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									?Scentsy Wickless Candles have become the new craze across the United States and
Canada. Now only are they a safe alternative to regular candles with a flame. Scentsy
Inc has become one of the fastest growing Direct-Sales opportunities. Unlike other
Direct Sales organizations, there are several ways for people to either buy or get
involved with Scentsy.

Scentsy products are usually purchased via an independent sales consultant. A
consultant and host will plan together either a home or basket party. The home party is
the traditional direct sales event where all the products are brought to a hosts home,
friends and family are invited and orders are placed. During the party, the consultant
will give a demonstration on how to operate their Scentsy warmers and other products
they carry. Also, they will give information about themselves and the company as a

Scentsy also allows their consultants to host their version of a catalog party. This is a
basket party. A consultant will provide a host with everything she needs such as a
warmer, catalogs, order forms, and scents to sample. The host instead of having a
home party is able to carry the basket around showing friends and family and taking

Another method to buying their products is the Internet. Most consultants have their
own websites or a website provided by the company. . A person can simply go to one
of these websites, browse for Scentsy products, and order them directly online.

Just remember that any time you place an order online, you need to make sure the
website is both secure and reputable. Scentsy requires all consultants with their own
personal website to have a n "APPROVED SCENTSY WEBSITE" logo on their site.
They also require the consultants name at the top of the page along with a corporate
redirect. Only order your favorite Scentsy products for sites with those things.

Many consultants will also offer to take phone orders. You can request a catalogue
and then pick and choose the products you wish to buy. However, most people prefer
to shop using the hosted party option because it allows you to sample some of the
items before you commit to buying them.

Scentsy Wickless Candles are a great way to warm up any space and their warmers
are very creative and often display an aesthetically appealing design to enhance your
home's decor. Make sure you shop around and get the best deal before you buy.

Some of the items they offer for sale are candles, warmers, plug-ins, and even
automotive products that are designed to be used in your car. Since they are
considered relatively safe and energy-efficient, most people consider them a great
alternative to traditional wicked candles. Buy Scentsy today at provides you an opportunity to start your own scentsy candles
business with great growth potential and earn extra money, join Scentsy and become a
scentsy consultant. For more information visit /

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