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									?More and more time poor parents are now turning to online boutiques for their
children's clothing. As one mum reiterates "I shop online for all of my daughter's
clothing now. It saves me time, I don't have to worry about the hassle of dragging my
little ones around busy shopping malls, they don't enjoy it and I can't get any shopping
done, it is easier to do it at home when I have the time to sit and relax and browse the
online girls fashion boutiques". It makes sense, in many families today both parents
are working and just don't have time to traipse around large shopping malls with upset
children in tow.

There are thousands of online girl's clothing boutiques far out numbering boy's
clothing boutiques, Shopping for girls's clothing online offers an endless array of
boutiques, brands and labels, but how can the consumer be sure that they are
purchasing safely or even if their purchases will actually arrive after their payment
has been received? Here are a few tips to follow:

? Check to see if the online girls fashion boutique has a safe way for consumers to
purchase items. Is the site secure? Many online boutiques are now using paypal as
their primary way for consumers to purchase goods. Paypal is a secured site and an
easy way to pay for purchases. Consumers can pay via credit card and are provided
with the option to open an account if they want to.
? Make sure you check the shipping prices before you commit to buy. Reputable
boutiques will have shipping options and costs on their website.
? Check the currency you are paying in, if you are shopping in an online boutique
in Canada you don't want to be paying in US dollars.
? Check if the girls fashion boutique has a prominent display of customer service
information. If customer service is a priority, policies will be easily found by the

A great way to ensure you are purchasing girls clothing online safely is to look for the
‘shopsafe' logo. Shopsafe is an online, private organization. Merchants from ornline
stores need to apply and comply with Shopsafe's policies to be added to their list of
online stores which they consider to be reputable businesses. According to the
Shopsafe website only 40% of online stores who apply to Shopsafe are accepted.
After an online girls clothing boutique has been accepted by Shopsafe the merchant
can display the logo on their website.

If a consumer has difficulties with a merchant who is listed with them, the consumer
can request intervention on their behalf from Shopsafe. Shopsafe will then investigate
the complaint. If they believe the merchant has acted in an unfair or unreasonable
manner shopsafe will remove them from their list of shopsafe merchants. Shopsafe
can be found in the following countries:

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