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					?Scentsy offers a great opportunity to start your own scentsational business by
becoming a Scentsational Consultant. We are very confident about the future. We are
a relatively new company and this offers the opportunity for anyone wishing to start a
home based business a niche to grow in. The marketplace is wide open for anyone
willing to set goals and succeed.

Build your Scentsy business locally, online, via home or basket parties, or one on one.
Scentsy offers opportunity to start your own successful home based business with
great growth potential. Whether you're looking for a part time job, full time job, or
just some extra income. There no boundaries for people who are dedicated to working
and growing their business.

As a Scentsational Consultant, you set your own hours, and decide for yourself the
amount of time, determining the amount of money you can make with commissions.
This company provides you with the training, tools, rewards and incentives, allowing
you to earn as much money as you wish with Scentsy.

We offer commissions over 30% on personal sales and leadership bonuses of up to
9% on your downline structure from the distributors you can recruit under you.

To better understand our company's compensation plan for Scentsational Consultants,
please go to or contact me to discuss the company's compensation plan in more detail. provides you an opportunity to start your own scentsy candles
business with great growth potential and earn extra money, join Scentsy and become a
scentsy consultant. For more information visit /