How to Speed up your computer- by gyvwpsjkko


									?Free up the disk space -
? Go to My Computer-Control Panel-Performance and Maintenance-Free up space
on your hard disk and select the drive you want to clean up. Do make sure that you
select all your PC drives to speed up your computer. This may take some time but it is
worth every second and will speed up computer and fix slow computer.
? Now, go to Start-Run-and type PREFETCH and press enter-select all the files and
press SHIFT+DEL to delete all the files to speed up PC.
? Now is the time to fix slow computer and improve PC speed by going to
Start-Run-and type %TEMP% and pressing enter and pressing SHIFT+DEL to delete
all the files. After this, Start-Run-and type TEMP and follow the same deletion
procedure (SHIFT+DEL).
? Once all these steps have been followed, empty the recycle bin to make PC faster.
? Then go to My Computer, you can see your PC's hard drives such as C: and D:
right click on the first drive and go to properties. You will find that the box next to
"Allow indexing service to index this disk for fast file searching" is checked, uncheck
this box and click on apply and follow it with clicking on OK. Follow the same
procedure for every drive of your PC to speed up PC.
? Once you have cleaned the drives, it is time for you to delete the unused
programs by visiting My Computer-Add or remove programs.
? You can even remove unused restore points of your PC and shadow copies by
visiting My Computer-Control Panel-System Restore.
? Make use of system utilities such as disk fragmentation to consolidate fragmented
files and folders at least once a month to speed up PC and fix slow computer.
? Update anti-virus on your PC daily. If not daily, at least once a week and scan the
complete PC once a week.
? You can even adjust visual effects for better performance to improve PC speed
and may even stop some programs from automatically getting started after the PC
starts to speed up computer.
These small yet highly effective can dramatically improve PC speed and you do not
have to call an expert to fix slow computer every time you notice some issues.
However, expert advice is highly recommended if these measures do little to speed up
We hope that this effort by us to create awareness on how to speed up your computer
helped you in more than just a way.

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