How to Start a Cleaning Business that Mops Up Huge Profits

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					?Starting your own cleaning business might not have been something high on your
priority list a few years ago when your career was going just great.
But, if your job is't what it used to be, you may want to explore this easy and way to
start a home based business that could have you making more money than you did
when you thought times were good.

The start up costs of a cleaning business are normally pretty low, usually around 3 - 4
hundred dollars spent on cleaning equipment and cleaning products to start. Add in an
LLC license and a municipal cleaning license and you can tack on another 5- 600

So for under a grand, you could be up and running in a new cleaning business.

On average, home based cleaning business's regularly charge between 80.00 to 100.00
for 1-2 hours work, and between 140.00 to 180.00 for 2-4 hours work.

If you were to add buffing floors to your cleaning business you would be adding
another 100.00 to 200.00 per service call, respectively.

With most 2 man cleaning crews able to do 3-4 calls on an easy day, you can see the
weekly profit margins are pretty good for a mom and pop cleaning business, and the
room for expansion only depends upon your geographic location.

A Big City= lot's of work.

A Small Town= lot's of work too. If you put yourself in a Niche Market.

"What's a Niche Market", you ask?

A Niche is something very few others are doing!

If you are considering starting a cleaning business, consider this:

Offer something different than your competition.

To make the big bucks in a cleaning business you have to carve out a niche that offers
something different than the other cleaning service providers in your area. You need
to specialize your services and separate yourself from what the other cleaning
companies are offering.

So when starting your own cleaning business, take into consideration the following:

First, you'll need to decide if your niche will be a home cleaning business, or will it be
a commercial cleaning business?
Now, ask yourself how you can be different in that niche. How can you micro niche
the cleaning business into a smaller market where you can dominate the competition?

Ann Laura of New Haven Connecticut's "Laura's Eco Friendly Cleaning Service" said,
"How about offering green cleaning products?"

She explained,

"All over the news today you see report after report condemning the use of toxic

"I thought", she continued, "How hard could it be to take some of those news videos
and make a CD to present to my potential clients giving them a reason to use my
green cleaning services?"

$200.00 later Ann started advertising in the local newspaper while also knocking on
doors of the local office and retail buildings offering her green cleaning service.

Whenever she got a meeting with a potential client, she gave them a CD with news
reports on toxic chemicals used in household cleaners, and then offered her green
cleaning services at the same rate the client was already paying their other cleaning

That was in 2004. Ann Laura now has 9 full time employees working 3 shifts between
both commercial and residential accounts, reporting annual revenue in excess of

Ann Laura offers this advice:

"If you don't have much in the way of computer skills, how about recommending
them to a website where the information is available?" she adds, "I get my products
from Wowgreen International and use their website to refer my customers to"

Here's an example, she explained:

"Let's use this example, say you are with someone who already uses a different
cleaning service, but have revealed to you they have an asthmatic child, or they've
told you strong cleaning smells give them migraine headaches" she said.

"What if you could prove to them that their cleaning products may be to blame for
their symptoms?" she asked.

"After viewing your website information, do you think they would turn down your
green cleaning services if your fees were the same or less? "

Ann offered this final business tip for those interested in starting a cleaning business.

Residential Cleaning Service:

"Think of a residential cleaning service as a day time job, where you will work around
your clients, their children and pets."

"When interviewing for a residential cleaning contract, mention how healthy your
green cleaning products are for people with asthma or who suffer from chemical
induced headaches"

Commercial Cleaning Company:

"Think of a commercial cleaning company as an after hours job, late nights, few
people and a peacefull quite time". You're clients are typically offices or stores. If the
late shift fits your lifestyle, this is the avenue to pursue for you".

"When prospecting a commercial cleaning contract, you should focus on pet stores,
doctors offices, and daycare centers. These have always been our largest client base".

Ann added, "You can compete with everyone else, or be one of the first to offer a
green cleaning service"

Here are some tips from Ann Laura you can use in either the home cleaning or
commercial cleaning business's.

Office Cleaning Business:

Call your competition!

The best place to start getting clients is by calling your local office cleaning
companies and offering them your green cleaning services.

Try some local natural food stores or restaurants too.

Or even better yet, offer your green cleaning services to pet stores, pet groomers and
veterinary clinics.

Starting a House Cleaning Business:

Again, call your competition in the residential house cleaning business!
Many cleaning companies will be happy to offer their existing clients a green cleaning
service and hire you as their sub contractor.

Advertise at the local supermarket or through the newspaper.

Anns final word of advice was:

"Make it a point to call a new customer a day and you'll be surprised how fast your
new cleaning business will grow"


Thomas Palmieri is an environmental business advocate and invites you to discover
other green business opportunities here at his authors website, The Green Business