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					?The telecommunications industry is facing a lot of challenges. Their landline
telephone services are in extreme competition with today's voice over IP or VoIP. VoIP
is telephony's future.

Through voice over IP, you can make unlimited calls at very low cost as compared
with traditional phone lines. If you have a fast internet connection, you can enjoy the
benefits that VoIP offers.

Both the commercial and residential owners are slowly recognizing the many
advantages that VoIP has to offer. That is why the telecommunications industry is
trying to attract their present customers with attractive offers. This competition
brought about big improvements in VoIP making it the most promising tool to keep in
touch with friends/family and to save on monthly phone bills.

Now, with the many improvements that took place, VoIP offers reliability and call
quality, and if you're a business owner, you're company can benefit a lot from Voice
over IP. But in terms of scale, are you quite sure that VoIP providers can meet with
your demands?

Residential VoIP services are consumer-oriented; and to attract more customers, they
offer low-cost price packages. There are VoIP providers like Packet8, Vonage, and
Lingo, and they offer $20 per month on unlimited calling. Residential telephone lines
are more expensive than VoIP so more consumers prefer the services of the latter.
Competition is increasing even more because cable companies are also trying to enter
the scene. Because of this situation, the prices are getting lower; and this is to the
advantage of the consumers.

Even if you're in the commercial sector, you can still make use of consumer-grade
voice over IP especially if you only have a few employees. You will only need a few
VoIP lines; and to distribute these lines, you can use extensions all throughout the
building. The question is how you are going to do it; it's quite simple. There are two
ways. One sure way is using a cordless telephone system with multi-line and handsets.
So each of your key employees can have two phone lines (landline and a VoIP line).
The VoIP line should be plugged into your base station.

Another way is to totally disconnect the landline phone service and use the existing
phone wiring in your office. You will need to connect the analog phones into jacks in
order to use the VoIP service.

As you're business grows, having a consumer-oriented VoIP line is no longer feasible.
Only small businesses can benefit from it and their packages are quite limited. If you
were thinking of expansion, perhaps it would be best to look for the right commercial
VoIP provider. You must be able to find a dedicated line that offer transfer rates and
guaranteed uptime.
Now it's time to look into commercial VoIP providers. With little investment, you can
start with a service under the consumer-level. Long term contracts are not needed, nor
are expensive VoIP equipments. When you finally decide to upgrade, it doesn't really
matter because you're initial venture into the commercial VoIP service will not be

Some of the most famous commercial providers are Primus, Avaya, Covad, and
Verizon. If you're business opted for a commercial VoIP connection, there are also

Almost all VoIP providers in the commercial sector give failover to PSTN, especially
if the quality of VoIP service falls below the standards. They also provide multiple
lines for VoIP that can be managed centrally. Some business owners' use the modular
approach so that when you're business grows, it's easier to increase the phone lines.

Most medium to large businesses have PBX infrastructures; and the equipment of
commercial VoIP providers can be easily integrated. You don't have to re-train your
employees in using the voice over IP because the switch is transparent.

As the business grows, another issue of much concern is security. What if in the future
your business will venture into other regulated fields or in government jobs? With a
commercial VoIP provider, security is not a problem because they are now using
encryption technology in their service which prevents hackers to intercept packets.

When you finally decide to select the right VoIP provider, service features and price
should not be the only consideration. You should make sure that the commercial
provider is scaleable enough to meet the demands of your expanding business.
Consider your future needs; after all, the goal of businesses is to expand.

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