How to Rank Even Higher in Search Engines

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					?Every Internet business is doing battle with their competition to get ranked even
higher in search engines like Google. There are ways, simple ways, to get a little extra
juice out of what you're doing that will help you rank even higher.

What Could you be Doing Better

Would you believe there is a very simple way to get you ranking higher in search
engines such as Google, so long as you're not already following these guidelines. If
you include your keywords and phrases in your content and meta data, you should see
results fairly soon.

Website or Article Title

There are so many web page titles out there without the keywords in them. I don't
understand why people don't realize they can rank higher if they put the keywords in
there. Don't just trust my word for it, check it out, it's a matter of fact that this really
does work.

You can also include one keyword or more in the domain name; that should help
immensely in bringing up your site in search engines. Try searching for a common
phrase in the search box. Note that in the first couple of listings there is a domain
name that matches, in some way, the keyword phrase you typed into the search engine.
The title of the site you bring up will most likely also have the keyword in it. This
goes to show that it really pays off to have your keywords you're trying to rank for in
both your title and your domain.

To make my point concrete, check out the pages beneath the first result; it's entirely
possible that they are higher PR's than the number one spot on Google. Some would
suspect that these two sites would have a lower page rank since they're ranked lower
but you will find that these two sites actually have a higher page rank than Isn't it awesome how this happens.

Meta Text

There is also a lot to be said about meta information and increasing your rankings
with Google. There is always something to be said about optimizing your meta
information. Optimization will certainly help boost your rankings in various search
engines, such as Google.


As always, please be sure that your content is well optimized. Make certain that you
are including all your keywords in the content on your website as well as in your
articles. Search engines will read those words and realize that your site is about those
keywords; this will help you rank higher.

All in all, if you're not following these simple guidelines, you're giving up a lot of
potential for ranking higher. Get started by going through these three tips and then if
you have more questions, you should certainly do more research on the topic. There's
a lot to learn about Internet marketing. If you would like to know more, please visit
our Thrive Learning Institute blog.

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