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security services south delhi


									?AVS Guards coordinates night club security service—from night club guards and
night club bouncers to night club safety and crowd control.

Have you ever been frightened in a crowded nightclub, or are you the owner or
manager of a club who is worried about your liability? AVS Guards is very
experienced in dealing with volatile situations and intoxicated and unruly crowds. We
work closely with law enforcement to strictly comply with all city safety regulations
and night club rules, including each of the following night club security service

* Verify proof of age and documentation to prevent entrance to minors.

* Weapon/drugs search prior to entrance. Anyone found armed or in possession of
drug paraphernalia will be evicted or handed over to law enforcement.

* Limit access to comply with capacity and city regulations.

* Strictly enforce all of the city's safety regulations and the night club's rules.

* Consistently monitor crowds inside and outside of the facility to maintain a
controlled environment.

Fighting or acts of harassment will result in ejection by night club bouncers or night
club guards. Those unruly individuals will even face dealing with law enforcement.
AVG Guards trains only the best to keep your night club in control.

AVS provides security services for Banks. Our personnel are well-trained and
proficient in bank security. They keep a close watch at every visitor who enters inside
the bank. We also provide security for ATM's for keeping them safe. Our security
personnel are mindful and well- trained for taking action against any suspicious

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