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Sept 10


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									                               The Friendly Echo
Volume 10, Issue 7                                                                                   September 2010
               President's Message                                       Greetings from Joan Hanuman-Emeny
                                                                 Joan, now living in the Vancouver area, recently sent
Dear Friends                                                     the following message to FFW via Val K:
          Welcome back to the new season for
Friendship Force Winnipeg. I hope the summer was                         Regards and best wishes to the members of
good for you and that it brought meaningful and/or new           our group. I am well and enjoying the grandkids and
experiences to you.                                              the West Coast. Joan
           Many thanks to Norma P, her exchange
committee and all our members who contributed to the                             Adell MacCutcheon
very successful exchange from FF Greater Cincinnati              Our condolences go to the family and friends of Adell
last June.                                                       MacCutcheon, President of Friendship Force
          We are saddened by the passing of Adell                Manitoba, who passed away on August 21, 2010. She
MacCutcheon, president of the FFM group. Adell                   will be missed.
visited with us often and was always a pleasure to be
with. The tragic death in a car accident of Fraser                              Tragic Accident in Ontario
Manning the president of the North Bay club is a sad             This is further to Karen’s message in which she noted
loss for his family and friends. Norma W and I have              the death of Fraser Manning, President of the
been in touch with him recently concerning the in-               Friendship Force of North Bay. He had been returning
bound travels of the Costa Rican club.                           home alone on August 14 after a day with FF
          It is a short time until the arrival of our visitors   exchange ambassadors from Les Vegas. According to
from Japan. Aruna and her committee have almost                  news reports, his car struck a flatbed tow truck parked
completed the arrangements. Allan and I were new to              on the paved shoulder of the highway.
 FF in 2007 when the Keenans made an impressive
presentation to our club highlighting their visit to the                        Gifts from FF CIncinnati
Asia Pacific Festival, Castles and Cherry Blossoms in            During their exchange to our club last June, FF
April of that year. A group from a city they visited is          Greater Cincinnati gave our club a gift of $160 to
coming to us, and next year FFW will visit Yamaguchi             express their appreciation of our hosting. Of that, $60
and Tokyo, Japan. Friendships made and friendships               was donated to the Assiniboine Park Conservancy and
renewed.                                                         $100 was donated to Fort Whyte Alive.
          One of the things I know that I have learned is
that the possibilities afforded through FF are unique.           We recently received a letter from the Fort Whyte
Adell’s family mentioned her role in FF in their tribute         Foundation thanking us for our contribution, stating (in
to her. They reminded us that we belong to an                    part) “…Without the financial support of individuals like
organization that fosters global peace by building world         you, Fort Whyte Alive would not be able to continue
friendships. How fortunate we are.                               our work in delivering environmental education
          See you Wednesday at the dinner meeting.               programs to more than 35, 000 school children and
                                                                 70,000 casual visitors annually”.
In Friendship KAREN W
                                                                             Happy Birthday for September
      Greetings from FF Errachidia, Morocco                      Beatriz, Joan O,
Joe K informs that the following message was sent to             Charliene, Jim H,
our website:                                                     Elsie, Lorraine M,
Hi all,
        It's my great pleasure to write you these words
from FF Errachidia, Morocco. I’ve visited your website                            Upcoming Events
which looks so interesting. Please convey my best                2010 Dinner Meeting Dates:
regards and greetings to your club members. I wish               Holiday Inn Winnipeg South, 6 PM
you success in all your endeavors.                               September 8 Our guest speaker, Yayoi Brandt, will
                                                                                talk on the subject of Japan
In Friendship                                                    October 13     Halloween (wear your best costume!)
Samir Bribri, FF Errachidia President                            November 10 Men's Night to Entertain
                                                                 December 8     Christmas Party
FFW Dessert Card Party, April 12, 2011                                              The Medal will recognize today’s leaders who
At our June dinner meeting the proposal of continuing                      make it possible to maintain the vision of promoting
with another dessert card party was supported.                             understanding across the barriers that separate
Subsequently, the Charleswood United Church, 4820                          people. The award may be presented to leaders within
Roblin Blvd., has been reserved for Tuesday, April 12,                     FF or in the broader community. Each presentation of
2011. Details will be worked out over the coming                           the Medal will be accompanied by a donation of
months.                                                                    US$500 to the Friendship Force Legacy Fund, given
                        Exchanges                                          by the presenting club(s) in honor of the recipient.
         Inbound                                                                    With the Wayne Smith Medal, clubs have a
Yamagata and Kyoto-Fukuchiyama, Japan,                                     unique opportunity to distinguish the leaders in their
September 20-26, 2010                                                      own communities who set an example of respect,
We are expecting 18 ambassadors. Thank you to all                          understanding and humanitarian service. The
our members who have volunteered for this incoming                         donation given in the recipients honor both supports
exchange. We look forward to welcoming our friends                         the founders vision and honors the achievements of
from Japan on Monday, Sept 20. If you would like to                        the recipient in furthering the mission of the Friendship
greet our guests at the airport, they are scheduled to                     Force. See
arrive at 7.01 PM, on AC 296. Those members who                            http://www2.thefriendshipforce.org/downloads/WayneS
have not yet signed up for any of the activities please                    mith_flyer.pdf for complete information and a photo of
talk to Joan H or myself at the Wednesday meeting.                         the medal, or download a nomination form at
Looking forward to a very successful exchange. (ED                         http://www2.thefriendshipforce.org/downloads/WSM_n
Aruna Hall, Assistant ED Joan H)                                           omination_Sheet.doc
Global Winter Exchange, February 17-24, 2011
There have been a number of cancellations and we                           Friendship Force Worldwide Online Auction
are now expecting 38 ambassadors in total. A meeting                                  This year FFI is sponsoring a new, online
of the planning committee is scheduled for September                       auction which will raise funds to expand the Friendship
15. (FFW ED: Val K)                                                        Force - and it's a lot of fun for all our members! See
San Jose, Costa Rica, 2011                                                 www.friendshipforceauction.org for auction details.
The date of this visit is still not settled; we are now                    On this site you can view items that have already been
seeking to have it occur in August. It is being                            donated, such as vacation opportunities, timeshares
coordinated with FF North Bay which San Jose also                          and homestays. On the site you can also donate an
will be visiting. (ED Norma W)                                             item yourself and bid on one or more items of your
                                                                           choice. The auction closes during the World
       Outbound                                                            Conference on the evening of Sunday, October 17 - so
Yamaguchi and Tokyo, Japan, September, 2011                                don't wait! Once you are ready to bid on an item, or
No details available at this time. (ED Charliene)                          list one of your own, visit the auction site above.
                                                                                      As Canada is a popular destination for FF inbound
             Friendship Force International                                exchanges and people may want to spend a few more nights
                                                                           at a city in another province, a 2-3 day homestay anywhere
Friendship Force World Conference, Washington,                             would likely be popular and draw a number of bidders.
D.C., October 16-18, 2010                                                             All proceeds will go to the Legacy Fund.
More than 450 delegates from 30 different countries                        However, clubs donating an item may request that up
have registered to attend, of which 11 will be from                        to 35% of the proceeds from items they donate be
FFW. This is a marvelous representation from our                           retained by the club for local expansion projects.
club. Visit the conference homepage at
http://www.regonline.com/2010_world_conference for
event details.

The Wayne Smith Medal
        The FFI Board of Directors is proud to
announce the Wayne Smith Medal, a special award to
be given by Friendship Force clubs to recognize those
who show exceptional leadership in promoting our

FFW Newsletter Editor/Publisher: Herb Schellenberg, Assistant Editor: Paul Havixbeck
Contact: The Friendship Force of Winnipeg, Email: friendshipforcewpg@mts.net Web site: www.friendshipforcewinnipeg.org
          Friendship Force International (Headquarters): 233 Peachtree Street, Suite 2250, Atlanta, Georgia 30303
          Email: ffi@thefriendshipforce.org Web site: www.thefriendshipforce.org
Honorary FFW Member: Mayor Sam Katz, City of Winnipeg

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