Sanitary ware- a Hygienic New Invention_ by gjjur4356


									?Staying healthy is a major concern for everyone, especially since the outbreak of a
new flu virus H1N1 that made people stay home sick for months. We all try to wash
our hands, stay home when we are sick, and avoid other sick people. But there is still
a risk of picking up germs and bacteria from many everyday objects like door handles,
shopping carts, toilet seats, key boards, money, and all the other objects we all touch
every day. Wet wipes are a great way to stay clean and germ free on the go, when we
are touching things like door handles, shopping carts, key boards, money, and all the
other little things we touch from day to day. Many stores have wet wipe at their front
doors to allow customers to wipe their hands and carts.

There is however one hygiene problem we have not quite figured out how to solve,
and that is the toilet seat. This has always been a bigger issue for women because we
have to sit down to do all are business while men only have to sit down to do half
their business. People, mostly women, are always coming up with ways to cover-up or
clean the toilet seat, so they won't have to sit on other people's germs. Some women
either wipe the toilet seat off with a wet wipe, toilet paper, or some other cleaning
agent. Other women use the cover-up method, where they cover the toilet with toilet
paper so they are seating on toilet paper and not the toilet seat. Both of these
preventive methods allow for a transfer of germs from the toilet seat to the persons
hands and vice versa. That is why the cover-up method or the clean the seat method
do not prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Which is why so many people avoid
public restrooms, and why when people use public restroom they become a health
hygiene risk.

With allof our technology and advances it is sad that we have let bathroom hygiene
stay a problem for so long. But now poor bathroom hygiene; due to toilet seat
dirtiness, is a thing of the past. Because there is an amazing new invention called
sanitary ware covers There is a device that attaches to the back of the toilet that
dispenses fresh toilet seat covers for ever person that uses the toilet. The toilet seat
cover dispenser is remotely attached to a green sensor and when a person waves there
hand over the sensor the device dispenses a fresh plastic toilet seat cover that wraps
around the whole toilet seat. This is a totally hand free operation because every time a
person waves their hand over the sensor the old cover is slide back into the machine to
be properly disposed of and a new cover is slide into its place. This hygienic toilet
seat cover means that people no longer have to touch a toilet seat which, means that
there will no longer be a spread of germs or bacteria from toilet seat to person or from
person to toilet seat. When this new invention is installed in every public bathroom it
will mean that there is one less way for us to spread germs and bacteria to each other.

These sanitary ware-toilet seat covers are being placed in thousands of bathrooms in
airports, restaurants, casinos, hospitals, stores, offices, schools and industrial setting
around the United States. The use of this toilet seat covers is becoming more
widespread one may be coming to your local area soon.

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