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					?Ever since the very first World of Warcraft game came out I have enjoyed it. In fact
there are a lot of aspects about PvP that I enjoyed more in the first game than I have in
the latest game. It can be challenging to adjust to all of the new spells and gear
available in the expansions. Although, it does take skill to become a good PvP player
there are many things that can be done without any skill. A great solution is acquiring
a PvP Guide.

Getting gear can be one of the most important parts of becoming a great PvP player.
There are many places you can get gear without having to put in much effort. There
are many different pieces of gear that you can obtain through crafting, such as
tailoring or blacksmithing. These items are definitely not the best in the game, but it
will greatly help you when you are getting into PvP. A PvP Guide, this will explain in
full detail.

If you are a melee fighter than it is important to watch you hit points during battle.
Since you will be right in the action it is fairly easy to be killed. If you find yourself
fighting more than one opponent it is important to keep in mind that unless a healer is
killed or interrupted than he will continue to heal the other players. All of which will
be explained in a PvP Guide.

If possible than the best thing to do is kill the healer first. If you are being stunned and
attacked violently than the best thing to do is step back and attempt to recover some of
your health. Having a good supply of bandages can be extremely useful in PvP. A
good PvP Guide will explain exactly how to do this skillfully. Every class has a
certain spell or move that allows them to get away from enemies. If you are being
attacked with ranged attacks than the first thing to do is get out of their line of sight.

Learning how to escape certain dangers can be just as important as fighting. PvP has
changed a lot since the very first World of Warcraft. Survival is number one, and
killing is second. Even if you can produce more damage than your opponent it will
not help if they are able to survive your attacks longer than you. Playing a pure DSP
role is difficult to accomplish in PvP today, because of how many counter attacks
there are. With the help of a good PvP Guide, you will dominate the battlefield in no

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