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Dear Cheerleader Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in the Rocky Mountain High School Cheerleading Program. We are
happy that you have decided to bring your talents to our program and wish you success in this
very important endeavor. You are trying out for a cheerleading legacy at Rocky Mountain and
we hope that you become part of it.

Enclosed you will find an application, information sheet and other information about tryouts at
Rocky Mountain High School. You will need to complete all enclosed forms and a $15.00
application fee in a cash or check payable to Rocky Mountain High School Cheer by March 28,
2011 in order to tryout. The application fee is non-refundable. Cheerleading tryouts will take
place Friday, April 1, 2011 in the RMHS Aux. Gym.

Parents, family and friends are welcome to attend any clinics, but actual tryouts are closed to the
public. Only cheerleader applicants, Cheerleading Coaches, Rocky Mountain High School
administrators and judges will be allowed to be present.

Applicants must be dressed and ready to go at each scheduled time. Please wear supportive
shoes, preferably cheerleading shoes, and appropriate athletic wear for the clinics and tryout t-
shirt and black soffe shorts for tryouts.

Once again thank you for trying out for the Rocky Mountain High School Cheer program. Best
of luck.


Mariah Spalding, Head Coach

Sarah Barlow, Assistant Coach

                              GO                                 LOBOS!

Information and Requirements

Rocky Mountain High School cheerleading is in the process of building on an already
established cheerleading program. RMHS Cheerleading will hold one initial tryout for the 2011-
2012 Cheerleading season. The first will be in April 1, 2011. If coaches determine a second
tryout is necessary, the second will be held in late October for all students enrolled for the 2011-
2012 school year.

RMHS has two cheer teams, Varsity (16-20 participants) and Junior Varsity (12-16 participants).
Both teams will be competitive at their respective levels for the 2011-2012 Cheer season.

The Varsity TEAM supports the following varsity athletic teams:
• Football
• Volleyball
• Gymnastics
• Wrestling
• Boys & Girls Basketball

Ideally, the Varsity TEAM should be able to do a standing back handspring and a roundoff back
handspring with little or no assistance. Advanced tumbling skills such as multiple back
handsprings (more than two), standing back tuck, round off back handspring back tuck, and a
toe-touch back handspring with no assistance are highly favored for the Varsity TEAM.
However..............................***If you are EXTREMELY strong in ALL of the requirements,
with the exception of tumbling, you will still be considered for placement on the Varsity TEAM.
Tumbling skills for the Varsity TEAM are favored yet not necessary.

The Junior Varsity TEAM supports the following JV athletic teams:
• Football
• Volleyball
• Gymnastics
• Wrestling
• Boys & Girls Basketball

All Junior Varsity Cheerleaders act as alternates for the Varsity TEAM.

Please bring with you on the 1st Day of Tryout Clinics, March 28, 2011

1. Tryout Application and Application Fee

2. Permit to Practice Card

3. Letter of Recommendation

Tryout requirements include:
• RMHS Fight Song, must perform motions and be able to write down words
• An original cheer made up by all participants
• A cheer we teach

•   A dance we teach
•   Toe touch
•   Jump of choice (front/side herkie, double toe touch, pike, front hurdler)
•   Most difficult standing and running tumbling skill.

All team members are selected according to there final tryout score which will be based on an
average of the Judges scores. The RMHS Cheerleading Coaching Staff reserves the right to make
all final selections. All selections are final and selection choices will not be discussed with any
applicants, parents, or previous coaches of the applicants.

During tryouts expect an Interview with the RMHS Cheerleading Coaching Staff
Mariah Spalding, Head Coach
Sarah Barlow, Assistant Coach

Tryout Attire:
Appropriate cheer or athletic shoes, black shorts, tryout t-shirt, hair pulled back (Bangs out of
face), NO fingernails longer than the tip of finger or colored nailpolish, NO jewelry!

Your attitude and approach during Tryouts is a vital component in the final
selection process.
Important dates for selected candidates:

April 2011
Uniform fitting/welcome meeting (exact day/time TBD)
Uniform and Camp Deposit $300 due May 2, 2011 by 5pm. NO EXCEPTIONS
*Once selected a Corporate Sponsor letter will be given so you can start fundraising

JUNE 2011 - Summer Practices begin Wednesday, June 1st!
Monday & Wednesday 3-5pm, Tuesday & Thursday 7-9am

JULY 17-20, 2011 Marriott Resort UCA Summer Camp. All selected cheerleaders are expected
to attend.
                  RMHS Cheerleading Tryout Application

(Please Print)

I, ________________________, submit this application for RMHS cheerleading tryouts. My
academic classification for the 2011-2012 school year will be _______________________ and
my current school GPA is _______. In submitting this application, I understand and agree to the

1.      My academic standing and GPA will be verified by the cheerleading Head Coach. I must
        have at least a 2.0 GPA and must have passed 3 out of 4 classes the semester prior to

      tryouts. I must not be on academic or disciplinary probation. Any of the above will
      immediately disqualify me from trying out for a position as a Rocky Mountain High
      School Cheerleader.

2.    All candidates must complete and sign the “Sr. High Authorization Participation” card and
      OCR form. If selected, I understand that I am required to obtain a current physical and
      have my doctor complete the Sr High Authorization Participation card. A current physical
      must be on file at all times throughout the period that I am a cheerleader at Rocky
      Mountain High School.

3.    Each Candidate must carry school insurance or present a signed waiver by parents stating
      they have adequate insurance.

4.    I understand that the Rocky Mountain High School Cheerleading tryout and clinics are to
      be attended at the designated times.

5.    If selected, I will attend all scheduled practices, games, performances, summer camp,
      fundraisers, and other designated functions/ duties assigned by the Cheerleading Coaches.

6.    I agree to follow all safety guidelines deemed necessary by the Cheerleading Coaches, this
      includes NO jewelry & NO fake or long fingernails.

I understand and accept that failure to meet any of the above items will result in my
disqualification from consideration/participation. I also agree that if selected, I will fully abide
by the Rocky Mountain High School Cheerleading Constitution, Rules and Regulations.

I accept and understand that the decision of the coaches and those running the tryout will be

Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: _______________

Candidate Information

Name: _______________________________________________ Student ID: ____________

Home Phone: ______________________ Cell Phone: ______________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________ State: _________ Zip: _______________

Email: ______________________________________________________________________

Birthday: ________________________ Classification:                  FR     SO JR       SR

Do you accept text messages on cell phone provided:                 Yes        No

Please circle which team your are trying out for (Please note, if you mark Varsity Only and your
scores qualify you for JV, you will not be placed on either team)

      Varsity Only _________        Junior Varsity Only ________ Varsity or JV ________

I would like consideration as an alternate:      Yes       No

Tryout T-Shirt Size     (Please Circle) S              M        L           XL

Parent Information

Name(s): ____________________________________________________________________


Telephone Number: (_____) ________________             (_____) ________________

Cell Phone Number: (_____) ________________            (_____) ________________

Email Address: _______________________________________________________________



1.   List all cheerleading experience (squads, camps, competitions, etc.)

2.   List all dance experience(genre, performances, camps, competitions,etc.)

3.   List all tumbling experience (standing and running)

4.   List all stunt experience (positions, stunts)

Please list ANY and ALL injuries that would prevent you from your full participation (This
includes injuries that limit your placement in stunts):

Please list ANY and ALL health issues or medical problems that would prevent you from your
full participation:

Please list any sports, clubs or extracurricular activities:

Please list any planned summer vacations or known absences:

I have read the Tryout Information and Requirements set forth by the Rocky Mountain High
School Cheerleading Program. By signing this form, I am agreeing to follow all written and
verbal directions set forth. I agree to conduct myself in the manner of a school leader and
promise to complete the qualifications of the position. I understand that I am a representative of
my squad, my school, and my community. I understand that violations of this contract, and/or
any squad or school policies, may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal
from the squad.

Signature: _____________________________________ Date: _____________

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