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					?Forensic Experts Need to Open Encrypted NSF Files: Forensic experts and other
investigating agents can have the need to Open Encrypted NSF Files to extract some
secret information for their investigation purpose. Generally such information is
intentionally & deliberately coded or encrypted so that it cannot be read by
others,especially the investigators. If the investigators are able to open such encrypted
NSF files, they can get useful information which can help them to solve the case and
reach to the conclusion. Also, this data can corroborate their findings with

How to Open Encrypted NSF File?

Step 1: Check if the NSF File is Encrypted: The first and foremost step is to check
whether the NSF file is encrypted or not. You can do this by trying to open that NSF
file by double clicking on it. If you get error message: "Local Access Protection", then
that NSF file would be encrypted.

Step 2: Convert Encrypted NSF Files: Using SysTools Export Notes software, convert
encrypted NSF files of Lotus Notes email client to MS Outlook PST format.

Step 3: Open Encrypted NSF Files: After Notes to Outlook conversion, you will be
able to easily open encrypted NSFfile in Outlook and can easily extract the
information that you require for your investigation from there. This unique feature of
Export Notes software to convert encrypted NSF files can be greatly helpful and
really advantageous for your forensic investigation. After you export Lotus Notes to
Outlook, you can Read Lotus Notes NSF File, which is encrypted, in Outlook PST.
This Lotus Notes export process using SysTools Export Notes software can prove
extremely beneficial for you.

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