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									                          SYLLABUS – ENT 2950/2960/3950/3960/4950/4960, SECTION 08
                                              Spring Semester 2009

CPM Mission Statement: To provide students hands-on experience solving real-world engineering problems by
developing and applying technical, personal, and professional skills. In CPM, these skills are applied to the entire
consumer product development cycle.

Overall CPM Goal: To implement design improvements of a small-scale canning operation used by a local business.

     Faculty Advisors                           CPM Officers                                 Corporate Sponsor

   Dr. Tony N. Rogers              President: Benjamin Kusterer- Sr., ME                           3M Inc.
   Associate Professor                                         Contanct: Thomas J. Gilbert
  Chemical Engineering              Vice President: JD Korepta – Sr., MET               Product Development Engineer
  Rm. 305-C, Chem-Sci                                          3M CRL / SEMS Laboratory
     906-487-2210                  Secretary: Megan Cook- Sr., ME                      Building 235-3F-08, office G310-7
                                                                                              St. Paul, MN 55144                      
                                                                                             Work: (651)-736-5095
                                                                                              Cell: (612)-387-2219
                                 Operations Manager: Zach Lemieux
   Dr. M. Sean Clancey             
   Rm. 202-E, Chem-Sci           Head Safety Officer: Zach Lemieux
      906-487-3338                       Jr. Safety Officer: TBA


                                                  CPM Office
                                      Rm. 302-D, Chemical Sciences Building

                                               Class Meeting Time
                             Thursdays, 4-5 p.m., Rm. 211, Chemical Sciences Building

                                          CPM Objectives for 2008-2009
Spring 2009

                  Manage 21 Chemical Engineering Seniors
                  Develop a manufacturing process which forms a polymer film into a 3D shape
                  Develop a technical document at the end of the semester
                  Update the CPM website
                  Host recruiting events
                  Finish the pallet machine for the KBC

                                     Consumer Product Manufacturing: Course Syllabus
                                                    Grading Policy
     Your grade will be determined out of a total of 200 points. Grades will be broken down into these categories:
Weekly Objective Forms (110 points)
Team leaders will assign tasks to students on a weekly basis. Students will fill out an objective form (11 forms during
the semester) with tasks assigned at the weekly team meetings. The update form (sample form attached) will be due to
team leaders via e-mail the Sunday before E-board meetings by 8pm. Failure to turn this in on time without notifying
team leader by Thursday’s class will result in 0 points out of 10 for the week. Late forms will receive a reduced grade.
Team leaders will grade update forms and assign points based on the quality of work. Students may appeal the grades
by submitting a memo with supporting work to the e-board outlining their case for a higher grade. The decision of the
e-board is final.

Documentation (20 points)
There will be two memos written during the fall semester. There will be one done halfway through, and another done
at the end of the semester. The memos should be well-written with no grammar or spelling mistakes. The memo
format will be sent to the list, and must be followed to receive credit. The final document should be professional and
clearly show your contribution to the class project throughout the semester. Poorly written memos will be handed
back and result in an incomplete for that particular memo grade (i.e. lack of effort is clearly evident, severe
spelling/grammatical errors). If we feel that, for instance, you simply need more details added you may have the
opportunity to fix it and turn it in for a reduced grade. Approximately 10 points will be taken off your total score if you
have to turn it in a second time. For additional help on the memos please visit the following website:

Class Reviews (10 points)
At the middle and end of the semester, you will evaluate the class by attaching a short memo to your update memo and
final memo. This 1-2 page memo should explain what you like about the class and what you feel could improve. You
will receive 10 points for participating in this process (5 points each time).

Executive Review (30 points)
These 50 points will be assigned according to feedback from team leaders, and our faculty advisors. To ensure you
receive the maximum amount of points possible, you should turn in all documents on time and in the best condition,
participate actively, and come to class. The executive board has the final decision on the points assigned.

Class Goals Achieved (10 points)
Points will be assigned to each individual on a scale of 1-10 based on the goals set by the executive board at the
beginning of the semester. Each individual’s contribution to the goals being met will be taken into consideration at the
end of the semester. The executive board has the final decision on the points assigned.

Public Relations (20 points)
Throughout the semester there will be several opportunities for you to help out at either recruitment sessions or
informational sessions. For the fall semester you will be required to help out at a minimum of two events. The
President and Vice President will be in charge of PR this year. You will be responsible for signing up for events and
for showing up at your selected time. There will be alternative options to attending a PR Event, and those will be
given and discussed later.

Attendance at both class and team meetings is crucial to the overall success of the project. We will not be assigning
points for attendance. Instead, you will be allowed to miss 2 class meetings unexcused, as well as 2 team meetings
unexcused. On the third unexcused absence for either, you will automatically be given a failing grade for the semester.
You will also be given an unexcused absence if you arrive to class more than 10 minutes late. In the event of late
arrival resulting in an unexcused absence, you will be asked to sign a form verifying the absence. This form will be
kept for attendance records. To verify an excused absence for the general meeting (for university-approved reasons),

                                       Consumer Product Manufacturing: Course Syllabus
contact Dr. Rogers by 1:00 pm on Thursday if you will be missing that week’s class. Also CC the message to
Benjamin Kusterer ( Contact your team leader if you will be missing a team meeting.
Documentation of university-approved absences will be needed for attendance records, and should be provided to
either Dr. Rogers or Ben no later than the Thursday following the absence.

It is also important that people on the executive board show up for board meetings, so the same rules apply to people
on the board. If you fail to come to meetings three times and do not have a University approved excuse, your position
on the board will be terminated, and someone else will be selected to fill the position.

                                           Preliminary Timeline of Events

                     Weekly Update Forms                                      Sunday by 8:00 pm (weekly)
               Update Memo & Class Evaluation                                 Thursday, February 26, 2009
                Final Memo & Class Evaluation                                   Thursday, April 23, 2009
                       Senior Design*                                           Thursday, April 16, 2009

* For Senior Design you will have a presentation and, if you are graduating, your portfolio will be due.

                                      Consumer Product Manufacturing: Course Syllabus
Sample of Weekly Objective Form

Weekly Personal Objectives for                                                                          Number of Credits
                                                                                                        Senior Design: YES   NO
Goals for week:

                                                                                                Accomplished (Mark One)
Goals assigned                                                                                  YES     NO
                                  Progress towards Senior design if applicable

Reasons why goals weren't accomplished


Team Leader Approval:

                                              Consumer Product Manufacturing: Course Syllabus

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