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					?Having a good array of sales techniques is important to making a high number of
sales. Neurolinguistic Programming, or NLP techniques can be very helpful in
achieving your sales goals by providing you with some very powerful sales tools.
NLP sales techniques teach you how to build rapport with your clients.We do this by
planting suggestions and buying key words in our subjects mind that are casually
dropped into conversation without them knowing it. These words bypass the
conscious mind and go straight to the subconscious where the two meanings of a word
are processed and influence the buying decision.

Another basic sales technique you should adopt is to always use the words "You" and
"Your" when discussing your products. You can't use these words too often.This is
where the basic car sales techniques come into play. The professional car salesman
doesn't stand a chance from the start because of the negative image that the public has
about auto sales people. The skills or techniques they practice are to put the car
salesman on what you might call a level playing field with his or her customer. They
help the buyer and the sales person communicate and get to know each other so they
can help each other accomplish their goals.

One way to do this is through truisms, which are statements that are generally true
which your customer can agree to. A series of truisms, with potential clients saying
yes to each one, will slowly make them more and more susceptible to what you are
telling them.Suppose we are now in a bookstore where there is more freedom
involved; what is the best sales technique here? Do you ask if they want a bookmark
to every customer? While you might sell a few bookmarks your time is better spent
before that talking to the customer and building a relationship, with this method you
can leap on opportunities as they arise. They might mention they liked a particular
author and you know another that has a similar style, you might discover that their
grandchild is addicted to fantasy novels and you have another item to sell in a natural
organic fashion rather than a forced one up fashion.

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