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									China's Largest Business Process Outsourcing Firm Selects SecuTech UniKey
Industry's #1 UniKey Drive Software Protection and Licensing Solution
Secures EASTLAND Information Security Software to Increase Revenue and
Customer Satisfaction
Montreal, Canada -(May 1, 2011) ¨C SecuTech Solution Inc (SecuTech), an
information security leader specializing in software protection and
licensing, content security and authentication, today announced that
EASTLAND- one of the Largest Business Process Outsourcing Firm in China,
selected SecuTech UniKey Drive to protect its software and increase
licensing flexibility and enforcement. EASTLAND's selection of SecuTech
UniKey Drive comes as the company significantly expands worldwide sales.
EASTLAND delivers information technology outsourcing services to clients
in numerous industries, including manufacturing, financial services,
communications, government and more throughout China and Europe. To
maintain control of their software trial ware, annual license renewals
and periodic maintenance, EASTLAND uses UniKey software-based protection
and licensing to secure sensitive network and Database.
UniKey Drive, an innovative USB device that allows software vendors to
protect, license and deliver their software applications, drivers and
data to end-users using a single USB key. As the first driverless dongle
with mass storage and a smartcard, UniKey Drive empowers software vendors
with the flexibility to choose the level of protection and licensing and
the ability to deliver fully licensed and protected software.
"Because of the high price of our software and equipment, it is often
attacked by hackers. In addition to an anti-piracy solution, we needed a
licensing solution to strictly control the software and equipment's
evaluation period and ensure that we receive yearly maintenance fees,"
said Y.Wang, CEO of EASTLAND , "SecuTech UniKey is a globally recognized
name and offers strong software security and secure licensing that can be
consistently relied upon. It allows EASTLAND to expand into new markets
using software-based protection from hackers, and activation and license
enforcement for trial ware and overseas deployment."
¡°EASTLAND and other leading software publishers turn to UniKey software
protection and licensing because it provides more flexibility, saves time
and money, and increases customer satisfaction,¡± said Peter Chris,
Marketing Manager at SecuTech. "UniKey consistently out-performs other
protection solutions with its technological innovation, cross-platform
support and business-enabling tools for complete management of the
software product lifecycle. We have seen tremendous growth in the Chinese
market for software protection and licensing solutions and we anticipate
this demand to increase as other organizations witness the success of
companies like EASTLAND who are increasing revenues and reducing costs as
a result of implementing UniKey and we're pleased to name EASTLAND as one
of our latest UniKey Drive customers."
As the leading IT service outsourcing firm, EASTLAND offers full-scale IT
outsourcing service for the international customers from European and
American, Japan, Korea and China with its powerful ability of overseas
business furthering and service operation. EASTLAND is the information
security service provider for the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, Asian
Olympic Games 2010 in Guangzhou, the largest integrated underground
pipeline management system project China, the largest city Monitoring
System project China, and the largest grid of the urban management
information system projects. EASTLAND won the "2010 China Urban
Information Service Innovation Award", and the " 2010 China City
Information Application Award."

SecuTech UniKey software protection products are augmented by the
introduction of driverless UniKey dongles that maintain the same high
level of security by means of a small hardware key fitting the user's USB
port. The innovative design of these devices enables them to be much
easier to use and less expensive than those of our competitors. Either
you are new to the idea of dongle security or knowledgeable about the
potential benefits, SecuTech is your trusted partner delivering the right
amount of protection for you and your company.

SecuTech Solution Inc., (SecuTech) is an information security leader with
customers in over 62 countries, a worldwide network of channel partners,
and numerous awards for innovation. SecuTech UniKey is the world¡¯s #1
USB-based driverless software protection and licensing solution, which
boosts growth for software developers and publishers through strong anti-
piracy protection, IP protection, and secure licensing and product
activation. UniToken is the world's #1 USB-based authentication solution,
offering identity and access management tools that protect sensitive
data. SecuTech UniOTP two-factor authentication technology protects
companies' important information assets and applications. Its best-of-
breed product portfolio meets the highest security, performance, and
privacy standards of the most demanding software vendors, enterprise,
government, and financial customers. Visit

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