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Rubric for Electronic Portfolio – Professional Reading Teacher


									I.4a PRT Portfolio Rubric

Rubric for Professional Reading Teacher Portfolio

  CRITERIA                                            Exemplary                                               Proficient                 Incomplete
                  Contains the following content centered and properly spaced on the cover:            The required                There are some errors in
Cover Page                                                                                             information is contained    the information
                                    Title: Professional Reading Teacher Portfolio                      in the content of the       contained in the content
                                                      By: Name,                                        page. However the           of the page. The
                                                  Address & E-Mail:                                    placement & spacing is      placement is not
                                                Submitted in Partial                                   not centered properly.      centered properly.
                    Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Wisconsin 316 Reading Teacher
                                                     Licensure at
                                                 Date: ____________
Table of           See I.4b.PRT Portfolio TOC Sample                                                   .Most of the formatting     The formatting and
Contents          The formatting and content match the TOC sample. The page numbers can be             and content matches the     content does not match
                  inserted by entering your numbers on the right at the end of the dotted lines.       sample.                     the sample.
Preface           Introduce your collection of artifacts and indicate how they reflect the             The links between the       The links between the
                  professional growth you’ve experienced as a result of your involvement in the        artifacts and your          artifacts and your
                  UW Stout 316 Reading Teacher Certification Program. Conclude with your               professional growth is      professional growth are
                  professional goals                                                                   for the most part clear.    not clear.
Artifacts for     One major course assignment is included for each course. If graduate transfer        Most of the artifacts are    Few of the artifacts are
each Course       credit was granted for a course, indicate the university from which the credit was   related to the              related to the
                  earned in the Table of Contents. Artifacts chosen need to match your professional    professional goals          professional goals
                  goals as stated in the Preface.
Formatting        The portfolio is easy to read. A modified APA style formatting is followed with      The portfolio is            The portfolio is difficult
and Layout        Times New Roman font size 12. Papers may be single spaced with a double space        generally easy to read.     to read. There are many
                  between paragraphs. Only a page number will appear in the upper right hand           There are some              deviations from the
                  corner. Title of each artifact is centered with subheadings at the left margin.      deviations from the         stated formatting &
                  Spacing is at least 1 inch on all sides.                                             stated formatting &         layout.
References        The references are properly cited both in the text and in the listing at the end     The references are for      There are more than 6
                  according to APA style. In the text book titles are italicized with the first word   the most part properly      errors in citing
                  and other important words capitalized. See Print Resource I.2 APA Style              cited.                      references.
Writing           The text has no errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.        The text has a few errors The text has more than 6
Mechanics                                                                                                                        errors.

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