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					?Among all the pc systems, the registry in Windows Operating system plays a vital
role to store information. Without the registry, the Operating System will not work
well, even if a small piece of data in the file corrupt or missed may cause disaster to
the whole system. Then, every user will conceive the idea of the importance of
optimization to their Windows Registry System.

It is also important to backup your registry before modifying it. This includes whether
you modify it manually, or through the third-party software to do it for you. The
easiest way to backup your registry is to create a "System Restore Point." Here are the
simple steps for creating a System Restore Point.

Step 1
Open the, "Control Panel."

Step 2
Click on the, "Performance and Maintenance" icon.

Step 3
In the left column you will see a tab which reads, "See also," below that you should
see System Restore. Go ahead and click on that.

Step 4
To set the System Restore Point, just follow the prompts. It is pretty straight forward
and no special skill is required.

After backing up the registry system, now you can optimize your registry and improve
the performance of your computer. The registry is very similar to the hard drive in the
way that it works.

Since the data of the registry is stored in a single file, as information is added and, or
removed, it leaves gaps in the information which is known as fragmenting. As you
add programs and additional settings to your registry, it grows in size. This causes the
computer to have to read even more data when accessing the registry data file. The
larger the file grows, the more time it takes for the computer to read it.

While it is possible to manually clean the registry, it is not very reliable, nor is it
productive to do so. With all of the information contained within the data file it would
simply be too time consuming to do so, not to mention the almost inevitable mistakes
made when deleting the wrong data.

There is software available which does a very nice job of cleaning unneeded
information from the registry, as well as defragmenting it. The name is Registry
Booster. It can clean and optimize your system, free it from registry errors and
fragmented entries. Through Advanced Error Detection Technology, This registry
repair automatically identifies missing, corrupt, or invalid items in your Windows
registry and dramatically enhances performance and general stability. It is called as
best registry optimizer to identify and clean out the registry junk.

 The software does a great job defragmenting the registry file. It is very easy to use
and in general it only takes a couple of mouse clicks to complete the process. It is also
very fast and in no time you can be assured that your registry data is completely

An important note is to use the registry cleanersbefore you defrag the registry;
otherwise you are defeating the purpose of the defragmentation process. These are the
best tools for optimizing the Windows registry on the Internet.

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