Parkinson Newcomer Guide by mikesanye


									                                                    C.D.’s and magazine articles regarding               Capital Neurosurgery - 878-7574
                                                    Parkinson’s Disease.                          Dr. A.M. Carr
                                                    Call the TMH Parkinson’s Center, 431-5082,    Dr. Allen Dukes
                                                       for information on these support groups.   1889 Professional Park Circle, Tall., FL 32308
                                                    Tallahassee Parkinson’s Support Groups:              Department of Neurosurgery
                                                    - Daytime Meets the 3rd Friday of each                          877-5115
                                                        month at 2:00 pm.                         Neurosurgeons:
                                                       Location: Cherry Laurel – Mahan Drive      Dr. Mark Cuffe
National Parkinson Foundation (NPF)                     – across from Riggins Road                Dr. Albert S. Lee
                                                    - Evening Meets the 2nd Thursday of each      Dr. Christopher Rumana
     North Florida Parkinson                            month at 6 pm.                            1401 Centerville Road, Suite 300,
      Awareness Group, Inc.                             Location:St. Paul’s Methodist Church      Tallahassee, FL 32308
            (NFPAG)                                     Meridian Road and Tharpe Street
                                                                                                            Neuro-Ophthalmology &
                                                    Mariana Parkinson’s Support Group:                Movement/Balance Disorders Clinic
   PARKINSON NEWCOMER                               - Meets the last Monday of each month –                         878-3592
                                                       Location: Jackson Hospital.                Dr. Charles G. Maitland
          GUIDE                                       Contact: Kathryn Jordan                     1401 Centerville Road, Suite 510,
                                                      Community/Staff educator 850-718-2661       Tallahassee, FL 32308
The following information has been gathered
                                                    Caregiver Support Group                             Tallahassee Neurology Associates
to assist newcomers to Parkinson Disease in
                                                    - Meets the 2nd Friday of each month -                          942-7177
Tallahassee. AWARENESS is one of the
                                                    Light lunch to be provided. RSVP - 431-5037   Dr. Richard E. Blackburn,
cornerstones of our NFPAG Chapter, therefore,
it is fitting that our organization assemble this       Location: Woodmont Senior Living          Dr. Stan Whitney
                                                                   3207 N. Monroe Street          2858 Mahan Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32308
information which is current as of February ‘09.       Contact:Judith Shipman, LCSW
                                                                                                           Other Neurologists – Local
                                                    Neurology:                                    Dr. Gery Florek                  878-9892
              Parkinson Center
                                                          Tallahassee Neurological Clinic         1401 Centerville Road, Tallahassee 32308
                  431-5082                                            878-8121
Ms. Monica Hubmann, ARNP                                                                          Dr. Lucas Koberda                877-2802
Angela Hill, PharmD                                                                               1818 Miccosukee Commons Drive 32308
Judith Shipman, Memory Clinic Coord 431-5001        Dr. Ricardo Ayala                                 Other Neurologists/Neurosurgeons -
1401CentervilleRoad, Suite 504, Tall., FL   32308   Dr. True Martin                                            Gainesville/Shands
Note: The Parkinson Center is perhaps the           Dr. Winston Ortiz                             Dr. Michael S. Okun
most important resource for information and         Dr. Angela Spencer                             NPF Medical Director      (352) 273-5550
referrals! In addition, this office has a very      1401 Centerville Road, Suite 300              Dr. Kelly D. Foote
well stocked lending library of tapes, books,       Tallahassee, FL 32308                         Dr. Ramon Rodriguez
Other Services You May Seek Or Require:       Senior Citizens Center                                                  Other Support Groups:
Ability First – Patricia Day       575-9621     1400 N. Monroe Street               891-4000               Brain Injury
Adult Day Care 2039 N. Monroe Street          Tai Chi Classes                                              2nd Monday – 7:30pm
   Sheila Shepherd                 531-0712     Shawn Dennison                      224-5438               TMH Conference Room A (Cafeteria)
Attorneys – Wills, Trusts, Elder Law          Voice Therapy                                                  Contact: Teddy McQuat       421-3890
   Laughlin T. Waldoch             222-8121     Dr. Kimberly Johnson                431-7012
                                                                                                           Multiple Sclerosis
   Daniel W. Dobbins               222-1910
                                                                                                           Second Saturday, 2:30pm, 4th Floor, TMH,
Caregiver Support Group                                 NFPAG Support Functions                            Bryan Robinson Library           668-3888
   Judy Shipman                    431-5001   North Florida Parkinson Awareness Group,                       Contact: Jo                    385-5956
Caregivers for Services            575-9700   Inc. (NFPAG)                                                   Contact: Rosemary              893-0930
Comfort Keepers                    402-0051       PO Box 14722, Tallahassee       32308                    Stroke
Comforting Hands                   643-4644   Information:                                                 3rd Tuesday - 11:30-12:30
Elder Care Services                575-9694        Contact: Ms. Pat Hunt       219-4470                    Harbor Chase – 100 John Knox Road
Elder Care Services Day Care       245-5911   NFPAG Web address:                                           Tallahassee, FL 32303
Fitness & Exercise (Premier Health)                                     Contact: Dr. Kimberly Johnson 431-5001
   Randy McCoy                     385-8186        Contact: Geoff Fulcher      878-1371
Home Helpers                       668-1164   Music Therapy – Olivia Swedberg                              Important Organizations/Contacts Who
Home Instead                       297-1897      North Florida Parkinson Awareness Choir                   Can Help You
Hopewell                           386-5552       Contact: Al Padgett          893-9392
Hope Today                         681-2010   Music ‘n Motion Therapies                                    (NPF) National Parkinson’s Foundation
Hospice - BIG BEND                 878-5310       Contact: Peyton Davis        559-0697                      1501 N.W. 9th Avenue /Bob Hope
Interim                            422-2044   Support Group Meeting for Caregivers                            Road, Miami, FL 33136-1494
Massage – Ms. Peyton Davis         559-0697        Contact: Janice Pedler      385-3773                       (305) 243-6666, 800-327-4545
Maxim                              422-1111                                                                   web address:
Memory Clinic Disorder Clinic
   Monica Hubmann                  431-5001        Members of NFPAG for General                            (PAN) Parkinson’s Action Network
Music Therapy                                                Information:                           
  Olivia Swedberg                  431-7468   Richard and Toni Hale       386-1006
Pharmacy                                      Randy McCoy                 385-8186                         Government Agencies:
  Consultant, Angela Hill, PhD 599-8415       Bruce Middlebrooks          385-5870                 
Rehabilitation                                Steve Sandler               345-0277                 
 TMH Rehab - 1609 Medical Drive
     Melody Neel                   431-5164
 Advanced Driving Systems          671-2300           Please be advised that the physicians, organizations, and service groups mentioned in this NFPAG
Sign Language Classes                                 document, are only suggested resources for your consideration and possible use. This should not
   Steve Sandler                   345-0277           be considered as an endorsement of the services they render, nor will NFPAG be held responsible
                                                      for any unforeseen difficulties.

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