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									?There is a large variety of gates available and also fences and you can choose from
them the one you would like. Most gates and fences today are built from steel and
offer increased security to new or existing premises, as well as providing an
architectural design balance. These gates and fences are suitable for a wide variety of
domestic and commercial applications and gates are generally available in single
swing, double swing, single slide and double slide combinations.

Gate Variables

If you are ready to spend extra for enhanced protection, you can also be offered many
extra variables, such as key operation, hand held radio control unit or vehicle
detection automatic opening and closing, roller bearing hinges and different metal
finishes, including powder coating and galvanising.

Maximum Security

Almost all types of gates and fences are available with ShieldGuard. ShieldGuard
Security Doors and Gates provide maximum security combined with architectural
style, designed to suit your building. Enjoy this advantage without sacrificing your
view or blocking out breezes. Unlike burglar alarms, a ShieldGuard security door or
gate acts as a barrier device, minimising the likelihood of forced entry in the first
place. This is the best form of security you can install in your home or commercial
premises. Prevention is always a safer option than dealing with an intruder after they
have already entered your home or office building.

ShieldGuard security doors, gates, fences, balustrades, window grilles and porch
enclosures are available in many different designs and styles, all fitted uniquely for
you and made from solid intrusion resistant steel. They use only top quality fittings
and coatings to protect your investment in your security for years into the future.

ShieldGuard Security Doors and Gates act as a real deterrent without intrusive bars or
old fashioned aluminium grille. So, when choosing your security, specify ShieldGuard
Security Doors and Gates for genuine peace of mind - they have a solution for all your
security shield needs. You can rest easy with their ten year product warranty for your
comfort and security. For more information on ShieldGuard and the range of products
they offer, please visit their website at .au

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