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How To Prepare For A Photo Shoot__


Author: Cherie Steinberg

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The photo shoot is to make memories for a lifetime and I enjoy making photographs
special. Something out of the ordinary. It takes doing some homework to make that
happen. I would like to share things you can do to make the images even more

That said, if you decide to go to a professional photographer, there are things I can
share with you from my experience that will ensure that you get the photos of your
dreams while making the photographer's job easier, as well. Paying for family photos
is a treat, so pamper yourself accordingly.

1) Make sure you have your hair and make-up professionally done. Nothing can make
or break your photo op like a bad make-up job. If you're spending money on a
professional photographer, go the extra mile for good make-up and hair. No matter
where you live, there is someone who's skilled at doing make-up for print ads,
magazines etc. Go online or ask your photographer who they recommend.

2) Clothes: it's tough enough to choose an outfit just to go to the store, right? So don't
torture yourself to find that one right outfit for yourself and everyone in your family.
Go ahead and bring a few different choices and let your photographer decide. They
know what colors and shapes look best on camera and having that input will make
you feel at ease with your final choice.

3) Have an idea of what you like stylistically. One way to do that is go to your
photographer's website and find pictures that you really like. If your photographer
doesn't have a website, it's okay to go to another website and print out a few to give
your person an idea of what you're looking for.

4) Talk with your photographer before the shoot. Discuss ideas. When you go to get a
haircut from someone new, you don't just hop in the chair and let them start chopping,
right? It's the same with getting your family's pictures done. You and your
photographer both want the same thing - for you to be satisfied with the end result. So
communicate your needs and talk over any concerns you may have BEFORE you
5) Location, location, location! This is an important part of your photography
experience. You will want to know what type of background you'll have to choose
from. Do you want your pictures outside and natural or with a plain backdrop? Most
photographers will be happy to offer suggestions but if you have a preference (say
you don't like to be shot against a black background), make sure you're clear on this

6) Is there a special necklace, locket or keepsake that you want in your photograph?
Be sure to bring it with you and let your photographer know that you'd like it to be
seen in the photograph. They will do their best to accommodate you.

7) If you have a special purpose for the photographs such as your holiday card, a
family album or modeling shots, let your photographer know. This is definitely
important information and may influence different aspects of your shoot. Your
photographer may want to use a different camera lens or try a background that will be
more suitable for what you want.

8) Pick a photographer you feel comfortable with. If you don't like your
photographer's style it will show in your pictures. You may end up looking forced or
just plain not in the spirit of the thing. It's your day and your wallet, so be choosy!

9) Some people have no preconceived ideas for what they want and that's okay too.
As long as you are open and already like your photographer's work, your
photographer should be able to get you something you love.


Have fun! You've got your outfit and your family's got theirs, your hair and make-up
is beautiful, the background is chosen and you've discussed all the pertinent details
with your photographer, it's time to relax and let them do their thing. Go with the flow
and just remember to smile.

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