Art Show winners 2007 by wanghonghx


									Carol Brown, President   Grace Barrett, Vice President   Paul Infante, Treasurer   Colette Hoar, Secretary

Welcome to the 3 rd Annual Suffolk County Student Art Show sponsored by the
Suffolk County Art Leaders Association (SCALA). Thirteen districts, representing
fifteen High Schools are participating in honoring their talented senior artists.

We thank the Brookhaven Arts and Humanities Council for offering exhibit space
in the Gallery on the Hill. And further thank BAHC for their generous contribution
to an artist in the name of the Mary Reay Scholarship.
Thanks also goes to Charity Bernard for her contribution of LI Entertainment
books and certificates for music downloads.

This year’s Mary Reay Scholarship goes to Jamie Calise from Longwood High
School (40, 60, 65).

Our distinguished judges are Mr. Gary Bates, Executive Director Art League of Long
Island and Mr. William Pagano, past VP of SCALA.

Art Show Honors go to:

Best In Show:                           Robert Samartino, West Babylon (52)
                                        Toccata & Fugue
      First Place                       Lauren Sahagian, Commack (68)
      Second Place:                     Kristie Winther, William Floyd (17)
      Third Place                       Stephanie Sohn, Sachem (23)

Digital Art
        First Place:                    Trevor Smith, Huntington (44)
        Second Place:                   Kean Ferin, Huntington (49)
        Third Place                     Charlotta Vane, Huntington (50)

Mixed Media
      First Place:                      Patricia Weisenseel, West Babylon (14)
      Second Place:                     Kristie Winther, William Floyd (15)
      Third Place                       Megan Quarant, North Babylon (16)

       First Place:                     Robert Samartino, West Babylon (52)
       Second Place:                    Lisa Fiore, Sachem (58)
       Third Place                      Kate Gilmore, William Floyd (12)

      First Place:                      Rachel Verhaarens, Half Hollow Hills (37)
      Second Place:                     Joe Amella, Half Hollow Hills (59)
      Third Place                       Aaron Holmes, Wyandanch (38)
            First Place:             Vanessa Acosta, Brentwood (2)

           First Place:              Ellen Brooks, West Babylon (74)
           Second Place:             Moises Guardado, Brentwood (72)
           Third Place               Margaret Cooke, William Floyd (70)

     Honorable Mention
     Emma Gilmore, William Floyd (11)
     Andrew Bradley Laux, Mt. Sinai (7)
     Bryan Miller, Sachem (53)
     Carolyn Presti, West Babylon (24)

     Thanks to all of the Art teachers, administrators and especially to the parents of the 2007
     SCALA Art Show Participants.

                               PARTICIPATING ARTISTS
                             (listed by district, genre, and artwork number)

           District           First Name       Last Name         Media                          Title of Artwork
72    Brentwood            Moises            Guardado         3-D              Vessel #1
54    Brentwood            John              Laureano         Digital Art      Guts
42    Brentwood            Eunice            Mourato          Digital Art      Columns
62    Brentwood            Andy              Gallardo         Drawing          Women On Knees
 2    Brentwood            Vanessa           Acosta           Printmaking      Citylights
 1    Commack              Victoria          Dehan            Mixed            There was Nothing to Fear
45    Commack              Grace             Linn             Mixed            A Child's Innocence
68    Commack              Lauren            Sahagian         Painting         Captured Time
67    Commack              Naila             Sulaiman         Painting         The Porthole
32    East Islip           Jessica           Bungermino       Drawing          Untitled
 4    East Islip           Melissa           Dooley           Drawing          Untitled
30    East Islip           Rebecca           Eden             Drawing          Untitled
29    East Islip           Patti             Loviglio         Drawing          Untitled
28    East Islip           Kristen           Pulzone          Painting         Untitled
75    Half Hollow Hills    James             Loughlin         3-D              Extreme Waterfall Home
25    Half Hollow Hills    Alayne            Duncan           Drawing          Shyhiem
 9    Half Hollow Hills    Diane             Cai              Painting         Windswept
34    Half Hollow Hills    Jennifer          Chan             Painting         Food Sense
46    Half Hollow Hills    Jerry             Wu               Painting         Trompe L'Oiel
59    Half Hollow Hills    Joe               Amella           Photography      Crimson Caverns
31    Half Hollow Hills    Jason             Berkenfeld       Photography      Skull Arch
41    Half Hollow Hills    Katherine         Casale           Photography      Object of My Obsession
39    Half Hollow Hills    Colleen           Harrison         Photography      Confusion Takes A Toll
37    Half Hollow Hills    Rachel            Verhaarens       Photography      Protest, Madrid
49    Huntington           Kean              Ferin            Digital Art      Return Fire
44    Huntington           Trevor            Smith            Digital Art      Wood Grain
50    Huntington           Charlotta         Vane             Digital Art      Reflection
18    Huntington           Samantha          Coneys           Photography      Morgan
 3    Huntington           Kaitlyn           Farriella        Photography      Self Portrait #8
40    Longwood             Jamie             Calise           Drawing          Citi Window
61   Longwood         Joshua            Colon           Drawing       Modern Twiggy
63   Longwood         Joshua            Colon           Drawing       Rock Star
64   Longwood         Joshua            Colon           Drawing       Velvet & Lace
22   Longwood         Michael J         MacIntosh       Drawing       Study
48   Longwood         Michael J         MacIntosh       Drawing       Broken Soho
60   Longwood         Jamie             Calise          Painting      The Modern Hippie
65   Longwood         Jamie             Calise          Painting      Still Life of fruit
21   Longwood         Ashley            Coleman         Painting      Untitled
47   Longwood         Michael J         MacIntosh       Painting      Dazed and Confused
13   Longwood         Tanveer           Waheed          Photography   Distilled
 7   Mt. Sinai        Andrew Bradley    Laux            Drawing       Self Portrait
27   Mt. Sinai        Filipe            Macado          Drawing       Joe O'Brien
33   Mt. Sinai        Domenica          Scotto-Lavino   Drawing       Sunday Morning
 6   Mt. Sinai        Jessica           Spano           Drawing       Self Portrait in Blue & White
19   North Babylon    Emilee            Kelly           Drawing       Intense
26   North Babylon    Ecem              Toydemir        Drawing       Pierre
69   North Babylon    Danielle          Palumbo         Mixed         Music of the Night
16   North Babylon    Megan             Quarant         Mixed         A New York Minute
66   North Babylon    Victoria          Schoen          Painting      Bridge Over Troubled Water
 5   Port Jefferson   Brittany          Sakovich        Painting      Tumbleweeds at Sunset
43   Sachem           Kristen           Geigenberger    Digital Art   Pop Art
20   Sachem           Bryan             Miller          Drawing       Self Portrait in Weave
53   Sachem           Bryan             Miller          Drawing       Green Car in Sachem's Parking Lot
23   Sachem           Stephanie         Sohn            Drawing       Self Portrait-Holding My Keys
55   Sachem           Philip            Bartel          Painting      Falling Apart
56   Sachem           Lisa              Fiore           Painting      Eyes Are the Window t the Soul
58   Sachem           Lisa              Fiore           Painting      Teapot Still Life
36   Sachem           Bryan             Miller          Painting      Untitled
10   Sachem           Michael           Mockler         Painting      Self Portrait
57   Sachem           Alissa            Urena           Painting      Trisha In Her Room
 8   Sachem           Anthony Michael   Rom             Photography   Lights & Stripes
74   West Babylon     Ellen             Brooks          3-D           The Impressionist Pointe
24   West Babylon     Carolyn           Presti          Drawing       Mermaid
14   West Babylon     Patricia          Weisenseel      Mixed         Will He Ever Come Home?
52   West Babylon     Robert            Samartino       Painting      Toccata & Fugue
51   West Babylon     Elizabeth         Scibelli        Painting      Pride
70   William Floyd    Margaret          Cooke           3-D           Rhino
71   William Floyd    Michael           Thornton        3-D           Branching Out
15   William Floyd    Kristie           Winther         Mixed         Keep Your Eyes Peeled
17   William Floyd    Kristie           Winther         Mixed         Connected
11   William Floyd    Emma              Gilmore         Painting      Morning
12   William Floyd    Kate              Gilmore         Painting      Self Portrait
73   Wyandanch        David             Lamar           3-D           Fall
76   Wyandanch        Ernest            Dockery         Painting      Portrait of My Mother
38   Wyandanch        Aaron             Holmes          Photography   My Times Square
35   Wyandanch        Brian             Jackson         Photography   Essence of the Moment
77   Wyandanch        Brian             Jackson         Photography   Our School Day

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