 to 2006 were analyzed
                                                                group, the pathologic changes of renal glomerulus and
retrospectively, including the effects of etiological factors
                                                                tubule of HBO 1st group and HBO 5th group were
and age factors and treatment juncture on therapy. Result:
                                                                significantly improved. Slight mitochondria swelling was
The excellence rate and the improvement rate were
                                                                observed in a few renal tubular epithelial cell of HBO10th
significantly higher in cerebral trauma group than those in
                                                                day group and HBO15th day group. Conclusion: Carbon
no cerebral trauma group. And two groups in which the
                                                                monoxide has the toxic effects of tissue hypoxia and
patients began to receive treatment when became
                                                                produces       various      systemic     and      neurological
persistent vegetative state for less 61 days recovered
                                                                complications. Early hyperbaric oxygen can alleviate
better than the other one in which the patients began to
                                                                pathologic lesion of ultrastructure of liver and kidney in
receive treatment when became persistent vegetative
rats after acute carbon monoxide poisoning, which have         clinical therapy effectually , the curative effect of HBO
significant protective effect on the liver and kidney.         have been assumed.

K163                                                           K165
Empiricad study about the expression of IGF-1 on               Study of the medical security on the 140m heliox
brain tissue injured by treatment of hyperbaric                saturation–166m excurssion diving
oxygenation in rats after traumatic brain injury               Qinglin Lian, Xuejun Sun
Jinzhong Teng, Jianfeng Wen                                    Department of Diving Medicine, Second Military Medical
The 94th Hospital of PLA, Nanchang, China                      University, Shanghai, China

Objective: To investigate the relationship between the         Objective: In order to raise the salvageability of the naval,
therapeutic effect of hyperbaric oxygenation on brain          cultivate the divers of the saturation deep diving and
injury and the cerebral expression of IGF-1. Methods:          cultivate the person of medical security and diving
Base upon the Feeney’s model, we set up the cerebral           equipment support. Methods: eight divers were exposed
trauma model in SD rats. The rats were randomly                to 140m He-O2 saturation pressure in the DCC for 48h,
assigned to four groups: sham operated group, Control,         the partial pressure of O2 was 40±2 kPa in the DCC.
trauma and normal pressure oxygenation treatment (NPO)         During the saturation period, the divers the excursion
group, trauma and hyperbaric oxygenation treatment             dives reached to a depth of 164~166m by means of the
(HBO). The cerebral expressions of IGF-1 were analyzed
                                                               SCC and effectively finished the work on the bottom. The
with immunohistochemical technique. Results: After the
                                                               divers safely return normal pressure after 149 h 20 min
treatment of hyperbaric oxygen, the expression of IGF-1
                                                               decompression. Base on the clinical examination, the
in hyperbaric oxygen treatment group was higher than
                                                               function of nerve, mentality, heart and blood vessels,
normal pressure oxygen treatment group and surgical
                                                               respiration, immunity, stress, motion balance and audition
trauma control group (P<0.01). Conclusion: The
                                                               of divers were tested in different phases. Results: At the
expression of IGF-1 enhanced in nerve cells after brain
                                                               saturation-excursion period,       worry, anxiety and
injury, and it enhanced more obviously under hyperbaric
                                                               depression of the divers were existed, the MVV of
oxygen treatment. It indicates that the treatment of
                                                               pulmonary functions were significantly lower with the
hyperbaric oxygen can protect and recover the impaired
                                                               diving depth, the accurate rate of the ball put test
nerve cells. Improved the expression of IGF-1 in brain
                                                               decreased sharply, the levels of 17-OHCS, CA, A, NA,
tissue cells might was one of the nerves protection ways.
                                                               ACTH, FSH, T, GH, and C were significantly higher.
                                                               Conclusions: In this successful diving, the medical
                                                               security was very effective and practical. The
                                                               physiological changes of the body were temporary and
                                                               may be recovered.
Attendant experience of combination therapy
containing hyperbaric oxygen for fetal growth
restriction induced by severe preeclampsia
Yuhua Wang, Hongjian Liu
The people’s hospital of Cangzhou, Hebei, China
                                                               Mechanism of hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning in
                                                               neonatal hypoxia-ischemia rat model
Objective: To explore the attendant means of
                                                               Li Zhang, Wenwu Liu, Zhimin Kang, Xuejun Sun
combination therapy containing hyperbaric oxygen(HBO)
                                                               Department of Diving Medicine, Faculty of Naval Medicine,
for fetal growth restriction induced by severe
                                                               Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China
preeclampsia. Methods: 32 patients with fetal growth
retardation(FGR) induced by severe preeclampsia,
                                                               Objective: We examined the mechanism of hyperbaric
treated by HBO combined with routive methods .treatment
                                                               oxygen preconditioning (HBO-PC) in neonatal HI rat
Pressure was 0.15 Mpa,Qd; Continnal therapy times is
                                                               model. Methods: Seven-day-old rat pups were subjected
five. Results: in all 32 patients, the prominent effective
                                                               to left common carotid artery ligation and hypoxia (8%
ratio was 59.4%, the effective ratio was 100%, and the
                                                               oxygen at 37ºC ) for 90 min. HBO (100% O2, 2.5
existent ratio of newborn baby was 94.1%. By
                                                               atmospheres absolute for 2.5 h) were administered by
strengthening psychology nursing and special nursing of
                                                               placing pups in a chamber 24 h before HI insult. Brain
the boodle pregnant woman, no one side effect was found.
                                                               injury was assessed by the survival rate, 2, 3,
Oxygen –toxicosis were not discovered in the newborn
                                                               5-triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC), Nissl, TUNEL
babies observed two years later. Conclusions: By
                                                               straining and caspase-3,caspase-9 activities after HI.
improving blood oxygen-content and blood oxygen
                                                               Results: In HBO preconditioned animals, survival rate
dispersive capability, so the placental microcirculation
                                                               was increased, infarct ratio was decreased, and the
improved significantly, lacking oxygen of fetus
                                                               positive stained TUNEL cells was reduced, accompanied
corrected ,the live rate of newborn babies improved
                                                               by and suppression of caspase-3 and -9 activities.
significantly. By mentality nursing timely and effective and
                                                               Conclusion: These results indicate that a single HBO-PC
nursing in oxygen-store meticulously and attentively, the
                                                               appears to provide brain protection against HI insult via
HBO treatments to the boodle of pregnant women were
                                                               inhibition of neuronal apoptosis pathways.
accomplished smoothly. Supporting the carry out of
                                                                 hyperbaric oxygen therapy group, 90 patients were
                                                                 treated with hyperbolic oxygenation one time in ten days
                                                                 besides the medicine treatment; Results: The affect of
K167                                                             hyperbaric oxygen therapy group on the cerebral
Hyperbaric       oxygen   pretreatment     accelerates           infarction was more than the medicine treatment group;
angiogenesis and alleviates myocardial ischemia in               Conclusion: hyperbaric oxygen therapy could disease
rats                                                             the side effect of nerve damage, and prevent the recurrent
               1      1           1                  2
Cuihong Han , Li Lin , Qiang Sun , John H. Zhang ,               of the cerebral infarction.
Xuejun Sun
1. Department of Diving Medicine, Faculty of Naval
Medicine, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai,
200433, P. R. China.                                             K169
2. Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Loma               Hyperbaric      oxygen      preconditioning    promotes
Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda,                 angiogenesis in rat liver after partial hepatectomy
                                                                           1                 2              2           2
California, USA                                                  Ping Ren ,     Zhimin Kang ,     Guojun Gu ,    Yun Liu ,
                                                                              2            2             3           2
                                                                 Weigang Xu , Hengyi Tao , John Zhang , Xuejun Sun
Objective: Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) has been previously           1. Department of pharmacology, Chinese Pharmaceutical
shown to protect the heart from ischemia-reperfusion             University, Nanjing, China
injury. The present study aimed to test the hypothesis that      2. Department of Diving Medicine, Faculty of Naval
HBO pretreatment enhances neovascularization in                  Medicine, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai,
ischemic       myocardium.      Methods:        Adult    male    China
Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into four              3. Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Loma
groups: normoxia + sham surgery (CS), normoxia +                 Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda,
permanent occlusion of the left anterior descending (LAD)        California, USA
coronary artery (CMI), HBO pretreatment + sham surgery
(HS), HBO pretreatment + permanent LAD occlusion                 Objective: Hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning (HBO-PC)
(HMI). Rats receiving HBO pretreatment were                      increases the level of HIF-1α and its target gene VEGF
intermittently exposed to 100% O2 at 2.5 atmospheres             which is involved in angiogenesis. Liver regeneration is an
absolute (ATA) for 60min, twice daily for 2 days followed        angiogenesis-dependent process. We hypothesized that
by 12h of recovery in room air prior to the myocardial           HIF-1α and VEGF mediated the angiogenesis effect of
ischemic insult induced by LAD ligation. Rats in the             HBO-PC on regenerating rat liver. Methods: Male
normoxia group were time matched with the HBO group              Sprague Dawley rats received HBO-PC followed by 70%
and maintained under normoxic conditions prior to LAD            partial hepatectomy. Proliferation of hepatocytes and
occlusion. At 3 and 7 days after LAD occlusion, heart            endothelial cells was evaluated by BrdU staining.
function parameters were measured by inserting a                 Microvascular       density      was      assessed       by
catheter into the left ventricle, infarct size was calculated    immunohistochemistry. mRNA expression of HIF-1α was
using the method of TTC staining, myocardial capillary           assessed by quantitative RT-PCR and protein levels of
density was determined by immunohistochemical staining           HIF-1α and VEGF were assessed by western blot. HIF-1α
with a monoclonal anti-CD31/PECAM-1 antibody, VEGF               DNA-binding activity was determined with an
protein level was determined by Western blot analysis,           ELISA-based kit. Results: HBO-PC increased the
and cell proliferation was detected by BrdU staining.            proliferation index of endothelial cells and microvascular
Results: At 3 days after LAD ligation, the infarct size of the   density at 48 hr after partial hepatectomy. The protein
HMI group was significantly smaller than that of the CMI         level and DNA-binding activity of HIF-1α and the protein
group (26±2.5% vs. 38±3%, Pmax and -dP/dtmax were                level of VEGF were increased by HBO-PC before and
significantly improved in the HMI group compared to the          after partial hepatectomy. Partial hepatectomy alone also
CMI group at 3 and 7 days after LAD occlusion. Capillary         increased proliferation index and the expressions of
density, VEGF protein levels, and cell proliferation             HIF-1α and VEGF. Conclutions: Our results indicated
detected by BrdU staining were significantly increased in        that the angiogenesis effect of HBO-PC on liver after
the ischemic myocardium pre-exposed to HBO.                      partial hepatectomy could be achieved by increased
Conclusion: HBO pretreatment accelerates angiogenesis            HIF-1α activity and VEGF expression. However, the
and alleviates myocardial ischemia in the present rat            angiogenic effect of HBO-PC is moderate and HBO-PC
model.                                                           failed to produce additional effect on the enhancement of
                                                                 HIF-1α and VEGF induced by partial hepatectomy alone.

The affect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on the                   K170
cerebral infarction                                              Hydrogen therapy reduces apoptosis in neonatal
             1              2          2
Wenli Zhang , Xiaojie Ding , Wei Wang                            hypoxia-ischemia rat model
1. Thoracic hospital of Qingdao, China                           Jianmei Cai, Zhimin Kang, WenWu Liu, Xuejun Sun
2. Central hospital of Qingdao, China                            Department of Diving Medicine, Faculty of Naval Medicine,
                                                                 Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China
Objective: To study the affect of hyperbaric oxygen
therapy on the cerebral infarction; Methods: In the
Objective: Hydrogen gas has been used in medical
applications to prevent decompression sickness in deep        It reported eighteen cases of operating cerebral anabiosis
divers from safety profiles. Recently, Ohsawa et al found     under hyperbaric oxygen after cardiopulmonary anabiosis
that molecular hydrogen can selectively reduce •OH and        success and discussed the factor of success. There are
ONOO– in cell-free systems and exert a therapeutic            fourteen cases of cerebral anabiosis success, two cases
antioxidant activity, using a rat middle cerebral artery      of bequeathing persistent vegetative state, two cases of
occlusion model. But the mechanism involved in the            death. The result of the treatise prompts that the operating
protective effects of Hydrogen therapy was unclear.           of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on early stage basing the
Hypoxia-ischemia brain injury is a major cause of             cardiopulmonary anabiosis success can improve the
neuronal cell death especially apoptosis in the perinatal     success rate of the cerebral anabiosis.
period. This study was designated to examine the effect of
hydrogen therapy on apoptosis in an established neonatal
Hypoxia-ischemia        rat    pup      model.   Methods:
Seven-day-old rat pups were subjected to left common          K173
carotid artery ligation and then 90 min hypoxia (8%           Psychological problems of the patients in hyperbaric
oxygen at 37 °   C). Immediately after Hypoxia-ischemi a      chamber and nursing methods
insult, pups were placed into a chamber filled with 2%        Song Juan
Hydrogen for 30 min, 60 min, or 120 min, respectively. 24     the 306th Hospital of P.L.A, Beijing, China
hr after 2% Hydrogen therapy, the pups were decapitated
and       brain      injury       was      assessed     by    Objective: This thesis mainly studies the psychological
2,3,5-triphenyltetrazoliumchloride (TTC), Nissl, and          problems of the patients who are treated in the hyperbaric
TUNEL staining, as well as caspase-3, caspase-12              chamber, and discuss the nursing methods of appeasing
activities in the cortex and hippocampus. Results:            the psychological problems of the patients. Methods:
Hydrogen treatment in a duration dependent manner             Based on the different psychological problems of the
significantly reduced the number of positive TUNEL cells      patients, we adopt the health education, organizing
and suppressed caspase-3 and -12 activities.                  informal discussions, nursing in the chamber and other
Conclusion:       these     results   indicated   Hydrogen    kinds of measures.      Results: Patients objectively get
administration after Hypoxia-ischemia appeared to             some knowledge of hyperbaric oxygen treatment. They
provide brain protection via inhibition of neuronal           also actively cooperate the treatment with a very stable
apoptosis.                                                    mood. Conclusion: Nurses should make a lot of progress
                                                              in the professional qualities and are aware of the
                                                              importance of accompanying the patients in the chamber.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment in nitrogen poisoning
Sun Lin, Guan Hongye                                          K174
No.1 People’s Hospital of Foshan Guangdong Province,          The detection and clinical significance of NSE level in
China                                                         cerebral infarction patients’ serum with hyperbaric
                                                              oxygen treatment
Objective: Further understand the importance of               Hansheng Sheng, Hongbo Liu
hyperbaric oxygen treatment in Nitrogen poisoning.            Zhu Hai People’S Hospital, China
Actively cooperated with the clinical treatment, hyperbaric
oxygen can improve the survival rate. Methods: The            This paper is to study serum NSE level in cerebral
patient put on the PSA-controlled gas-breathing machine       infarction patients with hyperbaric oxygen treatment. The
and received treatment in high pressure hyperbaric            more NSE, the more it effusing from cells into
oxygen cabin. Increase pressure for 25 minutes and            cerebrospinal fluid and blood, combined with the changes
pressure is 2.3 ATA. Breathing oxygen for 1 hour, then        of the cerebral blood flow metabolism, due to cerebral
take a 5-minute break and decrease the pressure for 20        edema, which can cause the secondary lesion in century
minutes. Result: The patient recovered. Conclusion:           nervous system and aggravate the deterioration of the
Hyperbaric oxygen is a fast and effective therapy of          function of the blood-brain barrier. The NSE level after
saving acute hypoxia caused by Nitrogen Poisoning.            cerebral infarction if positive related to the pathogenetic
                                                              condition. Therefor contrasting the NES level after pure
                                                              oxygen and mixture hyperbaric oxygen treatment can help
                                                              to predict severity and outcome of cerebral infarction. It
K172                                                          provides evidence that Hyperbaric oxygen treatment can
The research of the cerebral anabiosis success under          improve cerebral anoxia, lower intracranial pressure,
hyperbaric oxygen                                             increase the partial pressure of oxygen of reticular
      1          1              2                 3
Li Sun , Yan Shi , Guoping Feng , Yonggang Tan                activating system and brain stem, thus reduce the NES,
1. Hyperbaric Oxygen Department, Shengli Oilfield             then promote consciousness recovering, improve the
Central Hospital, Shandong, China                             clinic symptom eventually.
2. Emergency Department, Shengli Oilfield Central
Hospital, Shandong, China
3. ICU room, Shengli Oilfield Central Hospital, Shandong,
China                                                         K175
Clinical value of HBO and drug comprehensive treat              that three tasks should be done to improve the treatment
in chronic appendicitis                                         level: to prepare oxygen cabin and nursing articles, to
Jing-yi SHAO,        Yan-bin ZHANG,        Zi-yang CAO,         nurse carefully, for example: general nursing, oxygen
Zhi-hong XIU, Pei-jin Lu                                        inhale, sputum suction and observation on patients illness
Liaocheng Second People’s Hospital Affiliated to Taishan        and vein transfusion, to improve the level of nursing care
Medical University, China                                       and enhance their sense of responsibility. Results: The
                                                                treatment of patients was not broken off, and no
Purpose: Inquiry the clinical value that the hyperbaric         complication happened. Conclusion: It is key factor for
oxygen (HBO) with drug in treating chronic appendicitis.        patients with tracheotomy to keeping breathe a lucid
Method: 116 chronic appendicitis patients is divided into       before hyperbaric oxygen therapy, middle and after that.
treating set and matched set random, the treating set
treated with HBO and drug comprehensive, the matched
set with applied drug only. Results: Treat set 58 cases,
recovery 47 (81.0%), valid 9 (15.5%), invalid 2 (3.5%),         K178
total efficiency 96.5%;Matched set 58 cases, recovery 35        Observation of curative effect of hyperbaric oxygen
                                                                therapy on 3 cases of severe trauma patients in
(60.3%), valid 16 (27.6%), invalid 7 (12.1%), total
                                                                wenchuan earthquake
efficiency 87.9%.Two sets of total efficiency have shown
                                                                Qi Yan
the relatively difference (p<0.01). Conclusion: HBO with
                                                                the Second Provencal People’s Hospital of Guangdong ,
drug comprehensive treatment in chronic appendicitis has
                                                                Guangzhou, China
the relatively effect, and has important clinical application
                                                                Objective: TO observe the curative effect of hyperbaric
                                                                oxygen on 3 cases of severe trauma patients in
                                                                Wenchuan earthquake. Method: Besides conventional
                                                                therapy, such as support therapy, anti-inflammatory
                                                                treatment and anticoagulant therapy, the 3 cases are
Interfering effect of hyperbaric oxygen on the patient
                                                                treated by HBO per day; 15 days are 1 course of
of cerebral tumor and cerebral artery tumor after
                                                                treatment. To observe the curative effect of hyperbaric
                                                                oxygen after 1 day, 3 days and 7 days, respectively.
Cunge Ren, Fen Wei, Futing Ma
                                                                Result: The symptoms of dizziness and headache of the
The Affiliated Hospital of AirForce Aviation Medical
                                                                3 cases have disappeared, The quality of sleep and
Research Institute of PLA, Beijing, China
                                                                emotion have been improved, the hematoma has been
                                                                obviously absorbed, the wound has healed well, The
Objective: To approach the interfering effect of
                                                                sensory function has recovered gradually, the muscle
hyperbaric oxygen on the patient of cerebral tumor and
                                                                strength has been increased above 1 grade, which total
cerebral artery tumor after operation. Methods: 30
                                                                effective rate is 100 percent. Conclusion: It is effective
patients of cerebral tumor and cerebral artery tumor after
                                                                and safe for the severe trauma patients in earthquake
operation were divided equal 2 group by the method of
                                                                early to obtain hyperbaric oxygen therapy on the basis of
semi-stochastic, the hyperbaric oxygen exposure group
                                                                conventional therapy.
and the control group. The former group was cured by
hyperbaric oxygen based on routine method, the
later were only carried through injection of nerve-nutrition
and sustain drug. Results: The therapy effect of 2 group
have obvious distinct in directional thought, daily behavior,
                                                                The Influence of Anxiety on the Effect of Sudden
improve of the remembrance, the ability of self-control
                                                                Sensorineural Hearing Loss
(P<0.05). Conclusion: The therapy of hyperbaric oxygen
                                                                Jiang Yan, Wang Rongzhen, Chen Lijuan, Ding Xiaohong,
are advantaged in nerve tissue rehab, eliminated the
                                                                Lu Wei
oppressed symptoms of nerve tissue, reduce the
                                                                Dept. of HBO, First Affiliated Hospital of College of
sequela etc. It can shorten the time window of miss the
                                                                Medicine, Zhejiang University
opportunity of nerve function obviously, and improve the
life quality of patient.
                                                                Objective: To study the influence of anxiety on the effect
                                                                of sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Methods: 80 cases
                                                                were divided into two groups according to anxiety scores.
                                                                Group 1 had 57 cases, anxiety scores was more than 40.
                                                                Group 2 had 23 cases, anxiety scores was less than or
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Nursing of Patients with
                                                                equal to 40. All the cases were treated by sympathetic
                                                                method of medicines combined with hyperbaric
Qian Chunling, Wang Neng
                                                                oxygenation. Result: The general effective rate of the two
Chizhou People’s Hospital, Anhui, China
                                                                groups was 53% and 85% respectively, with significant
Objective: To analyze the medical safety and effect of                                           :
                                                                difference (p<0.05).Conclusion:Anxiety has significant
hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy in patients with                influence on the curative effect of sudden sensorineural
tracheotomy. Methods: The paper analyzed the situation          hearing loss.
of the50 patients treated with hyperbaric oxygen, holding
                                                              water content, infarct volume, and cell death were
                                                              evaluated. Enzymatic activity of capase-3 and -9,
K180                                                          expressions of cytochourome c, Bcl-2 and Bax proteins
The clinic experience of Hyperbaric oxygen in                 were performed in the samples from hippocampus,
Epilepsy Research Summary and Recommendations                 ischemic penumbra and core, respectively. Results:
            1               2
Jinxiang Xie , Yongzhong He                                   HBO-PC reduced brain edema, decreased infarction
1. Shantou Central Hospital Affiliated Shantou Hospital of    volume, suppressed mortality, and improved neurological
YAT-SEN University, China                                     recovery. HBO-PC decreased caspase enzyme activities,
2. Department of pediatrics, Longhu Peoples Hospital,         upregulated BCl2 expression, and reduced cytoplasm
Shantou, China                                                cytochourome C levels. Conclusions: HBO-PC protects
                                                              brain tissues from ischemic reperfusion injury by
Aims: The purpose of this study is to sum up the clinic       suppressing mitochondrial apoptotic pathways.
experience of Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) in Epilepsy (EP)
and      make       some       sound       recommendations.
Methods: Several aspects, including means and main
points of therapy, use of anti- epilepsy drugs (AEDs) and     K182
electroencephalograph (EEG), evaluation and affected          Clinical observation of hyperbaric oxygen and drug
factors of curative effect , of Clinic data about HBO in EP   treatment on facial neuritis
ware       analyzed       and       concluded.     Results:   WEI Fen, MA Futing, REN Cunge
Recommendations: ①Theory and practice research of             Affiliated Hospital of Institute of Aviation Medicine of Air
                                                              Force, Beijing, China
HBO in EP should be enhanced. ②Better therapeutic
process of HBO in EP should be explored persistently.③        Objective: To observe the clinic curative effect of
                                                              hyperbaric oxygen and drug treatment on facial neuritis.
EP can be considered as one of the diseases treated by        Methods: The subjects included 45 patients, which were
HBO. Sound curative effect of HBO in EP can be obtained
                                                              randomly divided into two groups: treatment group (n1=21,
according to choosing subjects correctly, seizing the
                                                              drug therapy plus hyperbaric oxygen, 0.2MPa
curative time, working properly, using EEG and AEDs.
                                                              99.5%oxygen, oxygen inhalation60min, 10days as one
Conclusion: Hyperbaric oxygenation therapy (HBOT) in
                                                              course) and control group (n2=24, drug therapy:
EP has its own merits, such as short period of treatment,
                                                              prednisone 20-30mg/d po, and given vitB1 100mg+vitB12
sound curative effect, no obvious side effect. Therefore,     500ug, take intramusular injection for 14days). Results:
HBOT is a new and secure kind of technique and it can be
                                                              Comparing the changes of clinical symptoms after one
used extensively. Affirmatively curative effect of HBO in
                                                              course of treatment, there were notable difference in the
most clients with EP can be achieved and its effect mainly
                                                              curative rate (91.7% vs 84.2%) between treatment group
lies on the results of the primary diseases.
                                                              and control group. The therapeutic effect of the treated
                                                              group is better than that of the control group (P<0.05).
                                                              Conclusions: Early HBO and drug therapy can shorten
                                                              the course and raise the cure rate of facial neuritis.
Hyperbaric      oxygen      preconditioning    reduces
ischemic-reperfusion injury by inhibition of apoptosis
in a middle cerebral artery occlusion rat model
        1              2               1               1      K183
Jiasi Li , Zhi-min Kang , Su-ju Ding , Wen-wu Liu ,           The discussion on static-preventate -discharge
             3            1
John Zhang , Xue-jun Sun                                      technologyfor single human hyperbaric oxygen
1. Department of Diving Medicine, Faculty of Naval
Medicine, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai,
                                                              Jianhua Yang, Yan He, Caijun Mei
                                                              Affiliated Hospital to Chuanbei Medical University,
2. Changhai Hospital, Second Military Medical University,
                                                              Sichuan, China
Shanghai, China
3. Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Loma            Objective: This paper analyses and explains the
Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda,
                                                              objective properties on HBOC static electricity existence
California, USA
                                                              so that inspire the manufacturer of single human
                                                              hyperbaric oxygen chamber pay more attention to
                                                              possible static harm in design, manufacture and install.
Objective: This study examined the mechanisms of              Methods: We discuss the static-preventate -discharge
hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning (HBO-PC) on ischemic        technology about the manned HBOC vessel with the aids
reperfusion brain injury. Methods: Male Sprague-Dawley
                                                              of some directed or indirected static electricity
rats (250-280g, n=144) were divided into control, middle
                                                              experiments and some actual circumstances of the
cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) for 90 min, and MCAO         three-variety single human hyperbaric oxygen chamber in
plus HBO-PC groups. HBO-PC was conducted four times           our hospital. Results: The static-preventate -discharge
by given 100% oxygen at 2.5 atmosphere absolute (ATA) ,
                                                              technology for the human-body or the equipment units in
for 1 hour at every 12 hour interval for 2 days. At 24 hour   the HBOC have feasibility and are practical. Conclusion:
after the last HBO-PC, MCAO was performed and at 24           The static-preventate -discharge technology for the
hour after MCAO, mortality, neurological function, brain      human-body or the equipment units in the HBOC need to
be done some researches and improved deeply so that            Monitoring effect of disinfection in hyperbaric oxygen
the safties are in the course of running the single human      chamber and oxygen humidified tank and measures
HBOC at any time.                                              of nosocomial infection control
                                                               Lei Xue, Xiaohui Liu
                                                               Department of hyperbaric 0xygenation, Nan fang hospital,
                                                               Southern medical university, Guang-zhou, China
Risk Management and Preventive Measures of                     Objective: To disinfect the air of hyperbaric oxygenation
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber                                      (HBO) chamber, article surface of HBO chamber and
YAN Xiaomin                                                    oxygen humidified tank and monitor their bacteria
The First Affiliated Hospital, Chongqing Medical University,   counting and identification regularly. To improve the way
Chongqing, China                                               of disinfection with monitoring effect and control
                                                               nosocomial infection. Methods: The ways of disinfection
Objective: To discuss risk management and preventive           included cleaning up HBO chamber and ventilating by
measures of hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Methods: To             electric fan, cleaning article surface of HBO chamber with
identify and evaluate the risk factors of hyperbaric oxygen    disinfectant and water, disinfecting HBO chamber with
therapy.    Results: preventive measures          for   risk   disinfector for 30min~60min. Before HBO therapy and
management of hyperbaric oxygen chamber were                   after disinfecting of HBO therapy, the air of HBO chamber,
constituted. Conclusions: To establish the holistic            article surface of HBO chamber and oxygen humidified
operation regulations and implementation of risk               fluid of oxygen humidified tank were sampled regularly.
management of hyperbaric oxygen chamber are ultimate           The samples were analyzed with bacteria counting and
guarantee for patient safety.                                  identification. The effect of disinfection was be used to
                                                               improve the way of disinfection control nosocomial
                                                               infection. Results: Our Disinfecting of HBO Therapy kept
                                                               the bacteria counting in the air of HBO chamber at
K185                                                           ≤500cfu/m and on article surface of HBO chamber at
Study on brainstem reflex in patients with primary             ≤10cfu/m , fulfilled the requirement of class Ⅲ
brain stem injury treated by hyperbaric oxygenation
                                                               environmental sanitation standard. The bacteria counting
integrated therapy
                                                               in oxygen humidified fluid of oxygen humidified tank kept
Lei Xue, Gangchuan Wu                                                   3
                                                               at < 10 cfu/ml. Conclusions: Our Disinfecting Measures
Department of Hyperbaric Oxygenation, Nan Fang
                                                               of HBO therapy can controls nosocomial infection.
Hospital, The Southern Medical University, Guang-zhou,

Objective: To investigate the predictive values of
brainstem reflex (BSR) on the evaluation of severity, the
                                                               The effect of combined hyperbaric oxygen on severe
effect and the prognosis in the patients with primary brain
                                                               head injury (report of 42 cases)
stem injury treated by hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO)
                                                               Zhihui Xie, Jianguo Li, Zuoxun Chen
integrated therapy. Methods: Sixty patients were divided
                                                               The Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College, Guizhou,
into two groups: HBO group (n=30) and control group
(n=30). HBO group were treated with HBO integrated
therapy. Control group were treated without HBO
                                                               Objective: To investigate the clinical effect of hyperbaric
conventional integrated treatment. During the treatment
                                                               oxygen (HBO) therapy on severe head injury. Method: 42
BSR were monitored at once every day for finishing
                                                               cases with severe head injury received combined HBO
treatments. The relationship for BSR ,Glasgow coma
                                                               and the effect was determined according to the clinical
scale (GCS) and Glasgow outcome scale (GOS) were
                                                               curing criteria of diseases diagnosis. Results: Recovery
analyzed. Results: The BSR were closely related with
                                                               in 7 cases (16.7%),improvement in 30 cases (71.4%) and
GCS and GOS. The lower of disappear-level of BSR,
                                                               inefficacy in 5 cases (11.9%),the total effective rate was
GCS and GOS, the worse of the prognosis of the patients.
                                                               88.1%.The effect was better in the group of short course
The death have 3 scores in GCS, BSR disappears on the
                                                               than the group of long course, and it was significant
level of number Ⅳ~Ⅵ. The BSR were to be an index               especially within twenty days(the total effective rate was
used for adjusting the proposals of HBO treatment.             93.3~ 94.4%). The total effective rate of the children
Conclusions: BSR were considered to be valuable to the
                                                               below ten years old was higher obviously than that of the
evaluation of severity, the effect and the prognosis in the
patients with primary brain stem injury treated by HBO         adult (it was 100%,84.3% ~ 85.7% respectively).
integrated therapy and to be an index used for adjusting       Conclusions: As an effective treatment, HBO plays a
the proposals of HBO treatment.                                specific role in remedy of the acute and severe head injury.
                                                               HBO should be applied to the patients with severe head
                                                               injury as early as possible if their conditions allow.
                                                               Moreover, HBO has significant effect on severe head
K186                                                           injury in children compared with the adult; therefore, it
                                                               should be adopted early.
                                                               symptoms of headache, dizziness, diplopia or vomit in the
                                                               pressure chamber. the doctor should stop compress,
K188                                                           respire oxygen and reduce pressure slowly. Then
An Investigation on hyperbaric oxygen in premature             reexamine head CT, to prevent the gas from entering
infants with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and               encephalocoele and cause pneumatocephalus.
the long-term effect
              1              2
Yongzhong He , Jinxiang Xie
1. Department of pediatrics, Longhu Peoples Hospital,
Shantou, China                                                 K190
2. Shantou Central Hospital, Affiliated Shantou Hospital of    The first to enter is last to exit law of gas saturation
YAT-SEN University, China                                      and de-saturation
                                                               Xiao Pingtian
Aims: According to reviewing and summing up the                Xiangya Hospital of Centre South University, Changsha,
short-term and long-term effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen           China
Therapy in premature and underweight Infants with
Hypoxic-ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE), as well as the          objective: To investigate the law of gas getting into or out
experience, the purpose of this study is to recommend          of the body during changes of environmental gas pressure.
some principles of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.                  Method: We used two methods of cabin operation to
Methods: Based on analyzing the clinic data and the            compare the region of variation of real efficiency figures of
primary therapy, infant hyperbaric oxygen chamber was          partial oxygen pressure (PO2T) and partial nitrogen
used, the pressure was 0.13MPa, the content of oxygen is       pressure (PN2T) in five kinds of hypothetical tissues, and
between 72% and 75%, and once a day, 60min at a time,          with different compression time and different steady
9.6 times for every infant on average. Effect of just          pressure: In procedure I, patients were assigned to inspire
terminating therapy and seven years old was assessed.          air during the compression stage; In procedure II, the
Results: All 33 infants recovered and leaved hospital          patients inspired oxygen during the compression stage.
after Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. However, during the           Results: ①The PO2T of procedure II was markedly larger
observation, one died and five with serious HIE infants
                                                               than that of procedure I and the PN2T of procedure II was
had sequelas, the rest with serious HIE and all with slight
or moderate HIE recovered completely, the total efficiency     markedly less than that of procedure I;②The size of
is 96.7 % (32/33). One infant in 32 has cerebral atrophy in    region of variation of PO2T and PN2T in both procedures
CT for brain and the other are normal. Side-effect such as     was in direct proportion to the speed of gas saturation of
Broncho pulmonary dysplasia (BPD) and Retinopathy of           the tissues;  ③The PO2T and PN2T of all groups increased
prematurity (ROP) has not been discovered. Conclusion:
                                                               as the steady pressure increased. The PN2Tof procedure
According to the research of BPD and ROP made in
                                                               I of all group increased on lengthening the time of
abroad, in principle, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy should
                                                               compression, but the PO2T was not increased, and, on
be forbidden in premature and underweight infants.
                                                               the contrary, it reduced a little. Conclusion: The law of
                                                               gas going into or out of the body is that the gas that is
K189                                                           saturated first, is the last to de-saturate (first to enter is
                                                               last to exit), and this law is mainly to increase the time
A case of hyperbaric oxygen treatment causing
                                                               efficiency of hyperbaric effect. The law of “first rapid, later
                                                               slow” is to raise the pressure efficiency of gas saturated in
Rong Xie, ZhiQiang Zhuang
                                                               advance of hyperbaric effect. These two laws are the
PuNan Hospital, Shanghai, China
                                                               significant theoretical basis for hyperbaric oxygenation
                                                               pretreatment and the reason that procedure II is selected
Objective: To approach the pneumatocephalusability
                                                               to replace procedure I. However, when procedure II is
when hyperbaric oxygen treatment for acute brain injury
patient. Method: reporting a practicality. Result: a patient   applied, the compression time should not be overly
suffered a acute brain injury and got left frontal bone
fracture. We cured him with hyperbaric oxygen. The
pressure of chamber is 0.12Mpa, the oxygen uptake time
is 30 minutes, then interrupt with 5 minutes air, and input
oxygen for another 30 minutes, the compression time 15
                                                               The effect of hyperbaric oxygen on consciousness
minutes, and lower to atmospheric pressure with 20
                                                               recovery of the coma patients suffering from brain
minutes. After 5 times of hyperbaric oxygen treatment,
                                                               ischemia re-perfusion
head CT of the patient showed elliptical gas density in left
front brain. Conclusion: On the occasions of the head          Xiao Pingtian
                                                               Xiangya Hospital of Centre South University, Changsha,
lacerated wound, the fractured skull or skull bottom,
around the eye socket hypodermic and the conjunctiva
ecchymosis, the external auditory meatus or nasal
passage had the bloodstain, cerebrospinal fluid leaks
                                                               Objective: To investigate the effect of hyperbaric oxygen
from nose, ear or eye. malfunction of smell, the vision to
                                                               on consciousness recovery of the coma patients who
be fuzzy, and symptoms of oculomotorius damage. It is
                                                               suffer from brain ischemia re-perfusion. Method: 11
necessary to take a head CT before making the
hyperbaric oxygen treatment. If the patient shows some         cases of coma patients suffering from brain ischemia
re-perfusion were recruited in this study. The clinical data   were of grade 0~I. The Babinski’s signs of the lower limbs
of the treatment of hyperbaric oxygen were collected and       were negative. The cerebrospinal test indicated the
analyzed. Results: 1) all five subjects with full recovery     corruption of blood brain barrier (BBB), the dispropotion
received hyperbaric oxygen treatment within 60 hours           increased of IgG. And the MRI of the spine revealed:
after coma; 2) There were two cases with little intelligence   abnormal signal of spinal cord (T4~T11), advisement
damage. One patient were treated with hyperbaric oxygen        diagnosis was acute myelitis. Then the patient was given
five 5 hours after coma. The other one received                high-dose hormone implusion treatment, associated with
sub-hypothermia treatment immediately after the                neurotrophic drugs. Three days later, the patient could
occurrence of cardiac arrest, and started hyperbaric           urinate by herself. On the ninth day, the patient was noted
oxygen therapy at 21st day. 3) One subject receiving           to have pathologic signs of neurosystem and can defecate
hyperbaric oxygen three days after brain ischemia coma         herself. But her lower limbs were still disability. Ten days
was in persistent vegetative state. Another patient starting   after the patient entered the hospital, she took the oxygen
hyperbaric oxygen four days after coma died finally.           treatment. One oxygen chamber session finished, the
Conclusion: The prognosis of the coma patients suffering       patient’s muscle force of lower limbs increased to grade
from brain ischemia re-perfusion is related to many factors.   Ⅲ-Ⅳ and the muscle strain also improved. PTR test
An appropriate treatment opportunity is critical to the
                                                               exist. She can walk by help. When two oxygen chamber
protective effects of hyperbaric oxygen on brain cells in
                                                               sessions finished, the patient recovered, she can walk by
the coma patients suffering from brain ischemia
                                                               herself. The PTR test performed showed normal exist, the
                                                               muscle force was grade Ⅳ—Ⅴ. This case the patient had
                                                               unsatisfactory effect under normal treatment, however,
                                                               combined with hyperbaric-oxygen treatment, the paralysis
K192                                                           gradually reduced, muscle force improved, and the patient
Safe oxygen inhaling device without resistance in              could walk without help. The hyperbaric-oxygen treatment
hyperbaric oxygen                                              could improve the spinal oxygen saturation and the
Wu Zhide                                                       pressure of spinal oxygen, increase the oxygen dispersion,
Xiangya Hospital, Zhongnan University, Changsha, China         thus could improve the anoxic situation of spinal cord,
                                                               decrease the dropsy of spinal cord, and also improve the
Objective: To evaluate the clinical value of a new oxygen      function of BBB, alleviate the inflammational
inhaling device by observing the oxygen inhaling               conglutination of the tissue. The hyperbaric-oxygen
resistance and oxygen concentration in chamber. Method:        treatment could also extend the time of neurocell
To divide into three groups: pulmonary oxygen supply           regeneration; protect the reversible nerve, which in the
apparatus (A group), continuous oxygen supply apparatus        end improve the function of the nerve. Since the BBB
(B group), and new oxygen inhaling apparatus (C group).        dysfunction could easily result in paralysis, we
Oxygen inhaling resistance and oxygen concentration in         recommended the use of hyperbaric-oxygen treatment
chamber of three groups were measured. Result: there           and especially use this remedy at the acute period of the
was significant difference for oxygen concentration in         disease.
chamber in three groups (P<0.05), B group was obvious
higher than A group and C group(P < 0.01), But no
significant difference was found between group A and
group C(P>0.05); A group was obvious higher than B             The safe nurse of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on
group and C group in oxygen inhaling resistance(P<0.01),       moderate to severe craniocerebral injury patient
                                                               Wu Qiaoning
But no significant difference was found between group B
                                                               The Six Affiliated Hospital of GuangXi Medical University
and group C(P>0.05). Conclusion: New oxygen inhaling
device can diminish the oxygen inhaling resistance and         Objective: To explore the preferred way of the safe nurse
cut down oxygen concentration in chamber, in favor of the      of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on moderate to severe
treatment and safety of hyperbaric oxygen, then to be          craniocerebral injury patient. Methods: According to
worth further clinically generalization.                       clinical classification, pars affecta, associated injury,
                                                               operation, pathogenetic condition, complication and so
                                                               on,122 moderate to severe craniocerebral injury patients
                                                               were adopted correspondence safe nursing intervention
K193                                                           at prior hyperbaric oxygen treatment, during hyperbaric
Hyperbaric oxygen for acute myelitis----one case               oxygen treatment and post hyperbaric oxygen treatment.
report                                                         Result: Because of safe nursing intervention is targeting,
Haibin Xiang, Rong Xie                                         all of the 122 moderate to severe craniocerebral injury
Shanghai Punan Hospital, Shanghai, China                       patients can complete hyperbaric oxygen treatment safety
                                                               and successfully, and there are no the complication and
A 8-year-old girl entered the hospital with the chief          accident of hyperbaric oxygen treatment. The curative
complaint “Lower limbs fatigue, following walking              effect is satisfaction. Conclusion: Reinforcement on prior,
dysfunction and the obstacles of urination and                 during and post hyperbaric oxygen treatment safe nursing
defecation ”. PE: Disapear of PTR and ATR tests. Muscle        is the key point of treatment.
strain declined, and the muscle force of the lower limbs
                                                                of transfusion was not clear. His symptoms were
                                                                controlled for a time. However, the headache and
K195                                                            dizziness increased, and he did not have a response to
Prevention and Treatment on the decompression                   treatment with transfusion, the patient was scheduled for
sickness of diving work fishermen                               oxygen treatment on Dec27th 2007. The protocol of
Wen Chengwen                                                    hyperbaric-oxygen treatment was: exposed to 100
People’s Hospital, Hainan, China                                percent oxygen at 1 and then 2.2 atmospheres absolute
                                                                during the chamber session. After five times oxygen
Objective: To study prevention and cure method and              chamber treatment, the patient recovered and remained
treatment effect of the decompression sickness diving           chest bored and limb fatigue. When one oxygen chamber
work fisherman. Method: The object of treatment is              session finished, the patient was evaluated in the
divided into patient’s team and health cure treatment set.      out-patient clinic. Additional information were obtained, it
It is adopted dissimilar treatment project of the Chinese air   was learned that the chest bored disappeared, the
diving decompression sickness compression treatment             headach and dizziness decreased, and the limb
form. Result: The treatment efficient of patient team is        numbness also decreased. After two oxygen chamber
ninety porcent. The decompression sickness rate of              sessions, the symptoms of the patient dissapeared.
health cure treatment set is 0.67%. Conclusion: For the         Discussion: Methyl chloroform was a kind of low toxity
fisherman of diving work, It should carry on compression        poison. Reports on its poisoning mechanism on health
treatment periodical. For the patient of decompression          were poor. The approach for its poisoing was
sickness, It should carry on compression treatment as           predominately through aspiratory system. The target
early as possible.                                              apparatus of methy chloroform was neural system. When
                                                                exposure in low-concentration methyl chloroform, the
                                                                symptoms were restrain effects of neural system such as
                                                                body im-balanced. However, the exposure in
K196                                                            high-concentration methyl chloroform would lead to an
Clinical observation of hyperbaric oxygen and                   aesthesia-like symptoms of the neural system, even the
ginaton in the treatment of sudden deafness                     loss of respiratory and resulting in the death of patient. In
Cuixia Xue, Xinli Zhang, Lin Wang                               this case, the patient was inadvertently inhaled the methyl
Department of hyperbaric oxygen, The First People’s             chloroform gas during work, which resulting in the nerual
Hospital of Qingdao Economic and Technological                  system symptoms such as headache and dizziness,
Development Area, Shandong, China                               unsteady steps, limb fatigue, vomiting, chest boring and
                                                                weeping. All the clinical representation was consistent
Objective: To investigate the effect of hyperbaric oxygen       with the data. The report of hyperbaric-oxygen treatment
(HBO) combined with ginaton for sudden deafness (SD).           on the methyl chloroform poisoning was very poor. This
Methods: 109 patients with sudden deafness were                 case was gained satisfied effect by using oxygen chamber
divided into hyperbaric oxygen group and control group at       treatment. The mechanism of it was need further
random. Both of the two groups were given ginaton. 57           investigated.
patients with SD were exposed to HBO, which also were
divided into group A that was exposed to HBO in 3 days
after getting SD and b that after 3 days. 52 patients for
comparison (non-HBO group) were treated only by                 K198
ginaton without HBO. Results: The overall effective rate        The Effects of the Hyperbaric Oxygen on
in HBO group (84.2%) was higher than that in non-HBO            Consciousness Recover With Serious Brain Injury
                                                                           1                2                  2
group (65.4%) (χ2=4.211, P<0.05). Furthermore, it in            Wu Qiong , Weng Qibiao , Wang Hongjun , Chen
                                                                         2            2               3
group A (96.3%) was higher than that in group B (73.3%)         Lingzhen , Chen Xuelin , ChenQiuYan
(χ2=4.041, P<0.05). Conclusion: Therapeutic effect of           1. Taishan People’s Hospital of Jiangmen City,
HBO combined with ginaton for SD is significantly better        Guangdong Province, China
than that of simple ginaton without HBO.                        2. Department of Hyperbaric oxygen, Zhujiang Hospital
                                                                attached to Southern Medical University, China
                                                                3. Nanhai People’s Hospital of Foshan City, Guangdong
K197                                                            Province, China
Case Study: A 56-year-old Man with acute methyl
chloroform saturation                                           Aim: The effects of the Hyperbaric Oxygen on
Shi Chunmei                                                     consciousness recover with serious brain injury. Method:
Shanghai Shuguang Hospital, Shanghai University of              Using single hyperbaric oxygen chamber to cure the
Traditional Chinese Medcine and Pharmacology,                   patients whose brains are seriously damaged before
Shanghai                                                        losing their consciousness in 41 cases. Scheme: 0.2MPa
                                                                20min×2+40min.using the Hyperbaric oxygen chamber to
Clinical data: A 56-year-old man was inadvertently
                                                                cure     the    patients  after   their    consciousness
exposure in methyl chloroform gas on Dec21st 2007,
immediately the patient felt headache and dizziness,            recovered.Scheme:0.20Mpa 20min×2+90min. Result: 29
unsteady step like drunk, limb fatigue and numbness,            in 41 cases recoveredcure rate: 70.73%. Conclusion:
malaise and vomiting. The patient was seen in the               The Hyperbaric Oxygen is helpful in curing patients whose
out-patient and given transfusion treatment. The tremedy
brains are seriously damaged and it can reduce the rate of    Zhujiang Hospital, South Medical University, China
persistent vegetated situation.
                                                              Objective: Value the Therapeutic effect hyperbaric
                                                              oxygen treatment for Craniocerebral Injury. Methods:
                                                              Totally 192 patients samples were enrolled, all the patient
K199                                                          s are randomly assigned to three groups. Group A (control
The prognosis analysis of different hyperbaric                conventional therapy group). Group B (giving hyperbaric
oxygen treatment period after cerebral hematoma               oxygen treatment after Craniocerebral injury for 20 to 30
removal                                                       days) and gaining satisfied effect. Results: Stress
Wen Li, Jinlong Sha, Haili Tang, Yan Yang, Hua Qiu            ulcerbleeding occur rate: There was significant difference
Dongguan Hospital, Dongguan, China                            between group B and group A (P < 0.05) after
                                                              Craniocerebral Injury for 20 to 30 days. And no significant
Objective: To investigate the effects of hyperbaric           difference between other groups (P < 0.05) on rest stage
oxygen treatment during the different period after            and groups. Conclusion: Hyperbaric oxygen treatment
intracerebral hemorrahage removal. Methods: 73                shows obvious curative effect for Craniocerebral Injury,
postoperative patients after intracerebral hemorrahage        and treatment after injury for 20 to 30 days is the best
removal were divided into early treatment group (group A,     performance time. HBO is an important and active
within 14days after operation, the patient number is 38,      measure in curing the Craniocerebral Injury.
Male:25, Female:13,age:28~70Y,average age:58Y) and
later treatment group (group B, more than 14days after
operation, the patient number is 35, Male:26, Female: 9,
age:30~69Y, average age:61Y) according to the                 K202
beginning time of therapy. Results: group A s efficient       Investigate the effect observation and coordinate with
rate is 94.73%, group B s efficient rate is 71.43%. To        humanistic care nursing strategy of high-pressure
compare the early treatment group with its counterpart,       oxygen (HBO) treatment of persistent vegetative state
there were significant difference (P < 0. 05) on the          (PVS)
improvement of therapeutic effect and daily living activity   Wu Ruilan
between two groups. Conclusion: The therapeutic effect        HBO Center, Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College,
of early treatment group is better than that of later         Hainan, China
treatment group, The more early to start hyperbaric
oxygen treatment, the better prognosis we can get.            Objective: Investigate the effect observation and nursing
                                                              strategy of high-pressure oxygen (HBO) treatment of
                                                              persistent vegetative state (PVS) patients. Methods: 134
                                                              cases of PVS patients were randomly divided into two
K200                                                          groups: HBO treatment (n = 84) and conventional
Prevention and treatment of carbon monoxide                   treatment group (n = 50), testing PVS before and after the
intoxication and tardus encephalopathy by HBO                 treatment, and contrast with HBO after treatment efficacy
Xia Huang, Guoyi Ren, Wenhui Li                               and duration, frequency, causes relations, coordinate with
Zhujiang Hospital, South Medical University, China            humanistic care, observation of treatment. Results: The
                                                              total efficiency of HBO group is 85% and conventional
Objective: To investigate the therapeutic effect of           treatment group is 52%, respectively X2 = 16.59. P<0.01,
hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) on acute carbon monoxide              the effect of HBO treatment was significantly better than
intoxication and the feasibility on prevention of tardus      conventional treatment group;compared to conventional
encephalopathy. Methods: The clinical data of 46 cases
                                                              treatment before and after, the statistical difference was
of moderate or severe acute carbon monoxide intoxication
                                                              no significant (P>0.05). Conclusion: HBO treatment to
treated with hyperbaric oxygen (HBO group) and 30 cases
                                                              PVS patients with a positive role in restoration, and have
of acute carbon monoxide intoxication with regular
                                                              closely related with the duration of treatment, frequency
treatment except HBO (control group) were analyzed.
                                                              and causes. The appropriate care during treatment, will
Results: The effective rates were 97.83% for HBO group
                                                              reduce the pressure of patients, and establish confidence
and 76.67% for control group. There was a significant
                                                              in the treatment and improve treatment.
difference between the two groups (p<0.05). The
incidences were 2.94% for HBO group and 13.33% for
control group. There was a significant difference between
the two groups (p<0.05). Conclusion: Hyperbaric oxygen
treatment can reach an obvious therapeutic effect on
                                                              The effect of hyperbaric oxygenation therapy on the
acute carbon monoxide intoxication and reduce the
                                                              flash electroretinogram in rats with experimentally
incidence of tardus encephalopathy.
                                                              elevated intraocular pressure
                                                              Wu Shuanggui
                                                              Lengshuijiang People’s Hospital, Hunan, China
                                                              Objective:     To investigate    whether      hyperbaric
Clinical therapeutic effect of hyperbaric oxygen
                                                              oxygenation therapy can improve the electroretinogram in
treatment for craniocerebral injury
                                                              rats with experimentally elevated intraocular pressure
Quyun Yang, Qibiao Weng
(IOP). Methods: Acute elevated IOP model was built in           old and is divided into more than 50-years old with the
each eye of 18 Wistar rats, then they were divided into A       effect of observation. 2Checks can be divided into mild,
and B groups randomly. Group A (no HBO group), nine             moderate and severe when the effect of HBO. 3After
rats were not used any therapy. Group B (HBO group),            treatment from the disease sooner or late can be divided
nine rats used hyperbaric oxygenation therapy after             into less than a week and less than tree months, more
model building. The electroretinogram was recorded              than three months to six months when the effect of six
again after 7 days. Results: The b wave recoveries of the       months. Sudden deafness hyperbaric oxygen treatment
electroretinogram in group A were (41.85±13.20)%; that in       efficacy significantly. Results: According to the incidence
group B were (60.04±13.20)%. The difference between             of different ages and the length and pure-tone audiometry,
two groups was statistically significant (P<0.01).              the clinical course of the 3 - 4 separate high-pressure
Conclusions: Hyperbaric oxygenation therapy promoted            oxygen, treatment, younger, the higher the cure rate and
the FERG b wave recoveries. It indicated that HBO               efficiency, the shorter the onset time, the cure rate and
therapy could protect retina on fighting against the            more efficient, pure-tone audiometry, classification, the
ischemia injures.                                               more light deafness, the higher the cure rate and efficient.
                                                                Conclusion: HBO treat of sudden deafness the clinical
                                                                efficacy and age, the incidence of time and the severity of
                                                                the illness. Middle-aged incidence after treatment sooner,
K204                                                            the best effect.
Hyperbaric oxygen and traumatic brain injury
Yali Wu, Lianbi Xue
Hyperbaric Center of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital
Medical University, Beijing, China                              K206
                                                                Analysis of the therapeutic effect of low molecular
Objective:Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is called the silent     weight heparin sodium combined with hyperbaric
                                                                oxygen in patients with acute cerebral infarction.
epidemic in china, because of which our society is now
                                                                Lianhua Wu, Chunjin Gao, Huan Ge, Guozhong Wang,
suffering from heavy economic burden. All kinds of
                                                                Liming Zhao, Yu Gao, Yi Zhang, Linlin Ma, Fujia Liu
medicine and hypothermia treatments have failed to
                                                                Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Chaoyang hospital
improve the TBI patients’ functional outcome and lower
                                                                Affiliated of Capital University of Medical Sciences Beijing,
down mortality rates. Recently, oxygen therapy has
shown a great effect in the animal and clinical research,
and it is quite promising to treat TBI with hyperbaric
                                                                Objective: To investigate the therapeutic effect of low
oxygen (HBO) therapy. So the HBO therapy is getting
                                                                molecular weight heparin (LMWH) combined with
more and more important in the treatment of the acute TBI
                                                                hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) on Patients suffered from acute
and in the process of recovery. Consequently, this review
                                                                cerebral infarction. Method: 203 patients with acute brain
summarizes the current mechanisms of HBO treatment in
                                                                infarcted were divided in to 2 groups firstly. 101patents in
traumatic brain injury (TBI) and their efficacy. Methods:
Directed literature review. Results: It was considered that     control group, were treated by0.1ml/10kg LMWH Sodium,
the cerebral vasoconstriction and increasing the oxygen         hypodermic injection, once per 12 hours, treatment begun
utilization were the primary mechanisms of HBO in               in 72 hours after acute brain infarcted. for a treatment
treating TBI. But now, it is found that HBO can improve         course of 7 days, There were102patents in the HBO
the cellular level cerebral aerobic metabolism so as to         group, were treated with LMWH Sodium combined with
make the damaged mitochondrial recover. Furthermore,            HBO witch was once a day for 20days.Neurological
HBO, with the ideal treatment paradigm of 1.5 ATA during        impairment scores (NIS) and ability of daily life (ADL)
60 minutes, does not produce oxygen toxicity so the             scores (Barthel index)were used as effective parameters
patients will be relatively safe. However, although whether     before and after treatment in two groups .Results: The
to use HBO to treat TBI, remains controversial, more and        NIS was significant lower in HBO group than in control
more evidences show that HBO may be a method to treat           group (p<0.01)and ADL score of the HBO group was
the patients with brain injury. So further investigations are   higher than control group(p<0.05) after treatments.
required to prove the effect of HBO in treating TBI and the     Conclusion: Low Molecular Weight Heparin combined
pharmacy and treatment opportunity still need research.         with Hyperbaric Oxygen has more therapeutic effect than
                                                                Low Molecular Weight Heparin in treating patients of
                                                                acute cerebral infarction.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment and nursing of 33 cases
of sudden deafness                                              K207
Wu Yanqiu                                                       Clinical study on the relate markers of blood
Henan Provincial peoples Hospital in Zhumadian City             coagulation in the patients with avascular necrosis of
Centre, China                                                   the femoral head after severe acute respiratory
Objective: Discussion HBO on the effect of sudden               lianhua wu    chunjin gao   guozhong wang     lin yang
deafness observation and influence. Method: the 33              xiaomin hou huan ge chengqing xia man qi
cases 1Outstanding deafness by age less than 50 fears           Department of Hyperbic Oxygen ,Chaoyang hospital
Affiliated of Capital University of Medical Sciences Beijing   Hyperbaric Oxygen Department,           Haikou    Municipal
China                                                          People’s Hospital, China

Objective: To investigate the blood coagulation function       ISO     refers    to    International    Organization     for
in the patients with avascular necrosis of the femoral head    Standardization. The essence of standardization is the
after severe acute respiratory syndrome. Method: we            design and implementation of all kinds of rules and
measured respectively the expression of CD 31, CD61,           regulations. The design and implementation of rules are
CD 62p, CD63 and PAC-1 on platelet membrane by                 absolutely necessary for treatment with hyperbaric
flowcytometry, and measured the plasma prothrombin             oxygen chamber. We can assure absolute safety of
time (PT), activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT),       hyperbaric oxygen chamber in treatment process,
thrombin time (TT) ,and fibrinogen (Fbg) by blood clotting     increase the overall quality of the Hyperbaric Oxygen
instrument in 26 patients with avascular necrosis of the       Department, increase the safety management level for
femoral head after severe acute respiratory syndrome and       hyperbaric oxygen chamber, improve all of the rules and
in 17 healthy adults. Results: The expression of CD31,         regulations in the process of modification and assure that
CD61, CD 62p, CD63 and PAC-1 on platelet membrane in           the safety management of hyperbaric oxygen chamber
26 patients were all lower than those in 17 healthy adults     keeps at the best level only when the designed rules and
(p0.05) in those markers between patients and 17 healthy       regulations are strictly obeyed and firmly implemented to
adults. Conclusion: The blood may not be in                    turn visible rules into invisible actions. ISO standardized
hypercoagulable state in patients with avascular necrosis      management is the top priority in the treatment process
of the femoral head after SARS.                                with hyperbaric oxygen chamber as it is directly related
                                                               with the life safeties of patients. Absolute life safeties of
                                                               patients who are treated with treated with hyperbaric
                                                               oxygen chamber can be assured only when all hidden
K208                                                           dangers are eliminated. The key to the safety
The role of hyperbaric oxygenation on the                      management of hyperbaric oxygen chamber lies on the
convalescence of brain injury at high altitude                 implementation as well as continued modification and
Hongzhi Xia, Suzhi Li, Chengliang Huang, Xuehong Yang,         perfection of all sorts of rules and regulations.
Qing Zhang, Maoxu Wang                                         Standardized management is extremely important in the
Department of hyperbaric oxygenation,Military general          safety management of hyperbaric oxygen chamber.
hospital of Tibet, Lhasa, China

Aim: To evaluate the role of hyperbaric oxygenation
(HBO) on the convalescence of brain injury at high             K210
altitude. Method: 270 patients convalescence of brain          Effects of hyperbaric oxygen on the content of
injury treated with HBO adding to medicines compared           inflammation mediators in the rat brain tissue
with 98 patients treated with medicines at the same period.    following fluid-percussive brain injury
                                                                         1               2             1              2
Result: The cure rate in HBO group was obviously higher        Yue Li- na , Gao Chun-jin , Zhou Li-chun , Pang Bao-sen ,
                                                                             2                  2
than that in medicine group. Conclusion: HBO can               Zhao Qi-hang , Wang Guo-zhong
ameliorative brain tissue anoxia quickly, increase contain     1.Department     Of   Neurology,     Beijing   Chaoyang
of oxygen, increase the oxygen save, make blood vessel         Hospital,Capital University Of Medical Science, Beijing,
constringency of each organism, increase or reduce little      China
of sacral vertebrae iliac artery hem the discharge,            2.Department of Hyperbaric Medicine, Beijing Chaoyang
ameliorative reticular formation function of brain stem,       Hospital,Capital University Of Medical Science, Beijing,
cerebella winning, benefiting to patients consciousness        China
instauration with wide awake, and can accelerate the
disease cooking stove the clearance, hematoma                  Objective: To observe the changes of content of
absorption and make organize the inside gum quality the        interleukin-1beta(IL-1β),tumor necrosis factor- alpha
cell to divide to increase in value, produce the large         (TNF-α),Intercellular adhesion molecule-1(ICAM-1) and
quantity gum quality the fiber the tissue that repair the      interleukin-10 (IL-10) before and after hyperbaric oxygen
harm, and establish the vice circulation, urge the             in the injuried brain tissue of Sprague-Dawley rats
capillanisum regeneration quickly, promote the tapetum         following severe lateral fluid-percussive brain injury and to
tissue recovered.                                              explore the mechanism of hyperbaric oxygen on traumatic
                                                               brain injury. Methods: 72 male Sprague-Dawley rats were
                                                               randomly distributed into 3 different groups: traumatic
                                                               brain injury group (TBI group), hyperbaric oxygen group
                                                               (HBO group) and sham-operation group (SO group).The
                                                               severe traumatic brain injury models were established by
                                                               the fluid percussion device. After 6 to 72 hours of survival,
K209                                                           rats were killed, and about 200 mg of brain tissue that
Standardized Management Based on ISO 9000                      contained the injury site, as well as tissue proximal to this
System is the Fundamental Assurance for Safety                 region,was isolated for homogenizing.The concentrations
Management of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber                        of IL-1β, TNF-α, ICAM-1and IL-10 in the homogenate of
Sun Li                                                         brain tissue were measured at 6h, 24h, 48h and 72h,
                                                               respectively, by using enzyme-linked immunosorbent
assay (ELISA).Protein levels were determined by the
method of Bradford. Results: were expressed as
means±stand deviation.The SPSS 11.5 software was
used for statistical analysis. The differences between
groups      were      compared      using    a    One-Way
ANOVA,followed by an inter-groups analysis using the
Student Newman Keuls Test. Differences were
considered significant if the P value was <0.05. Results:
1.The concentration of IL-1β in homogenate in the HBO
group at 6h was significantly higher than that of the SO
group (p<0.05), but lower than that of the TBI group
(p<0.05). The concentration of IL-1β in homogenate in the
HBO group at 24h was significantly lower than that of the
TBI group (p<0.05). 2. The concentration of TNF-α in
homogenate in the HBO group at 6h was significantly
lower than that of the TBI group (p<0.05). 3. The
concentration of ICAM-1 in homogenate in the HBO
group respectively at 6h, 24h, 48h and 72h was
significantly higher than that of the SO group (p<0.05),but
lower than that of the TBI group (p<0.05). 4.The
concentration of IL-10 in homogenate in the HBO group
respectively at 6h, 24h and 48h was significantly higher
than that of the SO group (p<0.05),but there was no
significant difference compared with TBI group (p>0.05).
Conclusions: 1. Fluid percussion device can establish a
severe traumatic brain injury model of rat successfully. 2.
IL-1β, TNF-α, ICAM-and 1IL-10, which took part in the
inflammatory mechanism after trauma, were elevated in
the injuried brain tissue following TBI. 3. HBO treatment
can effectively relieve the inflammatory following TBI
through inhibiting the expression of IL-1β, TNF-α and
ICAM-1, but can not throuth elevating the expression of
IL-10. HBO may play a role in preventing the secondry
brain injury and protecting the injury brain through the
above mechanisms.
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Welcome Message from ICHM Executive President................................................................................... 2
Committees ................................................................................................................................................ 2
Conference Information ............................................................................................................................... 3
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                                                            Konec oddílu (další stránka)

Welcome Message

Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to Beijing for the 16 international Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine (ICHM2008).

The world has witnessed the rapid economic and social development in China in the recent years. The
HBO medicine is developing and advancing together with the economic growth. In particular, it has got
inspiring achievements in China in the basic and clinical research of HBO therapy in the treatment of
delayed neuropsychologic sequelae, ischemic cerebral vascular diseases and high altitude diseases.
Chinese health professionals are willing to share our experience with our colleagues around the world.

The ICHM2008 will be a summit meeting for all leading specialists in the field of h[l1]yperbaric and
u[l2]nderwater Medicine, and a grand gathering for basic researchers and clinical experts from all over the
world. World-renowned experts will give lectures during the congress. I am sure their speeches must be
both educational and interesting.

We also invite your family and friends to come with you. We have arranged special tours for your
accompanying persons. I believe they will enjoy their stays in Beijing when you have busy scientific
schedule at meeting.

A rich cultural and historic heritage, accumulated through the passage of time, adds an extraordinary aura
to Beijing. The five dynasties that chose Beijing as their capital have left abundant antique treasures.
Travelers would marvel at every turn on a tour to this hottest destination of the world today: from the
grandiose Forbidden City to the gorgeous Great Wall, and from the labyrinth-like hutong to other worldly
royal mausoleums.

Wish you a good stay in China.

Prof. Gao Chunjin
Congress President[l3]
16th International Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine
                                         Konec oddílu (další stránka)

Welcoming Address to the Participants of the XVI-th Congress of the International Congress on
Hyperbaric Medicine (ICHM).

Exactly 45 years ago, in 1963, the First Congress of the ICHM took place in the Surgical Clinic of the
University Hospital, the Wilhelmina Gasthuis in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Professor Ite Boerema, the
“father of Hyperbaric Medicine” and professor of Surgery and his Staff had invited many colleagues from
all over the World to discuss the first results of the application of Hyperbaric Oxygen Drenching, as
Boerema used to call it, in a variety of indications.

The most prominent indications at that time were Infectious diseases mainly Anaerobic Infections,
Coronary Infarction, Experimental Cancer Therapy in a combination with Chemotherapy and
Hyperthermia. Also the use of HBO in Carbon Monoxide poisoning, both experimental and clinically was
discussed. Much attention was given to Physiological and Pharmacological problems and Oxygen Toxicity,
with this new mode of therapy. Cardiovascular Surgery in combination with HBO and Hypothermia, the first
and for some time the only indication, was also a leading subject. Both experimental and clinical results
were reported. Building problems of chambers and Safety were also not forgotten. Participation to that
Congress was strictly on invitation by Boerema himself, at that time well thought of, but fortunately the one
and only time that this happened in our history. The participants came from the USA, the UK, France,
Australia and South Africa. In a historical review Jack Jacobson II of New York started with mentioning the
Diving Bell of Aristotle, used in 332 BC by Alexander the Great in his siege of Tyre. So our history of diving
and hyperbaric medicine goes back almost as far as medicine in general.

From that time on regular Congresses were held at a four-yearly (until 1981, Moscow) and later three-
yearly interval.
The first time that the Congress moved to Asia was in 1969 when we met in Sapporo, Japan. In 1993 the
Congress gathered in China, in Fuzhou under the chairmanship of the late professor of Cardiac Surgery,
Wen Ren Li.
We are very happy that we are back in China today thanks to the efforts of our present chairman,
professor Gao Chunjin and his whole team of the Chinese Medical Association (mrs. Chenchen) and the
Chinese Hyperbaric Medical Society.

I must say that I have been much impressed in the foregoing two years by the very solid and precise
preparations of the Organizing Committee. Nothing has been left to chance. The same has been noticed
by the whole world in the Organisation of the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games just before our
Congress this year.
On behalf of the Executive Committee of the ICHM and all participants here, I will extend my sincere
thanks and admiration to prof Gao Chunjin and his staff for this excellent organization.

We all look forward to the coming days, both professionally and socially. It is always a pleasure to meet old
friends again in these nice surroundings.
There will be also much work to do. The Executive Committee will lose two of its long standing members,
our Secretary-Treasurer Fred Cramer and our Executive Director, Dirk Jan Bakker. After many years of
serving you and because of our ages we will resign during this Congress and we will choose new
members during the Governors Luncheon. I myself will stay involved in matters of the Congress but not
any more in an official position.
From this point I want to thank Fred very sincerely for his never ending efforts to advertise the Congress
on various occasions, to solicit for new Membership and finding sponsoring for the Newsletter, which was
really not an easy task. It will be difficult to replace him.

Well ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues and friends, I am convinced that we will have an excellent and
rewarding time here in the magnificent historical city of Beijing, both scientifically and socially. I wish you all
a very pleasant and happy stay.

Thank you very much for your attention.

D.J.Bakker, MD PhD
h.t. Executive Director of the ICHM.
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President: Gao Chunjin, Department of Hyperbaric Medicine, Chaoyang Hospital, Capital Medical University

Vice Presidents:
Pan Xiaowen, Hyperbaric Medicine Center, Navy General Hospital
Tao Hengyi, Department of Diving Medicine, Second Military Medical University

Secretary General: Tao Hengyi, Department of Diving Medicine, Second Military Medical University

Chair of Logistic Committee:
Wang Peisong, Department of Hyperbaric Medicine, Affiliated Hospital to Qingdao University Medical School

Co-Chair of Logistic Committee:
Weng Qibiao, Department of Hyperbaric Medicine, Zhujiang Hospital, South Medical University

Chair of Scientific Committee: Yi Zhi, Shenzhen People’s Hospital, Guangzhou

Co-Chair of Scientific Committee: Wang Gang, Affiliated Hospital, China Medical University, China

Joseph Ting (Maylasia), Pan Shuyi, Huang Xiang, Hu Huijun, Li Zhuo, Yang Lin, Lu Yan, Zhang Yue, Xu Weigang
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Congress Information

1. Registration & Information Center
Venue: level 2, Beijing International Convention Center
Add: No.8, Beichendong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Opening Hours:
  Oct.26 (Sunday)            Oct. 27 (Monday)         Oct. 28 (Tuesday)            Oct. 29 (Thurday)
  09:00-18:00                8:00-17:00               8:30-17:00                   8:30-11:30

On-site Registration fee:
   Non Member                 ¥5,500                        Accompanying Person          ¥2,000.00
  * Member                    ¥5,000                        * *Nurse & Trainee           ¥2,500.00
* Member is ICHM live member.
* * A copy of student ID or a verification letter from his or her supervisor are requested.

2. Participant Identification and Entitlements
Please wear your Congress badge during the Conference.
Red        Delegate
Yellow          Accompanying person
Green           Exhibitor
Blue            Staff
Red Ribbon Invited Speaker / Chair / Committee Members

3. Congress Official Language

4. Coffee/Tea Break
Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided
 Oct. 27                   Oct. 28                    Oct. 29
 10:40-11:00am             10:00-10:30am              10:00-10:30am
 15:00-15:30pm             15:00-15:30pm              15:00-15:30pm

5. Meals
             Oct. 26                 Oct. 27                 Oct. 28                 Oct. 29
 Lunch       N/A                     Beijing Continental     Beijing Continental     Beijing Continental
                                     Grand Hotel             Grand Hotel             Grand Hotel
 Dinner      Beijing Continental     Welcome reception       Conference Dinner
             Grand Hotel             (Laoshe Theater)

6. Exhibition
Exhibit Hours: 09:00-17:00 Oct. 27 and 28, 09:00-12:00 Oct. 29, 2008

7. Accommodation
For any inquiry about the hotel, please go to the Registration/Information Center (Level 2, Beijing
Continental Grand Hotel).
8. Social Program

Oct. 26 Acrobatics with dinner
Price: 300 yuan
The usual reaction to a Chinese acrobatics show is something like “Whoa! That was so…” The contortions
and balancing acts are quite incredible. Audients will be at the edge of their seats through most of the
show saying “don’t fall, don’t drop it!” and incredibly, they never do.

Oct. 27 Welcoming banquet (Roast duck dinner and Peking opera)
Free to all fully-paid participants and accompanying persons. Additional ticket: 340 yuan
Audients will be led to a downtown theatre for Peking Operas, face changing opera and etc. Beijing Roast
duck and other traditional Peking dishes will be served as well.

Oct. 28 Conference Banquet
Free to all participants and accompanying persons. Additional ticket: 200 yuan

Oct. 29 Olympic Venue visits/Hospital visit
The organizing committee invites you to some must-go Olympic venues like Bird's Nest and Water Cube.
Free to all participants.

Oct. 29 The Night of Beijing
Price: 425 yuan
The show is a dinner / theatrical performance unsurpassed in Asia. A luxurious artistic feast will be
presented in this delicately decorated theatre that you can hardly resist. The brilliant Beijing Opera, the
elegant Chinese dance, the magnificent acrobatics and marvelous Chinese Kongfu are well integrated with
the beautiful costumes and settings. The pleasing music and spotlights and other modern stage arts will be
a real shock of beauty and unforgettable experience to you in China. What’s more, the delicious Beijing
food served in the theatre will make your evening more enjoyable.

9. Accompanying person’s tour – Exciting shopping tour
Date: Morning, Oct. 29, 2008
A tour voucher is included in the accompanying person’s registration package. Please bring the voucher to
the Tour Desk of Registration Area at level 2, Beijing International Convention Center to sign your name
for and learn more information about the tour.

10. Post-Congress Inquiry
CMA Meeting Planner, Chinese Medical Association
Add: 42 Dongsi Xidajie, Beijing 100710, China
Tel: +86 10 8515 8148 Fax: +86 10 6512 3754 Email: chenchen@cma.org.cn
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Scientific Information

1. Speakers:
Please hand in your MS PowerPoint slides at least one hour before your presentation to the conference
room staff.

2. Session Chairs:
We suggest you meet the staff inside the meeting room in case of any adjustments in the program or
speaker absences.

3. Poster:
Poster area: Exhibit Hall 2, Level 1, Beijing International Convention Center
Language: English
Presentation Time:
     Oct. 27                          Oct. 28                             Oct. 29
     10:40 – 11:00                    10:00 – 10:30                       10:00 – 10:30
     15:00 – 15:30                    15:00 – 15:30
Your poster will be displayed throughout the entire congress. Please stand by your poster and make
presentation during the above mentioned timeslots. Please hand in your poster to the Poster Desk at the
Registration Area and take off your poster 12:00-12:30, Oct. 29.
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Detailed Program
Oct. 27
 8:30-9:00 Opening Ceremony                           Chairs: Zhi Yi

 9:00-10:40 Invited Session 1                         Chairs: Xiaowen Pan, Jordi Desola
 B1 The use of Hyperbaric Oxygen in Necrotising Soft Tissue Infections: A Historical Perspective with
 an Update anno 2008
 D. J. Bakker, MD, PhD. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
 B2 Role of Tissue Oximetry in Assessment of Problem Wounds
 Paul J. Sheffield, PhD; International ATMO, Inc, Nix Wound Healing Center, San Antonio, Texas, USA

 10:40-11:00 Break

 11:00-12:00 Invited Session 2                        Chairs: Peisong Wang, Ko-Chi Niu
 PL1 The Indication of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and for Orthopaedics in Japan
 Mahito Kawashima, Takashi Yamaguchi, Kawashima Orthopaedic Hospital, Japan
 PL2     The Use of “Deep Stops” In Preventing Precordial Detectable Doppler Bubbles in
 Recreational Scuba Divers
 Frans J. Cronjé, MBChB, MSc, DAN Southern Africa;


 13:30-15:00 Invited Session 3                        Chairs: Paul J. Sheffield, Qibiao Weng
 PL3 An Overview of Diving and Diving Medicine in China
 Tao Hengyi, Department of Diving Medicine, Faculty of Naval Medicine, Second Military Medical
 University, Shanghai, China
 PL4 DCS incidence of commercial dive works in Japan and Evaluation of the profile on multi-level
 diving by integration of nitrogen accumulation in each body tissue
 Yoshishiro Mano, Hyperbaric Center, Tokyo Medical & Dental University Hospital, Japan
 PL5 Traumatic Spinal Cord Injuries – is There a Role for HBO?
 Jochen Freier, MD, Consultant für Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (EDTC), Anaesthesiology and

Intensive Care, Vice President of the German Society für Hyperbaric Medicine (GTUEM), Tagesklinik
Hofheim, Germany

15:30-17:15 Free Paper Session 1                      Charis: Pingtian Xiao, Mano Yoshihiro
OR01 HBO and cytostatic chenotherapy
Christtian Heiden, German Professional Soc. Hyperb. Chambers
OR02 Hyperbaric Oxygen: Does it Promote Cancer Recurrence or Metastasis? An Update
John Feldmeier, University of Toledo Medical Center|Radiation Oncology Department; Toledo
Radiation Oncology
OR03 Hyperbaric Oxygen for Complications of Oncological Treatment of Paediatric Patients
Michal Hajek, Centre of Hyperbaric Medicine, Municipal Hospital of Ostrava, Czech Republic
OR04 Hyperbaric Oxygen may accelerate tumour-bearing mice to death
Liu Qingle, Changhai Hospital, the Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China
OR05 Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) in mediastinitis treated with an open mediastinum after cardiac
Jacek Kot, National Center for Hyperbaric Medicine, Medical University, Gdansk, Poland
OR06 Normobaric and hyperbaric oxygen therapy for migraine and cluster headache
Michael Bennett, Dept. Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, Australia
OR07 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy induces antiinflammation and antipyresis in experimental studies
Lin Mao-Tsun, Department of Medical Research and Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, Chi-
Mei Medical Center, Taiwan, China

17:15-17:30 Satellite symposium

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Oct. 28
 8:30-10:00 Invited Session 4                         Chairs: Jochen Freier, Qingle Liu
 PL6 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Acute Traumatic Peripheral Ischemic Diseases
 Wang Gang M.D. Ph.D., Emergency Dept & Hyperbaric Oxygen Dept., First Affiliated Hospital, China
 Medical University, Shenyang, China
 PL7 The Application of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Critical Disorders
 Niu Ko-Chi, Department of Medical Research and Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Chi Mei Medical
 Center, Tainan, Taiwan, China
 PL8 Hyperbaric Medicine: an European Perspective
 Daniel Mathieu, Centre Hyperbare, Hôpital Calmette, Centre hospitalier Régional et Universitaire, Lille,

 10:00-10:30 Break/Poster

 10:30-12:00 Free Paper Session 2                     Chairs: Joseph Ting, Shurong Zhou
 OR08 Measurement of plasma nitrotyrosine and nitrite after a single treatment with hyperbaric
 oxygen in healthy human subjects
 OR09 HBO in Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 2007 and The Effects of HBO on Soft
 Tissue Injury in Sports Activity
 Kazuyoshi Yagishita, Hyperbaric Medical Center/ Orthopaedic Surgery, Tokyo Medical and Dental
 OR10     adjunctive use of hyperbaric oxigenacion (HBO2) in the managment of cerebral
 hemorrhage in a pregnant patient: a case report
 Alberto Chavez, Hospital Angeles Metropolitano
 OR11 Necropsic Findings Of Syndrome Of Intratoracic Hyperpressure In A Young Diver And A
 Decompression Accident After A Deep Scuba Diving In Veteran Diver (Two Particular Cases)
 John M Batle, MEDISUB Hyperbaric & Underwater Research Institute Palma de Mallorca SPAIN
 OR12 24 cases of neurological decompression illness - 14 months of a single center experience

Jorge Calderón, hospital Ancud|Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
OR13    Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment on Traumatic Brain Injury Rat by Magnetic
Resonance Imaging
Huang Xiang, Bejing Shunyi Hospital of China Medical University, Beijing, China

13:30-15:00 Free Paper Session 3                       Chairs: Frans Cronje, Fuqiong Pan
OR14 The effect of hyperbaric oxygenation on diabetic foot ulcers (the HODFU-study). A single
centre, prospective, randomised, double-blind placebo-controlled parallel-group study
Christer Hammarlund, Helsingborg Hospital, Sweden|Lund University Hospital, Sweden|Malmoe
University Hospital, Sweden
OR15    First-aid of 12 Gas Gangrene Cases Caused by the Earthquake Injuries by Use of
Hyperbaric Oxygen
Pan Fuqiong, Sichuan Provincial Hospital, Chengdu, China
OR16 A survey on HBO treatment of traumatic brain injury this century in China—A important
evidence of HBO improve curative effect and prognosis of Brain injury
Zhou Shurong, Zhou Shurong
First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, Nanjing, China
OR17 Clinical analyses of 429 Cases of Acute CO Poisoning
Li Zhuo, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing, China
OR18 Review of Current situation on acute carbon monoxide poisoning in china
Pan Shuyi, Navy General Hospital, Beijing, China
OR19 Effect of HBO on endogenous neural stem cells in rat models of acute CO poisoning
Wang Wenlan, Department of hyperbaric oxygen treatment center, School of Aerospace Medicine,
Fourth Military Medical University, Xi’ an, China

15:00-15:30 Break

15:30-17:15 Free Paper Session 3                       Chairs: Daniel Mathieu, JIndong Lu
OR20 Hyperbaric oxygen treatment attenuated the decrease in regional glucose metabolism of
rats subjected to focal cerebral ischemia: a high resolution positron emission tomography

M. LOU, Department of Neurology, the Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University, School of
Medicine, Hangzhou, China
OR21 Treatment of micro-found drilling cranium and hyperbaric oxygen on 94 cases of patients
with extradural hematoma
Cheng Jincheng, 123th Hospital of People’s Liberation Army
OR22 The effect of hyperbaric oxygen on the osteoporosis rats
Wang Peisong, Department of hyperbaric oxygenation, The affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University
Medical College, Qingdao, China
OR23 Trial of cabin-oxygen-concentration distribution of single oxygen pressurized module
Weng Qibiao, Zhujiang Hospital attached to Southern Medical University, Department of Hyperbaric
oxygen, Guangzhou, China
OR24 Clinical Research on Effect of HBO plus Electric Stimulation for Treatment the Cerebral
Wang Peidong, Chinese HBO Medicine Association Research Center of Brain Recovery, Nanjing,
OR25 Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment on the content of VEGF, HIF-1,CX43 in skin flaps
of rabbits
Liu Xuehua, Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Chaoyang Hospital, Capital Medical University
OR26 Hyperbaric Oxygenation Preconditioning Induce Skin Flap Ischaemia Tolerance in Rat
Wang Youbin, Plastic Surgery Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, China

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 8:30-10:00 Invited Session 5                           Chairs: Christtian Heiden, Qiang Wang
 PL9 The Pretective Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Preconditioning on ischemic/hyoxia Injury
 Xuejun Sun, Department of diving medicine, Second Military Medical University. Shanghai, China
 PL10 Disruption of Viral Pathogenesis Following Patient Exposure to Hyperbaric Environments
 with Altered Inspired Gas Mixtures
 Stephen D. Guthrie, MD, PhD, Designed Altobaric® Research Institute, Livonia, Michigan, USA
 PL11 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Clinical Findings, Common Errors, And Early diagnose: A
 prospective analysis of 2900 cases
 Jordi Desola, MD, PhD, Hyperbaric Therapy Unit of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

 10:00-10:30 Break/Poster

 10:30-11:30 Free Paper Session 5                       Chairs: Yunping Ji
 OR27       The Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen on Histopathology and Coagulation-fibrinolysis
 Systems in Rabbits with Steroid-induced Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head
 Wang Yong, Department of Hyperbaric oxygen, Fuxing Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing,
 OR28       Hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning protects against traumatic brain injury at high
 Hu Shengli, Department of Neurosurgery, Southwest Hospital of the Third Military Medical University,
 Chongqing, China
 OR29       The effect of hyperbaric oxygen on the proliferation and death of Nasopharyngeal
 Carcinoma Cells and its mechanisms
 Peng Zhengrong, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, Changsha, China
 OR30 Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygenation (HBO) on Unilateral Spatial Neglect ( USN)
 Liu Jinglong, Heilongjiang Rehabilitation Hospital, Ha’erbin, China

 11:30-12:00 Closing Ceremony                           Chairs: Zhongquan Tang
 Closing Remark, Hengyi Tao[L4]
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45年前,即 1963年,第一届国际高气压医学学术会议于

 Stránka 1: [3] Odstraněno            Lenvov                        2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [4] Odstraněno            Lenvov                        2.2.2009 3:03:00
荷兰阿姆斯特丹Wilhelmina            Gasthuis大学医院外科部隆重召开。受“高压氧医学之父”、              外科教授Ite

 Stránka 1: [5] Odstraněno            Lenvov                        2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [6] Odstraněno    Lenvov                  3:03:00
                                             2.2.2009 3:03:00
了最初被Ite Boerema教授称之为“高压

 Stránka 1: [7] Odstraněno    Lenvov         2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [8] Odstraněno    Lenvov         2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [9] Odstraněno    Lenvov         2.2.2009 3:03:00
   ,“高压纯氧浸透法”是Ite Boerema教授最初对高压氧疗法的称呼。

 Stránka 1: [10] Odstraněno   Lenvov         2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [11] Odstraněno   Lenvov         2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [12] Odstraněno   Lenvov         2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [13] Odstraněno   Lenvov         2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [14] Odstraněno   Lenvov         2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [15] Odstraněno   Lenvov         2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [16] Odstraněno   Lenvov         2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [17] Odstraněno   Lenvov         2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [18] Odstraněno   Lenvov         2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [19] Odstraněno   Lenvov                  3:03:00
                                             2.2.2009 3:03:00
史回顾中,来自纽约的Jack                                       Jacobson


 Stránka 1: [20] Odstraněno                           Lenvov                                    2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [21] Odstraněno                           Lenvov                                    2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [22] Odstraněno                           Lenvov                                    2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [23] Odstraněno                           Lenvov                                    2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [24] Odstraněno                           Lenvov                                    2.2.2009 3:03:00
Fred Cramer和执行主席Dirk Jan Bakker将要退出执行委员会。

 Stránka 1: [25] Odstraněno                           Lenvov                                    2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 1: [26] Odstraněno                           Lenvov                                    2.2.2009 3:03:00

 Stránka 23: [27] Odstraněno                      Lenvov                      19.10.2008 7:15:00
HBO in Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 2007 and The Effects of HBO on Soft Tissue Injury in
Sports Activity
Kazuyoshi Yagishita, Nobuo Yamami, Seiichiro Togawa, Yoshihiro Mano
Hyperbaric Medical Center, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, Japan

Objective: In our university hospital, multiplace chamber including 3 rooms and the capacity of 16 patients was
set up in 2001. In 2007, 7970 times hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) in 958 patients were performed, which is
the most patients number in one institute in a year in Japan. The purposes of this study were to report the
diseases and the patients performed with HBO in our hospital last year. The effects of HBO on crush injury and
compartment syndrome were well documented by many authors, and randomized controlled studies revealed the
effects of HBO on reduction of necrosis and edema. We now perform HBO aggressively to soft tissue injury
including compartment syndrome, ankle sprain, knee ligament injury, and muscle strain. The purposes of this
study were also to investigate the effect of HBO on soft tissue injury in sports activity. Patients and Methods:
7970 times HBO in 958 patients were performed in our hospital in 2007. The number of the patients and HBO
times were evaluated. In 180 patients with soft tissue injury in sports activity, visual analog scale (VAS) scores
and recovery time to previous sports activity were evaluated. Results: The number of the patients and HBO times
in decompression illness were respectively 374 patients and 764 times, 87 patients and 934 times in sudden
deafness, 34 patients and 740 times in peripheral vascular disorder including diabetes and arteriosclerosis
obliterans, 47 patients and 1046 times in osteomyelitis, 180 patients and 865 times in soft tissue injury related
sports activity, 90 patients and 1644 times in myelopathy and radicuropathy, 19 patients and 220 times in carbon
monoxide poisoning, and 18 patients and 259 times in radiation-induced cystitis. In patients with soft tissue injury
in sports activity, VAS scores improved compared between pre and post 2-hour HBO. In patients with 2 grade
medial collateral ligament injury of the knee in HBO group, recovery acceleration to previous sport activity was
observed. Conclusion: In HBO procedure in our university in 2007, no major patient troubles and no chamber
problems were recorded. The effects of HBO on soft tissue injury were strongly suggested in this study.

 Stránka 25: [28] Odstraněno                          Lenvov                                  19.10.2008
                                                                                              19.10.2008 7:15:00

Hyperbaric Oxygen may accelerate tumour-bearing mice to death
Qingle LIU, Chenggang Zheng, Xiaohua Hang
Changhai Hospital, the Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China

Objective: To explore the influence of hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) on life-span in tumour-bearing
mice. Method: Male Balb/c mice were randomly divided into celiac-tumour group: inoculating tumour cell into
abdominal cavity of the animal, celiac-tumour-HBO group: inoculating tumour cell into abdominal cavity and then
exposing to hyperbaric oxygen, back-tumour group: inoculating tumour cell under skin of the back of the animal,
back-tumour-HBO group: inoculating tumour cell under skin of the back of the animal and then exposing to
hyperbaric oxygen. There are 7 mice in each group. After s-180 tumour cell was translated to mice HBO was
given once a day in concerned group. The life-span and skin ulcer were observed. Results: The life-span is
27.57士4.4693 days in celiac-tumour-group, 24士2.9439 days in celiac-tumour-HBO group, 63.43士21.844 days
in back-tumour group, and 35.14士8.934 days in back-tumour-HBO group. The life-spans in celiac-tumour group
and in celiac-tumour-HBO group are different, but P value is 0.133204; the life-spans in back-tumour group and in
back-tumour-HBO group are significant and P value, 0.009002. Conclusion: The life-span of mice in back-
tumour-HBO group was shorten by exposing HBO, and life-span in celiac-tumour-HBO group is tendency to be
shorten by HBO exposure. The ulcer formation is postponed by HBO in back-tumour-HBO group.

  Stránka 30: [29] Odstraněno                          Lenvov                                  19.10.2008 7:43:00
The medical oxygen pressurized cabin which is convenient and suitable for patients with different diseases and
ages has been widely used for decades. Meanwhile, it is accepted by a majority of hospitals. To select
appropriate input/output of oxygen, structure and washing method is beneficial to oxygen concentration elevation
and distribution in cabin, because pure oxygen is used as medium for compression. Three ways of oxygen
input/output(on the top, middle and bottom of the cabin), three states of the cabin(with a bed, with a bed and a
patient, without a bed and a patient) and three ways of washing method(continued washing method with boosting
pressure, washing method of boosting pressure of the gap of the door, boosting pressure directly without cabin-
washing) was adopted in our trial. To detect oxygen distribution during the procedure of elevated, stable and
decreased pressure, nine sampling outlets which located on the top, middle and bottom of cabin were set.
Delivery pressure in cabin is 0.1 MPa in the meter. Experimental session lasted for 80 minutes. Process of
experiment accorded to the rule of Chinese Medical Association—HBO branch. Measurement range of digital
oxygen analyzer is 0-100%. Interval time of sampling is 2 minutes. Influential factor of oxygen distribution in
cabin-Our research suggests that main influential factor of oxygen distribution are broadside stretcher and
input/output location of oxygen at the bottom of cabin. Oxygen distribution of the structure that broadside stretcher
combined with input/output oxygen at the bottom of cabin is as follow: 90% under the broadside stretcher, 40% on
top of it, while 60% in the middle of it. Such distribution of oxygen is not good for safety of cabin and could not
meet the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The main reason of asymmetrical distribution of oxygen is that
broadside stretcher exerts negative influence on oxygen diffusion and short-circuit at the bottom of the broadside
stretcher (mal-design of input/output location of oxygen leads to automatic washing beneath the broadside
stretcher). Whereas, the structure mentioned above is the most widely used one in the single pure oxygen
chamber. If the entrance of oxygen is designed on top of or in the middle side of cabin ( on top of the broadside
stretcher) may make oxygen concentration achieve up to 65~75% when the pressure is stable at 0.1MPa, thus,
oxygen distribution will be symmetrical in cabin. Output of oxygen has nothing to do with oxygen concentration in
cabin. However, broadside stretcher not only plays an important role in oxygen diffusion in cabin, but also divides
the cabin into two parts. Therefore, to minimize the broadside stretcher plays a positive role in oxygen diffusion in
cabin. Best way of washing the cabin- Oxygen concentration and distribution in cabin is the same with ordinary
compression procedure that five minutes continued washing method or pressure achieved at 0.1 MPa directly.(
with the cabin washed, oxygen concentration is higher by 2% on top of it, while the middle and the bottom part are
higher by 4% versus not to wash the cabin.) However, washing method of normal pressure of the gap of the door
is the most ideal way because it may elevate oxygen concentration up to 80% in 5 minutes inside the cabin.
Selection of sampling outlet of oxygen-Sampling outlet of oxygen is located on top of the broadside stretcher
in the middle of cabin at present. Oxygen concentration is affected by the following factors: differences of the
width and height of broadside stretcher; irrationality of oxygen input/output design; different ways of washing.
Hence, ordinary method for oxygen detection fails to reflect oxygen distribution in cabin. Solution for symmetric
oxygen concentration is to change oxygen input location and adopt the most ideal way of washing. The specific
way is to have the sampling outlet located on top of the broadside stretcher. Oxygen diffusion in cabin-In our 15
times experiment, we found no alteration of oxygen concentration all over the cabin with the pressure up to 0.1
MPa for 40 minutes. It is suggested that oxygen diffusion didn’t change apparently in both quantity and quality
with the pressure up to 0.1 MPa for 40 minutes. Nevertheless, oxygen diffused obviously when pressure
decreased. Oxygen concentration on the top and the middle of the cabin was almost the same whereas relatively
higher at the bottom of cabin when there existed a broadside stretcher with the pressure of 0.06 MPa inside the
cabin. Oxygen concentration is almost the same in the upper, middle and lower location when the pressure is
about 0.03 MPa.


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