Professional Development Request Procedure

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					                    Professional Development Request Procedure

Step 1: Teacher/Staff member identifies a professional development activity that
addresses the PD goals of the district or building

Step 2: Complete Professional Development Request.
     Professional Development Request Form signed by the Building Principal
     Information explaining PD event (i.e. Flyer, brochure, etc)
     Purchase Order for cost of PD event
     Substitute teacher request form (if needed)

Step 3: Submit Request to Building PD committee

Step 4: Building PD committee accepts/denies request based on relevance to district or
building PD goals and available monies. Form is signed by PD chair.

Step 5: Building PD representative brings request to monthly district PD Committee
meeting. This committee gives final approval of request

Step 6: Building representative codes PO according to building and returns to participant

Step 7: Participant submits 4 Carbon PO and “Action Taken On Professional
Development Request” to Central Office for PO number.

Step 7: Central Office returns coded and approved PO to teacher

Step 8: Participant making request submits PO and registration to sponsoring
organization and fills out substitute request form

Step 9: Upon return from the professional development activity the teacher/staff member
completes follow on form and submits it to the building PD committee.

Participant is responsible for submitting appropriate forms for reimbursement of
approved mileage, food, and lodging.

Reimbursement: $30.00 per day for food. Hotel rooms when the event is more than 60
miles from the school district. Participants may check out a tax-free card from their
building office to use in the payment of hotel and food.

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