How to Start a Chauffeur Career by gyvwpsjkko


									?The chauffeur jobs are much like that of a glorified taxi driver. In fact, being a taxi
driver is the best job to prepare you to become a chauffeur. You need to know your
way around a city well. Knowing every back street and the closest routes to many
destinations will be an aid to you, but since most trips will be arranged in advanced,
you can get by with going by maps and a GPS system. You will need to be on time,
and you may need to know basic mechanics and car maintenance if you own your
own limousine.

The very first thing you will need to do is check with your local Department of Motor
Vehicles. Some states require you to have a special license in order to be a chauffeur
or a private hire driver. If you need a license, you will probably only need to pass a
written test to get it, but skipping this step could land you in some trouble.

Next, decide if you want to work for yourself or for someone else. Working for
yourself means buying a limousine and finding clients. Chauffeur clients are generally
wealthy and are not looking for chauffeurs via flyers in the laundromat. You many be
able to find a few clients from Craigslist ads or ads in the classified section in your
local newspaper. However, if you do not have connections to potential clients when
you start out, it might be better to subcontract with an existing company. When you
have a loyal client base, you can then break off on your own and grow through
referrals from your regular clients.

Some chauffeur companies have a fleet of limousines to work with. Other companies
have some vehicles and allow drivers to join their company with their own vehicle.
Depending where you stand on in the industry, either type of company may work well
for you.

Not all chauffeur companies work with limousines. Some use different types of cars
or minivans and drive around families. These companies might be good for those
starting out who may feel uncomfortable in the formal setting of a limousine.

Courtesy is the key to being a successful chauffeur. You need to open and close the
car door for your guests. You need to always be polite when engaging in small talk.
As with taxi driving, you will need to read your guests. Some will talk your ear off,
and others will not even notice your existence. Remember that you are providing a
service, not looking for friends.

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