Selection of the solenoid valve principle

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A solenoid valve is a coil of wire that becomes magnetized when electricity is run
through it. Solenoids often have a hole in the middle and a protruding metal rod that is
pushed or pulled by magnetism when power is applied. A solenoid valve uses a
solenoid to actuate a valve. This lets you control the flow of water, air, or other things
with electricity.

There are many different types of solenoid valves available, and many companies that
make them. When selecting a solenoid valve, you must pay attention to:

1.Coil voltage, current, AC or DC, and intermittant versus continuous duty.

 2.valve type

 3.aperture size

 4.pressure rating, such as "50 PSI"

 5.materials (medium) that it can control, such as "air/water"

 6.type of connection to each port, such as "1/4" NPT"

Fluid pipe valve must be selected in the calibration of medium range model consensus.
Fluid temperature must be less than the calibration temperature selection valve.
Solenoid valve to allow liquid viscosity generally 20CST less than 20CST should be

Working pressure, maximum pressure pipeline should be used in less than 0.04MPa as
ZS, 2W, ZQDF, ZCM series direct-action direct-action and step; minimum working
pressure greater than 0.04MPa may use Pilot (Pressure Differential) solenoid valve;
maximum working pressure should be less than the maximum calibration pressure
solenoid valve; generally one-way valve is working, so pay attention to whether there
is anti-pressure, if installed check valve.

Fluid cleanliness is not high solenoid valve should be installed before the filter, the
general solenoid. Valve cleanliness requirements of the media better.

Note flow aperture and take over the aperture; solenoid valve generally only two
control switches; conditions allow, install bypass pipes, easy maintenance; a water
hammer phenomenon to customize the opening and closing time of valve adjustment.

Pay attention to environmental impact of temperature on the solenoid valve

Supply current and power consumption should be selected according to the output
capacity of the power supply voltage ± 10% around the general permit, must pay
attention to when starting the exchange value of the higher VA.

Second, reliability

Solenoid valve normally closed and normally open divided into two; generally used in
the normally closed, power open, power off; but in a very long time to open a very
short time to close the normally open type of use.

Life testing, factory type test items are generally, not specifically our professional
standards solenoid valve, so use caution when solenoid valve manufacturers.

Action is very short at high frequencies usually select direct-acting type, rapid series
of large diameter selected.

Third, security

General solenoid valve is not waterproof, when the conditions are not allowed to use
water when you type, the factory can be customized.

The maximum calibration nominal pressure solenoid valve must be more than the
maximum pressure within the pipe, otherwise life will be shortened or produce other

Corrosive liquids should be used all stainless steel type, strong corrosive fluids should
use plastic Wang (SLF) solenoid valve. Explosive environments must be selected
corresponding proof products.

Fourth, economy

There are many solenoid valve can be generic, but meet the above three points should
be chosen based on the most economical product.

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