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					?Human Resource is the backbone of all companies. This is the department which
manages the workforce. For a better work place it is important that the human
resource works effectively and in a cost efficient employee management. To keep the
employees happy will affect the productivity in a positive way.

Sage ABRA HR provides the best solution for employee management by automating
the administrative work. Through Sage ABRA HRMS software employee information
like job history, performance review, education etc. can be tracked without any

Through Sage ABRA hr, one can save a lot of time and money as its accuracy and
work efficiency is remarkable. Moreover, this software is compliant with all the
government guidelines including EEO and OSHA, VETS 100 etc.

Sage ABRA HRMS can provide all the information in the mandated formats and can
collect the information and keep it in an organized database. Sage ABRA HR also
provides a central location for all the employees, administrators and managers to view
their personal data and can check the company's information.

Through Sage ABRA HRMS, employees can track their performance reviews, job
history and can also request time off. This makes it more employee friendly as well.
This ensures a paperless work place and quick turn around time for grabbing the

Sage ABRA HR keeps an organized database of qualified and eligible applicants and
this in turn saves time and money in the recruitment process. Apart from that, for the
new hires and for the existing employees this can keep the training records in a more
organized way which is very essential for the hassle free training.

Sage ABRA HRMS is very useful in tracking the employee's attendance, leaves,
vacations etc. This can manage the attendance of the employees very well which
makes the process of salary calculation much easier and accurate. This is an award
winning software which is providing hassle free hr solutions.

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