Sandblasted Signs – 5 Things You Should Know About Investing in a Sandblasted Sign for Your Busine

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					?Sandblasted signs have been used for many years to help locate everything from
parks to office buildings, to announce entrances to businesses and even housing
developments — and to promote any number of goods and services.

Signs are a visible representation of your business. So it stands to reason that some
care should be taken to select your signage, whether for interior or exterior
installations. Here are 5 things you should know about investing in a sandblasted sign
for your business:

1. Signs are an important medium for attracting new customers to your business.
Original graphics, logos and other customized artwork can be added to your sign to
give potential customers a visual clue to the product or service your business

2. An attractive sign is more likely to draw attention. There are a variety of lettering
styles for your sandblasted sign, from simple fonts to elegant scripts. Backgrounds
can be textured with a variety of designs, such as pebbles or woodgrain. A wide range
of enamel and latex paints are available, as well as metallic leafing (gold, silver, etc.)
to add a touch of elegance.

Whether you choose a substrate of wood, like redwood or cedar, or whether you
choose the more popular HDU (high density urethane), a high degree of detail can be
achieved to give you an infinite selection of backgrounds, finishes and relief

3. Signs are on the job 24/7, 365 days of the year. In good weather or bad, your sign is
out there every day telling customers your products or services are available to them.
However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to consider in selecting the
"blank" your sandblasted sign will be made from.

Redwood and cedar are the most common wooden blanks. Since they are natural
products, they offer a unique natural quality but are also subject to rot, decay and
insect damage. The sealant applied to protect the wood can be broken, allowing rain
and water to penetrate to the exposed wood beneath.

HDU is a strong man-made product that won't decay, crack or split. It's less expensive
than wood. Larger blanks, however, may be subject to bending in high winds and will
require additional support and bracing.

4. Cost is an important consideration when deciding which advertising medium will
fit your needs. TV spots and newspaper ads require long-term or repeated payouts.
Signs, once you've paid for the initial creation and installation, have no further costs.

5. Your sign should be unique, giving your business the chance to stand out from the
crowd. Original artwork, whether simple or complex, is a way of providing that
uniqueness. Your firm's logo or brand is just the thing to attract attention. Modern
computer-aided techniques can give you that individual edge, allowing your business
to stand out. Special effects, such as gold leafing, can be added for a glitzy dimension
to your sign. The sky's the limit!

First impressions are important for your business. Sandblasted signs can be the perfect
means of creating a great first impression. Whether you're aiming for a natural, rustic
look, a whimsical and colorful impression, or a classy elegant presence, these things
to know about a sandblasted sign for your business should make the selection of your
signage easier.

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