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									Art Guild of Menomonee Falls
Meeting Minutes 5-26-09
Large Meeting Room, Menomonee Falls Public Library
Meeting: 6:00 – 7:15
Closing Reception: 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Internal Relations:
Pat No report

Peter New member Susan Berna. Featured member of the month Patti Heibel. If you need
any t-shirts or merchandise see Pete.

Judy No report

Vice President:
Cecelia No meeting in June. Let her know if you need a name tag.

Guild Ambassador:
Maggie A thankyou card was sent to Simone from Healthcare Manor. Please sign up with Pick
& Save Office to get your purchases counted for the art guild.

Gregory No report

Business Memberships:
Yvonne Business Memberships listed on back of brochures.

Terra Current Exhibition: Quarry Coffee runs to end of June. If you need a piece before then
see Cecelia or Maggie. Closing of Library show and awards tonight.

Next Exhibition:
Terra –
Summer Show, “Inspired By Words at John Harbors ”. Waiver forms and poems on back
table.When you send tag info to Terra please note order it should be sent. Title, your name,
media, and price.
Fall Show: Autumn Awareness at Schauer Arts Center in Hartford . Info TBA.
Fall Show/event:Green Art Show in September will be non-juried. Info TBA. It will take place
Sept. 19th & 20th. Simone will donate money she makes face painting those days.

Newsletter Chair:
Gregory No report

Webpage Chair:
Beth No report
Historian Chair:
Lia Request for photos, newspaper clippings, etc.

Lynne We have account now,

Community Youth Chair:
Sue No report

Terra No one signed up for Art at the Mill.
Art on the Walk had a better attendance this year. Lots of traffic with more vendors interested.
Sign up sheets were sent around for help and co-chairing events such as Chilly Fest/warm up to
the Arts, Art in the Park, Aug 23rd, Scare crow Contest, and 4th of July Parade. See your
calendar for up coming events.

Local Art News:
Oil Painting Classes: Contact Christine Wilinamki (262) 670-0560 ext. 204
MIWA Museum of WI Art will hold class on ,”The Art of Affordable Collecting Thurs., June
25th, 5:pm to 8pm ( )

Participant Certificates were handed out for the Art in Action Show at the Library. List of
participants: Ryan Miller, Christine Thomsen, Mary Boettcher, Katherine Thomsen, Thomas
Shea, Suzanne Stracke Shea, Frank Kunz, Cecelia Valentine, Lia Scherwinski, Judy Tarantino,
Danielle Dirksen, Pat Mitchell, Jeanette Cassidy, Mary Prince, Ellen Shear, Pat Hoffman, Terra
Paulsen Chimielewski, Mike Pogorzelski, KMKiltinen , Gregory Juris, Peter Zielinski, Yvonne
Zielinski, Jennifer Bartelt.

Honorable Mentions:
Mixed Media: Cecelia Valentine & Judy Tarantino,
3-D: Pat Mitchell & Yvonne Zielinski.
Photography: Danielle Dirksen & Ellen Shear.
Painting: Mike Pogorzelski & Kathleen Thomsen.
Friends of the Library Award: Yvonne Zielinski
Librarian Staff Award: Thomas Shea
Co-chair Award: Lia Scherwinski
Presidents Award: Thomas Shea
New member Award: Christine Thomsen
People’s Choice Award: Pat Mitchell
Best of Show Award: Ryan Miller

Congratulations To All!!!

Respectfully Submitted: Judy Tarantino
Art Guild of Menomonee Falls
PO Box 622, Menomonee Falls, WI 53052

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