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					?Invitations come in many sizes, all suited for different situations. If you are new to
invitation printing, you must know about these different sizes. You do not want to
print invitations that are not appropriate for a certain event. To help you out in
avoiding such a dilemma, below are the four common invitation printing sizes that
most people print for various occasions.

Using single card invitations - The single card invitation is a small card typically the
size of a business card, or sometimes it is even smaller. You usually print and use
these single card invitations for events such as special dinner gatherings and
receptions. Since the card invitations are pretty small, they are relatively easy to bring
along as you go to the dining event. Most will usually act as a "ticket" or stub so that
the dining establishment knows that the people eating are the ones invited for the
event. So, if you need a simple invitation that can also act as a minor security measure
you can use this kind of invitation size.

Small folded card invitations - Next to single card invitations are the folded card
invitations. These invitations are usually almost the same size as the single card ones,
the only difference is that they have a leading flap which you can open or close. It
appears much like a small greeting card with the invitation details inside. Folded card
invitations are used just like the single card invitations as well. The good thing about
it though is that you can slid any kind of extra element in them like food stubs and
small souvenirs. The flap can also be used as an extra space if the invitation needs
more area to print information on.

Formal invitation sizes - Finally, we go to formal invitation printing sizes. These sizes
are the ones you usually see used formal occasions. These invitations are typically
folded as well and sometimes even have their own envelopes as cover. Invitations like
this can have the size of 4 by 5 inches, to larger ones at around 5.5 by 8 inches. They
usually have the best designs, and these are the ones that you should definitely choose
for wedding invitations, official gatherings, and big formal conferences.

Custom dimensions - Of course, if these invitations sizes do not peak your interest
and are not useful, then you can go for custom dimensions. Custom dimensions for
invitations are not uncommon and many people use these kinds of sizes to become
unique and original with their event. Sometimes, people even try using customized
shapes of invitations to make things interesting.

However good custom dimensions may seem though, it comes at a price. Custom
sizes or invitations usually cost a bit more since it is non-standard. Invitation printers
would need to retool their machines to get the proper dimensions right. Otherwise
though, custom invitation dimensions are great at producing the invitations you need
for any kind of event or occasion.

Great! Hopefully this helps you a lot in choosing the dimension of your invitations.
Don't worry, as long as you know your goals for the invitation, you should never go
wrong. Good Luck!

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