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Article By: Abraham Yakobi
How to sell yourself and get that dream job

How real is the fear of selling yourself when faced by a panel of interviewers? No one
is born a sales person. However every successful Job interview is as a result of having
sold yourself successfully.

No matter how academically qualified you are, you will be called upon to showcase
your selling skills in securing a job and negotiating salary that you deserve.
Selling yourself is an art

Selling is an art. It is an understanding of psychology. You must portray
characteristics that show your confidence, articulation, in addition to knowing
negotiation skills; you must be an excellent listener, a charismatic individual and a
keen observer.

Now wait a moment. Does it mean that if you are nothing close to the person I have
described above you will not be successful in the interview? The answer is to this
question is unfortunately ‘yes.'

 Before going into a panic mode if you have none of the skills described above. Let
me rest your fears every person has at least one or two of this characteristics. All you
need to do is bring out the nascent sales person in you.

This article will help you to do just that.
Have people knowledge

Knowledge of people is what psychologists' have. It is the knowledge you must have.
You must know what to look for., how to listen, how to respond to questions to your
advantage, how to read the body language of the interviewers and how to have a
positive body language yourself.

When responding to the interviewers maintain eye contact, watch out for how they
respond to your answers; are they looking interested, bored, distracted, or excited?
You will see this in their eyes, observe how they are seated, are they leaning towards
you or away from you? Are they fidgeting with pens or paper? Are they smiling or
nodding occasionally?
Listen to inflections in their voices. Do they sound impressed or disappointed? Are
they smiling at you or are they stifling yawns. Watch and observe respond

 Are you are speaking in a monotone? Change tact. If you are not smiling try to be
animated. If you are scared imagine yourself speaking to your family members. Relax
and let yourself loose. Speak naturally.

Secrets of selling yourself successfully

The object of this article is to give you hints on how you can polish your selling skills
when faced with an interview. Here are three basic rules that you must remember and
apply to sell yourself successfully.

Rule one
The first rule to remember is that people buy people first. Whatever it is that you need
from the other person remember they will buy you first.

The first impression is the only impression. It is this impression that will last. How
you are dressed reveals your personality.

Dress in clothing that you are comfortable in, clothes that suit the situation. Let your
clothes give you an air of confidence.
Rule two
The second rule is -be yourself. Many people fail in interviews because they try to be
somebody they are not.

Be yourself do not pretend to know more than you do, or pretend to be more polished
than you really are. Do not wear a personality that is not you for the interviewers.

Rule three
The third rule is to -prepare. It's been said failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Preparation takes the form of research and mental fortitude. Find out all you can about
your prospective employer. Read all you can lay your hands on about the company.
Speak to current employees if you can. Load yourself with facts and figures you never
know when they will come in handy during the interview.

Secondly prepare yourself mentally see yourself seated in the interviewing room
confidently answering the questions that are thrown at you. See yourself relaxed,
poised and full of confidence.

Preparation helps calm your nerves.

Overcoming fear and creating a lasting impression

During the interview you will feel tension. It is natural to have your stomach in knots.
However you must never be smitten by tension. Here are some secrets to help you
overcome those butterflies in your stomach, and help you come on top by leaving a
lasting impression on the interviewers.

When waiting to go into the interview room relax by breathing in and out deeply do
this as many times as possible. Once in the interview room and you are feeling
nervous breathe in and out deeply as you possibly can unobtrusively.

Proper breathing releases the tension in you and loosens the knots in your stomach

A smile says ‘I' am glad to be here.' It exudes warmth and friendliness. A smile will
endear you quickly to the interviewers. If you are the grouchy type learn to smile
naturally. Smiling removes the worry lines round your mouth

Eye Contact
Eyes are the window to the soul. When being introduced to the interviewers maintain
respectful eye contact with each person as you repeat their names. Do this throughout
the interviewing session when responding to questions. Eye contact is a sign of
confidence, however do not glare or stare down the interviewers.

Show interest in every person that is talking to you. Portray integrity and sincerity by
having an open and honest look.

When invited to seat, seat upright with your hands out in front of you. Slouching or
slumping in your seat is disrespectful.
Seat comfortably, relax. No matter how nervous you are fidgeting, shuffling your feet,
and twiddling your fingers only makes it worse. Desist.

‘Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm' is a maxim you should
take to heart and practice. Speak enthusiastically. You can only do this if you believe
in what you are saying. Again be yourself and speak naturally.

Your voice is the best tool in an interview room. Use it as a conductor of a symphony.

Be audible -speaking too loudly or too softly irritates your listeners. Ever noticed how
radio presenters modulate their voices to sound interesting and convincing? Do the

When speaking pause when it is appropriate, vary the pitch of your voice, and color
speech with enthusiasm.
Speak confidently articulating every word clearly, invoking interest by the content of
your word. Chose words that are descriptive like, "Because my height is six feet ten
inches I played basketball as a point guard in college" rather than saying" I Played
basketball in college"

Handling critical moments during the interview

Sometimes even after preparation, research and rehearsal you will find your mind has
gone blank during the interview. What do you do to salvage the situation and contain

The trick is in words. Keep speaking, use words that buy you time as you reorder your
thoughts. For example you can ask a question like, "Sorry but can you repeat your
question again, I don't seem to have got it?" Or you can make a statement like, "You
asked about my previous, well I worked with company xyz as a……………."

No matter what happens try to look composed at all times.

Conquer thy fears
All of us have fear of the unknown. Going into an interview room is like going to a
battle whose outcome you do not know. This is the basis of our fear. Remind yourself
that you are going to meet people. They will be new people to you but they are people
nevertheless. The worst they can do to you is to deny you a job, and that is all they
can do. So relax.

A relaxed attitude shows that you have a high self esteem. Treat the interview like a
friendly discussion. Be friendly, you might miss the job but gain some new friends!

Have a successful interview won't you!

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