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									Is this art?
  Baroque and Rococo

    Comparing two art styles

How is art a reflection of society?
 Blast from the past (last year)
• Renaissance art

• Focus on realism, symmetry, and

• Theme returned to Greek and Roman
  classics as well as religious topics
     How do we analyze art?
• Technique
  – Colors, brush strokes, use of light
• Theme
  – What is the underlying message or purpose
• Style
  – Sculpture, furniture, building
• Organization
  – The way in which it was presented
• Don’t forget the primary purpose – enjoy it!
                    Linear Perspective
 The Last Supper    Geometric Symmetry
Leonardo da Vinci
School of Athens
The Birth of Venus 1482
Florence – Brunelleschi’s Dome
Compare/Contrast these two
             Baroque                            Rococo
•   1600-1750                     •   1700-1750
•   Inspired by the Renaissance   •   Lighter and more ornate than
•   Dramatic, emotional,              Baroque
    flamboyant                    •   Largely a French movement
•   Colors were vivid                 that spread to Europe
    – Brighter than bright        •   Complementary
    – Darks were overwhelmingly       ornamentation in the form of:
      dark                            –   Mirrors
• lots of gold                        –   Interior accessories
                                      –   Small sculptures
                                      –   Ornate furniture
• Why?
• Church is trying to bring       • Lots of shell-like curves
  followers back to the club
                                  • Why?
                                  • Wanted to lighten the
                                    ‘heaviness of Baroque work
 “The Elevation of the Cross”
   by Peter Paul Reubens

•Use of Shading

•Bright colors draw
your attention to the


“The Virgin Appearing
  to St. Hyacinthe”

  Lodovico Carracci

“David and Goliath” by Caravaggio
“The Elevation of
   the Cross”

  by Peter Paul

         Baroque/Rococo exhibit
          electronic gallery walk
• Go online and access my Rococo exhibit from the
  SWIFT site
• You can also access a larger Baroque exhibit as well

• In your comp book, write a two paragraph response (7-
  10 sentences) in which you analyze these two pieces
  with one point of comparison and one point of contrast.
   –   Technique (color, medium [canvas vs. mural])
   –   Theme (the topic: religious vs. everyday life)
   –   Style (sculpture, furniture)
   –   Organization (the way in which your piece was presented -)
• You will turn in your comp books to us for assessment
   – If we can not read your handwriting, we will not even look at it.
   – You can type up your response, print it out on your own dime
     and tape it in your comp book if you desire

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