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					?As a country move towards prosperity, and growth in every aspect, the need of
resources will definitely increase. So is the need of metals. The demand of metal in
turn increases the consumption of natural resources.

We all know that most of the natural resources used in production are non-renewable.
If we do not control the usage, they will not be available for the future use. In a report
by the TATA steel company, it was told that the consumption of steel is much more
than the consumption of food! Sounds funny? However that is true.

For 200 years we have been conquering Nature, now we are beating it to death. If the
need for natural resources is not controlled now, all the resources will be depleted in a
short span of time. And let's understand that when soil disappears, soul disappears.
The four basic ways to control this demand are:
* Innovations in technologies of processing
* Finding a substitute for one resource that is scarce.
* Technologies to recycle metal scrap
* Researches in product design that will use fewer resources than before.
Of these four solutions, recycling is found very much effective. The reason being,
recycling reduces the usage of resources and energy. This reduces the environmental,
social, and the economic cost of manufacturing.
These scrap metals behave as the secondary raw materials. Because materials like
aluminium can be recycled indefinitely as there is no change to the original materials.
These recycled materials are purer than the actual ones.

Recycling is slightly more complicated than just collecting a bin full of empty cans
and old newspapers to keep them out of the waste stream. There are certain rules laid
by the Government. It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save
the environment. Just joking! Nevertheless the order to all of us by the environment is
? Reduce.
? Reuse.
? Recycle.
We all know that there is no use of running fast in a wrong path. All of us can agree
that the economic growth in the country is extremely fast. However the geophysical
scarcity will retard or even stop the economic growth in future. So a substitute for the
usage of raw materials is essential. Definitely recycled scrap metal could be used as a
secondary source of raw material. If we take care of the earth and she will take care of

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