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Self Employment (DOC)


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									?Self Employment

Self Employed:-
Does not this word bring an impression in your mind? I suppose the answer is yes,
self employed means Independence it means no boss, no senior, & no boundaries. Self
employment means self satisfaction. You can work at any time of the day, any way u
can, and of course you can work for any amount of time you want .You don't feel the
pressure that you have to report to your senior, or any one is watching you. And if you
don't work time to time then you may lose your job.
So What Does Self-Employment Actually Mean?
Self-employment means working for oneself or a company one owns or controls.
Self employment is of two types:-
1) You may have your own company.
2) You may be self employed as an individual without establishing a formal
But then that means you are the full in charge for finding customers, getting the work
done, collecting payment and -keeping.all the records.

So you don't have to look at some one for your money. You can always be the sole
beneficiary of your money. As I told you earlier also that you are solely responsible
for everything related to your business.
Here is some information to help you evaluate if you are ready to be your own boss.
Working for Yourself — Simple Self-Employment
Let's first analyze how simply you can work for your self— no office, no employees,
and no big investments. Just decide what service and jobs you can do and get started.
Here are several possibilities:
What did you do for your living in your career? Just choose what to do based upon
that. Isn't it simple? Yes of course it is very easy. For example if you were a teacher
then choose to become a tutor because now in India & also in other parts of the world
parents give so much money to private tutors to teach their children. You can also
teach part time in some school or private coaching classes.
There are many jobs like the above one like an accountant can become a personal
home finance assistant and keep their financial records. There are many things you
can do. There's a saying "where there is a will there is a way". So you can do anything
you want but only if you want.
There are many self employment opportunities around you all you need is an eye to
see it, for example you can do babysitting, or look after ones pet in the weekends. So
if you can earn so much then why should we work under someone to earn a living?
In this article I have mentioned many ways of self employment
Work from Home: - In today's world there are many options to work independently.
You can always sit at home and let work come to you
Work at home is very useful for them who don't or for some reason can't go out to
work. It is also good for students who want to do part time jobs to complete their
study. In the morning hour they can study and whenever they get time they can work.
It's also good for house wives or retired persons. So they can Sit at home and earn
some money also for them and their family. Isn't it interesting? So you don't have to
hold your resume and move pillar to post for a job and always be under the watch of a
big boss. So which one would you prefer a daily time bound work or a no boundary
Imagine!! Sitting in an open green field and working with ease, no boss, no senior,
nothing. Wow isn't that an amazing idea?
There is much work at home opportunities if you have a computer and internet
connection. Many people just waste their time in playing games on the internet or
chatting with friends. If you have time to waste money then why not spend that time
to earn money?

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