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									                                                                    Bio Sculpture
 Summer 2008                                                           NAILS
There is Only One Bio Sculpture Gel
B     ecause of our unique product and your meticulous workmanship,
      the name “Bio Sculpture” is now what clients associate with a
good, safe and durable set of nails.
                                                                                        How to Distinguish Our Jars
                                                                                        All of our Gels come in black jars with gold writing, never white jars.
                                                                                        All of our Gels have our signature gold diamond logo.
Therefore they go to salons asking for “Bio Sculpture”. Unfortunately, that             On the back of the jar it will
is not always what they get. Sometimes the client will notify our office that           read “Made in South Africa”,
the product doesn’t stand up to its reputation.                                         never any other country.
On further investigation time and again we find that what she received was              Lastly
not even close to Bio Sculpture. She was deceived by a person trying to                 We get very upset when con-
benefit from the standard you and we have established. In order to eliminate            sumers go to salons and spe-
these misconducts we are giving you a few guidelines that you can also pass             cifically ask for Bio Sculp-
on to your clients. Please don’t be fooled by imitations, and also ensure that          ture Gel, and what they get is
your clients will not fall prey to the imitators.                                       not Bio Sculpture Gel at all,
There have been some individuals as well as beauty suppliers in recent                  or they get a layer of Bio
months who have been selling Gels with confusing names such as “Bio Gel”                Sculpture Gel and a layer of
and “Bio Seaweed Gel”. These Gels are being sold with the understanding                 something else.
that they are the same as or similar to Bio Sculpture Gel.                              If you are applying any other
We would like to educate you and broaden your knowledge so you do not                   Gels on top of Bio Sculpture, you are not giving your client genuine Bio
become a victim of such scams. Please read below some simple facts to clear             Sculpture nails. You are giving them a mix of Gels. Our five-star-safety
this confusion:                                                                         rating becomes null and void when other Gels are applied in conjunc-
•                                                                                       tion with Bio Sculpture.
Facts                                                                                   If you are unsure of how to achieve the results you desire, please do not
• There is only one Bio Sculpture Gel.                                                  resort to product mixing. We urge you to contact our Sales Consultant
• Bio Sculpture Gel is not sold in any beauty supply shops.                             in your area. We
• The only way to purchase Bio Sculpture Gel is through one of our Sales Con-           are knowledgeable All Summer Special
  sultants.                                                                             and always eager               3 months
• Bio Sculpture does not make any other Gels in our factory.                            to assist you.
• Bio Sculpture does not do private labelling.
• If it cannot be soaked off with Bio Sculpture Gel Remover, it is NOT Bio
                                                                                        The best way to
                                                                                        ensure that you
                                                                                                               4 De-
  Sculpture Gel.
• Our Gels never need to be mixed with acrylic powder.
                                                                                        are buying the
                                                                                        genuine Bio            luxe
• If it is sold for a fraction of the cost of Bio Sculpture Gel, it is not Bio Sculp-
                                                                                        Sculpture Gel, is
  ture Gel.                                                                             to always place
• If a product claims to be 100% natural or to contain “seaweed”, ask to see the        your orders with a
  product listing (Safety Data Sheets) or an official document from the manu-           Bio Sculpture          •#4 Gel Brush,
  facturer to proof that the product is “organic”, “natural” or “seaweed”.              Sales Consultant.
                                                                                        Please call for a      •#6 Gel Brush
                                                                                        Sales Consultant       • #17 Nail Art
Unique Features that Separate Bio Sculpture Gel from the Rest                           in your area
Absolutely All Bio Sculpture Gels can be soaked off.                                    1-877-424-6435           Brush
All Bio Sculpture Gels are flexible.                                                    Thank you for          •#4 Slanted for
Our Clear Gels and S-Gel have a very clear, translucent finish. Not cloudy or
                                                                                        choosing Bio
                                                                                        Sculpture Gel….
Our Clear Gel looks slightly yellowish in the jar, not clear.                           the only Gel            Manicure
Our Royal Clear Gel looks a greenish-blue in the jar.                                   with a Five-Star
None of our Gels or solutions has a strong, unpleasant odor.                            -Safety-Rating.
CIDESCO Award winner
– celebrated their 30th anniversary with a prestigious award ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa.
The Grand Ball room was all glitz and glamour, red carpets and golden Oscars while recognition was
given to outstanding performers in the world of beauty care. An astonished Elmien Scholtz, founder
of Bio Sculpture Gel, was called to the stage to receive a special Excellence Award for her out-
                                               6 Pack Gel                                     ment
                                                                                              and was
                                               & Polish                                       “the
                                               #64 – Lilac Lullaby                            success
                                               #75 – Tooti Fruity                             of CIDESCO’s 30 years. Elmien studied
                                               #2029 – Hazy View                              beauty therapy at CIDESCO before she
                                                                                              decided to specialize in nail care, while that
                                               Summer Fun!! Spruce up sum- led to the development of our unique Bio
                                                                                              Sculpture Gel.
                                               mer toes with these fun colors.

I  t is absolutely vital that your UV Lamp has the capability to
   completely cure the Gel from the outside, right down to the
natural nail.
                                                                        Bio Sculpture only sells high quality UV Lamps and UV Bulbs.
                                                                        We have tested many UV Lamps and UV Bulbs.
                                                                        We Sell What We Know Works Best!
The Gel may appear hard and cured from the outside, but is the
Gel really cured right through?
If there is wet, uncured Gel touching the natural nail, it can cause:    3 Top Coat and
•   Skin Allergies
•   Nail Damage                                                          3 Executive Base 12ml
•   Bubbling
•   Lifting                                                              High Gloss Top Coat
•   Dull looking Gel                                                     A fast drying, Formaldehyde free and Toluene free Top Coat.
•   Soft or weak Gel                                                     High Gloss to keep your Clear and French Manicure looking fresh
                                                                         and clean.
“White Spots” that may appear on the nails is due to insufficient
curing of the Gel. Gel remained wet on the natural nail. When the
                                                                         Executive Base
Gel is wet, is draws moisture towards it, consequently dehydrating       Nail strengthening treatment Bio Sculpture Executive Base is a
the nail and leaving “white spots” on the nail.                          Toluene and Formaldehyde free, multi functional conditioning base
                                                                         coat that is used on the natural nail to strengthen weak nails.

Take a tip and turn it upside down. Drop a pea-size ball of Gel
into the well of the tip and let it level out slightly. Cure for two
minutes. Then wipe off the sticky residue and completely cut the
tip and Gel in half.
Look on the scissors for wet Gel, and look at the middle of the
Gel that has been cut in half. If there is wet or soft Gel, your lamp
or bulbs are not doing their job.
Alternatively, if you do not have tips, use a sculpting form, and
drop a ball of Gel on the sculpting form. Continue with the above
Spring is Here!!
Revamp your Salon for the new season
A     s the final snow melts and the warmer weather approaches we know that
      spring is here. A great way to bring in the spring is to Spring Clean.
Start with a good top to bottom clean up. Clean the fans, the windows, shelv-
ing, everything possible.
This is a great time to put away all the winter gift packs and get rid of all the
dark, gloomy colors. Change the packing on your winter gift packs to some-
thing more bright and colorful.
Place the darker polish in the back and replace them with the bright colors of
De-clutter your workstations and your product shelves. This is the perfect time
to check the product to make sure it is all sellable and to make sure you have
enough stock.
Replenish buffing blocks, files, brushes and solutions at the workstations. Bring
in new spring colours of gel and polish.
Be sure to check out our array of bright and sunny colors on your set of color-
stixs. We have plenty of bright colors that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.    10ml Gel & Polish
                                                                                         #2037 – Bridal Gown
                          Buy Pusher Extra,                                         The name says it all. What a perfect, differ-
                                                                                    ent white to do a bridal French manicure in.
                          get Pusher Supreme
                          for half price                                                 Weekly Hot Item Special
                                                                                      For the next few months, Bio Sculpture will intro-
                                                                                     duce a Hot Item Special. This can be anything from
                          Two great tools that every nail tech-                       Jars of Gel to Files. The only way to find out what
                          nician should have.                                       item is on Special is to contact your Sales Rep. They
                                                                                     will be advised on days end Friday and ready to sell
                                                                                      on Monday for the entire week. Specials are valid
                                                                                       for the week they are introduced. No exceptions
                                                                                     made. The following Friday another Special will be
                                                                                                 launched for sale on Monday.
                                                                                     This special will only be valid as long as stock lasts.
                                                                                                No backorders or rain checks!
                                                                                       Contact your Sales Rep today to see what the first
                           New face on the web                                                          special will be!!!
                           Our website got a                              1-877-424-6435
                           modern new look! Please visit our website to learn        •   Ext. 85 Dianne Guay
                           more about our products and to see our different
                                                                                     •   Ext. 86 Gail Adamson
                           colors and color groups. Go to the Education Page
                                                                                     •   Ext. 88 Marsha Nieuwenhuis
                           to see what courses and dates are available in your
                           area. If you do not see something close to you,           •   Ext. 90 Janie Betts
                           contact the Salon consultant for your area and he/        •   Ext. 800 Lorraine Cormier
                           she will gladly provide the information. If you           •   Ext. 801 Claudine Larochelle
                           misplaced your newsletter, you can download a             •   Ext. 802 Cynthia Munger
                           copy from the website. When you are looking at            •   Ext. 803 France Vermette
                           all the beautiful color gels and polishes that are        •   Ext. 804 Josee Mireault
                           available, please keep in mind that the color will        •   Ext. 805 Sarah O’Brien
                           show up differently on every computer due to              •   Ext. 807 Michele Boruch
                           monitor resolution. A more accurate way to                •   Ext. 808 Lena James
                           choose a color will be to consult your set of color-
                                                                                     •   Ext. 809 Brad & Jenn Krezan
                                                                        Preserving the life of
                                                                          your Gel Brushes
                                                                        H     aving a few brushes for your gel might not be a bad idea. Just
                                                                              think about when you are doing your service and how many
                                                                        times you have to clean your brush in order to use another gel.
                                                                        If you had one brush for your clear/royal gel, another brush for your
                                                                        white and color and another brush for your s-gel, this would com-
                                                                        plete your service alot quicker because you don’t have to worry
                                                                        about cleaning your brush after every overlay.
                                                                        Another thing you won’t have to worry about is cross contamination
                                                                        of gels. Sometimes if the brush isn’t cleaned properly, color gel will
                                                                        bleed into the clear gel slowly turning it a different color. So having
                                                                        a few brushes does have its advantages.
                                                                        Instead of cleaning the brush with sanitizer, just make sure all the
                                                                        access gel is wiped off the brush and set it aside (away from your
6 Pack - 3 Great Colors                                                 lamp). Once your next client is ready just dip the brush into the
                                                                        Royal/Clear gel bringing a tiny amount onto the brush and use the
• #69 – Summer of ‘69                                                   top of the gel jar to move the brush around to soften it, wipe off the
• #70 – Frappachino                                                     access by using a dry nail wipe.
• #2036 - Bronze                                                        This cannot be done with the brush you use for colour or the s-gel,
The rich, golden hues of these 3 colors will show off your glo-         you will still need to sanitize as usual.
rious tan. Summer of ’69 has a coral tone; Frappachino is a
neutral color that works really well with a summer tan. Bronze
is a rich golden brown that will work just as well into early fall.
3 Great shades to add to your collection.

Nail Splinters??
E     ver get those dark thin lines in your nails sometimes??
      Ever wonder what they are?? It’s something called
“Splinter Hemorrhage”. Simply put, its bleeding under the
The dark color appears in the straight thin line, looking like a
splinter, because the blood flows the way the nail grows.
The most common cause of a splinter hemorrhage is trauma to
the capillaries under the nail.
                                                                        12 Mini Top Coats
The little capillaries burst or break and then clot, leaving a thin,
                                                                        Great item for re-sale.
dark line under the nail.                                               Let your clients take this mini top coat bottle home to
For the most part there is no treatment for nail splinters. They        keep their gel nails always shiny!
will most likely grow out on their own. Just like with any other
nail condition, if it looks a little off and the client cannot recall
what exactly happened to the nail, it might be best if she con-
sult her doctor first before continuing any other nail treatment.
Hi, Do You Do Nails? 10ml Gel
W       e’ve all done this at one time or another. Clients phone around trying to find out what kind of
        services a salon offers.
                                                                                                            & Polish
First impressions do mean a lot, whether on the phone or in person. When a client calls looking for
information they want to hear the answers to their questions without any hesitation. The front line         #65 Pink Iceberg
staff holds a very important part of your business. The more information they have the more clients         10ml Gel and matching
you get. Below are a few scenarios about a client calling trying to find out if a salon does nails and      polish
what kind of nails they do.
1st Scenario: - “Sorry, no we don’t!” (Lost business)
2nd Scenario: - “I’m not sure, let me check!” (Puts me on hold) Comes back and says; “Yes we do,
would you like an appointment? “(Not sure I want to go there – The lack of information and knowl-
edge created an uncertainty in me - Lost Business)
3rd Scenario: - “Yes we do.” So I reply “Good. What kind of product do you use?” her answer is “We
use acrylic and gel, would you like an appointment” (she is quick to end this call and close the deal)
“I’m not sure can I have more information on the difference of each product?” she replies “It’s the
same thing one is just stronger than the other one!!!!!” so I say “Well, let me think about it and I’ll
call back for an appointment!” (Lost business)
4th Scenario: - “Yes we do! We offer the nail enhancement service with the Bio Sculpture Gel which
actually is the leading product in the nail industry with a 5 star rating in safety. Would you like me to
give you more information?” (I will definitely do business with them. I want my nails done there,
pedicure, facial, massage...etc I am confident that I will be treated well.
It is just as important that the front line staff have all the information about every product line you
carry in your salon as the staff that is actually performing the service.
Ask your Sales Rep. today about Front Line Staff training and product information.

UV Bulbs – do they need replacement?
                                                 In a busy environment you will have to replace your
                                                 UV bulbs every 6 months. Just in time to save you
                                                                                                            Your Nails are
                                                 some $$, we have the bulbs on special for July. Tell       Jewels, not
                                                 tale signs that your bulbs are underperforming:
                                                 Some clients are experiencing lifting.                     Tools”
                                                 When wiped after curing, the gel is dull.                  Don’t use your nails as tools. So
                                                 The gel may even feel a little gummy or sticky.            many of us are guilty of these,
                                                 It looks like little ‘bubbles’ form in the center of the   opening tabs on soda cans,
                                                 nail a couple of days after the service.                   scratching at stubborn spots while
                                                                                                            cleaning, etc. Doing these things
                                                 Hairline cracks appear in the gel across the nail.         can really weaken the nail. A
                                                 Clients are getting frustrated, because they never had     typical client should be coming in
                                                 any problems and now it seems like the nails do not        every 3 weeks. If you get com-
                                                 last. You are not doing anything different, your client    plaints that the gel is coming off,
                                                 is not doing anything different, but the bulbs have        nails breaking or gel softening,
                                                 weakened and you no longer get a proper cure.              ask about their habits and if they
                                                 Replace your bulbs and stop wasting time on repairs.       are using their nails as tools. Also
                                                                                                            make sure they are using gloves
                                                                                                            when using any kind of household
                                                                                                            chemical. An informed client is a
                                                                                                            happy client!
                                                                                                            Have ideas for newsletter articles?
                                                                                                            Have questions or tidbits you
                                                                                                            think the rest of Bio Sculpture
                                                                                                            Users would be interested in
                                                                                                            knowing? Please send information
                                                                                                            or fax to 1-866-338-3456
Hello Summer!
Let your Colorstix make you money
B     y now most of us are happily wearing our flip flops and toe
      bling but are your toe nails and fingernails advertising the
latest colors gels that Bio Sculpture has to offer?
Did you know…Bio Sculpture gel currently has more than 120
colors to choose from? In the Spring of 2008 Bio Sculpture re-
leased a collection of 9 new cutting edge colors including 2 more
gorgeous pink shades for French Manicures and fun bright colors
for those fashionistas at heart. Salons that have the color stix be
sure to update your collection of colors to stay current. For those
salons that do not have the color stix we highly recommend having
these in your salon as a smart marketing and business building tool
for promotion of colors to clients and also for ease of color selec-
tion when you as the professional are ordering. The colors are true
to form on the color stix, where as if you are viewing colors online
or from a color chart they will appear to be different as these meth-
ods do not have 3 dimensional characteristics that the color stix
provide and also color monitors and printers vary. When marketing
colors this way to your clientele be sure to present the full spectrum
of colors for you cannot sell what you do not have. We also suggest
marking on the color stix to show the colors you have available but
do not remove the color stix that you do not have in stock. Again, if
                                                                               6 Pack - 3 x 4ml Gel &
you remove color stix then your clients will never know that they
are available from Bio Sculpture and this could potentially be cut-
ting into your profit $$.
                                                                               3x 12 ml Polish
Have fun with the new colors and don’t be afraid to try something              Take the suns colours and
new! Your clients often are waiting for you to be the first to try it!
Cheers everyone and have a fantastic summer!                                   make your clients nails shine.
                                                                                         •   #16 – Sunset Shimmer
                    12 Just for You Kits                                                 • #2002 – Coral
                      Pay only for 10                                                    • #2057 – Desert Sunset
                                                                                         Another opportunity to increase your profit. Take
               Better safe than sorry!                                                   your clues from the sun’s colors and make your cli-
Prevent the spread of germs and bacteria by providing your clients with their own Just
                                                                                         ents’ nails shine. With such sunny colors your clients
 for you Kit. Contains everything you need to complete your service. Record Card,        can enjoy summer to the last hot day and beyond.
  Nail Brush, Cuticle Stone, Cuticle Pusher, Buffing Block, Nail File, Orange Stick.

                                                                                         Wedding Season is here!
                                                                                         Your Goal – Make the bride-to- be happy and have
                                                                                         her nails look gorgeous!
                                                                                         Now is the time to offer great packages for the bride,
                                                                                         bridesmaids and mothers. A Manicure, Pedicure, gel
                                                                                         application and Facial would be an excellent deal.
                                                                                         And the more people they schedule the better the
                                                                                         discount could be a good incentive and a way to get
                                                                                         more clientele. Like a hairdresser who is doing the
                                                                                         hair for the wedding have a practise run a few weeks
                                                                                         prior to their big day and make sure they are happy
                                                                                         with the colour and length of the nails. A few days
                                                                                         prior to the wedding will be your day to shine. Pam-
                                                                                         per the bride and you can be guaranteed a long term

Lena James - Manitoba Accounts Manager
                          M     y name is Lena James. I resided in British Columbia for the past 12 years and just recently moved back
                                to Manitoba where I am originally from. I have been interested in the Beauty Industry for as long as I
                          can remember and have been directly involved as an Esthetician/Nail Tech for the past 10 years. I cannot
                          imagine having a profession that does not involve this industry.
                          For the past while, I chose not to do artificial nails of any sort. I have worked with many different nail lines
                          and always seemed to be unsatisfied. I was turned off with the excessive filing and other issues such as lifting,
                          breaking, and damage to the client’s own nails. Not to mention the potential health risks of breathing in all
                          that dust to me as well as my clients. To say the least, I was thrilled to learn that there is something different
                          out there!
                          I first came across Bio Sculpture while getting my hair done in a salon in B.C. I couldn’t help but notice the
                          nail tech doing her clients nails. It caught my attention immediately.
Not only the method she was using to remove the old product
and the ease of application, but the beautiful end result. Of
course I had to ask questions. When I did I was surprised to find
out how much she and her client raved about Bio Sculpture.
From that moment on, I was hooked and needed to learn more.
Since then, I have been using Bio Sculpture and loving it! I am
now highly qualified in using Bio Sculpture and I am an Educa-
tor as well. I am very proud to be part of the Bio Sculpture fam-
Lena James is our Accounts Manager in Manitoba. Please con-
tact her at any time regarding all your Bio Sculpture needs
whether it is questions, problem solving, purchases or training
courses. Her direct line is 1877-424-6435 ext. 808 and her email
address is

10ml Gel & Polish
#2018 Passion Plum
10ml Gel and
matching polish
                                                                       3 x 3 Cuticle Remover and
                                                                       Cuticle Conditioner 12 ml
                                                                     For the manicure table or for retail, these items
                                                                                      are a must.
                               Window                                Cuticle Remover
                               Sticker                               Use this time-saving cuticle remover during preparation before Gel
                                                                     application to finger- and toenails.
                                 Your salon uses Bio Sculpture       Apply onto cuticles, leave for 3 minutes and remove loosened, dry
                                 but does the public that strolls    skin and push back softened cuticles.
                               outside your salon know that you
                               use Bio Sculpture? Why not ask        Nail & Cuticle Conditioner
                                your Sales Rep to come by and        This is a conditioning treatment that provides nourishment and pre-
                                put up one of our Bio Sculpture      vents dehydration of cuticles and nails.
                               Window Stickers? While she’s/         Use after Gel Removal. Massage into the nails and cuticles.
                                  he’s there why not ask them        Use Sanitizer before re-applying Gel. Contains Jojoba.
                               about our other promotional ma-
Tell Tale hand signals that spell out your age
I  t’s that time again…summer has arrived and we are all showing a little more skin these days with the warmer weather. It’s now time
   to take into special consideration of climate change and over exposure to outdoor elements especially UV rays which leads to prema-
ture aging and skin cancers. Here’s a few tips on special skin care during these next few glorious months of hot summer weather we look
forward to all year long!
The skin on our hands is thicker than the skin on our faces and secretes less sebum which means that our hands require special attention.
Our hands suffer more environmental damage and are also more exposed to harsh chemicals and detergents.
We can lie about our age but one look at our hands and our true age is revealed. In fact, in a recent study, researchers were able to pin-
point a woman’s age 80% of the time just by observing the condition of her hands. The results showed that on an average a woman’s
hands looked 15 years older than her face!
Our hands reveal dryness, poor texture, age spots, damaged cuticles, crepey texture, and wrinkles. Most of this damage is caused by sun
exposure and constant housework.
Here’s a few tips on how to treat your hands like Jewels not Tools:
• Moisturize regularly throughout the day
• Use a hand crème with a photo (plant based) UV protection and water resistant
  properties such as Bio Sculpture Hand Crème
                                                                                           3 x Bio Pumps
                                                                                        An absolute necessity for the salon, using
• Use a gentle sloughing crème (Bio Sculpture Foot Scrub) several times a week to
                                                                                        a pump for each solution allows for easy
  exfoliate and reveal younger looking skin and promote Collagen stimulation
• Avoid use of alcohol based hand sanitizers. Instead use Bio Sculpture Anti Fungal access and less hassle.
  Spray which contains Tee Tree oil, a naturally derived ingredient which is not        These no-spill containers provide the per-
  dehydrating but still offers anti fungal properties                                   fect amount of solution each time.
• Wear rubber gloves when using harsh chemicals and household cleaning products (comes empty)
Follow these simple steps regularly and you will see a fantastic improvement in your
skin’s texture!

From a Happy Student and Nail Technician
Hi Claudine,
Thank you for the wonderful experience taking my Bio Sculpture Training with
you. I quite simply adored!!! After discussing it with several of my friends who are
in the field of aesthetics, I discovered that the course that I had followed corre-
                                                                                                    mer s
                                                                                                 um mont
sponded completely to the kinds of course and the requirements which one finds in

                                                                                             ll S 3
the largest beauty institutes.
I appreciated the professional and the artistic side of the course. I think that you are
an excellent teacher and I also appreciated the encouragement and your great                A
availability. As you cannot always be in my small drawer, I know all the same that
you are always available for the small councils. (nevertheless I still wish that I
could have you hiding in my drawer ha ha ha) As I said it lately to you, I gave
my resignation, so when I return from holidays I plan to invest myself full-time in
the starting of my own business. .
Thank you very much for all your encouragements. Bye! Bye! your pupil Sophie

 Half price Pedi Special
         Available while supplies last

50 ml Foot Scrub, 50ml Foot Mask,
Mylar Foot File
                                                            m me ths
                                                          Su mon
                                                      All   3

                                                                             250 ml Foot Scrub, 250ml Foot Mask
                                                                              and Sani File with wooden handle

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