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The game Second Daily life may perhaps crash while loading. The user may observe
which the crash logger appears after which it disappears. The game hardly ever loads
in such instances.

The remedies to stop crashing Second Existence match are as follow:

1. Update Video Clip Driver

2. Fixed Default Settings

3. Clear Unhealthy & Corrupted Cache Data Files

4. Fix Registry and Clean up Technique Junk

5. Update Microsoft DirectX

Replace Video Driver

An outdated video recording driver may well the source of a lot of issues, like this
among 2Nd Lifestyle crashing. That's why, maintain your video recording driver up to
go out with. To accomplish so, visit the web page of your picture card driver or even
the motherboard producer.

Collection Default Settings

Improper settings done by the person might crash the game during the runtime.
Instead of wasting a lot of time in reinstalling the entire match, you may just
established the default settings for that game.

To perform so, go towards the activity configuration dialog. Or otherwise, open this
directory: C:CustomersAppDataRoamingSecondLife, and delete the folder named

Clear Bad & Corrupted Cache Data Files

Cache is practically nothing; but the house used on your own very difficult disk drive
for quicker retrieval of the source contents. Examples consist of object info, textures,
and Inventory item names, and so on. This principle could be very similar to that of
word wide web browser's caches.

On account of lousy files saved within the cache, the sport could possibly crash. That
which you should do is clear the cache so as to clear away these kinds of poor files.
Clearing the cache from inside 2Nd Everyday living Viewer two

1. Select Me menu > Preferences.

2. Click Setup tab.

3. Click on the Reset button near Cache Spot.

4. Immediately after you're going to be prompted, restart the Viewer.

Clearing the cache manually

The information within the cache are stored inside the directories talked about below.

If you might be obtaining troubles clearing the cache with undertaking the over one
particular, you are able to delete the information inside the cache manually.

Directories from the activity cache in diverse working method platforms:

Windows XP - C:Documents and SettingsApplication FilesSecondLifecache

Windows Vista - C:ConsumersAppDataRoamingSecondLifecache

Windows           Vista          Residence                      Premium                  -

Windows 7 - C:End usersAppDataRoamingSecondLifebrowser_profileCache

Windows 7 - C:End usersAppDataNativeSecondLife (Viewer version 1.23.five

Mac - /Customers//Library/Caches/SecondLife

Linux - ~/.secondlife/cache

To delete the recordsdata within the cache, select all them (by pressing Ctrl + A), and
press Delete button with the keyboard. Confirm the motion.

Fix Registry and Thoroughly clean Program Junk

In addition to every one of the techniques above, do a registry cleanup. Windows
Registry may be the repository containing delicate details about the products installed
and the working method itself. When the information saved from the Windows
Registry is misleading, the game could possibly crash. Which is why, undertaking a
registry fix-up with will support in such cases.

Update Microsoft DirectX

For jogging this sport smoothly, you should have at the least DirectX 9 for Windows
XP, and DirectX 11 for Windows Vista/ 7 working programs.

If you will be working below this version of DirectX, then you ought to replace it
from Microsoft's web site.

The above recommendations let you consider measures to fix?Second Everyday living
Crash?and retain your Windows effectively maintained. Prevention is the very best
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