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How to Solve ' Error signature AppName...' Outlook Express Error in Windows XP-


									?Outlook Express can fail to start for several reasons. These include corruption in OE
identity, damage to Outlook Express installation, DBX files' damage and a third-party
plug-in. When the problem roots from message store corruption, the results could be
severe as it causes data inaccessibility in most of the cases. To resolve this behavior,
you should check your latest backup to find if it is valid and complete. Such a backup
can prove viable for restoring the required emails. However, in other cases, you will
need to use

"Error signature AppName: msimn.exe AppVer: 6.0.2900.2180 ModName:version.dll
ModVer: 5.1.2600.2180 Offsetr:0000191c"

This behavior repeats itself each time you attempt to start Outlook Express.


The prime reasons for these symptoms are as follows:

(1) You have recently upgraded to Windows XP and Identities key in Windows
registry is damaged.
(2) One or more of your default mail folders in Outlook Express message store are


To resolve the above problem, you should apply these methods of recovery:

(1) For correcting Identities damage issue, you should:

(1.1) Use Registry editor to export and then delete the identities.
(1.2) Import the existing identities sequentially to know the problematic Identity.
(1.3 )Backup all the email folders to a safe location.
(1.4) Recreate the OE identity.
(1.5) Restore the backed up emails to this new identity.

(2) If DBX files are corrupt, you need to restore them from backup. In case when no
valid backup is present, you need to delete them and restart Outlook Express provided
they don't contain any important emails. However, to repair them, using DBX Repair
products is the only solution. This is because Outlook Express doesn't provide any
repair tool for corrupted DBX files. DBX Repair Tool are safe, easy-to-install and
quick recovery solutions for recovering data from corrupted mail folders of OE.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery is an advanced and reliable repair utility
for damaged Outlook Express files. The DBX Repair product incorporates powerful
scanning algorithms to enable comprehensive repair. It is a safe file repair tool with
rich graphic features. The tool supports Outlook Express 5.x and 6.x.

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right now writing articles related to products like Split PST and has now become a
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