How to play Homebrew games on Wii

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					?If you have been playing video games in a computer or some other platforms, you
would have noticed that passion and interest disappear gradually after sometime,
when you have practically memorized the games. In the car races, for instance, the
number of turns and road hazards available are limited to those loaded in the program,
and they are repeated each time you play. After you memorize them all, which turns to
make at what place, then interest diminishes. Changing the settings and specifications
of the race may also be limited to those contained in the program itself, but you may
wish to make them as you want.

What Homebrew is

Then there is Homebrew. The Homebrew system enables a game fanatic to utilize the
Wii game console for games and activities that Wii was not originally intended for.
They may consist of playing from the past computer games or self-made and
proprietary ones, running DVDs, and a few others are only some options. The
Homebrew system enables its player to equally backup the settings so they may be
restored if the program goes bad for any reason. Best of all is, naturally, that the
Homebrew system is free to use anytime you want. So perhaps you must learn to
apply and use it.

The hacking of Wii

As you understand, hacking more or less consists of entering a computer program
without the knowledge or authorization of the owner. The movies popularized hacking,
where the plots often centered on hackers unlawfully entering then damaging
computer-controlled defense systems, causing beyond repair damage to the country
and government. In this case, though, you own the system and that includes the
software in use, so technically there is no unlawful hacking done if you alter it to fit
your needs. On the other hand, it is ahead of what the maker made it for, so it may
still be hacking, but not the evil sort.
The Wii was first hacked by a program named Twilight Hack which used an odd part
of the game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The hacking opened the console
for playing other games not originally from Nintendo. But this hole was quickly
stopped up with updates from Nintendo and soon Twilight Hack was obsolete.
Recently, however, a new hacking system, called Bannerbomb, came into the scene.
The Bannerbomb hacks the Wii program via Wii's own operating system, so that it
may be more difficult to patch the hole.

How to hack Wii

First, download the HackMii Installer and put it with the Bannerbomb in an SD card.
Putting in the card into the Wii console will make it appear in the main menu just like
the other contents. After that you can either manually install the Homebrew games
using a card reader, or via the Homebrew Browser which can install them
automatically. Load the applications into the folder /apps, and you're ready to go and
use it for specific applications you may want.

Except, never download Nintendo updates for your Wii console without knowing
what you are accepting,or what you labored for may all be gone in a flash.

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