How to Setup Proxy Server by gyvwpsjkko


									?A lot of individuals protest that "Webproxys" aren't working at their
school/workplaces PC's because they have been prohibited by administrators. A
solution around this will be to set up your proxy server that is hosted:

?   by a free web hosting service that reads either cgi or php or
?   your site that is hosted by a web hosting company

1. phpproxy

Download phpproxy on the Internet and unload it to a directory on your hard disk. All
you need to know is to put the script to your web space and open the new URL to
verify if it's working perfectly. You may want to change the name of the file,
something that doesn't have the term proxy in it to prevent from filters that prohibit
everything that has the term "proxy" in it.

You can open the script and put the IP of your clients to make certain that only your
client will be capable to link or you can add a "htaccess" file to the local directory
pushing everyone who likes to begin the script to enter a password and username.
Again, utilize google if you want to find out more info about ".htaccess".

The "php" script has some prerequisites, be sure you check the "readme" file which is
comprised and veirfy to see if your web hoster has those prerequisites enabled.

2. cgiproxy

Your hoster need to have the cgi enabled for them to open this script. A lot of free
hosters don't give cgi or some installed scripts. Be sure it is enabled before you begin
the process of installation.
First, get the source on the Internet and unload it to a directory.

Now, run the .cgi file and look at the configuration. You could edit a lot of settings
from w/in, for instance you could arrange the script that way that it only enables text
to go over the proxy but no graphics or images. Everything is clarified in detail and
entire options are clarified w/ comments, browse over the file, edit the choices to your
liking and store the new file.

After that placement of the script to "cgi directory" if that is needed by your hoster
and run the Uniform Resource Locator or url from your Internet browser. You're now
prepared to surf the web anonymously, to verify if that is the case load a site like
"" as the first website and verify if the IP goes with the server the
script is set up and not your IP. If that is the case you have done everything correct
and could browse anonymously.

3. What it is being blocked?
a) If you could access the proxy from the server they just block ips/domains.

b) If you cannot access the proxy they may be prohibited filenames that has proxy as
well, try to change the filename.

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