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Invitation To The Pond by mudoc123


									                        Invitation To The Pond
                                   Ed. 75, Patinaed Bronze

            The newest sculpture in the “Poem of the Pond” series
                          by Mr. David Soderberg

“Invitation to the Pond” is the newest sculpture in the “Poem of the Pond” series of
sculptures created by Mr. Soderberg. It expresses a young woman’s great love for a
newborn foal. This unbreakable bond of love is a story captured by Mr. Soderberg
through the magic of patinaed bronze, an art form that endures for generations.

This exquisite sculpture shows the foal all gangly-legged and nervous at the girl’s side as
she introduces the foal to the shallow edge of the pond. The girl cautiously presents pond
water to the foal by lifting it up in her cupped hands. She is lovingly alert to anything
which might startle the foal. Her eyes and face and her entire posture express loving
tenderness, care, and patient confidence.

The newborn’s legs are actually longer than one might think because the hooves are
sunken into the soft mud beneath the shallow pond water. The collector is invited to
imagine the calm, beautiful pond which spreads out all around them, supporting lilypads.

Some collectors may choose to see the newborn foal as a runt, which is entirely
acceptable if it helps them to discover their own personal story in Mr. Soderberg’s

As in all of Mr. Soderberg’s sculptures, the beauty and authority of fine sculpting is
enhanced through intricate metal work to cast the piece, and meticulous patina-making to
finish it.

8187e9e4-c6a6-4a79-8365-cb19d09a0d98.doc                                          5/3/2011

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